ugh this show is incredible

Some things from Troye’s listening party
  1. His Blue Neighbourhood themed nails are gorgeous up close
  2. LOST BOY has a killer chorus 
  3. The studio version of YOUTH is just like the live version (and I still have no idea what he’s saying in COOL)
  4. Troye’s favorite lyric from Wild is “Tell me all the things that make you feel at ease" 
  5. He refuses to choose between collaborating with Halsey or Melanie Martinez because he’s afraid of their fan bases coming after him
  6. He seems very gentle and soft-spoken 
  7. When fans were told not to touch his butt during the photo-op, he shrugged and gave a do-what-you-do look 
  8. Leland was there and he seemed really cool 
  9. Dani had a snazzy daisy sweater on
  10. He went to a “magic lady doctor” that worked with Ariana Grande and other big stars who gave him back his voice 
  11. He’s a real person and not a figment of our imaginations
  12. Alessia Cara and Tori Kelly have previously told the people at Z100 that Troye was killing it 
  13. His biggest fangirl moment was when Adele and Taylor Swift tweeted about him 
  14. He listened to a lot of Carly Rae Jepsen and Taylor Swift while writing the album
  15. If a film is made about his life, he wants Thomas Brodie-Sangster to play him because they both seem to not age
  16. A new single will be premiered soon on Z100 (!)
Sway Recap

I’m bitter; Okay y’all I’m going to sift through my moping to give you a quick write up of Sway. Before I go on I want to acknowledge that I said I would write up for SWDOI and I did not. I’m not planning to because all you need to know Kbnello wrote up on her write up.  In the read more I will be putting a few things I noticed, though.

Alright… Let the tails begin of my PERSONAL experience…

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