ugh tumblr is so dumb rn

:c Ran needs a new tablet

Ok so, i’ve put a donation button in my tumblr bio since majority of my checks have to go toward paying some bills, groceries and rent. I’m limited on spare cash right now and it looks like my tablet pen isn’t working even after i’ve done what i thought i could to fix it. I could just get a new pen but with how expensive the one i need is, i might as well just get a new tablet (plus the one i have is ancient). All donations i get (if any at all) will go toward a new tablet so i can start doing commissions on my days off from work.

 I can’t really offer anything in return for certain amounts donated since i don’t have a way to draw for them, but i will say that if someone donates $100usd i will draw them a full body, full colored piece as soon as i get my new tablet. 

I’m not expecting anything from this, maybe a little help but that’s it. I miss drawing so much but I can wait to get a new tablet if it comes down to it so please don’t feel like you need to help me. There are people out there that need more help than me! If i do happen to go over how much i need, I’ll put that money toward good use (a better tablet than planned or even my bills and ect for example).

Thank you guys so much! <3