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A few days ago I said I am going to start conceptualizing a new virtual pet sim. I have been working madly between work to bring this concept to life. For now, I’m calling it Project Octavo! this name will definitely change at some point, as the game develops I’ll have a better ideas for the title. 

I wont go into specific details about the pets/creatures players will keep at this moment as things are still very early, but I want to share every step of the journey with you all and that’s exactly what imma do. 

Right now, I am trying to find a concrete art direction. Art direction, in my opinion - is one of, if not, the most important aspect of any game. I want to nail down specifics of the art before moving into other territory. The first two are experiments, backgrounds and illustration renders.

The second few are concept variants for the pets/creatures themselves. The sketches at the bottom might hint to my ideas for the sim, but again.. early days. I’ll keep posting more things as they come~

spellbound (m)

Pairing:  Jimin x Reader
Genre: witch!au (sort of based on the secret circle), smut, comedy, slight angst
Warnings: dom-ish!jimin, magical sex rituals (so slight blood play, breath play, temperature play), rough sex, cumplay
Word Count:  10k+
Summary:  The only reason you agreed to do this magical ritual with Park Jimin’s Circle was for the sake of your own Circle - to strengthen your individual magic. Yes, that means you’ll have to fuck him, but no, you weren’t happy about it because you hate Park Jimin. Once again, you were only doing this for your Circle. 

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anonymous asked:

Harry, you said before that you "don’t mean to boast or anything but, [you] can go on for a really long time–"... whats the longest you guys have... gone on for?

Harry: Well, all our quickies aside–

Draco: *sighs*

Harry: We actually enjoy really long sessions of…lovemaking–

Draco: *simultaneously* Fucking. *grimaces at ‘lovemaking’* Ugh, the gay unicorn is back.

Harry: *rolls his eyes* One time we did it through the entirety of Warbeck’s Valentine’s Day Special album. And no, it wasn’t on Valentine’s Day.

Draco: *dreamily* Oh shit, that was a good night.

Harry: Draco was barely conscious by the end of it.

Draco: I’m going to start throwing hexes at you with every unnecessary detail you give out!