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something with tracer and/or Pharah (separate) where the reader has a crush on them and shows it by always visiting them while they're working, bringing them coffee and snacks etc. one day reader says "so, are you and your boyfriend gonna do anything this summer?" so pharah and tracer respond that they don't have a boyfriend, and are actually interested in women. reader then says "oh well maybe you should gimmie your number wink wink " SORTY IF THIS MADE NO SENSE;; ty!

This is so creative! I love it!

Tracer -
After an exhausting mission in Oasis, the team had some down time before they were scheduled to leave. That meant you and Lena were lounging around the gardens, just chilling and eating snacks.
“Ready?” You ask.
Lena opens her mouth in response, and you throw piece of popcorn. You both cheer when she catches it.
“Alright let me try!” She says. She throws a piece at you, but it hits your nose and bounces off. Giggling, Lena asks to try again. She scoops up a whole handful and just throws all of at you.
“No fair!” You laugh. You respond by throwing a handful of popcorn at her. This leads to a full blown food fight until you’re both laughing so hard you can barely breathe. Your fun is interrupted by both of your phones telling you to get back to the ship because it’s time to leave.
“This was so much fun!” Lena says. “We really should hang out more.”
“I always figured you were busy with a boyfriend.” You answer.
At that, Lena cracks up laughing.
“What?” You ask, confused.
“Love,” She says between laughs. “I’m so gay! I would never have a boyfriend!”
You smile. “Then maybe the next time we hang out it should be a date.”
“I’d love that.” She replies with a big grin.

Pharah -
“I brought snacks!” You announce as you step into Pharah’s room. Things have been absolutely crazy lately, so the two of you decided to have a little movie night to relax.
“I have wine!” Fareeha replied. This was gonna be a great movie night - snacks, Fareeha, and wine. She pours two glasses before the two of you settle down on the couch.
“Thanks for inviting me.” You say sincerely. You found it a bit odd that she invited you of all people. Fareeha was so stunning that nearly every agent of Overwatch drooled over her.
“Why do you sound surprised?” She questioned.
“I don’t know. I just thought you would invite one of the many boys who always hit on you.” You answer.
Fareeha chuckled. “They’re not really my type, if you know what I mean. I’d date you before any of them.”
“Well,” You say with a smile. You slide over closer to Fareeha until you’re cuddled against her. “This is a date now.”
She smiles and puts an arm around you. “I am more than fine with that.” She places a light kiss to your head as the movies starts. This was gonna be a great night.

The reunion AKA the only moment from Pocahontas 2 that mattered.

(An illustration from the Disney book for the movie. Or from a Disney magazine? I couldn’t find a decent source for this so I’m just guessing.)

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: “how far i’ll go” is a song about yearning, ambition, and the hope for more despite not knowing what lies ahead, and the inner conflict a young girl feels over the duties she has and the need inside her to know her real limits, a song written by lin-manuel miranda, accompanied by a powerful instrumental, sung with three times the vocal power that la la land could never even dream of by a fifteen year old hawaiian girl, and it deserved best original track at the academy awards 2017

tbh i know in my heart that a homestuck movie would be a fucking disaster but if there were one i would not be able to die peacefully unless it opened with rose’s opening quote for her game walkthrough

just imagine this text being read by rose as it appears on a stark black screen with absolutely no sound

“Since you are reading this, chances are you have installed this game on your computer already. If this is true, like many others, you have just participated in the bringing about the end of the world.

But don’t beat yourself up about it. There was never anything you could have done to prevent it.” - Rose Lalonde

Animated movies that don't get enough love
  • Megamind: Strong female character, funny jokes, anti-bullying, great animation with touching scenes, and strong moral messages
  • Wreck it Ralph: Again strong female characters, plus overcoming mental hardships, proving that being different is okay, amazing moral messages, beautiful animation and a hella rad plot
  • Brave: Strong female characters, different views, wonderful animation, proved that you don't need a man to save you, cutting your own destiny, awesome characters, magic broken by actual love, and strong mother-daughter relationship
  • Peabody and Sherman: Is packed with witty dialogue, good morals about unconventional families, fatherhood, and childhood struggle, it respects the intelligence of its younger audience, does actually manage to teach some history to its watchers, and has well animated characters (plus mr. peabody is a boss ass bitch)
  • Atlantis: whats this i smell? Its...its more STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS, roots for the underdog, over coming physical and mental hardships, shows religious differences, beautiful animation, witty character dialogue, sassy one-liner dialogue and humor, and a detailed plot and story line
  • How to train your dragon 2: Beautiful animation, MORE STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS, plus characters who aren't physically strong being portrayed as strong, showed that war isn't always the answer, major feels trip, shows friendship and compassion, mother-son relationship rekindled, DRAGONS, ADORABLE PRECIOUS DRAGONS, CANT BELIEVE THIS MOVIE GOT OVERSHADOWED BY FROZEN

The most under-appreciated film in history has to be The Prince of Egypt. I mean, I don’t care if you follow the religion, this a good fucking movie.

I mean, look at the love they put into the Egyptian culture and hieroglyphics: 

Everybody is actually a realistic color of where they live:


The fucking music alone won a fucking oscar people:

The fucking cast like have you seen this line-up???:

Strong female characters:

And last but not least - THE. MOTHER. FUCKING. BEAUTIFUL. HAIR:

and best of all, even though it’s based off of a bible story, it isn’t trying to ram god down your throat. legit the whole movie is about loving yourself and others