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Seventeen Reaction to: You Dying Your Hair a Lot

S.Coups: makes lame jokes like “hey, have you seen my - oh it’s you, (y/n)! I didn’t recognize you!”

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Jeonghan: “look, I get it. you want your hair to be as nice as mine but jagi, that’s impossible”

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Joshua: “hey, who are you? why are you in my house - OH! (Y/N) OMG I didn’t know that was you! you dyed your hair again?” genuinely gets a fright and it takes him a while to realize it’s you

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Jun: hates loosing you in a crowd because he always forget what hair colour to search for. ‘pink? no, blue maybe? ugh, where is s/he?’

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Hoshi: “whoa, blonde suites you! now we match! we’re couple goals”

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Wonwoo: “I know you don’t like when I complain that your hair will get damaged. so just know that you’re beautiful, no matter the colour of your hair”

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Woozi: “ah, you changed your hair again?” will never complain to you or try to make you change, especially since he dyes his hair too except his isn’t by choice. but that’s why he doesn’t like you doing it. his hair is frail and damaged and he doesn’t want that for you. but he’ll support your decisions no matter what

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DK: “my mom told me that people change their appearance to gain someone’s attention. but don’t you know that you already have mine?”

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Mingyu: “oh, c'mon! let me help you dye your hair just this once! I promise I won’t sneeze on you!”

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The8: you two make a bet; if you win, he has to do aegyo, if he wins, he gets to pick your next hair colour. guess who lost lol  ⬇ ⬇ ⬇

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Seungkwan: “do you think dying your hair will make you cooler than me? puh-lease!”

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Vernon: totally doesn’t recognize you every time you change colour but is afraid to admit it in case you get mad so there’s always a few seconds when he first sees your new hair & he’s like 'who the hell is this - OH SHIT IT’S (Y/N) act natural’

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“it’s looks so good, jagi!” nailed it

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Dino: “ah, it’s so dry! jeonghan probably has lots of hair treatments lying around, do you want me to steal one?” r.i.p maknae if he’s caught

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ok u know what i’m drowning in work and want to de-stress by rambling about it so HEY, IF YOU WANNA DO A FLORIST SHOP AU, here’s some stuff you can stick in to set yourself apart and be a little closer to reality, albeit this is not the proper nitty gritty running-a-flower-shop stuff, leave that to the actual florists

source: i work in the main call centre for a UK major brand that shall not be named because google search, we create designs and have this whole franchising operation going on where florists pay us a cut and we send orders to them. i spend a lot of my day talking to florists and selling shit to customers, basically, and i’m an overacheiver so for this currently-a-temp job i went and legitimately tried to learn all the shit florists wish they taught us in training. i talk a lot of crap about the florists sometimes but you know what they work very hard ok.

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In defence of “difficult” commissioners.

So here is the thing: I don’t think many artists are being professional on how they manage their costumers.

I’m writing this from the perspective of an artist, but also from the perspective as a consumer, someone who commissions other artists to create artwork for myself.

It is no secret that I have a huge pet peeve on people who doesn’t behave professionally. But I’m putting that behind, for I don’t intend to expect everyone to behave under the principles I behave.

What I’m talking about is something that I wouldn’t even call professionalism, I think I’m actually talking about basic manners.

The problem is, that I’ve seen a lot of artists call out their commissioners publicly. Not only that but also being arrogant and sassy towards people who is interested in their artwork. Ill write down some examples, of things I’ve read but I wont source, because come on I don’t want to call out artists for being rude.

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I regret to inform @saltyajhipster @lixilulu-aj and @birdyies that I cannot finish this. I started this in MS Paint but MS Paint just could not handle this. I tried using PTS but it kept crashing, so I was forced to use MS Paint. The colouring was as far as I could go. MS Paint lagged out so bad I literally can’t finish this.The file won’t open.

Having this open in the background on paint made it impossible for me to browse tumblr or play aj. It lagged out my browsers, my folders, everything.

I might try to do this again, just on a smaller scale.