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Rainy Days (Mark)

Request: can I have a mark smut where he picks you up from school on a rainy day and your shirt is see through and he gets turned on

Length: 1,189 words

Genre: Smut

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Disgusted at those that hate on Lilly James or Alex’s fiance. Yes mattex was real as we suspected, but so are their current relationships with other people.

I’m happy for Matt and happy for Alex that they’ve found someone that makes them happy. I’m thrilled that Matt and Alex did finally admit on stage what we’ve known all along (because neither were any good at hiding it and would keep saying things in interviews, convention Q&A’s, talk shows, etc.., ) they had mutual feelings for each other, did and still do. But they chose not to get together for whatever reason (that are their own, that maybe they’ll tell some day they’ll tell-when they feel comfortable about it. Please don’t pester them about it! They’ve only just come to the point where they feel comfortable talking about their mutual feelings in front of the fans when they are together on stage.

For the nosy, who must have a reason- ugh, from things Alex has said on her side it seems to stem from her personal discomfort at their big age difference- she’s 19 years older than him- and the massive cultural negativity that hits women far more than men- that have a relationship with someone more than a few years younger than them. I don’t want to hear another peep of judgement on Alex about that either amongst the mattex shippers! Alex is a kindhearted woman who has had a lot of bad things happen in her life, it hurts her a lot when people mock her and judge her. On Matt’s part because he does have real feelings for her he understands the very valid reason why.

And yes, unlike Alex, who appears to be very happy for Matt that he’s in a relationship with Lilly James (Alex and Salome even went to the Hollywood premiere of Cinderella, that Lilly James stars in, and Alex praised the movie and said to an interviewer that “Matt’s a lucky man”- about his relationship with Lilly James), Matt appears to be envious of any man who gets to touch Alex, even other actors. (He didn’t see Macbeth either in the UK or US, he doesn’t want the current Doctor having romantic scenes with River Song, etc…) Maybe that level of possessiveness (really bad in an actor) also gave Alex pause. Alex’s fiance is not like that, he went to see her performances in MacBeth in the US, etc…

I’m happy Matt and Alex feel comfortable enough to be open about it with the fans at a convention. Lets be happy for them and their choices of partners too!


Imagine 29 || Request 11

You know, when I get carried away on making an imagine, usually they end up a mess..especially when I’m listen to something like Jacquie Lee’s Broken Ones. So after a lot of erasing and correcting errors, I finally finished it..gawd I’m a crying mess sometimes ugh… Anyway, here’s your request anon…i’m guessing these two are the same? sorry for any errors coz i fast wrote this.. Hope you guys like it! :D oh and btw..Brett is bi (idk how to feel about that..)


Your eyes widened at what happened.

“Oh, god.” Scott said, sounding just as surprised at what he did and it didn’t help when, though the hallway was filled with students, you felt this particular stare towards your direction.

Turning to the direction where you felt the staring was coming from, your surprise doubled when you saw Isaac looking shocked at what happened-but that didn’t really bothered you what did bother you was the face that he was standing right there.

“Isaac?” you called in a whisper because you still can’t believe that he was right there.

And just like that, the look on his face began to change into what seems to be of betrayal and hurt before he walked away and headed somewhere else and leaving you there looking dumbfounded all the while ignoring the rambling that was coming from Scott.


“How long have you known that he was back from France?” Stiles asked, looking towards the passenger seat beside him. “And you kissed her?” he almost exclaimed, pointing towards you sitting at the back of the jeep.

“Oh my god,” you sighed, feeling more embarrassed.

“I’m just as surprised as you to be honest,” Scott answered.

Once the jeep parked in front of the McCall house, you all got out and made your way inside where Isaac was currently talking to mama McCall. But once Isaac saw you come in with the dynamic duo, he immediately excused himself and headed upstairs where you followed him with a bit of difficulty with his long strides and your short ones.

“Isaac,” you tried to call his attention as you walked into his room, but only getting the silent treatment.

“Lahey!” you called after numerous times of calling him before he looked up to you.

“What?” He said, almost growling at you while he continued to put his clothes in a duffel bag on his bed.

“What do you mean what?” You asked, looking a bit mad at the way he was acting at the moment. “What’s wrong?”

“You know what’s wrong, Y/N.” He answered, going to his drawer and taking a tshirt. “You were kissing Scott.”

“Oh and you moving to France without me knowing isn’t wrong?” you retorted, crossing your arms on your chest and looked at him sternly.

“What else was I to do?” He exclaimed, zipping up the bag a big too rough. “Plus you were obviously happy.”

“How would you even know if I was happy just by how I looked a while ago?” You asked as tears began to fill the rim of your eyes, the ache in your chest starting to reveal itself-the same hurt you felt when you knew Isaac left without you knowing.

“Your heart was beating fast because-”

“Because I was with Scott and not with you?” You finished his sentence. “Why not when I saw you, i felt like I was meeting you for the first time again?”

“Or maybe because I was hurting that my mind began to play tricks with me all over again because I was seeing you standing there,” you continued, a tear already escaping.

The expression on Isaac’s face softened when he saw the tears starting to flow uncontrollably, you still rambling to him how hurt you were when he left. And before you knew it, you were enveloped in a tight hug, a hand cupping the back of your head while another rubbing your back in a comforting manner. Isaac knew that a sorry won’t cover what he did and he was determined to make it up to you, no matter how long you’ll make him wait saying that he deserved it after what happened.