ugh this this this

don’t 👏 use 👏 the 👏 accessible 👏 stall 👏 if 👏 you 👏 aren’t 👏 handicapped 👏👏👏👏

it isn’t there for you if you want “”more space”” !!!!! it’s there for people like me who need the extra space because they have a dog or a wheelchair or some other mobility aid with them or people like me who need the bars to get on and off the toilet!!!!! if i stand up without those bars i will blow my knee out!!! and i shouldn’t have to wait for half an hour just to pee!!!!! it isn’t that hard, let those of us who really need it use the “big stalls” please

this has been a psa :•)

if ur abled not only can u rb this but PLEASE DO


This was the second thing i did for the anniverssary. I came with the idea for this comic when i was over a hard time and i think it’s kind of strange how this relate with what happened in the fandom a few days ago.  

Maybe all what we need is to have a little star around us.

Happy anniversary, Miraculous


“You had Aunt Lysa send a letter to our parents telling them it was the Lannisters who murdered Jon Arryn when, really, it was you. The conflict between the Starks and the Lannisters, it was you who started it. Do you deny it?