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The Preath Head Tap™️️ 2013 vs 2016

(Peter Parker x Reader) One Shot

“No but seriously, I know this amazing shawarma place, it’s super cheap too!”

Peter laughed, but cast you a sideways glance. “Doesn’t cheap meat usually cause diarrhea?”

You frowned. Had this place ever made your stomach feel funny? No, no you didn’t think so.

Slowly shaking your head, you cast your gaze to the sidewalk ahead again. “Well, this place doesn’t. Maybe they’ve recognized that New Yorkers pay out the ass for everything else in the city so they thought ‘Hey, good eating for cheap!’”

Peter laughed again, hands shoved deep into his pockets to escape the nip of the night air. His hair was rather disheveled, as always (honestly was it styled that way or did he just not care?). He was clad in his usual black peacoat, a pair of lightly colored jeans and some boots. To be quite honest, he looked rather handsome and it didn’t go unnoticed by you.

“So how’s life with the ever vanishing Peter Parker?” You asked after some minutes of silence. You’d been playing with your gloves and you hurriedly pushed them into the pockets of your fall coat when a gust of wind threaded between your legs and threatened to slip up under your jacket.

He kept his eyes forward when he answered you, frowning into the distance. “Uh, okay, I guess. Job sucks, but you know that.” He tossed a grin your way and you rolled your eyes. Just a few months after Gwen had passed, Peter had applied at the same shitty pizza joint you were working in, and the two of you had gotten rather close since. You’d spoken only a handful of times during high school, but now it seemed like you’d been friends for years instead of only a few months.

“Well besides work, where you almost get fired every day anyway! Seriously-” You smacked his arm, earning a yelp from the brunette. “Half-hour long washroom breaks? Forty-five minute long pizza deliveries? You’re going to get fired!”

Peter hummed for a moment, before grinning cheekily at you. “Maybe I’m visiting my lady friends. I do have quite a few you know.”

You scoffed, face turned up to stare at the moon. “Yeah, okay Parker.”

It wasn’t long before you reached the small restaurant you’d told Peter about, and you were delighted when he awed at the decor outside. It was small, maybe 30 feet across, and the outside patio had red and white lights strung across the entirety of it.

“It’s adorable,” Peter remarked. “How did you even find this place?”

It WAS quite a bit out of the way, and it seemed like you had to duck through countless alleys just so you could find it, but the quaint area was so worth the walk.

You shrugged, pushing some hair out of your face. “I don’t even remember to be quite honest, I just sort of stumbled across it one day.” Flashing a toothy grin, you grabbed his wrist and tugged him along after you. “Come on!”

There was a soft chime as you pulled the door to the shawarma house open, reveling in the blast of warm air that struck you immediately upon entry. You were quick to shed your coat, smiling at the man behind the food counter who waved.

“Where do you want to sit?” You turned to look at Peter, coat hanging over your arm. His coat was already over his shoulder and you took those few moments where he inspected the restaurant to look over his lean physique. You’d never understood why Peter was bullied in high school.

He pointed to a table finally, and the two of you made your way towards the back corner before dropping yourselves into a booth. It wasn’t long before a waittress wandered over and you’d placed your orders. The two of you were the only occupants besides the workers in the joint and honestly it was really nice.

“So how’s your life outside of work been lately?” Peter asked, sprinkling salt onto the table before starting to organize the grains.

“Uh, boring, I don’t do much besides work my two jobs to be quite honest,” You answered slowly, going through the notifications on your phone. “I hang out with you, and work, and go home and sleep and occasionally eat cold pizza.”

“Sounds fun,” He chuckled, glancing up at you. “Cold pizza’s always a good time.”

“So very, very exciting,” You grumbled, rolling your eyes. All of your friends had left for school, and while your decision to stay back another year and work may have been the best for you, it kind of sucked sometimes. “So have ya got any new lady friends Petey? Or do you just hang out with me because honestly that must suck.”

“No (Y/N),” He laughed, swiping the salt off of the table before he wiped his hands on your upper arm. “No new lady friends. I don’t even want a girlfriend anyway.”

Your eyebrows shot up. “You’re a nineteen-year-old boy and you don’t want sexy fun times? Okiedokie Parker.”

“I don’t see you with a boyfriend having-” He waved his hands at you. “-Sexy fun times.”

“I don’t need a boyfriend to do that Peter, I can just find myself a-”

The loud wailing of sirens outside the windows of the restaurant cut you off and both you and Peter paused, turning your heads to catch a glimpse of what was going on. Your eyes widened when you saw multiple cop cars racing past. “That’s a lot of cops,” You remarked, tapping your fingers against the table.

“Yeah…” Peter mumbled, still gazing out the window. “It is…” Suddenly he was tugging on his coat and stumbling out of the booth you were both seated in.

“P-Peter!” You called, looking aghast. “Where are you going?!”

“I have to get some photos for JJ!” He turned back to look at you, smiling apologetically. “I’ll be back soon, just-just wait here and keep my food warm!”

Mouth agape, you watched as he ran from the restaurant, the door slowly closing as he took off down the street.

“What the hell Parker.”


Sometimes, I see him & I panic. Sometimes, the thoughts drive me so crazy that I can’t think straight & it gets so hard to breathe.

But you are always there to hold me down & tell me everything’s going to be okay. You always listen to me and reassure me that you won’t hurt me the way he did.

You are my rock. You are my world. You are my best friend & my soulmate. You are my Once in a Lifetime. 💕