ugh this show is perfect

I am rewatching Numb3rs and simultaneously revelling in how glorious it was and lamenting over how much I miss it.

Charlie Eppes was by far the floofiest most adorable floof in the history of mathematics - but DON……… I just…. Blimey. He made aggressively chewing gum and licking coffee stirrers far sexier than either of those actions ever needed to be!!!

It’s not just Supernatural fans who struggle over being in love with two brothers at once, y’ know…!!


another awesome video by Fi Skirata

again, like the last video I posted, GET READY FOR SOME HEAVY EMOTIONS

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Was his hand on her ass or hip? I want to believe this: "it's on her hip. Under her waist but above her ass. He's touching only w/ fingertips of his index finger & thumb pressed together. It's weird body language bc people you love you put your arms around their waist. Hip? And it's more like hovering. The moment camera changes to lawmaker, they must've drawn away bc next time they're shown, Jared has his hands in his pockets. He might've not want to touch her but bc of camera felt he had to."

(during the david’s law speeches)

i think he wanted to make it look like they’re truly a couple by having some light PDA because as you said he felt he had to but since he’s not confortable with gen at all he simply rested his hand on the dip of her lower back, hoping it would stay there without having to put much effort into it, but you can see at some point he has to put his hand back up because it slided. and yeah he didn’t grab her waist (like he has done with jensen for example) neither gen nor jared would have liked that

anyway this wasn’t natural at all for jared and not how he would have reacted if he had been with his true SO and it really pained me to see him so anxious, he never stopped fidgetting and he was the only one whose stickers kept and kept falling, im sure if jensen had been there it would have been easier for him


today was a #ecd8d1 type of day

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"My parents are coming over in 10 minutes so please put some clothes on" captain swan, please 😊🙏

Killian Jones isn’t exactly the poster roommate she had ever dreamed of having, if she’s being honest here.

But then, life isn’t a wish-granting factory, or so they say, so she just keeps putting on a brave face and tells herself over and over again that it could be way worse.

(It really could, though - it could be that client at Granny’s that Ruby told her about who was looking for an apartment too, whose name they still don’t know but Ruby insists on calling ‘Happy’. Emma had never considered herself an overly pessimistic person, but there were levels of cheerfulness even she couldn’t stand.)

Her inner chant whenever she wishes to kick Killian Jones’ ass out of her apartment: he pays the rent.

(He is also quite easy on the eyes, but she won’t admit it even under the threat of torture.)

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