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As you may have noticed yesterday, I HIT 1K! I CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE IT THANK YOU (also I’m now 40 away from 1.1k)! So to celebrate, I’m gonna tag all my faves. (please follow every single person I tag if you’re not already because they’re all beautiful)

overlyobcessedteenager: BAEEE! I hope we will obsess over rare pepe and forever (guys you need to look at this website it has the best shirts ever AND THERE ARE PILLOWS) And I can’t wait to meet you soon! LY GUURL

iamsonotonfire: PeaChBUtT! You should know that I’m never gonna give you up (our weird little rick astley thing xD) and you’re the best! LYSM RON!

atriptonarwhalnia: Izzyyyy, my best weeaboo friend! Thanks for all the anime recs! and you introduced me to homestuck so I owe you for life. <3

iwritesinsnotphantasies: HEYY BRIGHTON BUDDY! you’re awesome and your blog is sososo rad. seeing dan and phil on halloween is gonna be amazing! ^-^

philscracker: hey other ellie! it was so rad to finally find someone with the same name as me on here! YOU’RE AWESOME!

the following people own blogs that I love (if you’re tagged and i haven’t talked to you before, chances are that i really want to):

A-C (including url’s that start with - and numbers )

–myyoutubefandom– -pinkktylersaur- 4thfloortakethestairs 5ever-troyler 5phansofsummer 8bitphan a-boy-like-trxye a-little-box-of-phan a-troyeblemaking-phan absolutelytroyler acciotroyler actionphan actualmemedanhowell actualphandomtrash adayinthelifeofcatwhiskers adayinthelifeofphan addicted-to-all-things-phan addictedtophan adorablehowell adoringoakley adorkablelester aesthetic-howell aestheticgrassi ahmazingdan ahmazingphan all-things-troyler allaboutmayim allforthephandom allhailtyler alltheworldsaphil allyouneedisphan amazihgphil amazing-fob-isnotonfire amazingdilcakes amazingphanisnotonfiredil amazinq-phan amzingphan asexualphil attack–on–phan avisweetheart awolfshowell ayesivoakley ayetroyler banana-phancake basicallydil beautifulsivan beingmadattheworld belle-french beware-phangirl big-bang-is-how-it-started bisexualdanhowell bishibashidan bloggingyoutubers blossomphan brighton-my-deyes bringxmexthexyoutubers bubbletealester cactusphan cantdothisanymore canyouphilme captainswanxphanxsnowing catwhiskerlester certifiedphantrash cinnxmonntoastcrunch cloverphan coolshamyshipper crazyphanatic cuddlephan

(do you see the pattern here, i like a lot of blogs)


daddy-dan-howell dadlester daintyfranta daisydan damndanandphil dan-howells-collarbones dan-is-probably-on-fire dan-meme danandphilarenotonyoutube danandphilfeatfalloutboy danandphilgaymes danandphilshouseplant dandangeroushowell danhowcll danhowellisveryinteresting danhowellthen danielhhowell danisactuallyquitecold danisnotalawyer danisnotonifre danisontnonfire danyulandfillipgaymes delightfullychaoticnerdfighter demyoutubeships dil-howlter dil-howlters-viola dilhowell dimpledhowell donotcrycraft drameliacooper dystopianhowell earthlester emo-senpai emotionalsivan eroticphil existentialdaniel fairylights-phan faith-cant-handle-the-feels fall-out-phil fall-out-phoenix fandoms-gone-wild fascinatingphan feckyeahrussellhoward fiercequeengrassi figurativelyphan fizzyphanta flat-haired-troye fobhowell fowlerpower10 franklin-hellano-roosevelt frickfandoms fuck-phil fyidanhowell


galacticdanandphil galaxyphan gasoline-tronler gigglyphan glossyshinyfalloutboy gothicphil gottalovetheshamy haikuphan handsomehowlter happylilhowell happytroyesivan hashtagteaminternet have-u-tryxyed-yet hellaphandom heroxphan hobbithairdan  holysmokesphan howellesters howellgames howells-lolzor-lester howellsivanlester howeltrs hungoveroakley hyelloh-it-me i-write-sins-not-phanfics iamnotdanisnotonfire icrybecausedanhowell illmakeuhowell imaphanoftroylerfranta imso-phancy imusingitironically infinityonlester inkandgigabytes inluvwithphan internetcultleader ironically-danlester irrelephan its-a-troyler-thing


japanphan japhanime-trash jingleshowell just-another-phan-blog justanother-phan-girl justsotroyler kaleidanscope kawaiidan kevin-k-o-olusola kickthephantastickz knighthowell lazylittlephangirl legit-freak lessamazingphil lestericalphan lesterlicioushowell lestersy lets-go-totoro lifeisaphantasticflower lilaclester linnyancat lions-and-dinosaurs literallyhowlter literallykatswhiskers littlebitofphan littleprincehowell llster lolzor-lolzor-lolzor lostina–waitwhat lunavos


madisonthepentaholic majorshipper333 mamamelletandmamaoakleyslay many-otps mchowelley mildlyhowell mitchellcgrassii monicabing moonlitdan motherfluffingphan mrdanlester my-phanaconda-do mychemiicalphan myhappylittlephil nerdphan nohetrohowell nonbinarydan novocainehowell oakleysheart obnoxiously-phan ohdayumtroyler okphxn omgphanhowell orange-excuses orchidlester

P (P becomes a section in its own right because i follow so many blogs with phan at the beginning of their url)

panicatthefallout1 pansexualphan parentphanislifeok peace–love–infinity pearlhowell pentagrassi pentatronix persephonise phabulousphan phan-in-221b phan-is-sempiternal phan-microwavee phan-sane phan-you-not phanbeans phancycatwhiskers phandisco phangirl-overdilhowlter phangirlingforphan phaniscuteaf phanofshamy phanrotic phansomniac phantaray phantastic–troyler phantastic-feels phantasticallyobsessed phantasticcrafts phantasticphillion phantatonix phanticipate phanyoakley phil-can-make-dan-howell philerty phillesteristhephilbester phillyisnotonfire philsalittleshit philsgiggle philslesters phishiphashi phnksfrthmmrs phxnstrxylr pickle-me-troyler planetphll planthowell pplatonicphan procrasdanating ptx-superfruit punk-sivan pure-phantasy


queentroyler quiffdanandphil rad-howell raspyvoicephil runawaylester russellsgirl34 sarcasmphan sass-queen-howell scomicheismylife scottiehoying secretshiddendeep setmeonfirelikegasoline sexyendscreendans shamy-shamy shamyfarrahcooper sheeransphan sheldonhasnotruleditout sherlocks-blogger shipitforcenturies sighphil sister-phan sivan-oakley sixpenceee slayforyoutube sliceofphan spaceyhowell stardustphan starryvision stumpshinelester suavi-kaplan suggsandtroyler sunflowerlester superfruitfttronnor swiftly-sivan

T (T also has its own section because of all the URL’s beginning with troye, tyler, troyler and tronnor)

t-r-x-y-l-e-r-s-l-a-y-s tastetherainbowxiv tbbtshamy tenacioustroyler that-phandom-life thatllamawithoutasoul the-little-troyeble-maker the-phan-potato theamazingblogisnotonfire thebrokensmileon thefreakinphandom thephanaconda therealdilhowlter thetroyesivanworshiphour theuniverseofshippage thewhiskersarefromwithin thirstyfortroyler thoselittlephanthings thunderphan tilly-troye-oakley timeofthedanosaurs toxic-trxyler tr-oyesivan tronlerfivever tronnor-af tronnor-phantasy tronnoristheway troye-is-my-saviour troyeboy-phanboy troyemyeverything troyeoaktrees troyes-voice troyeslittletwink troyetylerphandom troyey troyleratthedisco troylerbeans troylerforevah troylerhugs troylerisnotonphan troylermakesmyday troylerneverdies troyleroakleyy troyleroaktree troylers-phantasy troylersheart troylersphanboy trxye-troyler tyler-oakleys-pickle tylerbroakley tylerlovetroye tyleroakleyismyqueen tyleroakleysnugget tylerscallus tytyandtroyeboy


ughhowell ughtroylerandphan uhphil unf-phan unironicphan vegasvideo vintagesivan waves-of-sivan wellisntthatjustphantastic wentz-upon-a-time whatevertroye whatstroyler whiskeredhowell why-phan woahtronler woosivan wow-very-phan xhobbithairhowellx xoxphan yeezydan you-little-oedipus youdeserveatroyler youneedtroyler yourlieinaphil youtube-phandom youtubeotp youtubersisbae zalfieisinlove

And finally the people that I love: taylorswift troyesivan tyleroakley koreykuhl connorfranta danisnotonfire amazingphil fishingboatproceeds and thatsthat24 :)

Thanks again for 1k, bye!


I am a princess. Long may I reign.



  • Part I

Brought to you by Kelsey and Ars.

A: aural , a certain smile , apocalypse:cancelled , …and heartbreak ensues , as this sunset turns to morning , always by the book

B: beautiful disaster , by all means,rome , blame it on gravity 

C: counting the steps to the door of your heart , can’t point the way to your heart , coda 

D: designs on you , (68) days of summer , do i seem bulletproof to you? , deadline on love

G: grin and bare it 

H: homework!verse , have you seen him whom my soul loves , how to speak love 

I: in it for love , i make great choices , in a mirror distorted and indistinct 

J: jack!verse , just one breath(just in case there’s just one left) 

L: lost and found , let us compare mythologies 

M: my heart don’t beat the way it used to , malibu jared

N: neon showman , not together,together

O: off the script

P: putting my life on the brink 

R: reinventing love!verse , really,really ridiculously good looking , relax,it’s just sex , reanimated , roll the dice , received

S: spy!verse , screw you,we’re from texas , smoke and lightning , slow show , star struck

T: topspin , true colors , the doors of time , to the beat of our noisy hearts , then again i just might , the flub , the play nice proviso , they stumble that run fast , the jared padalecki untitled project

W: with benefits!verse , who watches over me , we’ve come a long way , we’ll dance all night ‘til the house falls down

Y: you’re a real fucking page-turner , your brains are no match for my tractorbeam 


Hannibal AU
↳ Will Graham as Persephone, Queen of the Underworld

“Seems that I have been held,
in some dreaming state
A tourist in the waking world,
never quite awake
No kiss, no gentle word
could wake me from this slumber
Until I realised that it was you who held me under
Felt it in my fists, in my feet,
in the hollows of my eyelids
Shaking through my skull,
through my spine and down through my ribs”