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Moments (Part 1)

Characters: Jensen X Reader

Okay, so I’m doing something a bit different here. I’ve let this run away with me a little, so it’s now a short series.

Anon Request: Hello, I was wondering if i could request a Jensen x Fan Reader fic were they meet at a con. There they keep running into each other. Thank You. 

I consider this an AU, as Jensen is single in this fic. This is completely a work of fiction, and I wouldn’t want his reality to be any different, this is purely for entertainment.

“Snapshots, moments, mere seconds: as fragile and beautiful and hopeless as a single butterfly, flapping on against a gathering wind.”   
 ―    Lauren Oliver, Delirium    

Your heart beat inexplicably fast within your chest as you drove through the unfamiliar streets. Fidgeting with your fingers to stop the shaking wasn’t helping much.

You’d been planning for this weekend for months. Saving every penny, making cutbacks, even selling your old textbooks to purchase tickets to the convention. You and your best friend made the trip together; you even managed to stay at the convention hotel for the weekend. The both of you had been fans of the show for years. Coming to your first convention together was probably the most thrilling thing that had happened to the two of you, considering the town you came from was about the size of your little finger. When you arrived on Friday morning, Y/f/n squealed as you both leapt out of the car in the parking garage and bounced on your feet with excitement. You quickly gathered your bags out of the trunk of your car.

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MTVS Rewatch #66

BTVS 3x12 Helpless

Stray thoughts

1) BYO tissues.


Buffy: Satisfied?
Angel: I’m not sure that’s the word.

Oh Buffy, are you sure you should be making sexual puns around a guy who could lose his soul if you gave him a happy?

3) Subtle…

“I just have some… energy to burn.”

4) “My dad’s coming to take me to the ice show. We do it every year for my birthday. If I cancel, it’s gonna break his heart.” Oh sweetie, I’m not sure he even had a heart to begin with. 

5) Buffy trying to ask Giles to take her to the Ice Capades is the cutest.

You know, it’s not just cartoon characters. They do pieces from operas and ballets. Brian Boitano, doing Carmen, is a life changer. Oh, he doesn’t actually play Carmen, but a lot of sophisticated people go. You know, it’s usually something that families do together. If someone were free, they’d take their daughters or their student… or their Slayer.

6) And this is what she gets for loving Giles as a father…

Honestly, I don’t remember the first time I watched this episode, but I’m sure this scene must be a shock for anyone watching for the first time. It doesn’t help that Giles’ face is so hard to read, at least in this very first scene he doesn’t seem to feel remorseful or anything. Granted, they were trying to make us believe Giles was hurting Buffy in some way, making him the Small Bad in this episode, but still. 

7) How much do you love Cordelia, though?

This is some sisterly love right there.

8) “ It’s an archaic exercise in cruelty.” That’s the understatement of the year.

9) Why would a vampire need to take pills? 

This further contradicts the idea that when someone is turned into a vampire, the body is just a vessel for the demon soul. This dude was criminally insane when he was a human, and he continued to be insane and needing his meds as a vampire. So there’s definitely a connection between vampires and their human selves. For some reason, that connection seems to be stronger for some vampires and weaker for others. But it’s there. 

10) This episode is an interesting exploration of one of Buffy’s biggest dichotomies regarding her identitiy: her struggle between owning up to her slayerness and wanting to be normal, and how much of her slayerness actually defines her identity. 

It’s just suddenly there’s this chance that my calling’s a wrong number, and… it’s just freaking me out a little. Angel, what if I have lost my power? I’ve seen too much. I know what goes bump in the night. Not being able to fight it… What if I just hide under my bed, all scared and helpless? Or what if I just become pathetic? Hanging out at the old Slayer’s home, talking people’s ears off about my glory days, showing them Mr. Pointy, the stake I had bronzed. Before I was the Slayer, I was… Well, I don’t wanna say shallow, but… Let’s say a certain person, who will remain nameless, we’ll just call her Spordelia, looked like a classical philosopher next to me. Angel, if I’m not the Slayer, what do I do? What do I have to offer? Why would you like me?

First, I like that she acknowledges the fact that even if she wasn’t the slayer, she would stil want to fight evil because she knows what goes bump in the night. How can you turn your back to such a horrifying truth, whether you’re powerful or powerless? So as much as she claims she wants to be normal, she will always choose not to because she can’t ignore what she knows, and more importantly, she has to do something about what she knows. Secondly, Buffy admits that knowing what she knows and being the slayer has made her a better person, or at the very least, a much more thoughtful and caring person. Personally, I think that becoming a slayer only brought to the surface certain qualities and traits that were already a part of who she was. Otherwise, every slayer would have the same kind of personality, and we all know that’s not the case. But obviously being slayer has shaped her in a lot of ways. And finally, the bigger questions in the end: what do I do? what do I have to offer? Being a slayer has given Buffy’s life a purpose, a sense of belonging, and power to actually effect positive changes in the world around her. That doesn’t mean that the lives of all the regular people around her don’t bear the same importance as hers, but for someone like Buffy who considered herself “shallow” and carefree, having this kind of power and losing it would drain her life of all purpose. 

Lastly, I must comment on her last question, because it rubs me the wrong way. This is an amazing speech because it’s full of existential questions that, minus the slayerness, we all ask ourselves at some point or another. And I hate the fact that the writers chose to end this exposition with the question “why would you like me?”, thus turning Buffy’s pondering about her identity into “I only want to be cool so that this guy likes me”. Ugh. 

11) And this is the part where the Bangel ship gets a lot less romantic and a whole lot creepier for me…

I saw you before you became the Slayer. I watched you, and I saw you called. It was a bright afternoon out in front of your school. You walked down the steps… and… and I loved you.

A 27-year-old dude creeping on a 15-year-old girl? No, thank you. 

12) Ugh don’t you just hate it when this happens?

Clean up your murders, people! 

13) “Walk me home, Angel. No, I’m fine. I can take care of myself.” I understand this line was thrown in here to explain why Angel wasn’t there protecting Buffy when she was weak and helpless. And honestly, it doesn’t make any sense. Angel was always following Buffy, whether she asked him to or not. So it’s really out of character for him to just decide not to walk her home when she’s scared and defenseless. And even if he agreed out of respect for her wishes, I’m 100% positive he would’ve still followed her in the shadows without her knowing. So yeah. Big nonsense.

14) It’s actually really terrifying watching Buffy screaming for help. It’s like when you’re a kid and you see your parents crying for the first time. It takes away all sense of security. And it kinda breaks your heart.

15) “I can’t be just a person. I can’t be helpless like that.” 

16) I don’t want to be the only one hurting right now, so here’s a bunch of Buffy shots from the moment she finds out Giles had been draining her of her powers.

17) Ugh and Giles’ voice when he’s trying to explain his role in the whole thing. Everything he says sounds so technical and clinical and yet Anthony delivers those lines with so much emotion and urgency, and my heart breaks for both of them in this scene, and I’m drowning in a puddle of my own tears bye.

18) I repeat, how much do you love Cordelia Chase? Queen!

Buffy: Cordelia, could you please drive me home?

Cordelia: Of course.

19) I know we’re supposed to find this scary but I just think it’s the most hilarious selfie ever.

20) Oh the precious overalls of pain!

21) So this dude was basically a fan girl gone wrong, right?

22) Don’t get me wrong, I love Buffy’s kill in this episode but it kind of bothers me how long it took for him to realize he had drank holy water. I mean, wouldn’t he feel it immediately? just like he got immediately burned by the cross before? 

23) “If I was at full Slayer power, I’d be punning right about now.” Marry me.

24)  “Your affection for your charge has rendered you incapable of clear and impartial judgment. You have a father’s love for the child, and that is useless to the cause.”


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I think it speaks volumes about the kind of person Buffy is that she was willing to forgive Giles so easily. I know I wouldn’t have. And yes, Giles was just doing his job, but I’ve never bought the due obedience bit and I will never buy it. He was fully aware of what he was doing to Buffy and there were many other ways he could’ve handled it, and even though he came clean just in time to render the whole test null, in the end it didn’t matter because he had already betrayed Buffy and his own guts. But all it took for Buffy to forgive him was learning that he loved her as his own daughter, and his caring gesture of taking care of her wounds. </3

25) The council sucks ass and I hate Quentin. Bye!

The Fellowship of the Ring - Book 2, Chapter 02: THE COUNCIL OF ELROND (PART 2)
[ Introduction post! ] [ a LOTR book blogging project ]

PREVIOUSLY, I spent a lot of time marveling at the hilarity of Sauron trying to send a messenger to Mirkwood and then marveling at just how much Tolkien can info dump into a scene and not actually provide much of any fucking context.

I’m glad that I basically look at those scenes, where there’s a ton of names–A DOZEN NAMES FOR EVERY SINGLE THING YOU CAN POSSIBLY THINK OF, I mean, shit, knowing Tolkien, he probably had Yavanna give a name to every single tree on Arda and then the Elves and Men and Dwarves all came along and named each of them all over again–and my reaction was:

I think I’m doing pretty well so far.  :|b  But this chapter may eventually yet break me, WE’LL SEE.

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Yo have you guys watch this?? It’s not too long but it shows B.A.P’s ONE SHOT, BADMAN, and POWER performances at Bangkok. There is quite a bit of Jongup (judging by my url, I’m not complaining lol the expressions he makes ughhhh so handsome, so manly, so sexy ughhh… I digress).

But W O W.. the boys are so handsome and damnnn they give such POWERFUL performances!!! BUT NO DAEHYUN’S HONEY VOCALS AT 2:40 ARE TO DIE FOR!! I WATCHED THAT PART LIKE 10 TIMES NO LIE. UGH.


“The world has changed. There is no love, no respect, no justice. Money, greed, pride always comes first. And now it’s time to make things right! And now is the time we stand up because together we got the POWER.”

I just ughh you don’t know how much this all set my heart aflame… this is why I love B.A.P.. I just.. can’t express enough. :’)

anonymous asked:

this is probably a bit of a loaded question - but what are the main changes that you would have made to loki's character in thor 2? in what ways did the director screw up loki's character/story and what would you have done instead?

i never got the impression that loki suffered that much out of thor 2 at all?

like, my main beef with the film was the fact that it managed to undercut every. single. arc. APART from loki’s. loki came out FINE. loki got exactly what he wanted and he got his full emotional range and he got his conclusive chapter of his fully formed arc; he was born to be a king and he got the kingdom he always wanted. the only thing you can say that he was denied out of thor 2 was that they undercut the emotional resonance of frigga’s death to him by having him go after the throne instead of malekith but then again, that’s more about fridging frigga for an emotional response that got cut than it is about being ~unfair~ to loki.

so my problem with the film is that instead of focusing on thor - i am still! annoyed! about the fact that they pretty much ended thor 2 at the same point as they did thor 1; thor thinks loki is dead! thor goes to earth and will definitely at some unspecified point find out that his brother is still alive leading to more angst! ugh boring - it… was pretty much Loki: The Sequel to Tom Hiddleston’s SDCC Appearance. which is just so BORING it’s so BORING and there’s a reason why thor 2 is the lowest rated phase 2 film. tony stark can pull the ‘im a new man’ move in every movie and get away with it (see: he makes this speech at the end of EVERY iron man film) bc rdj is the 'godfather’ of the marvel movies, and he’s got tremendous star power and the iron man films are still consistently marvel’s highest earning standalones. thor doesn’t have as much mainstream appeal as tony stark, doesn’t have cap’s modern relevancy, doesn’t have the pure weird of guardians of the galaxy, but the conclusion you draw is not 'the only thing good about thor is loki’. that is the absolute wrong way to go about it. 

see, the reason why the winter soldier worked out so well is because the russos took a character who didn’t have tony stark’s mainstream appeal - i mean, it was pretty obvious pre cap 2 that evans is probably the least liked avenger for casual viewers, i mean come on - and decided to invest in him. they wrote him in a way that was interesting and appealing without diminishing his inner goodness, they made him snarky! but not at the cost of his kindness. they made him relevant! but not at the cost of the character that was set up in the first avenger. granted, neither cap or iron man has a popular villain like loki, but jesus, jesus, JESUS, that only means you had to step up your hero, not give the bigger arc or the most emotionally resonant part to your villain.

also, it doesn’t help that thor 2 felt really incomplete and was tonally all over the place and also fridged one woman, made another woman eye up another woman in a hostile way despite romantic interest never being implied in the first film, and had jane foster passed out for like ¼ of her otherwise admittedly awesome role.