ugh why are you so perfect it makes me cry you are growing up so much and im in love with you

Happy birthday, Logan

Prompt: “You’re actually a man child”
Pairing: (my pick) Logince!!!
Requested by: @killerfangirl3
Tagging: @velocifoxy
AAAAH OK SO this is one of s e v e r a l prompts I got tonight, and while it was gonna be short and include multiple prompts, I CANT HELP MYSELF so hopefully you like fluff. Because that’s all this is. It’s just. Really a lot of fluff. Princey is too fun to write. Btw it’s p late when I finished this, so please forgive any typos/grammatical errors… please take this away I’m so tired. (May have been inspired my Thomas’s actual birthday coming up 🎉)

All I can think of is that someone gets tackled to the ground, theres consent talk (always ask, kids. Princey just forgets people can’t read his mind), they kinda argue a little mid kiss, and they… might makeout a little. (Spoiler: they definitely makeout a little).

Logics birthday was going to be perfect. Not that he cared. Logic thought it was silly to pick separate birthdays from Thomas, just to celebrate themselves, but Roman considered himself very convincing. So, if logic wouldn’t do it himself, he’d just do it for him! Easier said than done, however.

Roman ran a hand through his hair, which was a lost cause at this point, sending down a shower of cheap craft glitter. Parties where his thing! He loved them. The attention, the excitement, everything! Unfortunately, planning… wasn’t.

So here he was, midnight, the night before the party, with tape stuck to his everything, in a hell of his own creation, surrounded of a nest of craft supplies and ripped paper, trying to figure out how to wrap things so perfectly like he sees everyone else do. It works in his head, he just… the black and white chalkboard themed wrapping paper ripped. Again.

He threw his head back in frustration.
“UGH, You’re actually such a man-child, Roman, what is wrong wi-”

“I don’t think you’re a man-child.”

Roman fell backwards onto a pile of tissue paper. Leaning on the door frame, looking at him over his glasses with his ‘teacher with an idiot student’ face, was Logan. Princey glared at him from the floor.
“You shouldn’t scare a man with scissor, Logic. You should know that… how long have you been standing there?”
Logic shoved off from the door frame and walked towards him, keeping his arms folded.

“A while. Did you know you talk to yourself in spanish sometimes?” Roman nearly forgot what he was doing, watching logic try to keep his mouth from smiling. When he remembered, he fell dramatically back onto the pile of half wrapped books. (Ow, part of him said. Worth it, said the rest of him.)
He pointed the scissors in his hand at Logan like a sword, though it was somewhat diminished by the fact that they were kiddy scissors.
“Stay back!”
Logic snorted, trying to see around him to what he was covering. “There’s no reason to hide them. If you wanted to throw a party, you should have just said so, here, let me help-” “No!”
Princey jumped up, tackling logic to the ground. All he could think about was 'this birthday has to be perfect he works so hard and wow our faces are close now hang on w h a t’
“…Okay.” Logic said slowly from the floor.
“I have… several questions.” In his excitement, Roman had actually pinned logic to the ground, his hands braced on either side of his head. He froze. 'This is it. The most. Unsuave moment of my life.’
Logic adjusted his glasses.
“First of which. Is that glitter in your hair?” Princy felt his cheeks heat up even further. “…yes.” His voice cracked a little. … ok maybe more than a little.
“That’s going to be hell to get out. Alright… now, why exactly… do you have glitter in your hair at midnight?” Roman sighed, shifting uncomfortably. “…Because it’s your birthday tomorrow.” Logan furrowed his brow. “I do not have a birthday.” Roman sat up, throwing his hands in the air in frustration.
“I KNOW! You don’t have one! You don’t care about birthdays! You don’t care about picking on movie night, you don’t care about telling us what your favorite food is, you just eat, and sleep, and work without asking us for anything! It’s like we aren’t allowed to care!” He let his hands drop to logics chest, trying to keep tears out of his eyes.
“I just. I wanted to do something. For once. To say that I see how hard you work. It was foolish of me I- I apologi-”
Logan moved remarkably fast for someone with a grown man sitting on his stomach.
He sat up and grabbed Roman by the collar in one move, pulling him close, so close that he could feel tears on logics face too and they were almost touching and WHY wasn’t he DOING ANYTHING- “… Roman?”
He had his eyes shut tight. He might have been holding his breath. “Yes what?” “Can I kiss you?”
His eyes snapped open. “What!?” “I sai-” “no I heard you, I’m just confused why exactly you would ask such an idiotic question!” Logan pulled away slightly, or as much as he could in the situation, looking away and readjusting his necktie.
“I should have read the situation better, my apolog-” “IM SITTING ON YOUR LAP CRYING ABOUT HOW MUCH I CARE FOR YOU, WOULD YOU JUST KISS ME ALREADY?”
Roman felt ridiculous. He had his arms folded like a three year old and tears running down his face, but Logan still leaned in, smiling like he was the sun, ghosting a thumb over romans cheek. “Consent is important.” “I know….” princes didn’t pout. But Roman didn’t care about being princely at that exact moment. “Do you forgive me?” He huffed. “I’ll forgive you when you stop running yourself into the gro-”

logic pressed his lips to his, gently, hands pressing lightly at the small of his back. When Roman threaded his hands in his hair by the back of his neck, pulling him closer, he sighed, and began to kiss in earnest.
Roman, growing less upset by the minute, still mumbled between kisses.
“Ok well- I don’t think- this is- a reliable debate tactic-” Logan hummed, moving to pepper kisses to Romans jawline.
“A-and you really ruined the- the surprise. I was so looking forward to- you are being very distracting!” Logan grinned up at him sheepishly.
“I’m sorry. Did you still want to wrap the presents?” Roman sighed.
“I… not that I’m not enjoying this but… kind of. I know it ruins the surprise, but I… wouldn’t mind some help.” He put his hands up defensively “I know it doesn’t make sense, I just. I really wanted this to be nice. For you. Stop looking at me like that.” “Like what?” “Like I’m doing something amazing! I’m just. Doing normal people things. Like being bad a wrapping presents.”
Logic picked up one of his hands, and brushed his lips to the back of his knuckles, like in a romance novel. “You are being amazing, Roman. You always are… wait. is there- is there tape stuck to your hand-” “THIS IS NOT MY AREA OF EXPERTISE, LOGAN!”

The few short hours before sunrise were spent attempting to wrap the every book neatly, although most of it ended up with logic flipping through them, enthusiastically spouting out facts while Roman leaned on his side, filing away all the exited looks on his face, and occasional kissing. They only got through about half by morning, and morality woke up to them lying in a tornado of tissue paper and tape, Logan with a book on his face, and Roman curled up besides him, tucked under one arm. He smiled at the two over his coffee cup while anxiety took as many photos as he possibly could.
“Happy birthday, Logan.”

Hogu’s Love ep. 11-12

spoilers for those who haven’t watched the episode yet. obviously. so scroll along..

this was surely one hell of a week for hogu’s love watchers

first, the highlights:

there was kang chul trying to steal a kiss from sleeping (beauty) hogu.

then there was that knee weakening kiss from dohee to hogu. (damn hogu why is everyone trying to kiss you)

then there was the baby heist. (which was epic. thank you writers. byun kang chul you’re awesome)

uhh. what else. 



wow.. so much tears.. so many emotion…

shall we talk about the character development?

let’s start with this fellow. 

he seriously has the biggest character development imo. i mean…

the metaphorical closet has been opened and byun kang chul is out of it.


i mean, i’m still confused. if he developed actual feelings for hogu amidst the heaps of confusions and misunderstandings. then does this mean he’s bisexual?

will he lose all those rapid heart beatings and stomach fluttering once he find out that his first love turns out to be ho kyung and not hogu? so does that mean he’s actually straight?

oh, but the questions don’t end there though. but we’ll get to the rest later.

i still wanna point out this important line from byun kang chul

yes, our narcissistic, insensitive and supposedly loner of a character has called himself… “A FRIEND..” 

rewind to episode 9 shall we.

i can relate to byun kang chul the most among the characters.

not the smart-rich-lawyer-prestigious-university-graduate part

but mostly the afraid-of-people-always-locked-up-in-the-house part

like our friend here, i also don’t like being around people. it’s hard to make friends because of my personality and i’m more comfortable alone.

which is why i always root for this guy. because, he’s trying. and learning. no matter how much he avoids human interaction, he still ends up being surrounded by good people. because he’s a good guy. 

so does that mean i’m a bad person because i cant make friends? lol but pity-real-life-stories aside, byun kang chul is the cutest peanut in the drama. well, second. geum dong holds first place :>

next is the other cute peanut.


kang hogu is undeniably the most likable character in this drama.

anyone who says otherwise will fall into geum dong’s pile of dirty diapers.

character development! *goes back to episode 1*

fast forward to episode 12!


i loved that moment so much you dont uNDERSTAND 

hogu: “good job today, you made money for diapers.”

dohee: “you too, good job today. for chaging diapers”


errr… i mean… AWW, SO CUTE.

our main character who was once so dense and foolish has now become a man who can read the atmosphere and people’s behaviors, (or at least do hee’s behaviors) investigate unanswered questions (dohee’s baby daddy issues)

and has also become a liar, apparently.


lol our has kid surely matured.

but no worries. he’s still our same old hogu :)

next is our fighter.. :)


oh boy…… this… ugh.. the ending of episode 12… i…

i ran out of crying gifs.

ugh… this girl.. i just wanna

imagine all the stuff she had to go through.. her parents dying.. the sexual assault.. her friend dying.. pregnancy..

speaking of friend dying. on to the questions!

i thought the friend she visits in the cemetery was the father of the baby. 

but then this happened. 

(cue scary bgm)

so who’s kyung ho? based from the intense music and dohee’s facial expression i assume he’s the assaulter?

i guess? 

then.. who’s the friend who died?

so dohee didn’t attempt to file a case for her friend’s accident, she filed a case because she was raped?

that’s why kangchul didnt accept the case?

because it will only  bring harm to dohee?

is that it?

oh the amount of question going through my head. why cant monday arrive faster already. (a sentence i never imagined i would say)

dohee baby girl… i’m so sorry all those stuff happened to you. you’re the strongest woman i’ve ever seen in a drama.. and to think you still kept the baby… took care of the baby.. loved the baby… despite him being conceived because of rape..

DOHEE YOU’RE A++++++++++++++


DOHEE. you said it yourself. geum dong is your treasure. why cant you just raise him?

save tons of money from cfs and competitions while hogu babysits. the after, hire an outstanding babysitter and buy a home for you and your kid. don’t give him to strangers. you will never find the perfect parents for geum dong because YOU’RE the perfect parent for geum dong. 

PLEASE WRITERS DONT GIVE GEUM DONG AWAY. IM COUNTING ON YOU. (i will seriously purchase a ticket to seoul and set fire to tvn myself im not kidding)

anyway it’s 1:30 am and i have to get up at 4. plus this review is way too long already wtf im so hooked to this drama it’s painfully obvious.

idk how to end this so imma just end it with a capture of this precious moment

anonymous asked:

Can I have a scenario with EXO's Chen where the reader is struggling with depression and closes herself off from people so she dont hurt them. Sorry if its too vauge/or depressing :3 im really struggling rn and your writing makes me happy :3

Promise - Chen Scenario

Originally posted by yahbrahchill

pairing: Jongdae x Reader

genre: fluff

word count: 991

rating: 13+

warnings: mentions of depression, strong language

’(Y/f/n): I’ll be in town this week, wanna hang?’

You paused as you examined the words flashing across your phone’s screen, mind racing to come up with a believable excuse.

‘Oh, I’d love to! But my ass of a teacher assigned a huge book report over the weekend :( maybe next time…’ You typed, hands sweating from the guilt building in your chest.

You set the device down on your bed and buried your face in the soft silk of your pillowcase, turning your head to the side and breathing in the fresh air. Your white walls contrasted nicely against the dark oak of your floors, littered with past articles of clothing you didn’t have the strength to put in its proper place. Eyes scanning to your dresser with little with notes, pictures, and knick-knacks you’ve collected over the years and you sighed quietly to yourself.

You rolled over and stared at the plain surface of your ceiling. making yourself sit up as another sigh left your frowning lips. You rubbed your eye indolently as a quiet ‘ding’ caught your attention, bringing you back to reality.

You flipped the now glowing device back over and skimmed over the contents of the message that had appeared.

'Chen Chen <3: Hey baby, I feel like it’s been forever since we last went out! wanna catch a movie or something?’

Damn it, Jongdae was practically the only person who - no matter how much you covered it up - managed to see through your lies. All your life you’ve learned to put walls up; learned that if you let people get too close - they would just get hurt. So you did, and with Chen, to know that someone that you’ve loved for so long could be hurt by you? It’s terrifying.

You attempted to push him away in high school, but he insisted you went to prom with him.

“Y/n, it’s your senior prom! You have to go!”

“Prom is just a scam to get teenagers to pay money just to seem popular, I don’t even have a date anyway!”

“Then go with me…”

You tried to push him away after graduation, be he insisted that you let him take you on a date.

“C'mon! It’s not like one dinner will kill you,” He winked.

“Yeah, but if it’s with you it might.”


“Ugh fine! Just quit making that face; it’s too cute for your own good.”

You thought you had pushed him away when you went to college - he was an idol now for christ’s sake - they can’t even date, but he insisted that you have a secret relationship with him.

“A what?” You scoffed.

“A secret relationship! Now hear me out, I may not be able to date you publicly per say, but I love you. And I can’t let the love of my life get away from me because of some job.”

And here you are now, for five whole years you’ve been in love with the man that you know is too pure for this world. And the fear of hurting him too has been haunting you every night.

'Sorry Jongdae,’ you paused, swallowing hard before continuing. 'I have a ton of homework left. maybe some other time.’

A swarm of guilt, sadness, fear, and anger coursed through your veins as you hit send. You threw your phone onto the bed and slid down the cream wall of your bedroom, hugging your knees to your chest as you hid your head in shame. Hot tears brimmed in your eyes as you sobbed silently to yourself.

Why am I like this? Why can’t I just trust people? Why can’t I just be normal? The last word of the storm of thoughts you threw at yourself stuck out the most. Normal, why can’t I just be normal. You looked up at the ceiling once again and fiercely wiped away the tears falling down your cheeks, only to be replaced by more as the sound of sobbing filled the room once again.

“Why can’t I just let people in! I trust them and I know they won’t hurt me so why would I hurt them!?” You shouted, angry at no one other than yourself when your outcry was cut short.

“Y/n, i-is that how you feel?” The melodious sound of your boyfriend’s voice broke the growing silence.

You turned your head to the side, shame and embarrassment flooding over you as your cheeks heated up.

“Why d-didn’t you tell me?”

You looked over at the boy and saw the one sight you never wanted to see, tears streaming down his flawless cheeks as his perfect lips quivered.

“Damn in, this is exactly what I was afraid of. Jongdae I’m sorry, I-I-I’m so so sorry,” you sobbed out.

“Y/n, no don’t be sorry, I was the one who didn’t notice you were hurting, I should be sorry.”

“Chen no - please don’t I just, I was scared of hurting you and now look at you, crying over someone like me. I’m holding you down, please don’t cry over me.”

“Would you stop? Quit blaming yourself for something you can’t control, you have all the right to be sad or scared and I understand. But please stop blaming yourself and saying that you’re holding me down. I love you so fucking much Y/n and I never want you to be hurting alone, okay?” He confessed before helping you stand, taking your smaller frame in for a tight hug.

“I-I don’t know what to say.”

“Then don’t say anything, just promise me that whenever you’re scared, hurt, sad, anything. Come to me,” Jongdae said, hugging you impossibly tighter.

“I promise.”

A/N: Hi~ I hope you enjoyed this little scenario! And to the anon who sent the request, I hope this helped even just make you smile. Know that you can always message me anything that you need to talk about! stay strong!

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