ugh u need to stop

you were only three rows in front of me but i could smell your cologne and the freshly mowed grass from the night i snuck out
and its like i could feel your hands on my thighs and your breath on my neck and the constant hurt of not being as important as you let me believe i was
—  3 rows was enough to remember a year

chill friend bros holding hands platonically

Screw all the extensive NH and SS development in the past! Kishi has obviously decided which couples will be canon by now. The last chapters implied one-sided NS and SK, so it definitely means they’re endgame now! Here’s why:

  • The reason why Sakura thinks of Naruto’s dreams while she is healing him is because she’s totally in love with him, not because he’s her close friend and a source of inspiration for several other people. Can’t you see the love in her eyes as she gives him CPR!?
  • Naruto doesn’t give a heck for Hinata. She’s just an useless secondary character and he’d never ever see her as anything more, no matter how much she seems to love him. He only has eyes for Sakura – his entire character revolves around that sole fact, after all!
  • Sasuke saying “Karin… you saved me” is much more significant than when he actually said “Sakura… thank you.” Like that pink-haired chick was ever precious to him! Pffft.
  • Karin is a serious character and her feelings for Sasuke drastically changed and are now genuine, not shallow – even though, a few hours ago (manga time), she literally said being stabbed by him had felt good, and then thought of licking him all over in the middle of a world war. She’s just more open with her sexuality than others, give her a rest!
  • Sakura should totally fall for Naruto and send Sasuke to hell, because Naruto treats her better, so he deserves her – because people definitely do choose who to love, so she can just switch her feelings and that’s it!
  • It doesn’t matter that Sasuke smirked at Sakura, or explained himself to Sakura, or didn’t hesitate to save Sakura, because he’s sooo in love with another girl he barely knows/cares about, right?!

See? It makes sense. So much sense. So, SS and NH shippers, it’s time for you to open your eyes and give up!

*sarcastic mode off*