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My friends and I finally saw Mockingjay tonight! It. was. phenomenal. Seriously it was amazing. The acting was on point, the cinematography, how it followed the books - all fantastic. Even though I knew what was going to happen I was still nervous and tense, waiting on the edge of my seat to see what would happen next. A+++++ all around.

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I really loved your skin ship line 💜! Can do it for jackson ? thanks

A/N: Well this came out kind of long. I got a little bit carried away, lol.

Hug/Cheek Kiss: First Date
Jackson had taken you to a bowling alley for your first date. You whooped his butt at bowling and enjoyed seeing him pout and mumble something about how you just got lucky. When you finished bowling and got hungry, you ate pizza for dinner. Throughout dinner, he kept going on about how on any other day, he would’ve creamed you. You suggested you two go play some games at the arcade to settle it once and for all. He accepted and went to buy you guys some coins. You played various two player games and beat him every single time. You felt kind of bad for destroying his pride, but you knew he wasn’t really upset by how much he was laughing and cracking jokes. When you ran out of coins for another game, he said he’d take you home since it was getting late. On your way out, you saw an opportunity for him to win at something.
“Jackson, how many coins are left?”
“Just two, why?”
“You should try and win me a stuffed animal,” you pointed at the large, shiny crane.
This guy was always up for a challenged, so he fished out the last two coins and put them in. He firmly grasped the joy stick and bit his lip as he concentrated. The crane lowered into the sea of various plushies, and after a few seconds, it came back up with a yellow minion in its grasp. Jackson didn’t lose his focus though; he slowly moved the crane to where it needed to go, and dropped it in. He started cheering and smiling brightly like a child.
“For you, my lady!” He said proudly once he retrieved it.
“Why thank you. Good job! You finally won at something!”
“Yeah? What do I get?” He smiled mischievously and opened up his arms.
You smiled and accepted his hug. Your arms found themselves wrapped around his strong, muscular body. You decided to give him something else though– you got on your tippy toes and kissed his cheek cutely. He smiled down at you and led you out of the arcade with his arm slung loosely over your shoulders.

Hand Holding: Second Date
Today, you and Jackson met up for a simple date at a cafe. It was less than a mile away from your apartment, so you two walked there in order to spend more time together. You sat together in a booth, sipping warm drinks and sharing a flatbread. You were chatting about a TV show you were both watching, when an attractive waitress came to your table. She smiled at Jackson and looked only at him when she spoke.
“Hi, can I get you anything else? A dessert maybe?” She asks cheerfully.
“Thank you, but I’m fine,” he answers politely, “you want anything else Y/N?”
“No thanks, I’m fine too.”
Jackson goes right back to your discussion from before, talking about his favorite character from the show. The waitress hasn’t left yet. You want her to go away now, but she doesn’t. Instead her face lights up when she hears what Jackson is saying.
“You watch that show? Oh, I do too!”
Jackson responds kindly like his usual, enthusiastic self. You sit there rolling your eyes and she chats up your potential boyfriend. You don’t think he realizes she’s flirting with him, until she puts her hand on his shoulder and laughs a little too loudly at something he said. He chuckles awkwardly and gently shrugs away from her touch. You’re fuming. You exhale loudly on purpose to grab his attention. He smirks and turns back to the waitress.
“Well, thank you. We’ll let you know if we need anything,” he says as her cue to leave.
She says okay and hesitantly wanders off.
“Well that was annoying,” you say, not bothering to hide how pissed you were.
“You jealous?” He laughs.
“Don’t laugh! So what if I am?”
He giggles and laces his fingers with yours. He puts your intertwined hands on the table and caresses your hand with his thumb.
“You know that I like you, right?”

First Kiss: When He Asks You to Be His Girlfriend
It’s been a few days after your second date with Jackson, and you can’t stop replaying his words over and over again in your head: “You know that I like you, right?” You were hoping after his little confession, he would continue and ask you to be his girlfriend officially already, but instead he laughed it off like it was nothing and changed the subject. You were confused. He said he liked you, but did he not have any desire to make it official? No one that you barely just started dating has ever had you feeling as anxious as he was. Since your last date, you’ve texted a little bit here and there, but haven’t talked face to face.
Right now it’s a little after midnight, and you’re tossing and turning in bed trying to get some sleep before you go to work tomorrow, but you can’t stop thinking about Jackson. You know you’re being greedy, but you don’t want to be just dating anymore, you want him to be yours. You want to hear his voice, so you decide to call him.
“Hello? Y/N?”
“Hey Jack…did I wake you?”
“Nah, you didn’t. I couldn’t fall asleep actually.”
“Really? Same here.”
There is a long pause before he speaks again.
“Well hey, since we both can’t sleep, wanna meet at the park and hang for a bit?”
“Wait, really?”
“Yeah, get your butt out of bed and meet me there in ten minutes. Bye!”
Your heart starts to race. He wants to me right now? But you look like crap! You scramble out of bed and put on something cute, but comfortable that could pass for pajamas. You don’t bother putting on makeup– it’s pitch black outside, and Jackson tells you that you’re cute without it.
When you get to the park, you spot Jackson trying to climb up a tree. You sneak up on him and poke his side. He yelps and hops down.
“You punk!”
“Hello to you too!”
“Ugh…wanna sit up here with me?”
You nod and he climbs up and sits on one of the branches, and then helps you up. You are squished together on the small branch. You sit in mostly silence, except for the noises of crickets chirping.
“Want to know why I couldn’t sleep?” He suddenly asks.
“P-please elaborate,” you stutter.
“I was thinking about you. I was thinking about how much I like you and how annoying it is that I don’t know what you feel for me and how much I want you to be my girlfriend,” he grumbles. There is another long pause.
“Yes,” you breathe out.
“Yes, I want to be your girlfriend,” you say shyly. He hugs you tightly in response, as best as the position you’re in will allow him. You sit there for a while, just hugging, with your head resting on his chest.
“Why didn’t you ask me before, when you first told me you liked me?” you look up at him with big, curious eyes.
“Sorry, I thought it might’ve been too soon,” he said scratching the back of his neck, “we just started going out.”
“But we’ve known each other for years, silly.”
He chuckles, “I know. Can I um, can I kiss you?”
Your eyes widened slightly, but you mumbled a ‘yes’. He put one hand on your waist and one behind your head and pulled you close to him. He hovers over your lips for a moment before kissing you tenderly, with all his love for you he’s been holding back.

Cuddling/Make Out: One Week
You and Jackson have been official got a week and you couldn’t get enough of each other. You’d spend all your free time throughout the day together, and talk on the phone when you were apart. Normally, such lovey-dovey couples would disgust you, but with Jackson, it was the sweetest thing.
Tonight, he decided to your apartment after he practice. You ordered pizza, watched TV, and talked to each other about each of your days. Jackson had just taken a bite from his pizza, and his worst nightmare happened. All the cheese came off. He started screaming and whining dramatically. You busted out laughing so hard that your stomach hurt. After he realized it wasn’t the end of the world, he started laughing with you– or maybe at you, you weren’t sure. The next thing you know his hands are firmly gripping your waist and pulling you close to him. You’re on top of his lap in a straddling position. He pecks your lips several times.
“You’re so cute Y/N,” he says in a low sensual voice that drives you crazy. His innocent pecks turn into hot, passionate kisses and his hands remain firmly gripping your waist. Your hand is tangled in his blond locks keeping his head in place and the other is gripping his bicep. He nibbles on your bottom lip and then you feel his tongue at your entrance. You let him in and he explores your mouth. His hands slowly lower and grip your hips, then your thighs. His hands get close to your butt, but then he stops, not wanting to go too far with you. You are the first to pull away. You both pant heavily against each other’s mouths. He gently removes you from his lap and lays down. He pulls you down with him and lays your head on his chest, kissing your forehead lovingly.

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