ugh this show gives me all the feels


sketched these two dorks all grown up :’). i’ve got this theory that adrien’s chat persona shows up randomly especially when he’s alone with mari.   and then there’s cute long haired mari who totally turns adrien on. i love them so much i can’t

also that’s a fresh-out-of-the-shower adrien

i just want to get married, like, soon, tbh. how fun would that be? living with your best friend! cooking and painting and being all cute in your own little house with your best friend! curling up by the fireplace under a blanket and watching movies and baking with your best friend. damnit i want a husband

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You know what, I AM SO MAD!!! So freaking mad! It honestly feels like they're disrespecting the fans thanks to whom they even have a job! Like, we've been here, waiting, supporting so long, and then you never even give us the payoff we deserve?? How about you listen to your viewers once in a while when you take a break from digging your own whole writers?? Do they even know these characters? Have they ever watched the show? They're not even trying! It pisses me of so so so much! Ugh!

Agree with EVERYTHING.

But you know what? If it gets cancelled, they’ll throw us all under the bus and blame the fact that they “went there again” with Nick and Jess this season. Even though they didn’t actually do that and their writing is crap. Nope. It will be the Ness fans’ fault. Again. Just like in S3.

Any other chronic illness/ disabled ppl feel bad/upset when they hear like “motivational speeches” with shit like “if there’s a will there’s a way” and “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and like that kind of bullshit? It just depresses me and I know that it’s not intentionally trying to make sick/handicapped/disabled people feel bad but ugh…

Like jesus, do you know what I’d give to be able to put all my energy into something I want?! :(

I’m feeling so impatient now. Even more impatient than I was over the past year. Because it all feels so OBVIOUS, why can they not just give in and give her back already. I know there’s a story beyond Beth and a master plan and whatever but I want to be able to think about this show again without my stomach tying into knots. I’d say give us a sign but we’ve been getting nothing BUT signs. The signs are fucking there. I’m tired of people being too whatever to acknowledge them. I’m tired of the constant vigilance and fretting and doubt. I’m tired of the majority of the fandom shitting on us. I just want it to end and for us to be right and for the world to be as it should be again.

It’s just me talking but i feel like trash, wanting another season.

We all know that, if there’s another season, they have to be NEET. In Osomatsu-san, it always revolved around this. And each time a brother wanted to clearly give a shot and make it in society, the others just dragged him down, making the whole thing hilarious to us, viewers.

But deep down, they’re suffering. They’re in a gag anime but are condemned to be virgin NEETs to make the show running. And to be together. 

But they’re not children anymore. The transition from Osomatsu-kun to Osomatsu-san seemed fast and easy… but the real problem when you grow up and you’re in your twenties is to face reality.

It isn’t fun. You have to put some distance from your family to be independant and keep your familial relationships sane. You have to find a job to manage a decent life and confront some hard obstacles. You have to befriend people and have a social life.

But since the beginning, we’re enjoying their closeness and their NEET life. It wasn’t blatant to us in the first cour, being much more funny and family centered. Even with ep.5 and 9, it wasn’t a serious show. The “Todomatsu and the five demons” skit was mostly for the gag but the serious side of this skit was thickened in the second cour. 

It was a gag anime with some good familial and slice of life moments in this cour…

… but in second cour, with all the “Choromatsu rising” and everything. Especially the rising thing. 

They know now that if they continue like this, their life (as individuals) would get ruined. It’s as harsh it’s presented to us.

But we enjoyed this. And we want more. We don’t want this to end, making their fate sealed: to remain virgin NEETs who live together in the familial Matsuno house.

“I knew somewhere deep down that we couldn’t live like this forever.” - Osomatsu

He knows it but he doesn’t want this to end. He’s like us… and he’s also like he was as a child. Always wanting to laugh and having fun. Like he didn’t actually grow up. He’s an aware grown young man, though… but he can’t go on and mature. He wants to live a life with his brothers and having fun like in the old days and in the first 23 episodes of Osomatsu-san.

I know it’s not even the Osomatsu-san staff goal to make me feel like that but… it kinda makes me feel like that. I want them to graduate from the NEET life because it’s the only conclusion to this but i also don’t want Osomatsu-san to end.

I actually feel torn, just like Osomatsu who can’t move on as fast as his brothers make it seems (because deep down, they also want to be together forever like this).

And i thought it was just a gag anime when i started this show… Why do i feel a lot for anime gremlins like them?

I really wish Choromatsu wrote this letter but adressed not to everyone, but to Osomatsu. He’s the only one who needs this letter for now. And since Osomatsu-kun, he’s also the only one to be able to understand how Osomatsu feels right now. He needs some guidance.

He needs his brothers’s guidance. 

Since the beginning, he didn’t have an episode for him and didn’t have to face insecurities, since he’s so open and doesn’t have any shame. But he has a fear: to see this life last. And he needs his brothers to open his eyes and see that it won’t be the same but… they’re still here for each other. And they’ll have fun, even if adulthood is hard to live.

Before tonight’s episode I would like to thank all the lizzington shippers out there who didn’t give up. I must say that after 3x11 I didn’t want to watch anymore, I was really sad and disappointed, but seeing that a lot of us kept a positive attitude towards the ship ignoring all the daddybait and the tom/liz nonsense really helped me and now I feel curious about how this wreckage of a show will go on. So thank you, because even if this ship will go down, at least we’ll be together.

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