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  • Seven: Hey bro?
  • Yoosung: Yeah, bro?
  • Seven: Bro, I want to show you the whole world.
  • Yoosung: Okay, bro,
  • Seven: *holds up mirror*
  • Yoosung: But bro, that's just me.
  • Seven: You're my whole world bro...
  • Yoosung: *tears in his eyes* Bro...
Ok but like

Teacher: Mr. Collins?

Misha: Here.

Teacher: Mr. Ackles?

Jensen: Present.

Teacher: Mr. Pada-Podal-

Jared: It’s Padalecki, sir.

Teacher: Pitalu-Padadali-

Jared: Padalecki.

Teacher: Potat-no that’s not right-

Jared: Pa-da-le-cki. Padalecki.

Teacher: Of course, of course, my apologies.

Jared: *Annoyed moose*

Teacher: Mr. Pomegranate?

Jared: *Sam Winchester bitchface #34*

And now random hcs that came out of my ass :V

•Knight taught Pistachio about Undertale. Every since, her new catch phrase has been, “NGGAAAHHHHH!!!!”

•Devil is super overprotective of Angel. Like, he will have a freaking panic attack if he doesn’t even see them.

•Apple is 4 years old, Pancake is 5, Angel is 3, Devil is 9, Cherry is 10, Creampuff is 8 and Wizard is 7.

•Brave, Bright, and Boarder are all the same age, 15. Strawberry is the youngest at 14 and Ninja is the oldest at 16.

•Fire Spirit and Tiger Lily were the only L-Grades that were babies and had childhoods.

•Fire Spirit was raised by the Red Dragon, whose real name is Karla. He even has a dragon sister named Stella, who is very close to him. His cousin, Alpha, constantly tried to teach him how to wrestle. (He tried to prove FS was gay once by kissing and biting him in sensitive areas. No, he did not bite his dick)

•Tiger Lily was raised by her original parents, the King and Queen, for the first 12 years old her life. When the Kingdom started to collapse, Tiger Lily couldn’t escape with her family and ended up staying behind. That’s how she met Butter Tiger, and developed keen senses to survive in the jungle. She’s lived in the Pineapple Village with the natives, and has been their leader ever since.

•Wind Archer loves to chew and suck on anything made of fabric. He even chews and sucks on his scarf to calm himself down sometimes. The Sugar Swan knows about this, but she pretends not to for his sake.

•Sea Fairy actually has a great sense of humor, and a hilarious laugh.

•Moonlight has a safety zone. What is this safety zone? Her girlfriends breasts. She digs her face in them, kneads them, she even sleeps in them. They’re very soft and squishy.

•Gumball can do a perfect impression of Funtime Freddy. He likes pranking and scaring other cookies with it. Peppermint likes it though, they think its adorable.

•Once, Pistachio went to Alchemist and Vampire’s house dressed as Undyne, and started singing Fishy Love for Alchemist. Unfortunately she didn’t quite get it, but she was happy with it anyway. (They are quite literally Alphys and Undyne, DevSisters can’t pull the wool over my eyes.)

•When Vampire needs a snack, he steals a bunch of them from the grocery store Strawberry works in. Don’t worry, Alchemist always comes back to pay for what he stole.

•Lime can climb into that giant beach ball of hers. She even sleeps inside it sometimes. Orange and Lemon like rolling it around the beach when she’s inside, which makes her very dizzy in the end.

•Adventurer, Rockstar, and Cinnamon are always fighting over Mint Choco’s heart. He actually loves all three of the boys equally, and just wants all of them to become friends. Or lovers, even better!

•Fire Spirit actually can eat popsicles. His favorites are popsicle sticks, and his favorite color is bright green. He usually eats them in private, because the way he eats them is embarrassing. But he loves to start at the tip and slowly lick it all over. Then he shoves the whole thing in his mouth and rapidly sucks on it, then he slows down and sucks it till it’s gone. What? Were you thinking of something else?

•Strawberry is adorable under her hood. She has short light lavender white hair, with flat bangs that cover her forehead, those big brown eyes, and freckles just to make it all complete.

•Werewolf isn’t dangerous in his wolf form, he’s actually a big soft puppy! He’ll roll around and yap happily if he trusts you enough to be around him.

•Apple met Werewolf in a field of flowers. She was there to pick some for her moms, but she saw Furball Pup and immediately fell in love. Children love puppies you know. She played with Furball Pup and Werewolf made flower crowns for the both of them. Since then, Apple is one of the few who can get near Werewolf without being afraid.

•Cocoa and Cherry Blossom live together, taking care of Apple and Cherry.

•Boarder and Brave are boyfriends, but they act just as normal as good friends! They play video games and eat Cheetos together. When they have sleepovers, they like snuggling and smooching each others cheeks. (This one’s for you Fred!)

•Bright is a self proclaimed “Gay Detector”. She claims she can even smell it.

•Peppermint loves bubble baths. They could stay in a bath tub forever if they could! But Sea Fairy always takes them out after a while.

•Pink Choco sends secret love letters to Cotton Candy to make her feel good. She never signs them though.

•Peach is a great chef. She can whip up anything you wish! And pretty fast too. She holds the record for Fastest Chef in the Cookie Kingdom.

•Banana and Popcorn work together in the circus. Banana has her hula hoops, and Popcorn is a trapeze actor.

•Popcorn and Fire Spirit are unlikely friends. They bumped into each other while walking on the sidewalk, making Popcorn’s hair heat up and pop. It scared both of them, but Popcorn is pretty chill about everything, and didn’t seem to mind one bit. They ended up conversing for a while after that, and became friends almost immediately.

•Vampire actually eats garlic, despite him being a vampire. He doesn’t seem to mind it at all.

•On days when she’s feeling extra evil, Cherry will visit Devil and they’d have a day of pranks. These pranks can get pretty extreme, so watch out!

•When Cinnamon can’t find Cinnamon Bunny, they use Moon Rabbit as an assistant instead. She’s too big for his hat, but she can of course help him with other tricks!

•Cheesecake is much nicer then people think. She’s always giving advice, helping out around her fathers building, she even babysits Onion in her spare time, since Blackberry is so busy with Buttercream Choco.

•Cotton Candy is an Otaku. Nuff said.

•Dino-Sour loves cream cheese, and even feeds some to his baby dino. He doesn’t know where his obsession comes from, all he knows is cream cheese is delicious.

•Hero is a pure and innocent cinnamon bunny. Or, did you know that already? He is adorable, but my real hc for him is he lives the library. Since there’s no librarian, he acts as one. He sleeps on the top floor of the library, and made a little space for JellyCo Cube on a bookshelf for him to sleep in too.

•Angel may be a baby, but they’re much smarter then people think. They can even be smarter then Devil sometimes, but that’s not to say they don’t love their brother with all their heart.

•Soda can understand and speak several languages, his favorite being Hawaiian. He loves singing in different languages too, and playing the ukulele makes near perfect.

•Princess learned Karate from General Jujube, whom also taught Peach. Since they learned it together, they became good friends down the road.

•Knight might never admit it, but he looks up to Pistachio as a sister. He tries as much as he can to be just like her, and its adorable.

Lemon isn’t exactly emo, in fact he can be rather fun loving and joyful.

Orange and Lime can hold their breathes for much longer then other cookies can, so they kiss and smooch underwater where nobody can see them.

•Kiwi loves music, its one of his other passions, apart from riding his motorbike. Probably why he and Rockstar get along so well.

•Macroon swoons over Carol. She has a huge crush on her, but she’s too scared to tell her. She taps lightly on her drums when Carol is around to try and get her attention. If she’s lucky, she’ll get a smile from Carol. Maybe someday that smile will turn into a kiss.

Well, that’s all the hcs I could think of. I hope I got all the cookies. And I hope these are uhh… Decent, enough for this fandom. I highly doubt anybody would like these, but its all I got right now so uh, enjoy, I guess. :V

dating lin headcanons (part 2)

part 1 |

he would listen to everything you have to say 

  • like you could be ranting about the amazing cupcake you ate earlier 
  • and he would listen closely and never get distracted not even once 

lin would definitely help you or at least try to 

  • like maybe you have smth for work that you’re struggling with so he tries to help you 
  • and even if he’s really bad at the thing or he hates it he would do his best just for u 
  • honestly it’s just bc he hates seeing you frustrated 

why do i feel like he’s ticklish ?? idk but i have a feeling he is so Ticke Fights are a thing between y'all 

  • they would start like to shut the other up when they say smth stupid 
  • or for revenge or maybe u were making out and accidentally tickled his side or smth 
  • so it turns into a tickle fight but like it’s not one of those cute fights 
  • this is a life or death thing you would take it Very Seriously 

 also being friends with the cast !! of everything !! hamilton, in the heights, fucking moana !! everything !! 

  • obviously he introduced u to them and you became friends 
  • i feel like at one point u would he talking to someone like idk daveed or maybe javier and lin would get lowkey jealous 

 which brings us to jealousy !!! he would definitely be the jealous kind 

  • like he would try to hide it but u can practically sense it 
  • u would be talking with one of your guy friends (girl friends possibly ??) and he would be like “lol nope" 
  • he would def try to hide it and pretend like he’s not jealous at all but his mind would be like "fight them fight them fight them fig-" 

moving on, lin would drop everything if you get sick 

  • and i know i talked about this on my other post but
  • he would just make u stay in bed and make u tea and soup and
  • you’d be like "lin it’s just a common cold i’m fine" 
  • but his ass is already on ‘protect s/o’ mode so he would be like "no stay there i’ll get medicine do u need this or that i’ll turn on the tv let’s watch your favorite movie twenty times in a row”

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Random, but have any of the members ever mentioned what their ideal type is?

Q: What type of girls do you like? (First tell your name)

Shiro: I’m Shirofuku! I like those with lovely smile…
Tomitan: I’m Tomitake! Someone who is cheerful, always energetic and likes to eat would be good
Nokkun: That’s cause you like to eat, huh
Geru: I’m Forgeru!
Tomitan: He’s Forgeru!
Geru: Well…
Tomitan: Well…
Geru: Hey, don’t!
Geru: I like go-ahead and cheerful people
Zecchan: Yeah, someone who goes ahead lol
Geru: Not literally ww
Punta: Okay… I’m Pun-chan… I like kind people…
*Interviewers get confused about Pun-chan’s name cause he didn’t say the full one and Punta gets embarrassed*
Punta: Shiiiit… Shit….. Shit….. Shit….. Shiiiit…..
Nokkun: Okay, I’m Nokkuso. I haven’t come up with any certain type, I just love who I love.
Senji: Wow, some serious stuff right there
Nozaki: I’m Nozakibento. Mine is someone cheerful but steady.
Nokkun: Ah, I’m looking forward to hearing Zecchan! Will you say “a denpa”? ww
Zecchan: I’m Zeararu. For me it’s someone who would laugh at everything I say
Senji: I’m Nibansenji. Uhh, what do I say.. I like someone who has contrasting traits.
Zecchan: So like.. Really pretty, but with really smelly feet ww
Senji: Yeah yeah like that wwww
Aoi: ..I’m Aoi. …… …… What should it be… I like energetic people… And… Well… Well, I.. For me, it’s not really about the physical appearance… I just love who I love.