ugh this whole movie

Jughead is aromantic too. What kind of nonsense erasure is this. Did the writers even read the comics. I’m so tired of Riverdale


Filled with excitement, I feel something is about to start!
Everything feels so radiant, we stretch out our hands high.

Me after watching a substandard live action adaptation of a beloved manga

I have no idea how musicals works, play in general actually.

I know there’s this flexible cast, but I thought the role were fixed. But MLB played as Connor and as Evan, and Ben is leaving but he played it, and Mike is supposed to be signed to play during 2018 as well but Colton and Michael and Nick are all three doing the main boys so?

I’m so fucking confused and from the other side of the world so I can’t even watch it whenever I please (which I would totally do)

I don’t know how to explain how much I love this shot but it’s honestly one of my favorite shots of all time

Sebastian Stan Imagine

hello you!! could you please write an imagine where seb and the reader are married and she’s also a marvel actress, and while they’re doing an interview for civil war the interviewer asks if they stole anything from set, so she reveals that she stole Bucky’s red Henley (the shirt he wears in the movie), and later seb sees her in it and thinks it’s hot?

Your stomach hurt from all the laughter going on right now. You were at a panel talking about your latests movie, Civil War. “Y/N, if you got to choose what side to be on, what would you have picked?”

“Oh, that’s putting me in a hot spot,” you gasped. “I’d say Team Cap,” you admitted once you thought it over. “I personally agree more with his side and-”

“-and it doesn’t hurt that her husband’s on that side,” RDJ added.

“That’s also true,” you laughed.

“The couple that fights together stays together, right,” Sebastian chuckled. “I think me and my wife make a kick ass team on and off screen though,” he added.

“Suck up,” Elizabeth joked.

“Save the fighting for the movies guys,” your moderator interjected. “We have another question. Yes, you, go ahead.”

“Hi, my name’s Justin. I was wondering if any of you guys have ever stolen anything from set before?”

“I really wanted to steal the glasses I wore during the Tony Bucky fight,” Robert admitted.

“I wanted to keep my whole costume, it was badass,” Chadwick laughed. “But, they wouldn’t let me steal it.”

“I actually took something from set,” you clenched your teeth in a guilty smile. The whole cast laughed and looked towards you.

“What do you mean? What did you take,” Scarlett asked.

“I didn’t even know this,” your husband swore to the crowd.

“It’s that red long sleeve shirt that buttons up at the top that Bucky wore for, like, the whole movie.”

“You stole my clothes,” Sebastian gasped.

“Ugh, yes, I guess I did. It’s hidden somewhere in our closet,” you grinned.


“Would you rather watch that new Star Trek movie or that history documentary you saved,” Sebastian asked from bed. You both had gotten back from the panel, had a good dinner, and were getting ready for a night in.

“Whichever,” you replied and then stepped out of the closet. “What do you think?” You turned around in the red shit you had stolen and the spandex shorts.

“Wow,” he set the remote down and sat up a little straighter. “I think you look better in that shirt than I did. You look hot, babe.”

“Oh, you think,” you taunted. “Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get to see what I look like without the shirt.”

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: I am very concerned about Steve and Tony fighting, but my main worry is Clint and Natasha. Even though they weren't canon in the movies, their brotp is sacred and beautiful and seeing them on opposite sides freaks me out because after all that they have been through its unfathomable that they would ever fight. It would break both of them to hurt the other, and so I just can't imagine what civil war means for their relationship and it keeps me up at night