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Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I haven’t been able to finish any of my art drafts (which sucks) bc of midterms and essay deadlines. BUT it’s also because I’m working on this super long Mafia! Viktuuri (smut) fic one-shot ~

So here’s a sneak peak:

I hope you’re all as excited as I am about this AU that came out of nowhere (ugh I hate my brain sometimes for generating AU ideas more than I can keep up)… [im working on like four different fics right now FML]


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okay but this is a great episode: hell’s bells (btvs | 6x16)

oh, anyanka. i’m sorry. but you let him domesticate you. when you were a vengeance demon, you were powerful, at the top of your game. you crushed men like him. it’s time you got back to what you do best, don’t you think?

so my brother helped me outline the next book and a half of Iridia and OMG YOU GUYS I AM SO EXCITED FOR THESE STORY ARCS. Like, I know you all haven’t even met Pomona and Nevea yet, but just the growth that these two are going to see … it makes me a little teary-eyed. So much drama, and angst, and ass-kicking, and UGH I AM SO PROUD OF THEM!!!!

The only book not totally outlined is the last book because I know where I want to it end and a few things that I need to build toward, but I think the rest of it will be dependent upon how everything else plays out once it’s written.

I’ve been stalled on this project for MONTHS and I’m finally feeling excited to write it again! Hallelujah!

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reading that comic you posted as the first of the year and could you imagine if chuck actually /did run into amara at the grocery store? like chucks just minding his own business, looking at different packs of ramen (maybe he left his robe at home, maybe he didnt) and then he turns the corner and amara's just /there, glaring daggers at him and chuck just says oh shit

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I told myself I was done watching spn for good but I was stalking your blog again and I can’t help but go back and watch this dumb show. I hope enjoy knowing you encourage my bad habits

Sorry I haven’t been around much this week, y’all. This week has been A WEEK™. Work, where I normally answer my asks, has been INSANE this week because we’re short staffed and trying to get all the ads done for our staff before they leave for the summer, so it’s a bit much. I’ve been then spending my evenings trying to finish my pic for pride month (SERIOUSLY HOW DO YOU PEOPLE FINISH ART IN 5 HOURS??!?!) so I’ve been only answering “quick” asks in the mornings and starting long ones and drafting them to finish at work but because it’s been busy I just HAVEN’T had the time AT ALL. 

And I’m gonna be busy most of this weekend because I need to prep for Canada Day next weekend for my friends coming down. AND I’ve got 3 dental appointments upcoming (one of them being having a wisdom tooth pulled UGH) and I just… UGH TOO MUCH. PLUS I really need to set up my contest / giveaway. I want that to run thru July.

I’m still around, y’all, just slow A F at getting back to y’all. I love you all and thanks for your patience with me <3

I love you guys so much. Cheers.

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Ace, Kid, Zoro, and Sanji with a chubby s/o headcanons?

Sorry, this has been sitting in my draft quite long time but I just can’t complete it. All I get is just mainly they’d love you for what you are, with chubbiness or not, because really these guys are just so sweet. And the s/o turned kind of negative ugh 

Probably my worst work so far, please be understanding.


Ace is the most supportive boyfriend and is the kind of significant other that showers his lover with love and affection. He loves seeing you smile and will do anything in his power to make you feel comfortable around him, so he’s sensitive to the changes in your behaviour when he does something.

Your chubbiness is something he doesn’t even realize. He knows that your laps are soft and makes the best pillow for naps. He knows your waist isn’t stick thin and your hips are more curvy than others. But that’s it. He knows it, and he loves it, so he really can’t understand why you’d look a little hurt when he expresses how soft and cuddly you were.

When you tell him about it, he kinds of walk on eggshells around you, because he’s afraid he’ll accidentally do something that makes you feel sad. But after he realises that just makes the opposite effect, he clings to you even more and constantly tells you how he loves your body even if you get embarrassed and tells him to stop. So really, his solution is a simple ‘I will just express how much I love you for what you are and hope you’ll come around someday’.


His behavior depends on how you feel about your body. If you’re confident and proud about how you look, he won’t hesistate to tease you every now and then about how curvy you look, or remind you about your weight when he caught you eating food or drinks with high calories.

If you have low self-esteem and finds that you’re struggling with the fact that there are extra fat on your body, he would refreain from teasing you about it in public, but in private he would sometimes purposefully lift you up like you weigh nothing, hoping you get the implications that he didn’t mind you being not as skinny as other girls.

Whichever you feel about your body doesn’t change how Kid thinks that no one should ever tease you about your weight besides him. If he ever catch someone making comment about him – well, pray that the poor guy doesn’t lose his life.


He probably loves the fact that he can use your extra weights in his workouts. He cluelessly let that slip and doesn’t really understand why you got offended, but when he finally gets it, he confronts you about it, gently this time.

If gentle persuasion doesn’t work, he just lifts you up, twirls you around, and even tosses you in the air for good measure, before arching an eyebrow and saying how he can handle you just fine, hence you don’t need to feel bad about being chubbier than normal girls anyway.

Starts picking you up for no reason at all randomly, and demands you to see how light you were to him every time. If you ever expresses your desire to lose the chubbiness, he would be a little sad (seeing as he has to look for more weights for his training now) but supports you fully, and doesn’t mind training with you.


Excessively fawn over you than any other girls ever since you started dating, so when you feel inferior because of your weight, he tunes up the compliments on how lovely your curves are and how much he appreciates them.

If you love eating, he’s ready to become your own personal chef, taking every criticism of yours to heart and tries to set up a grand menu that melts your heart everytime you’re presented with his special meals. If you’re trying to lose weight on the other hand, he makes sure he gets the delicious but low calorie stuff, and replaces your snacks with something lighter but still very fulfilling.

I personally feel like he wouldn’t mind learning to sew. He would be awesome in modifying clothes so it would look even better on you, seeing as most clothes are designed to look good on slimmer bodies. Sanji would probably be really good on it, as he feels the rinse-and-repeat gesture calming, not to mention it has some similar aspects to cooking. He would definitely do it to bump up your self-esteem.

Bottom line: chubby or not, they would act just as how they would treat their significant other. It’s your behaviour about it that makes them change how they would treat you, but by no means it would lessen their love for their lover.


I say it all the time. And it’s gotten to the point where I’m with my family when I say it and they say "Mom?! Stop saying ‘frak!’” And I’m still trying to convince them that it’s only 'frak,’ but it isn’t only 'frak.’ It’s the real deal. It’s just 'frak.’ So it’s a tough one, because now, you know, as a mom you try not to use the other F word, but now I think I have complete freedom to say it whenever I feel like it because I use 'frak.’ But I’m getting called on the carpet about it so I don’t know how long that’ll last“ (x).

Get to know me if ya want!

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I’ve made one of these before but in case any of u wanna know, here it goes!

* Name: Diana
* Nickname: Di
* Zodiac sign: Leo!
* Height: smol
* Orientation: bi-curious
* Ethnicity: portuguese
* Favourite fruit: peaches, grapes, and tangerines
* Favourite season: fall is the best cuz everything’s cozy
* Favourite book series: I love The Name of the Wind!! Patrick Rothfuss pls give us more books
* Favourite flower: they’re all so pretty but i’m gonna go with peonies!!
* Favourite scent: idk ahhh
* Favourite color: they’re all so pretty too (but maybe green)
* Coffee, tea or cocoa: cocoa, sorry coffee lovers
* Average sleep hours: either 12 or 4, no middle ground
* Cat or dog person: doggos are my homies
* Favourite fictional characters: team voltron, bucky barnes, arya stark, jon snow and more
* Number of blankets you sleep with: none if it’s hot, a million if it’s cold
* Dream trip: an interrail through europe!!
* Blog created: a couple of years ago
* Number of followers: 568 total babes follow me right now!

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I need to get back into the swing of writing reviews for this booklr. I still have two in my drafts from like, April, and now it’s been too long so I have to re-read them so I can make the reviews decent. But it’s just been so fucking hot and classes have drained everything out of me and I just have no motivation to do anything.