ugh too much adorable can't handle

See. Jimin and Namjoon are fine with me welcoming Yoongi into to my little family of biases. Look at all of them smiling together, I just can’t help but imagine that I’m in a poly relationship with the three boys and I’m taking a photo of them. Just as I’m about to raise the camera up to my face Jimin shouts “harteu!” to his hyungs and puts one of his arms up. The the two other boys sigh but look at jimin being all excited and me biting my lip to hide my laughter behind the camera, so they give in and put their arms up too. The moment they hear the click they all rush over to me to see the photo. Namjoon hugging me from behind and resting his chin on my shoulders. Yoongis hand over mine on the camera, checking the photo to see if my settings were up to his standards. Jimin giggling with me as we look at the photo and how adorable they look with their little heart poses.

I know I’m a hoe don’t judge me.