ugh why are you so cuteee

submitted by justalilbithot

All through out high school everybody would know that you were Luke’s girl not that they had any choice because Luke would always make you wear his letterman jacket and his hand never left your hip in the hallway and everybody thought you guys were crazy when you came to school one day and Luke had your name permanently inked on his chest right above his heart but nothing could prepare them for when you came to school one day with a ring on your finger and not a promise ring but an actual wedding ring after one night at Luke’s house where you got to talking about your future and you just knew that this was it, the real thing, so Luke slips his class ring on to your finger because it’s all he had and you drove out of town to one of those drive in chapels where you wore nothing but a white sundress and that stupid letterman jacket on top as you promised to only love each other for the rest of forever and everybody at school thought you guys literally had gone insane but you and Luke knew that you were going to be together forever so why wait?

High school!5sos blurb night with hemmocrat and lashtonirmings :)