ugh why did i draw this

ugh sick and tired of this drama that i didn’t even started it -__-”

people can change,i can change! just wait for it…..

i may be a straight shit person, but we’re all people in here, who wanted to share their ideas/au, share their talent, share what ever the heck they want. that what them followers love it! thats why they follow you/ because i draw….

i delete my au and all genderbend, all getting straight requests i did.

for short i delete all of my hamilton drawings in tumblr. so this drama will stop.

sometime’s you just got to ignore the people who WONT STOP THE GODDAYUM DRAMA, DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO I REALLY AM FOR FK SAKE?! yes i am a calm asian person but i fucking respect all of you.

white/black/gay/trans/lesbi/unicorn/furry/etc. i respect you alot cause where all people in this goddayum world. but backstabing a person that you can’t even like tell ME whats the wrongs in the first place than, sharing other people that i forced this drawing like this. we all make mistakes….just think about it….

if an au triggered you then BLOCK ME.

if hate my ideas and artstyle BLOCK ME.

if you hate everything then, you’re the one who has an ill rn. BLOCK ME.

i won;t judge you

i do thank this hamilton fandom but, i’d say goodbye. i’m happy that they’re many filipino artist’s who draw this american musical alot, but theres a Noli musical that you should watch also it’s fun.

(this is wat i see to the people to overreact too much)

Thoughts Every Journal-Keeper Has Had

•This ink better not freaking bleed through the page
•I wish I started journaling sooner
•ugh I ruined it
•What if someone secretly reads my journal when I’m not home??!
•Should I hide my journal?
•Oh god if someone read this and shared it to everyone I’d be ruined
•Why doesn’t everyone keep a journal? How can you not?!
•Damn I suck at this
•I’m gonna get off of tumblr so I can journal some more [keeps scrolling for an hour]
•I really wanna journal but I don’t feel like it
•Hmm… so if I manage to do an entry really quickly I can get to bed by 2am and still have 6 hours of sleep!
•Should I post this on tumblr? Yeah! Wait nah…
•Am I gonna let my future grandkids read this? [entry: I’m so fuckin horny] oh maybe not.
•If I keep going at the rate I’m going with completing an average of two pages a day, this journal will be filled on June 6th.
•Oh my god if there was ever a fire I swear I’d run back inside to grab all my journals.
•What IF there was a fire? All that work would be gone!
•What if I commit a crime and all my journals get gathered as evidence and they find a paper trail?
•What if the judge reads it allowed in court!
•Nah I have nothing to worry about. I’m a law abiding citizen.
•Wait… there was that one time that I…
•Should I write this down or would that be too personal..?
•What if I just started writing in code just in case?
•Ugh this drawing sucks
•Why is everyone so good at this and I’m so bad?
•I wanna paste this in, but it’ll make the journal too thick and uneven!
•Ahh this journal smells so good
•Oh man and so does this glue! Wait, you can get high from glue, right?
•I wonder what my entries would look like if I did them all while high…
•I feel so mean writing this.
•I’m dedicating this page to _______. I’ll even let them read it [but you never do]
•This is so sloppy lol what am I doing
•What if I just stopped journaling… will my journal think I died?
•Oooh I’m going to order this journal! It’s perfect! Oh wait, it’s too ______
•Oh here’s a better one. Oh but this one doesn’t have ______
•Haha this spread is so cheesy
•What if _____ found this and read it??
•I can’t wait to finish this journal so I can start my next one
•Is my journal a boy or a girl?
•If anyone went through my journal I’d beat them up.
•What will happen with my journals when I die?

It can’t be just me 😂


A few sketches I did during work (I’m able to bring my tablet aw yisssss…. but mostly draw company stuff so–) Some Shimada bros!

I always see people draw Genji based on his younger skin but I’ve always wondered what he’d look like… idk if he aged just like his older brother?? I’ve also been watching “Dragons” way too many times so I noticed the beard on Hanzo’s dragon match his and I thought ‘why not Genji???’ so… I tried :U

Hanzo probs has greying hair out of all the stress lol

[Do not tag as shim///ada///cest ugh]

please take a moment to realize that, Killua wasn’t the only one suffering

Conner is being a teenager lately.  It is extremely irritating.  Is anyone interested in adopting him for the next four years and then returning him?  Any takers??

He stole some cookies at lunch from the cafeteria a couple of days ago.  WHY he did that when he could have just bought the cookies with the money in his lunch account I STILL don’t understand.  My theory: He is an idiot a teenage boy.  Apparently, it was a dare.  We had a long discussion about the whole thing and about having to learn to draw your own lines about morality, etc.  And, as part of his punishment, he is no longer allowed to purchase lunch from the cafeteria for the rest of the year.  He has to bring his own lunch.  Well, today, he texted me from school, “Can I buy a lunch?  I forgot mine.” Instead of texting him back, I called.  I said, “I distinctly remember reminding you TWICE to bring your lunch–once when I woke you up and once when you were walking out the door.  When I left, I saw your lunch bag thrown on the floor and I didn’t see anything packed and left anywhere… .”  I was going to continue, and I was CONSIDERING letting him get just a sandwich, but then the line was dead.  That little shit hung up on me.  I called back and no answer.  I’m currently brainstorming all of the ways I can make his life miserable when he gets home.  I miss when I was just teaching teenagers–it didn’t matter how awful they might be at any given moment…they ultimately weren’t MINE to have to deal with.  UGH. UGH.  UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

lindseyylu17  asked:

This would totally be an AU fic but I would love to see Claire teaching a figure drawing class and Jamie being one of the students draws her.

So this is a bit of a role reversal from what you requested @lindseyylu17, but I’m enjoying it. 

“We have to what?” The entire class exclaimed in disbelief. The professor smirked and relaxed against the lab table.

“All of you heard me just fine. I expect to see the results from this class and Professor Montgomery is already expecting you starting tomorrow night. Don’t worry about supplies, Professor Montgomery says that he’ll have things ready for you each class, just remember to sign in on both of our rosters. This class starts at 8pm sharp tonight! I don’t want to hear about any of you being late!” Doctor Randall looked down at her wrist and waved her hand towards the door dismissing us.

I packed my bag with my head still reeling from what Doctor Randall required, Life Drawing, a class designed to embarrass all of the parties involved. Naked men and woman lounging for hours at a time while a gaggle of students attempted to draw their forms from various angles.

“Jesus H Roosevelt Christ!” I whisper yelled to myself as she made her way across the empty campus. “I can’t take a life drawing class I just… can’t! I can’t draw to save my life! Besides how does life drawing even fit with an anatomy class? I should be learning how to—”

“Talking to yourself again, Claire?”

“Agh!” I swung around nearly hitting my former roommate with her bag.

“Jenny!” I exclaimed clutching a hand to her heart, “you know not to sneak up on me like that!”

Jenny laughed and settled her hands on her hips, “Och aye but that’s the best time to sneak up on ye! What were you ranting to yourself about this time? Did fuddy-duddy Professor Whitman assign another frog dissection?”

Jenny’s strong Scottish accent lilting with each word and I smiled at the familiarity of if. “No, not Whitman…this time.”  

I laughed and Jenny snorted, linking her arm with mine as we made our way to the library.

“So if it wasn’t Whitman who and what did they do to deserve the horrible Beauchamp rant?”

“Doctor Randall. Not the history professor, his wife the biology professor,” I amended quickly. “Doctor Annie Randall, who isn’t even a doctor by the way! She dropped out of her residency and decided to teach Bio 425 and she’s forcing us to go to Life Drawing instead of our lab class for the next two months!”

Jenny’s eyes went wide, not only in shock but in the way I knew she was plotting something. “So ye have to take the life drawing classes this quarter?”

“Ugh! Yes. I really don’t see the point in this class. I’m in biology not art!”

“Quitcher whinging Claire and just go to the damn class. Ye never know what ye might find or should I say who.”


The art room was small, cold, poorly lit and reeked of chemical adhesives. Was this really happening? I kept asking myself. Was I really taking a life drawing class? I groaned thinking of how my time would be better spent studying or in the lab examining specimens, rather in this dank room foolishly facing a class I felt was beneath me. Why art? Why did she have to send us to an art class, what good would this do or bring to us? Artist are careless junkies that will get nowhere in life. This chosen path won’t pay their bills or get them the type of scholarships needed to further pursue a career. I couldn’t fathom their reasons for joining a group that might lead them to ruin.

“Class! Come to order now, please!” The hippie who I assumed was Professor Montgomery said with a clap of his hands.

“Please cease your conversations and begin to find your way to an easel, then position yourself so that you may see the stage unobstructed.”

The so called ‘stage’ was compiled of ratty boxes haphazardly draped with tattered striped cloths and a wicker chair that look as though the weight of a butterfly would cause the fibers to crumble.

“On the easel in front of you, you shall find a fresh pad of newsprint. You have five minutes in a medium of your choice to do a nice warm up sketch of the popcorn kernel I am passing out now.”

“What?” I mumbled to myself as everyone around me pulled out pens, charcoal, pencils and pastels, even my fellow biology classmates had found a tin of pencils and were passing them around to one another.

“Ready?” Professor Montgomery paused, looking around. He pulled a stick from behind his ear and handed it to me. “You may begin!”

With the oddly shaped pencil I paused with it’s point on the paper, not sure how to start. The lumpy, misshapen mass in my hand did not resemble popcorn in the least. The people around me were making wild gestures with their arms, beautiful curves appearing on the easels I could see. Taking a steadying breath I mimicked their motions and had the faintest of curves when the timer went off and we were told to stop.

“Perfect! Now that we’re all warmed up I would like to introduce our first two weeks model.” He swept his hands towards a side door that cracked open slightly. “This is our model’s first time sitting for a life drawing class so please, everyone give the warmest of welcomes to Mr. Alexander Malcolm!”

The model appeared from behind the door clad in a fluffy blue robe. His steps were sluggish and hesitant, I got the feeling he didn’t want to be there as much as I did. He slowly made his way towards the stage, but not climbing into position.

“Mr. Malcolm, if you please.” Professor Montgomery said gesturing towards the boxes.

Mr. Malcolm stared at the professor. From the reactions I could see of my classmates and the professor, the model was challenging him.

“Mind if I work up to disrobing?” A deep and thick Scots accent drifted my way.

“Fine!” Came the angry reply from Professor Montgomery. “But this is for tonight only! I have you for only four sittings and tonight is a shortened class due to first day bullshit! Tomorrow I expect you to be prepared from the moment the class arrives.”

Mr. Malcolm nodded tersely. He kept his head down as he approached the stage and settled himself on the wicker chair, which creaked with his weight.

“Mr. Malcolm will sit in this position for ten minutes, before adjusting to a different pose in a different direction.There will be five different poses, each lasting ten minutes tonight. Typically we do twelve fifteen minutes poses, but tonight we shall adjust! Please capture as much as possible given the circumstances. I want your drawings labeled per pose, with your name on it, and date at the end of the class. Other students use these pads so please try not to be heavy handed. You may begin!”

From my angle all I could see was the bulky collar, the top of his shoulder blades and his shoulder-length curly red hair. I tried to capture the way his shoulders fit the robe and disappeared behind the wicker chair. However, when I looked at the drawing the paper reflected back a mass of scribbles that no matter what way you looked at it, you could not tell what it was meant to be.

I huffed out a breath and tried again, this time focusing on his hair. Again the spirals on the page no more reflected the coils of Mr. Malcolm’s hair than it did the curve of his shoulder. Our time started to dwindle down on this first pose, Professor Montgomery began to adjust a small space heater to point towards the stage. I noticed the model’s shoulders tense and his arm begin to shake.

“Stop! Readjust!”

Mr. Malcolm stood and took a deep breath before untying the front of his robe. The fabric swung to his sides. He turned and began to sit on a block directly in front of me, I finally caught a glimpse of the man I was supposed to study. His muscles were well defined, smattered with freckles and curls of fair blonde and red hairs. They made a trail that lead to a patch of even thicker curls that surrounded, while flaccid, still a very impressive penis. My clinical mind took over, examining his every muscle and curve. The way the skin was stretch taught in areas, and bulged in others. I wondered what activities he must do to maintain the way he looked. Even sitting there wasn’t a roll or wrinkle of fat. His body was the perfect biology project.

“Stop! Readjust!”

I jolted from the sudden exclamation. Looking at my easel, I realized I hadn’t sketched a single line. I had to shake myself out of this. He was just a man. A very well defined, attractive man, but still just a man. Think of him as a patient and this is how you’re to figure out what’s wrong with him! Get your head on the assignment, Beauchamp!

Three more positions followed and with each one Mr. Malcolm slowly became more and more unclothed until finally the robe was laying across the floor out of his reach. My temper rose with each minute. This man was most likely being paid for this, but still he was being put on display in front of complete strangers who are meant to analyze his every feature. I could not understand why he was putting himself through this torture, he was clearly not comfortable no matter how long the class went on and I couldn’t blame him. Not only was he being exploited but the amount of females in the class started to overwhelm even me. These girls shouldn’t be allowed to look at him this way! He wasn’t theirs to oogle and treat like a piece of meat! He’s not yours either, a small voice reminded me. Yet, he felt like he was mine. I felt the need to cover him up and hide his body from sight, to protect him and comfort him….

My internal rant lead to the rapid end of class. I didn’t even hear the final instructions nor did I care I only had two of the required five drawings. I signed, dated, and numbered them before tearing the sheet off of the pad and handing it in. Mr. Malcolm had already disappeared from sight. Slowly I returned my supplies and stared at the door he had appeared from at the start of class. Tomorrow then, I thought and hitched my bag over my shoulder just as the side door squeaked open. The lights were dimmed even further than before and I could just catch the glint of his red hair as he darted out of the classroom.

“There’s the nudest!” A bellowing, familiar, laugh sounded.

“Shut it Ian, or I’ll make ye!”

“Och, come off it Jamie! Ye ken I’m just pullin yer leg! How was it? Did your cock come out to play and make the lassies faint with desire?” The sarcastic tone was cut off by a loud thump. I slipped through the door in time to see none other than Ian Murray rubbing his jaw from where Mr. Malcolm, or Jamie, had hit him. Ian merely laughed more.

“Are ye tellin me there wasn’t a single thing good to come from that class?” Ian’s tone was similar to that of his fiancee’s, sneaky and up to something.

“Nay!” Jamie roared as they made their way to the elevators. “I canna believe ye and my sister dared me and not only dared, but forced me to do this after losing a bet! There isn’t enough money in the world to make me want to come back tomorrow night! It’s definitely not worth the sixty pounds they’re paying me!”

Ian had his arm around Jamie’s shoulder as the two of them entered the elevator. As Jamie/Mr. Malcolm turned around we made eye contact, maybe the first of the night, but his eyes went wide. He was saying something to Ian but I couldn’t hear nor make it out as the doors shut and I was left alone on the abandoned art floor.


God this took forever but I think it was worth it. So ya’ll know how I said I was gonna do UF journal pages? Well I did one. And it turned out meh. I’m proud of that drawing of the Gems though. But I meant to shade in the drawing of the temple and I forgot and layers fucked me over and ugh whatever. Also, I basically had to create my own font for this, imitating how Ford writes and even still it doesn’t look anything like it. Plus the font fucked up in several ways and I didn’t even realize it until like right now, hence why there might be typos. Fucking photoshop, this is why I never use you. Ah, whatever. Enjoy! (and yeah, I am gonna do more of these. Eventually). 

anonymous asked:

Um so I saw someone being awful about how you draw Yuri on twitter and I'm kinda shy and also a locked acc but I just wanted to say the way you draw him is really beautiful and I love it! The world needs more beautiful Yuris! We need you! Have strenght! ୧(๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)૭✧

Thank you dear!!! I will try to be strong, I’m okay now mostly it was just surprising how persistent this person was, and did put me into a bit of a funk but i’m gonna TRY and forget about it. A lot of awesome people like you came out to show support for me and those voices were definitely stronger than one bad one, but my mind loves to focus on the negative because it always confirms my fears ;-;

But thank you lovely <3


Chapter 7 here

Chapter 6

Chapter 5 here

Hey guys, I felt back for the lack of chapters so I decided to make a really long part, hope you enjoyed! Also I’ve given the fiction a new title, it’s Fangs!

( Send me some short imagines or if you have any ideas for a new series feel free to send me or mail then to me! )

Imagine : Gabriel trapping you in your least favourite TV show because you kissed Cass and he liked you!

Word Count : 1178

Warning : Swearing

The last time you were this hungry was when Dean played a prank on you and hid all the food in the bunker and the keys to all the cars and made you look around for all of them, only for the keys to be in his underwear draw and for all the food to be stashed in the boot of the impala.

But.. why was I so hungry now, that was so long ago…

Fuck.. oh god no!! You remembered what had happened and that guy… he looked like.. It couldn’t have been, could it? No! He’s not real, Stefan is from that really stupid show about vampires and stupid love triangles. Ugh! You hated that show, it was nothing like real life and vampires didn’t have stupid rings to protect them from the sun or magic witch friends! But he really did look like him and it’s pretty hard to find someone as good looking as that one guy from the show! Those two brothers were reeeealy good looking but the storyline of the show was stupid and unrealistic and it was kind of offensive to a real hunter like you.

“ Hey… can you hear me?! Are you alright? “ the worried voice sounded far away, it felt you were in a cave listening to the echos. “ Can you hear me?? “ The voice became louder and more worried, it reminded you of Sam, you didn’t know if you wanted to open your eyes because you didn’t know what you were going to be greeted by!

Your whole body felt numb and you tried to move your hands but failed to and that’s when panic set in, in a struggle you opened your eyes and found that you were still in that old bedroom and but there he was in his full glory Stefan from that vampire show sitting next to you rubbing your arm, “ It’s alright, you can relax I gave you some pills that relax your body, pain killers weren’t working so i thought this would be better “ he sighed “ you will be able to move it an hour or so but for now you’ve got to relax and be calm, just rest, like be back in an hour to check up on you. Okay? “ he exited through the door and left you alone, the adrenaline that is now pumping through your veins didn’t help you relax and you still couldn’t believe that he was THE Stefan, what’s going on! What the hell did Gabriel do to you?!

It felt like days until you could feel your body again but it was still like you were flying and it made you so nauseous, you felt the bile rise in your throat but you couldn’t hold it back anymore and bent over the bed to throw up in a conveniently placed bucket, this guy thought of everything!

As soon as you had finished Stefan burst through the door and was at your side in seconds comforting you, it was odd at first but then it felt nice he took the bucket away and emptied it in the sink where he rinsed it out and brought it back to you “ the medicine is annoying like that and I had a feeling you were going to react to it “ he frowned and and awkward slience filled the room

“ oh.. I’m sorry my name’s Stefan Salvatore, do,, do you know how you got here? Or well.. Where you are for that matter?! “

“ N.. no “

Stefan just sighed and asked “ wanna get something to eat? Maybe it will help you remember! “ Your stomach replied to that with a grumble and he slightly chuckled and slowly helped you out of bed and you rested all your weight on him, he was coldly stronger than you thought and then it hit you.. He.. he’s a vampire!

You pushed yourself off of him and fell to the ground in the hallway, he looked confused and bent down to your level and tried to grab you again,

“ NO! STOP IT GET OFF ME! YOUR.. YOUR A VAMPIRE! “ You screeched hoping someone heard and would come to your aid, but all he did was sigh and look at you with a sad expression, tears streaked your face and before you knew it another person was heard walking down the hallway, you instantly called for help but the pace didn’t quicken once again you tried to scream out for help but it didn’t work.

Your heart stopped when you saw who the person was.. Or should you say vampire was, Damon Salvatore! Stefan’s brother, he looked pissed of na dit made you whimper with fear as he approached you tried to move away but Stefan stopped you with a hand on your upper arm,

“Damon calm down okay… she knows.. “ Stefan said almost in a whisper as if it may have hurt you for him to speak, but Damon wasn’t having any of it and he picked you up off the ground and threw you over his shoulder, you struggled and screamed he marched down the hallway going slower and telling you to stop as you walked down the stairs. His monstrous grip on your legs was definitely going to bruise and the medicine that Stefan gave you started to wear off and you felt your stomach start to sting.

You couldn’t see where he was going but you saw Stefan following him behind, debating him whether it was a good idea to handle you like this, Stefan was answered with a swift nope, you could hear the smirk on Damon’s face and you wondered if he was doing this for fun.

Finally you were placed on a seat in a kitchen and instantly felt dizzy but Stefan was but your side helping you stay on your seat, Damon began rummaging through the fridge and pulled out a sandwich, “ This was mine but I guess you should have it, you look like you need it “ throwing a smug smile onto his face, you could punch him right then and there but you didn’t have the strength and you thought deeply about choosing a fist fight with a vampire.

All you did was stare at the sandwich thinking if it was drugged r had something inside that would kill me, “ FINE! “ Damon doomed making you jump in your seat and grabbed the sandwich and took a big bite of it and put it down “ there see nothing wrong! “ you took the sandwhich in your hand and hesitated before taking a bite, but you didn’t stop you scoffed the whole thing down realising now that you were ravenous and wanted more!

“ Woah sweetheart slow down there! Want another one? “ Again putting a smug smile on his face but this time it wasn’t demining but more welcoming,

“ Yes please “ you said in a small voice and gave a small smile and Damon returned with a smaller smile.

You had a good feeling about this, but something in you knew that Gabriel had other plans, and that made you on edge.

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Even months after I’ve beaten this game this scene and just Hilda in general still destroy me.  THE FIRST TIME I WATCHED THE ENDING SCENE I CRIED SO HARD AND I EVEN KNEW WHAT WAS GONNA HAPPEN CUZ I WAS SPOILED BEFOREHAND 。・゚ヾ(✦థ ェ థ)ノ。゚・。 I was not expecting to be so emotional with this game why this.

This is something I’ve been wanting to draw for months pretty much since I first beat the game but for the life of me I could not get the pose right.  I’ve tried drawing it so many times it’s so bad aierhogih Leaning over necks and slouched positions can be so terrible to draw sometimes its just uGH (」゜ロ゜)」 BUT I FOUND A GOOD REFERENCE TO STUDY AND FINALLY GOT IT RIGHT AND I’M SOOOOO HAPPY WITH HOW IT CAME OUT OIAROIGH It took me a little bit to get it going smoothly but once I did I had so much fun with it.  Especially the shading, I’m particularly proud of how it came out (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Replaying Knights of the Old Republic II, my favorite RPG of all time and oh the nostalgia. Still as good as it was the first time I played. Expect some KOTOR doodles after this. XD

I will forever be salty that KOTOR III never happened and we were instead given that horrid MMO that destroyed Revan and the Exile’s stories. 


12 Days of Bethyl, Day One: Gift
And it’s also the continuation of missgreene’s request she left in my inbox ♥ 

It’s late! and… I don’t know if I’ll finish day 2’s prompt in time, but AGH we’ll see. I am totally the stereotype of the constantly scattered and tardy artist, never finishing on the deadline. woops. to be fair, I did technically draw 6 things. though… that’s always my downfall and the reason WHY I’m always late with things… whatdoyoumeanoverachievementandprocrastinationareacruelcombo looooool

Daryl is the best gift giver, it’s canon fact.

all of these cause me to have conflicting feelings simultaneously, such as but not limited to:

  • thank you writers for creating Bethyl but also fuck you writers for doing everything else that you’ve done to them
  • ugh I hate using references sometimes but also thank god for references
  • Norman your face is too kaleidoscope-y the fEATURES CONSTANTLY SHIFT AND CHANGE QUIT IT or I’ll never LEARN HOW TO DRAW IT but also there are some faces in here where I’m like hot diggity damn, that’s YOUR FACE right there I DID IT
  • Emily you too stop it but also you’re p cute in some of these as well
  • hands what even are you and also WOW THAT’S A GOOD HAND like seriously wtf is that hand on the guitar and yet that hand on your thigh? #glorious