ugh time to go to sleep

  • Monster from under the bed: Hell~o there sweetheart~! Afraid to go to sleep? Don't worry, I'll make it all better~
  • Cute girl in pajamas: Oh! You'll stay with me tonight? Thank you so much! This is my first time living on my own and I'd like the company
  • Monster: What? No no I'm about to consume your thoughts.
  • Cute girl: Come on! This may be a twin bed but I'll make space
  • Monster: Ugh, fine, but in the morning you're mine

Social Standards  Me.

My own tribute to the nails, and an opportunity for me to hate standards.

Now, i’ll proceed to freak the fuck out of here.

(sorry for i have been very busy and stressed bc school is killing me I swear that’s why I haven’t drawn much, but im working in a big drawing and you are all going to love it MUAHAHHHAHAHAHA)


I find it disturbing how Kpop groups go though years of training and preparation, spend months at a time without their families, miss out on sleeping to improve themselves, only to be criticized or torn down by either their own fans or others because they don’t fit into their category of perfection.

Being a fan doesn’t mean you’re entitled to say whatever you want so stop putting so much pressure on Kpop groups, stop tearing down those who aren’t your favourite and please if you don’t have anything respectful to say then don’t say it

  • 2p Italy: *cell phone rings* What the- *answers*
  • 2p Romano: Hello.
  • 2p Italy: uGH what the hell do you want it's fucking 3am?!!!
  • 2p Romano: It's me.
  • 2p Romano: I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet.
  • 2p Italy: What are you talking about I have to see you every damn day???!
  • 2p Romano: To go over everything they say that time's supposed to heal ya but I ain't done much healing.
  • 2p Romano: Hello.
  • 2p Italy: You bastard what kind of prank is this??????
  • 2p Romano: Can you hear me?
  • 2p Romano: I'm in California dreaming about who we used to be when we were younger and free, I've forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet.
  • 2p Romano: There's such a difference between us and a million miles
  • 2p Italy: Flavio...
  • 2p Romano: Hello from the other siiiiiiiiiide I must've called a thousand tiiiiiiimes to tell you I'm sooooorry for everything that I've done but when I call you neeeever seem to be ho-
  • 2p Italy: I fucking hate you. *throws phone across the room* LEAVE MY LIFE
Long practices and rehearsals
  • Sports kid: ugh can you believe we have a game tonight? I might have to stay at school until 9 at night! I won't be doing anything until 6 so I might be forced to sit and do homework! My life is hard
  • Arts kid: wow my rehearsal is only until 9 tonight and then I might have time to do some homework and go to sleep at a reasonable time!

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“I’m going to take care of you, okay?” 4 my small angry boy nobu?? :)


It is rare for anyone to see the king of hell like this at all, so peacefully sleeping on her lap with blood matting the side of his face and splattered across his armor like some sort of sickly artist’s touch. She ignores it, however, with her fingers still tracing the side of his cheek. There are times she is afraid, afraid of not the man who she joins in bed at night but the wars he wages and the things he has to do to escape death. A woman who had been so against war had fallen for a warlord; it sounded like the beginning to a riddle. He stood for everything she had been against, war and bloodshed and death and violence and here she was, carding her fingers through his hair as if he was as dangerous as a household pet. 

She wondered what would become of them, what would they be if he had been betrayed or defeated. Dead, surely, but she wondered what the people would tell Yahiko and her mother. How dare a child nearly orphaned by war love someone who would be the same man to end or begin one, a girl who had no right being in the Oda clan to begin with and only was for something no short of a miracle, she had gotten what she deserved for learning to love what killed her father. 

Nobunaga had arrived back after yet another battle to celebrate in the main hall with his men, and she had never seen his gunmetal grey eyes shine so brightly from the despair of war as he congratulated his retainers and celebrated all night and not even bother to fully rid himself of all the blood on his skin. 

He soon stumbled into their chambers while she sat reading–she never liked celebrating death–and he had managed to collapse onto her lap, possibly drunk considering the pink flush on his cheeks. He had done very well hiding most of the violent things he had done from her, maybe as a bid ensure ignorance is bliss, but she still heard the rumors that leaked from the walls of the castle they called home. The king of hell who’s only true love is war, some tell her. It is then that she decides fresh air is needed, and maybe a water basin and a towel to wipe away some blood from him while he rested.  She realizes the direness of how her love functions, how her love cannot coexist with him unless she was to temporarily disregard his status as someone so terrifying. Had she been ignoring it all along?

Once she returns, she inspects him carefully as if it had been the first time she’s seen him, almost finding it unbelievable that he has the blood of thousands on his hands by the serene look on his features. The moment she begins to attempt to rid his fiery red hair of blood is when he stirs awake with a boyish yawn and a grin. “You seem troubled. Out with it.”

He never was tactful when it came to her. It is then his brows furrow and he sits upward, the drowsy haze in his eyes dissipating for something more interrogative as he watches her. 

“I’m just thinking, is all. You’re a sight to see covered in blood, you know.” Her voice is dripped in sadness and maybe it’s because she’s thought too much about her father or because one day that blood will belong to him instead of somebody else, but the pain was all the same to her.

“Foolish girl,” The words are a mumble as he wipes away tears she wasn’t aware she was shedding, only to pull her closer to him into an embrace. “I’m going to take care of you, okay?”


22nd aug 2015 // i have the whole afternoon to catch up on a certain module and memorizing a list of korean vocabulary (oh boy…) 😔 can’t believe the second week of college is already over…the days are just speeding past…

ft. a new pair of socks (3 for $10), the cutest cup from daiso ($2 yo wassup), new ballpoint pens, a very comfy bed (with beloved sleep companions) and unfinished room decor ✨

(i think my theory of morning runs/exercises helping me concentrate better for classes is a strong one so i’m gonna test it out again next week hmmm…also, i’m struggling with my ballet journal updating ugh too many things are going on all at the same time…BUT I WON’T GIVE UP!!!)

me: im going to go to sleep early for real this time!1! 

me at 2 am: what does jungkook call v bc taehyung hyung would be correct way to call him but thats just a repetition of the word hyung so maybe he’d shorten it to tae-hyung but that sounds like taehyung which is v’s real name and impolite or maybe he calls him taehyungie but thats also impolite or maybe he calls him taetae but thats as disrespectful as the last two 

wanna chat? pt. 11

on ao3

pt 1 | pt 2 | pt 3 | pt 4 | pt 5 | pt 6 | pt 7 | pt 8 | pt 9 | pt 10 | pt 11

man writing is just not happening right now.

so i’m actually going to go back and edit this (surprise surprise) since i’m changing all the times to military time/24 hour time. also because i was super inconsistent with some of the skype commands and it’s bothering me.

if you haven’t read it, you should probably read sleep is good before this, since the reveal isn’t actually explained in this.

this is shorter and less fun than usual but we’ll get back to the memes next time i promise


ayyy: id like to give a big shoutout to the people who submitted pics to the ladyblog
talk about the real mvps
dicks out for them

niNO: can we not keep dick s in
is that an option

ayyy: dicks out!!!1!!

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Safe Sex

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“Ugh,” Madison grunted. Chris flinched when a bra hit him in the face. He’d been trying to sleep while Madison got ready for work.

“This one is my favorite,” he held up the black and red bra.

“It shrank.”

“That’s incredibly sad. I’m keeping it.” He scrunched it into his hand and rolled over so he could go back to sleep. He’d just dozed off when another bra hit him in the shoulder.

“I’ve told Grace a million times not to put my bras in the dryer!” Madison huffed.

“Wear the one you wore yesterday.” He said, not opening his eyes.

“It shrank!” Madison grumped.

“How could it have shrank if hasn’t been washed?” Chris cracked an eye at her. “You’re pregnant!”

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Everyone liked my Kuroken headcanons, now here are some Iwaoi ones

- Oikawa had his passcode as Iwaizumi’s birthday and changed it to their anniversary when they got together and it’s so easy to hack into his phone because everyone knows it but he refuses to change it
- Oikawa wants to cuddle with Iwaizumi all the time especially when they’re going to sleep but Iwaizumi refuses during the summer because “it’s too warm out for that so stay on your side of the bed” but they’re cuddling when he wakes up
- Eskimo kisses do I even need to explain like ugh it’s so cute kill me
- Okay so there’s always those things that say that Oikawa would always talk about aliens and what not and Iwaizumi is the same way but with BEES. HE LOVES THE BEES AND WANTS TO PROTECT THE BEES. HE WOULD SACRIFICE HIMSELF FOR THE BEES. Oikawa says he hates them and Iwaizumi went on this huge thing saying “No the bees are nice and doing bee things it’s the wasps you shouldn’t like okay LOVE THE BEES”
- Iwaizumi really likes it when Oikawa wears his glasses and always compliments him like “you should wear them more often you look so nice and sophisticated” and Oikawa melts
- Iwaizumi gives Oikawa one of his sweatshirts when they go off to college and sometime later Oikawa complains how it doesn’t smell like him that much anymore because he’s worn it so much
- Iwaizumi plays the guitar and all he has to do is strum it and Oikawa will stop anything he’s doing to listen because he finds it so calming
- Alright so Iwaizumi’s grandparents live on a farm and he sometimes goes out there to help and he and Oikawa were one day talking about how Oikawa wouldn’t be able to handle working on a farm for a few days so they make this huge bet and Iwaizumi brings him there the next time he goes and helps him and he’s right Oikawa can’t really handle all the dirty stuff so he lets him do things like feed the animals and what not and there’s baby goats there and Oikawa thinks they’re so cute and runs around with them and sits in their pen for like an hour and a half and all the goats are huddled around him and climbing all over him and Iwaizumi thinks it’s so cute but he would never admit it and oh Oikawa also really liked giving calves their bottles ugh
- “I want someone to look at me how Oikawa and Iwaizumi look at each other” -Makki
- Iwaizumi always watches Oikawa for a bit when he’s sleeping because it’s the cutest ugliest thing ever and kisses Oikawa all over his face when waking him up
- Iwaizumi has a box of memories between him and Oikawa like movies tickets from ones they saw together and all that and Oikawa finds out so they go through it together a few days before they go to college and it’s filled with both tears of laughter and sadness and they both remember everything in that box as if it happened the day before
- Just them being madly in love with each other okay

This happens multiple times in every keeper book you can't deny it cuz it's true
  • Sophie: I'm off to do something dangerous DON'T FOLLOW ME
  • Sophie's Friends: C'mon don't be that way of course we are going to follow you
  • Sophie: Ugh whatever just be safe
  • *everyone gets hurt*
  • Sophie: And you all wonder why I don't sleep at night

Time to go to sleep, not looking forward to working tomorrow. I keep getting bullied by my co workers. I was called Mr. Catherine several times even after asking them kindly to stop.

I can’t help but think if I was cis, every thing would be different. I could imagine my life being vastly easier. Ugh… When do I get to escape this life and move on to a new one? Yes… I believe in reincarnation.

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Sleep headcanons for bleach+naruto (like, do they cuddle, are they "stay on your side of the bed" people, who starts on their own side but wakes up pressed against their s/o, who cuddles at first but can't sleep if touching too much, who wants to go to bed the same time as/before/after their s/o, who wakes up first, who wants to stay all day in bed, who has to read before they fall asleep, who wants to talk, who will punch you if you talk, do they hog the blankets, snore, drool, etc. Thanks!!!

Yooooo I’m sorry for evaporating off the face of the planet. I’m tired, busy, and attending far to many concerts to be considered healthy. I have a few scenarios started and… ugh. So uninspired; so if you requested a scenario, it’s coming… slowly. I have two half done/started and a premise for a few others so hopefully I’ll get them out soon? Idk if I half-assedly write it I feel shitty about posting it so hopefully the writers block will make like my faith in American politics and disappear. Also I love puppies.

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When he does actually sleep, Kakashi, doesn’t move much. He usually goes for a flat on his back or side sleeping position, not curled up but also not really that comfortable. Sleep is a privilege and he treats it as such. Which sucks if you like naps or sleeping a lot because he can’t justify wasting time sleeping that much. Ironically, he isn’t a morning person or an early riser. Just because sleep is a luxury doesn’t mean he wants it to end any sooner. Might cut you is you wake him up before the appropriate time.

Naruto is just as hyperactive asleep as he is awake. He flings his arms and legs around like he’s having a ninja battle with his blankets. He will kick you and punch you; on accident of course. Likewise he isn’t the best to cuddle at night. Lots of accidental bruises.

Sasuke is a lot like Kakashi. He doesn’t move a lot; unless he’s having nightmares. Which happens often. You can wake him up, he wouldn’t mind and he’ll pull you into his chest and rests his chin on the crown of your head. It helps him sleep better knowing you’re close.

You all knew I was including Genma. He’s cuddling with you wether you want to or not. He’s basically a human furnace, which is great in winter; if he didn’t snore loud enough to wake all of Konoha. He will adamantly deny snoring. He also likes waiting to go to bed together; it’s like part of his routine and he can’t sleep otherwise. Snoring aside he’s a pretty light sleeper so if you snore he’s definitely going to tell you about it. Hypocrite.

Rock Lee sleeps like his namesake. He doesn’t cuddle in his sleep, but he keeps you close. He is so hard to wake up you might as well do whatever it was you were doing with out him, but he’s an early riser so chances are he’s already awake. He also snores. Loud. Louder than all other shinobi.

Low key Minato is the best sleeping buddy, he’s always down for naps and likes to spoon. Either spoon, he doesn’t care. He’s a light sleeper though, if you move around he’s bound to wake up and when he’s up, he’s up. He’s one of those guys that can’t go back to sleep once he’s awake. But if he is awake before you he will prepare snacks/breakfast and wake you up gently with his adorable smile. The best wake up call in the world.

Temari likes to be the little spoon most of the time. She is not a morning person; wake at your own risk. Kankuro has many horror stories about interrupting her beauty sleep. When she does wake up though, she gets right to business and goes about her day.

Tenten likes to be the big spoon and sleep close to her partner, she also likes waiting up for them; it feels nice to go to bed with someone. She isn’t one to fall asleep immediately though, she engages in a little bit of pillow talk before she dozes off.

Gaara will only sleep if his partner is with him, and he will have them in a possessive type of cuddling position because it feels more secure. All about protecting his partner. He doesn’t sleep much though and he’s a light sleeper. He will always wake up before you and slither out of bed, he’s a sneaky one. Also a really quiet sleeper, no snoring just very quiet breathing.

Sakura definitely snores. Loud. She will deny it vehemently though. Also a blanket hog. A late riser, she will become easily irritated if you wake her up early without reason. She does like cuddling though, but after she dozes of it won’t last long, like Naruto, she also participates in the new Olympic Sport: Blanket Boxing.

Itachi doesn’t sleep much. When he does it’s light and nightmare riddled. If his partner is with him he likes to hold them close, even if it’s just them sleeping. Their presence calms him down, but only if he’s in the dominant position because he still likes feeling like he’s the one protecting them.


Rangiku is the worst person to share a bed with. She kicks, steals blankets, pushes, punches and snores. You will wake up on the floor, with bruises. She also insists she needs her beauty sleep, and gets cranky if you wake her up to early. She also has an extensive morning routine.

Kensei is an early riser. He won’t always wake you up but he will always make enough breakfast for you both. He doesn’t really snore that much and stays mostly still, maybe shifting a bit here and there. One thing he hates though is going to bed when his partner is mad at him or vice versa. 

Ichigo will always cuddle. It’s non-negotiable. He also waits for you to wake up before he gets out of bed, he’s perfectly content lying there messing with your hair. He thinks you make cute faces when you sleep.

Toshiro some how manages to look worried in his sleep. Don’t comment on it though, he gets snappy. Grouchyness aside he’s the best to cuddle in summer because he’s cold. He takes full advantage of this and smothers you in cuddles, eventually dozing off… Before you. He always falls asleep first.

Jushiro is the cuddle King. When he isn’t coughing. He’s sick though, so naturally, he rests and sleeps a lot. His partners company is always welcome when he’s feeling under the weather; they make him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Shunsui is the comfiest body pillow, for the first like… hour. Once he’s asleep he smothers you in his chest, it sounds nice but. So much. Hair. He gets hair in your mouth, don’t complain he’ll only laugh at you. Is also prone to hangovers, so he sleeps late habitually.


Why I do this to myself, I’ll never understand. School starts again on Monday *cue the tears*, yet I don’t have the self control to have gone to sleep at like 1, so I could wake up at a normal time tomorrow and then be able to go to sleep earlier tomorrow night in preparation for school the next morning. But no. I had to watch over ¾ of Markiplier’s Oxygen Not Included livestream (which is 3 hours and 22 minutes, by the way) and then decided to go on Tumblr for 30 more minutes. Ugh. Brain, you need to chill and make me go to sleep earlier.

Good morning, I’ve had the worst night of sleep ever and I feel so dead.

Puppy Drama

I wanted to get up and do strength training and yoga this morning… but we did not sleep well last night.

I love snuggling puppies and they’re good girls but Godiva has a hard time adjusting when my parents go away. She kept waiting at my door (which is closed so Rory doesn’t pee on the good carpet…) for them to come home. I let her be and eventually she came to bed, but UGH my heart hurts for the poor pup.

Then I woke up in a fit because HOLY HELL it was hot in my room. My window AC unit is frozen (Thanks, Stella) so the night I got home my room was warm-ish but I survived. Last night I had to mini-furnaces on either side of me and I just about died. Thankfully I have a mini oscillating fan…

I have one a t work and it has saved me from sweating to death on more than one occasion. I positioned it on my bedside table so that it rotated from my feet to my head and it made such a difference. 

After that, and putting on shorts instead of pajama pants, I felt better but I still didn’t get solid sleep. I may take a lunchtime nap today… but I will exercise tonight. Tomorrow is for running, laundry, homework, and snuggling. I don’t have to get up early but I don’t want to sleep all day either… it’s tempting though.

🌅 🌃

8 PM Okay I’ll just read one more chapter then get a good
night sleep for that chem test tomorrow

12 AM So maybe not a full night of sleep but I’m at a really
good part right now so I can’t stop

3 AM ……Welp…. I’m still not tired so fuck it

6 AM Ugh. Why do I do this to myself every single time?
Tonight I will go to bed early.


Why do I get so much motivation to do stuff at times when I should be sleeping