ugh what am i doing with my life

callmebombshell replied to your post: btw, anon who suggested steve rogers/jack…


ugh barely started and won’t be done tonight but:

“He’s just a boy,” says Silas, and Rose smiles, says, “All men were, once.” - He stands in front of a tank, and he doesn’t run.
He stands, and he couldn’t tell you why. - “Shot at a tank,” says Jack, whisky glass dangling from careless fingers, “idiot.”
“You look impressed,” says Michelle, her eyes darting sideways, up from the TV screen to her brother’s face, and Jack snorts, says, “No, sister, I believe that is incredulity.”
“No, it isn’t,” says Michelle, and Jack snorts again, sips his drink, doesn’t answer her. - “Smile, you little shit,” says Silas, his lips hot on Jack’s ear, just where the cameras can’t see, and Jack does, the smile a lie that’s as easy as breathing, and Silas claps him on the back, says, “Was that so hard? You’ve smiled in worse positions, I’m sure.” - “I don’t want it to be him,” says Jack, hating the tears that he can feel, wet, on his cheeks, and Michelle holds him tight, says, “Love isn’t a choice, Jack. We both know that all too well.”