ugh this scene was so great

I watched Murder on the Orient Express tonight

I’m really disappointed for a few reasons

1) I was CONVINCED Bouc had something to do with the murder. Nobody was investigating him and it made perfect sense to me that he would be behind it with Mrs. Hubbard as an accomplice.

2) I should have seen the conclusion coming. It all made perfect sense and everyone was suspicious and UGH

3) Johnny Depp was not in enough scenes. Not even close.

Anyways it was a great movie. I would definitely watch it again. 10/10. I am still convinced that Bouc had something to do with it, but whatever.

P.S. I have not read the book, but I certainly plan to, so please be kind to me.

We finished 0.2 today with @zyloa and well, it was something else… Now it’s time to achieved the 100% 

Also this piece finally completed the wayfinder trio portraits ! 

Terra and Ventus

has this been done yet?


I don’t want to feel it. I don’t think I can. I don’t think I even want to.

i need you right here with me

Sun & Lito

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(why was this scene deleted!)

  • Another sister-brother relationship in the cluster
  • While Will and Kala have more of calm, mature, grown up vibe; the dynamic between Sun and Lito is – small big-sister taking care of big little-brother
  • Sun is a fighter; Lito is not
  • Lito is good at lying; Sun is not
  • Lito is very dramatic; Sun is not
  • Sun doesn’t let out her emotions; Lito does
  • Lito can tend bar; Sun cannot
  • These characteristics prove how different they are, but at the same how much they need each other
  • Their dynamic is mostly Lito being dramatic and Sun reacting with ignorance which is funny and adorable – but we still can see that their relationship is based on genuine affection for each other
  • And I enjoyed seeing this balance between two characters a lot

Favorite moments in season 2 (spoilers)

2x07 I Have No Room In My Heart For Hate

Sun: I think I’m more confused than I was before.

Lito: There’s no easy answer, Sun. Whatever you decide to do…just know that you won’t have to do it alone.

– I LOVE this scene, just by seeing the whole cluster being by her side and supporting Sun. I thought putting Lito as last person to talk was great idea because he’s the first one to feel that kind of support from the cluster in 2x05 (*raise glass* to courage!)

– Also in 2x06, Lito shows his true-self to the world for the first time. Like what he says during his speech; he’s both scared and proud. He knows the weight of his decision, of his courage…and the risk that might follow; he knows how hard it is to make that decision. Still he knows everything will be fine because he’s not alone. So it was great to see Lito speaking based on his experience with such sincerity

2x08 All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet


– Who does not love this scene. This is why we love this pair, isn’t it? Lito being such a drama queen and Sun is being ‘ugh, here we go again. I’m so done with it’. We can literally read her mind by just looking at her face; Sun might be thinking ‘I already have a brother who’s been pain the ass for my whole life. The last thing I need is another pain-in-the-ass-brother from across the world’


– lololololololol I can’t stop laughing at this part. Lito is desperately sending signals to Sun for love and comfort, and Sun’s like ‘NOPE


– I can literally talk about this scene for ever and ever. I never get tired of these two. Another eye roll from Sun, but I thought Sun’s expression was not entirely being annoyed by Lito. It seems like although she knows Lito’s problem is probably nothing compared to hers, she has this soft side of hers that cares for Lito


– So she decides to listen to Lito, and then…here goes ‘shut the f-up, brother!’ I bet this was the first time Lito had someone saying ‘shut up’ in his face. Because I don’t any of his agents would have said harsh things to him, and Hernando would never ever say such things to depressed Lito. What a tough love, Sun XD


– But at the end of a day, Sun gives in and lets Lito comfort her. I’ve said in previous post about Kala & Lito [x] that they express out emotion/pain that others in cluster go through. It was really cute yet touching to see Lito comforting his big sister. And even though Sun seems still kinda annoyed by Lito, I’m sure she’s thankful for him :)

2x10 If All The World’s A Stage, Identity Is Nothing But A Costume

– I couldn’t get fine screencaps for this scene which was Sun sort of begging Lito to help her with bar tending, and this time it’s Lito who’s saying ‘NOPE, not now’ I loved how Lito tries to ignore Sun’s presence while Sun is desperate (and cute) for his help. On top of that, Sun helping Lito with ACTING? I mean who would have thought this would happen? lol

2x11 You Want A War?

– I don’t know if they did it on purpose, but anyhow, it was both surprising and interesting to see Lito being the first one to stop Sun from trying to kill Joong Ki. Maybe because, as I mentioned earlier, Lito knows the weight of hard decision…or maybe simply he doesn’t want to see Sun suffer after her revenge (although I think Joong Ki deserves painful death)

Whew, that was quite a long post. haha. I hope you guys enjoyed it. And if you have any question or interesting things about Sun and Lito dynamic, please let me know :)

Bon’s Midnight Screechings: 3x08, ‘First Wife’

Yall . I LOVED this episode.


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I was so engaged in it, in fact,that my normal stream-of-consciousness screechings were very sporadic and scattered, but I dinna even care. There were just too many things I loved

 I LOVED Jamie and Claire’s talks throughout (the mate motif gives me many feelings). I loved the Hogmanay flashback (I CRIED). I LOVED how they changed the Daddy moment and the fall out. I LOVED little Joan(and her red hair!) and seeing Jamie’s unexpected joy in being a father (and that it was primarily that that pulled him into the marriage). I loved Jenny and Ian’s solo scene. I love that Claire didn’t run away immediately and rather that it was a more reasoned choice, if still a hard one. 

Basically, I loved pretty much all of the changes they made from the books, and they had me on this one hook line and sinker. Least problematic episode this season, in my book!

I’ll certainly post many more thoughts tomorrow but honestly?  in this moment?

I just kind of want to bask in how much I enjoyed it. 

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Things that seriously bothered me about ACOWAR

Now don’t get me wrong I love SJM and I liked ACOWAR, but the more I linger on it the more stuff just frustrates me. It’s gotten to the point where I just get mad because I can’t stop thinking about them. So, without further ado, here are my critiques/complaints. 

Get ready kids because here tf we go

We never found out what kind of magic Mor has!!! Like are you kidding me? She’s named The Morrigan but we never find out why. Her magic is intrinsic to her character and yet was left out. There was all this hinting and it just came to nothing. 

- Elain and Nesta never apologised for how they treated Feyre for goddamn years and yet here I am supposed to like these two people and care about them. Like no thanks. 

- Not only that but they never had to deal with real consequences of their actions. Sure, they were kidnapped and turned into fae but that would’ve happened anyway because of Feyre’s relationship with Tamlin/Ianthe. 

- I need a reason as to why Nesta loves Elain so so so so much and was a fucking bitch towards Feyre for so long. Feyre was the baby of the family. And I don’t take Feyre looking like their dad as an excuse. Nope. Not good enough.  

- Lucien having a bloody last name. And then even better, Cassian teasing her about it when WE LITERALLY DON’T KNOW THE LAST NAME OF ANY FUCKING CHARACTERS RHYS INCLUDED AND HE HAS A GODDAMN POV. Give all the names or none of them.

- Speaking of said POV, was it really necessary?? Was it really needed to break out of Feyre for that minuscule part at the end?

- Remember that time Feyre had a namesake that seemed like it would become important? Yeah me neither since it was never mentioned again. 

- I feel there was no real sacrifice made. 

- The reunion scene just wasn’t good fam. There was no slow burning passion like in acomaf, and (this one is probably more opinion) it was just a bit too animalistic. 

- Feyre being concerned about the bond showing her scent but never just asking Rhys if it would or not?? Like pretty sure he would bloody know.  And was she really planning on being there that long that it would become an issue? I think not. 

- Her father (another character without a bloody name) just comes out of bloody no where and it’s so sudden and stupid and ugh I need backstory. I need an explanation. This one I will admit though could be cleared up with a novella. 

- Speaking of hearing more story, WE NEEDED TO SEE THE OUROBOROS SCENE. THAT WAS SO IMPORTANT, AND WOULD HAVE BEEN A GREAT CHANCE FOR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. There were so many scenes that just did not need to be in the book (VANSERRA I’M LOOKING AT YOU) that could have been sacrificed so that this could’ve been included. 

- I love SJM, but I’m just gonna say it. ACOWAR didn’t need to be that long. There, I said it. I’m going to go crawl into a pit now. 

- Jurian, Miryam and Drakon take time out of fighting a goddamn war full of their soldiers dying to have a chat. Probably not the time for it dare I say. 

- I’m just gonna say it again, but there was no real sacrifices in this book. Sure, Rhys died, but he came back five minutes later. Go full V Roth or go home. (Just kidding love you Rhys) (but like actually tho)

- Now this is a weird one but bear with me, there is literally so many ellipses in this book. Go open to a random page. 9/10 there’s probably one or multiple there. 

- There’s going to be conjecture on this one but I think there was too much smut. Now God know’s I’m here for it, but a lot of it just didn’t serve a purpose in ACOWAR. Like any scene that is written, there needs to be a reason for it. Maybe it would’ve been okay if the book wasn’t as long, but it was huge and it just didn’t need to be. 

- We are made to believe that the fae are immortal, right? And yet Feyre comments about how she meets a fae that has aged. So are they just creatures that age really really slowly? 

- That dumbass death bargain. Did they even think? What if one of them dies and they don’t have an heir or someone to leave Velaris to. You don’t get to choose your closest relative, and Rhys could just as easily pass his powers to Keir then he could Mor or literally any one else. And going with the above point on how ageing works, does this mean that Feyre could prematurely die hundreds of years before she should? 

- As my final point, I’m just going to say her editor really let her down on this one. Her deadline should’ve been longer, had more revisions and plotting/workshopping, and she needed to have a tighter leash when it came to a word count.

And as I said before, I did like ACOWAR!! I just felt like it needed a bit more refinement. I still gave it 5/5 stars, I will still read anything in this world that I love so much with the characters that I adore. 

I might add some more later, these are just the ones I can remember right now. 

logan thoughts pt. 2 spoilers*

-ok so i saw logan again because i couldnt stop thinking about it since friday when i first saw it
-ive had a deep sense of loss and emptiness since then and i still do
-this movie is so fucking heavy man but it really is so revolutionary for the superhero genre
-17 freakin yrs of hugh jackmans wolverine and patrick stewarts professor x and theyve never failed me
-but wolverine was my main mans since i was 6 so i feel so hurt losing him like this. The child in me felt like it died w him fuck
-logan I have to peeee
-whenever laura jumps on someone and like flips then and kills them is so fucking dope like yas gurl fuck it up!!!
-i just still really love how they made him feel just so human and go beyond his mutant characteristics
-he feels broken hes hurt he takes care of charles he turns to alcohol and has thought deeply about suicide. Like that is some real shit and i love how they showed that instead of perpetuating the idea that all he is is an invincible killkng machine
-“i know pop” i love when he refers to charles as his dad
-im just a huge fucking sucker for great parental figures or relationships that parallel it.
-their dynamic is so tragic and funny at the same time.
-charles’ alzheimers?? is heartbreaking and also so real minus the powers
-calling logan a disappointment ugh
-pierce is still sexy af tho like damn ur a piece of shit but also fuck me
-i just love logan so much and his dynamic w laura and how similar they are like i know shes his daughter but still im not sick of it
-calling the academy a special needs school lmao. Love the banter and every scene between them at that house
-charles telling logan to stop and feel for a sec
-charles waking up feeling shittty bc “he had the most perfect night and didnt deserve it” bc he remembered:(((
-logan didnt even get to hear that from charles damn it
-fuck x24 man rip charles im so sad logan telling charles it wasnt him just to assure him bc he rly does care
-laura holding his hand afer buryin charles <333
-you just cant take shit… lmao
-and when she finally talks… that scene is just too perfect
- hes just so much more than just wolverine and its hilarious bc hes acting like any person who would when they find out they have a kid and are thrown w the tasking of caring for them
-what else did charles say? To not let you die… UGH SOBBING bc foreshadowing
-i suck at this. bad shit happens to people i care about …. I CRY UGH
-THEN I WILL BE FINE… laura fuck me up with that comeback
-okay and then the obvious parts his death scene… hurt just as much if nit more this time around and i still cried
-“so this is what it feels like” FUCKKKJK and then she calls him daddy
-then she quotes that movie and then turns thecross to an X LIKE HOLY FUCKKKK I WAS ABLE TO STOP SOBBING FOR A QUICK SEC THEN SHE DID THAT AND I WAS RUINED
-new generation of mutants bout to fuck shit up baby!!
-i will miss hugh jackmans wolverine and patrick stewarts professor x so much but it really was an incredible swan song!!!!
-hugh jackman is also my daddy tho fuck
-i could see this a hundred times and itll fuckin ruinme eachtime thank u

My Beauty & The Beast Review (spoilers!)

I know there’s been hundreds of these done before, but I just wanted to share my opinion on the highlights and lowlights of the new 2017 live action film (WHICH I ABSOLUTELY LOVED AND WILL BE SEEING A SECOND TIME), upon looking at all the comments and criticisms I’ve seen either through youtube videos, critics, and scrolling through tumblr. 

Cons/scenes that confused me:

- The opening number was not as magical as it could have been. I can’t describe exactly what–it just wasn’t as impactful as a number as the original
- The library scene was not as much as a big reveal. It felt so casual and rushed into–but I really liked how it was such a surprise in the original version
- I feel like Emma Watson could have put more emotion into her singing. I mean of course she can’t top Paige O’Hara but still, I feel like sometimes her soul wasn’t as into it (probably tho because she’s not a musical actress)
- Why the townspeople ganged up on Belle to ruin her laundry–is teaching a girl to read considered that big of a sin??? seems like a bit of a stretch
- I really wanted the proposal scene to happen where Gaston gets rejected, maybe not entirely the same, but just simply something that would outrage Belle more than the conversation she had in this version
- “Gaston, you are positively primeval” was not included
- “No one says no to Gaston!” was not included
- “Every last inch of me’s covered in hair” was not included
- The way Emma Thompson sang BATB wasn’t as great as it should’ve been. A lot of times she sang it slower than the actual tempo to the point where I felt like she had to catch up on the song and it sounded off. I appreciate her trying to sound different from the original but it was getting a bit excessive
- No one questioning why Belle was wearing a ballgown upon being missing for days and being held captive by a beast
- Why Belle called Gaston a monster??? I mean, we as an audience know why, but Belle had no previous knowledge of the monstrous things Gaston had done and the only thing he’d done to her is act like a bigot and vain
- Was I the only one who thought Beast didn’t look hot?? i mean, i liked the gentle vibe he kinda had in the original, but in this version, he’s too much of a hybrid amongst human and beast which kinda creeped me out at times
- Mrs. Potts’ & Chip’s animation was a bit odd to me–despite the Prince wanting the most extravagant of items–their design wasn’t that beautiful or appealing to me
- Belle keeping the rattle that her mom kissed when she had the plague is dangerous, isn’t it?
- The castle crumbling when the last few petals fell from the rose made no sense–like it’s not like the castle totally fell apart when the last petal fell
- Though the transformation scene was wonderful, I had wished Adam or Belle had said something to make the silence less awkward and make the moment more romantic
- The ending scene was nice with the finale song, but I feel like they should’ve done something that tied up the film, I was looking forward to a finale kiss between Belle and Prince Adam but they just danced and it just kinda ended??? there was no impact there


- The close-up shots of Belle when she sings her solo part in ‘Belle’ was done beautifully
- Belle’s reprise and the infamous ‘Sound of Music’ scene was some great cinematography 
- The deeper father-daughter dynamic between Belle and Maurice. They added a lot more depth to this character (kevin kline made him funnier and more endearing :”) )
- Belle’s voice sounding more normal throughout the film compared to the autotuned versions released in trailers & online (i was really going in with low expectations of her singing due to what was previously shown but it sounded fine in the movie???)
- Belle’s “Ugh!!!” after the thought of being Gaston’s wife
- Belle’s costume changes; giving her boots vs. flats, hitching up the side of her skirt so she could run more freely and ride horses, adding pockets to store her books, etc.
- ALL THE PLOT HOLE FIX-UPS (every time they explained something new i was like OHHH THAT MAKES SENSE NOW)
- Having more scenes showing the Beast’s character as well as seeing more of the chemistry with him and Belle
- All the new original songs blew me away. Once again, Alan Menken is a true legend.
- Evermore was so essential and I’m so glad they decided to give Beast a solo song (i always wanted to hear one from him, and it gave me Phantom vibes which was BONUS)
- Character development with LeFou
- All of LeFou’s lines (i cracked up every single time)
- Golden cast. 
- Dan Stevens and his facial expressions, acting through his eyes, how he poured his heart and soul in evermore.
- Luke Evans was literally Gaston brought to life. The voice, the looks, the charm. I also liked how he was a bit darker in this version.
- Josh Gad brilliant once again, I lost it at “It’s never gonna happen ladies”

- Ewan McGregor gave a refreshing retake on Lumiere and his singing was great!
- “The East Wing, or as I like to call it, the ONLY wing” 
- Maurice admiring Lumiere and Cogsworth as the two argued who he was referring to once he left
- Interracial couples.
- The song ‘Gaston’ blew me away. It was better than the original.
- Visually stunning scenes throughout.
- Beast saying they should run away together (my heart melted when he said that)
- BE OUR GUEST GAVE ME GOOSEBUMPS. DID NOT DISAPPOINT. (i was really nervous about them messing it up but it gave me the thrills just as the original)
- How this movie really tugged on my heartstrings and I cried 6 times throughout the whole 2 hours.
- Belle singing ‘How Does a Moment Last Forever’ was beautiful
- “Too touristy?” - Beast
- Beast trying to protect his masculinity when he was caught reading a romance
- All the passionate stares between Belle and Beast throughout the film
- The ballroom scene was breathtaking. The ballroom set itself was–dhlsdkfhdsk
- Beast/Prince Adam’s mother being his sun (insert sobbing)
- The mob song was also done better than the original. (OMG BUT LEFOU’S LINE THO–)
- The way the beast screamed “BELLE!” was heart-wrenching
- The transformation scene was powerful, Dan Stevens was beautiful. That kiss tho–right in the feels.
- “Turn back into a clock. Back into a clock.”
- The Finale ver of Beauty and the Beast was lovely, the new lyrics added in were just the perfect finishing touch as well
- “How would you feel about growing a beard?” *GROWLS* (me: dies)
- Everyone dancing together (instead of everyone just awkwardly watching Belle & Adam dance)


Ants are not meant to serve grasshoppers. I’ve seen these ants do great things, and year after year, they somehow manage to pick enough food for themselves and you. So-so who’s the weaker species…?

PLL 7x14 Power Play - (long, sorry!) Thoughts

- Yep, one of the best episodes of the series. Call me dramatic, whatever. But in my opinion, it was. The story was constantly moving and I loved that. That is all I need to classify a PLL episode as good. And, combined with answers.. they had a formula for success. I wished I recorded myself watching it because I genuinely had a smile on my face from start to end, and two particular reveals got a great reaction out of me. Even the romance scenes I appreciated. Ugh, such a good episode! So many feels. Happy, intense, OMG, frustrated, emotional.

- Well… after this post, you know where I’m off to… my unanswered questions post! Finally I get to cross off more! SHOUTOUT TO US TUMBLR FANS FOR THEORISING EVERY SINGLE ANSWER WE GOT TONIGHT WITH 100% ACCURACY!! 

- I don’t know how you guys did it, but theorising that Ted is Charlotte’s father… what the hell! I always dismissed that theory. I thought it was too out-there. But it happened! I was sooooo shocked. I thought Ted was just a random guy from the church that liked Ashley. End of story. Apparently not end of story! Loved it. There is no way they had that planned all the way back then. I really do think that Ted was brought to the show just to be a love interest for Ashely. Then they created the Charles story and realised “oh shit, we need a male to be Charlotte’s father. Lucky we made a character like Ted!” I refuse to believe they intended to use Ted for more than just a pastor in love with Ashley. Anyway, not that that matters. I’m happy with this answer.

- Last week I complained that PLL has severely lacked good production since the dollhouse episodes; production in the sense of unique camera angles, music, etc. Well today they finally returned to its glory. The ending scene was so good and dramatic with the music, that camera angle where Ali finds her hidden puzzle piece and also when Mary steps out from behind the door to reveal herself with Ted… little things like that, I appreciate. 

- The reveal that Lucas knew CHARLES… wow!!! OMG!! I actually said “no fucking way” for once in a few years in PLL. They’re going somewhere with this. Lucas built that board game, he is an app developer and has the resources/money. 

- Another reveal that made me actually throw my blanket off and sit up… when they actually SHOWED that scene from 4B of Mary creeping up on Spencer!! We all kind of guessed that it was Mary in that scene, but to actually SEE the writers SHOW US that link very explicitly rather than let us just guess… it was AMAZING. I hope the series finale is like that, where they actually SHOW us past scenes like that, rather than expect us to make the links. Such a good scene, learning the backstory behind that.

- Mary killed Jessica. I knew it! I was not shocked one bit. But hey. After 7 seasons of this craziness, I am totally happy to take logic over shock. “Sydney killed Jessica!” like no. Get lost. Zero logic. Mary killed Jessica, yeah, I’ll take it!

- People are probably disappointed that it was Sydney under the hoodie… I told myself it’s not AD so I was expecting someone like that. I was happy with that.

- Aria going dark.. I’m all in. But please don’t cause a massive divide in the group. The small divides it causes now is fine, but I don’t want to spend the final 6 episodes with the girls pissed off at each other/Aria.

- Amongst all the storylines going on, they still managed to have scenes relevant to Archer. Thank god! See, that’s what we want. Forget the ping pong, and just keep us updated on other side mysteries like that. We don’t have to solve the side mystery, but just keep mentioning them in the ‘filler’ scenes. That’ll keep us going until the finale.

- I thought finding out who killed Jessica, and that Ted is Charlotte’s father, would be enough for this episode. Nope, they revealed what we’ve all been thinking since August last year! Emison fans on Twitter telling Marlene to go kill herself: fuck off. NEVER wish that upon anyone. As if I’m actually saying that. I know Emison fans are really passionate, and rightfully so, but chilllllll. Spencer said it very well: they are feeling violated. Emily isn’t saying “yippee, let’s have a baby Ali!!” Yes it’s controversial, yes it’s diving into areas of rape, but don’t tell a woman to kill herself.

- Not gonna lie. I did laugh at AD’s hoodie talking to Aria. The concept was cool but it looked far too fake. This show never is good with visual effects and stuff like that (*cough* CeCe watching the girls in the window in 610 *cough*)

- Shoutout to Paily. I really enjoyed their scenes. All of them. I was a shipper of Paily during season 4 and so this brought me right back to those good old days. Paige has barely smiled since she came back in 7B so it was so good to see her be happy for once. 

- There was one thing that someone said that really made me think Spencer has a twin!!! I can’t remember what it is! I’ll rewatch later in the week and update you all.

- Thank god Ezra is being dismissive of Nicole. I mean, it’s sad for Nicole, but at the end of the day and putting realism aside, just get lost Nicole. Ezria is endgame and you’re just making PLL fans frustrated.

- Next week’s promo!! Directed by Troian!!!!!!!!!! Wren’s return!! “Every theory I come up with leads back to you” is Furey hinting towards a Spencer twin? Not that he knows, but if all his research keeps pointing to a Spencer, it’s only a matter of time before he finds something? It is in 2 weeks but I’m so happy because it means the finale is pushed out to when my uni exams finish!

- 9/10. I can’t give it 10/10 because I’ve forgotten what a perfect PLL episode feels like. It’s been way too long. Maybe this is what a perfect PLL episode feels like? Again, I can’t remember. But it’s up there!

- Sorry this is long, but hey, 6 to go. Need to summarise it all and it’s better than sharing thoughts all over the place with scattered messages. Compare this to 712, which never even got a post!

High School Band AU: Chapter One

Here it is! I almost forgot this was ready, just waiting to be posted. Hope you like it!

“Well, that was disappointing…”

“You’re being too polite. That was awful.”

“I knew holding auditions would be stupid. You made me waste the whole week on this.”

“One week that you couldn’t skip class to jerk off to whatever weird shit you’re into, Saeran…”

“Shut up before I’ll break this pretty face of yours, Zen.”

“Ah, come on guys, let’s not fight right now, we have bigger problems right now?”

“Yoosung is right, nobody met our expectations, we still don’t have a vocalist and the festival is in less than a month…”

“Can’t we really ask Rika to come back? “

“I talked to V about this. She’s still recovering.”

“From what? From her diva tantrum?”

“Saeran, don’t even start, please…”

“No, fuck that! Is she still sensitive because she realized she’s not that perfect and she doesn’t have her boyfriend to cover up for her anymore? Come on, I can’t be the only one thinking about this! Saeyoung, some help here?”

“Oh, I don’t have a vote here, I’m just the DJ, or at least that’s what she said…”

“I’ll take that as a help. See? That girl has a major diva complex!”

“Saeran, don’t talk about my cousin like that, please.”

Okay, you’re pretty sure by now you shouldn’t be listening to this conversation. What were you even thinking? Coming here was a stupid idea, entering by the wrong door was a stupid idea, even considering this audition was stupid! Mental note: never let yourself be hypnotized by a pair of dreamy eyes! That is how you mother got pregnant, right? You giggle, your mom is pretty funny when she’s not running away to follow her frustrated dreams from her teenage days…

“Guys? I found one more!” you’re taken aback by this redhead guy pointing to you behind the curtains. Shit! “Aren’t you a little late?” he asks playfully.

“I… got lost.” You say, trying to avoid his gaze. “Anyway, I’m going now…” you try to turn your back on him, but he grabs your hand and leads you to the stage. “W-wait, I… I don’t…”

“Don’t be shy! Hey, guys, look what I found!” he points at you in a exaggerated way. Did he really just call you a “what”?

You find six pairs of eyes staring at you. Five guys and one girl look at you curiously, as if you were some kind of alien or something.

“What’s your name?” the brunette one asks without any expression in his face or voice.

“Hum… MC.”

“Okay, hum MC, what are you going to sing?” the brunette puts his pen on a paper waiting for your answer. He’s… scary, he looks like a teacher.

“I… I, okay, this was a misunderstanding. I was… I was trying to find the magician club.” Is there a magician club? Shit! Why can’t you even lie properly right now?

“The magician club has meetings on Wednesdays.” The blond one states and smiles sweetly, oh… maybe this one is nicer.

“Don’t act like the magician club is cool, Yoosung.” The silver haired one scoffs, gaining a glare from the blond one. “Are you lost, sweetie? Maybe I can help you…” oh, wait! This one you actually know, he was in the musical theater club too, what was his name again?

“Ugh, there he goes again…” this other redhead groans and mutters, giving quick annoyed glances to you. Oh… so this one next to you and that one are twins, okay.

“Yes, Zen. Let’s focus. What are you going to sing?” the girl finally says something, she looks more patient than the brunette one, but she is also pretty intimidating, and her haircut is cool!

“I… am not going to sing. This was a mistake. I should get going…”

“Are you scared? Don’t be! We won’t bite… well, maybe I will, but that can wait…” the redhead with glasses wiggles his eyebrows looking at you. “Haha, I’m just joking! You should see your face right now…”

“I’m not scared and I’m going! Sorry for taking your time, this was a misunderstanding.”

“You’re already here, why don’t you sing?” the brunette says, looking at you, you can see a little annoyance on his features.

“I… I can’t sing. I don’t know how.”

“Yes, you do! I know you! You were on the musical theater club! I remember you, quiet weird girl sitting in the back just doing backing vocal… do you remember me?” how could you forget Zen and his brutal honesty?

“I do…”

“So you can sing!” the blond one says and everybody stares at you again… that was stupid! That was so fucking stupid of you!

“I can, but I… I… look, this was stupid, okay?”

“Yeah, no shit!” the redhead without glasses scoffs.

“Excuse me?” you ask, did he interrupt you to make fun of you?

“You were hiding, listening to our conversation, then pretends you’re all innocent and shy when we catch you and keep lying to us even when we already know you’re lying! Come on, this is very stupid.”

“I agree with Saeran. This already took too much of our time.” The brunette one says, everybody look at him surprised and nod. Oh, you get it, he’s the leader, and the redhead there is pissing you off!

“So, if you’re not going to sing because you’re a scared little girl, just go away already!”

“I’m not scared! And you’re really rude, dude! Go get laid and release all this puberty stress!” oh no, you didn’t! Everybody looks at… what’s his name? Saeran, right? But you look to the other twin still by your side.

“I tell him the same every day, can you believe?” he says to you, smiling.

“SHUT UP!” oh… he’s… red, he’s blushing. You broke the little punk wannabe! Okay… this satisfied you more that you would care to admit.

“Then, if you’re not scared, will you sing or do we have to waste more time?” the brunette is the only one who didn’t show any reaction to your little argue with Saeran.

“Why do you keep talking about time? Do you have somewhere to go?” you ask. Jesus! You won one, you can’t be risking yourself like this.

“We’re still waiting for you to sing.” See? You knew you wouldn’t win twice on this.

“Fair enough. I’ll make you forget the place you had to be.” You just hear some uhhhs from Zen and the nice redhead, and the brunette smirks at you:

“Let’s see what you got.” Is that a challenge? Interesting…

“I should… get out of here. This is about to catch fire.” The redhead jumps out of the stage.

“Hi. My name is MC and I’ll be singing ‘I’m the Greatest Star’ from the musical Funny Girl.”

“This isn’t a musical theater audition…” the brunette is still smirking.

“Nobody said what kind of music I should sing. Does anyone here oppose to me singing this one?”  everybody nodded negatively, you noticed the girl looked a little excited, did she like the song or was she happy to see the band’s leader losing his control over them?

“Very well, so I won’t oppose either. Let’s hear it! Do you need any support? Yoosung can play the piano or Saeyoung can give you a base.”

“I’ll sing acapella.” Since you already made tons of stupid decisions, why not add one more?

“Do as you please. Saeyoung, the lights.” So the nice redhead’s name is Saeyoung, and he promptly lights up the stage, you feel a shiver as you can’t see any of their faces right now…

“Whenever you’re ready, sweetheart!” that’s Zen’s voice, you notice how excited he is.

You close your eyes, take a deep breath… and your voice come out.

“I got 36 expressions, sweet as pie to tough as leather, and that’s six expressions more than all those… Baltimore’s put together… Instead of just kicking me, why don’t they give me a lift? It must be a plot! Cause they’re scared that I got… such a gift? Well, I’ll nift!”

The thing about this song is that she has a lot of variations disguised as this little humor gimmicks, so… yeah, it wasn’t the greatest choice to an audition for a band, but hey! You’re having fun! Yes, this is fun, this is… natural, somehow. And the fact you can’t see their faces make you feel like it’s just you against the lights in the whole world.

Zen is smirking, as if he knew about this hidden treasure before all of them. Yeah, he just refuted the fact you couldn’t sing because he knew, he can trace talent even if it’s hidden behind a secondary role on a musical theater play. And as soon as you stepped in that stage, he knew exactly who they were about to deal with… well, at least musically, he had no idea that quiet girl could be that…spirituous. Confronting Jumin like that was bold, and he likes bold girls…

Yoosung is hypnotized. You look and sing like an angel, it’s so different from Rika, but the sweetness and this expressiveness are the same. Also, you look a little intimidating at first, but he’s pretty sure you’re very sweet and nice, he noticed this at the moment you smiled at him and the little fact about the magician club. Also, nobody that sings like that can be less than adorable, yes, h barely knows you, he already adores you.

If this was a cartoon, Jaehee’s eyes would have dollar signs in it. You sing well, you have a cute face… maybe they can sell tickets or get some gigs with you and finally make some profit out of this… hobby. Also, she loves Funny Girl, what an interesting choice… you’re… interesting. She’s curious about you, and she rarely gets curious…

Saeyoung is smiling, he was rooting for you the minute he found you backstage. He can’t explain, he just… liked you, he wanted to know what you were up to. Was that whole scene part of your number? You’re such a drama queen, he loves it! Yes, he’s already thinking about the costumes he can put on you, you will look so cool and cute… also, you made his brother blush, you’re already his favorite person in the world. Even if you don’t join the band, he wants to hang out with you…

Saeran was mad. You were so sassy, he doesn’t like sassy girls, he was rooting for you to sing really bad, but… what the fuck? You are actually great!? Ugh… just remembering the way you defied him make his blood boil. Stupid little talented  bitch… and you’re cute too? UGHHHH, you’re trouble, aren’t you? You’re making him feel troubled.

Jumin is still smirking, he just needed this confirmation on something he knew from the moment you confronted him: it was you. It had to be you, no one else. “ So this is the girl V warned me about, interesting…”

Prologue | Chapter Two    

Tattoos - Alex Summers & Warren Worthington pt 2

Summary : it’s been a little over a month since you met your two soulmates and everyone starts asking you three questions about certain things and you become very uncomfortable.

Word Count : 1k+

Warnings : fluff, unprotected sex (cover it up yo), fingering, anal sex (reader receiving), cursing, ugh basically a shit ton of smut.

Prompt : everyone has a tattoo of their soulmate’s mutation (if they have one) and you have two completely differet tattoos, because you have two soulmates.

Pairing : Alex Summers x reader x Warren Worthington

A/N : lol this is shitty writing don’t read. (pls read tho) the sex scene in this is based off of the head canons here   by @kurtwxgners so all credit to them and her head canons.

part one

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It’s been a little over a month since Y/N finally met your two soulmates, and man was she happy. Alex had the great idea of asking Charles for a bigger room so that the three of them could room together, one so Y/N could help them with their problems and two, they just didn’t want to be away from her. Charles was all for it, saying that he already had a room ready because him being the nosy little shit he was, he already found out the three of them were soulmates. So they moved into the new room, getting a humongous bed that the three of would share, a couch, a desk, and any other necessities that they may have needed. Also the room had a built in bathroom which Y/N were over the moon about.

 The three soulmates sat outside with their other friends, talking and discussing random things. It had started off with them doing their homework but then Peter being Peter started to get side tracked, which led to the rest of the group getting side tracked. Y/N sat in between Alex and Warren, Warren had one of his wings stretch over the two of you, it made him feel safer when he knew that the two of them were literally right under his wing. Alex had his arm wrapped around Y/N’s waist, also feeling safer knowing that this was real, and that the people he cared about weren’t just his imagination. Y/N played with the grass, a soft smile etched into her face. The group couldn’t help but smile at the three of them, they were all happy that Y/N made the two boys so happy and calm.

“So.” Peter coughed, leaning on his elbows. “How far have you three gone yet?” IF Y/N had been eating or drinking anything at the moment she probably would’ve choked. She couldn’t stop the blush that spread from her neck and up her face. Alex and Warren glared at Peter, as did the rest of the group. He shrugged. “What? I’m just curious.” Jean rolled her eyes, leaning against her own soulmate; Scott Summers, Alex’s kid brother.

“We haven’t done anything.” Warren said. He almost sounded disappointed at the fact that Y/N hadn’t even kissed them. She really didn’t want to admit it, but she hadn’t even had her first kiss, let alone lost her innocence. Y/N was now scolding herself in her head, hoping to god that Jean wouldn’t go poking around in her thoughts. Unfortanetly though Jean did go through her thoughts.

“Guys stop, you’re making her upset.” She said, becoming the over protective mom-friend that everyone loved her for being. The conversation stopped and Y/N frowned, embarrassed that she were the cause of all this. She moved out of Alex’s grasp and the protection of Warren’s wings and walked off without saying a  word to the group. Her head hung low, tears stinging her eyes as she walked. Alex and Warren looked at each other for a minute before getting up and following their soulmate.

Y/N stopped at the small pond / lake that the school had on it’s ground, the water rippling with each tear drop that fell to the ground. Stay calm. She said to herself, taking in deep breathes and trying to clear her mind. She didn’t want anything bad to happen, it didn’t matter where she was, she could easily cause a Tsunami or Earth quake any where in the world.

“Y/N? Doll, are you okay?” Alex asked softly, his hand landing on her shoulder. Y/N nodded, drying her eyes quickly and then looking over at Alex, a sad smile on her quivering lips.

“Yeah, I’m perfectly fine.” Lie. Alex sighed, and Y/N looked out at the water.

“Why’d you walk out on the group? I know Peter can be a bit nosy and obnoxious sometimes, but it wasn’t that bad was it?” Warren asked, tilting his head at Y/N.  She sighed, playing with a strand of her hair.

“I just didn’t like what he brought up, okay? I felt uncomfortable..” She mumbled. Alex chuckled, not thinking anything of it.

“What, it’s not like you haven’t at least kissed someone.” He looked down at Y/N, half hoping for her to reply but her quietness was the only response. “You haven’t had your first kiss?” Y/N shook her head, becoming more and more embarrassed by the second.

“ No, it’s not like I talk to a whole bunch of people here, and I’ve barley left the school grounds since I first got here and-” She shook her head. “You guys probably think I’m a prude, huh?” She sighs, letting her thoughts get the best of her. Warren frowned, wrapping his arm around her.

“Of course not, beautiful. You’re not a prude for not having your first kiss or not having sex,” He kissed the side of her head. “But with that just being said, we now have to make your first kiss absolutely mind blowing.” Alex quirked an eyebrow. “We’re going to take you out on the best date, and then give you the best first known to man. Sound like a plan?” Y/N giggled, nodding and looking between the two boys.

“Sounds like a plan.” The boys smiled, kissing each of Y/N’s cheeks, causing her to giggle and attempt to cover her face.

“Alright, well go get the girls, tell them that they need to get you ready for our date and Alex and I will get this rolling.” Warren smile. Y/N nodded then ran back over to her group of friends, whispering to Jean what was going on. Jean told Ororo and Jubilee, the three than dragged Y/N inside, going to find Raven.

Jubilee decided that they’d get Raven in on this too, mostly because they wanted to look at her closet. The girls walked down the halls, checking some of the empty class rooms and then finally going to Professor Xavier’s office. Jean knocked on the door, hearing a ‘come in’ before opening the door. To their luck Rave, Charles, and Erik were all in the office.

“Sorry to interrupt Professor, but can we borrow Raven for a few minutes?” Jean asked, looking between the three adults. Charles shrugged.

“Go ahead, why do you need her if I may ask? Is something wrong?” He questions. Jubilee giggles and shakes her head.

“No, Y/N has her first date tonight with Warren and Alex, and we were wondering if we could look at her closet for date clothes?” The question goes directly to Raven. She nods, a smile on her face.

“Of course, I’m going to help you girls because I have been waiting for this day for months.” Raven says as she gets out of her chair. She turns and looks at Charles and Erik before saying, “We will continue this conversation when I get back.” The two men chuckled and nodded, and with that the girls skipped down to Raven’s bedroom.

They pretty much ran to her room, all of them far to excited for this date. Y/N couldn’t help but be nervous. This was her first date, they were going to be her first kiss, how could she not be nervous?

Raven opened the door to her room and walked to her closet, pushing back several layers of clothes before getting to her ‘date night’ section. She grabbed a few dresses, a couple skirts, and some fancy crop tops. Ororo told Y/N to go take a shower and they’ll pick out her outfit. She nodded and traipsed over to the bathroom, taking a nice, hot shower. The hot water definitely helped calm her nerves, as did the shower gel. Y/N got out of the shower to see black lace panties and a bra sitting on the toilet seat. Her face heated up, making her skin appear even more red than it already was.

“Uh, guys? Why is there lingerie in here?” She questioned from inside the bathroom. She could here the four girls out in the other room chuckle.

“Because you’re going to wear it, duh!” Jubilee giggled. Man she seemed to be the most excited about this whole thing.

“Guys, it’s not like I’m going to be having sex with them tonight! It’s the first date, nothing will be happening.” Y/N sighed. The girls didn’t answer so she just decided to go with it and put the undergarments on. Tying a robe around her body she walked out to see Raven holding up a black, velvety dress with a slit up one of the legs. Y/N gulped.

“That’s a little revealing, don’t you think?” Y/N questions, her voice uneven. “I don’t want anyone to see my tattoos.” The girls laughed, Raven shoving the dress at her.

“They’re your soulmates, honey, don’t you think they would want to see your tattoos?” Question Jean. Y/N shrugged, taking the dress.

“Plus, I’m sure you’re going to look super hot in that dress.” Ororo added. She chuckled, smiling gratefully at your friends. Without saying another word Y/N walked back into the bathroom and tugged the dress on, zipping it up in the back. The black dress hugged her curves perfectly, curves she didn’t even know she had. Taking in a deep breathe she walks back out into the bedroom, the girls jaws dropping at the sight of her.

“Damn, you look better than me in that dress.” Raven admits. You blush and sit down at the vanity Raven had in her room. Raven excused herself, saying that she was going to find the boy and check up on them. Jean decided to her makeup, Jubilee was doing her nails, and Ororo was doing her hair. The three constantly told Y/N to stop moving, saying that she was going to make them mess up their piece of art. Y?N just giggled and tried her best not to move.

It took them two hours to get her hair, makeup, and nails done. Y/N’s eyes were closed, far to nervous to actually open them and look in the mirror. Jean finally got her to open her eyes, and boy was Y/N shocked at what she saw. Her eyelids were gold, with a small amount of eyeliner to make her eyes pop, with dark lipstick. her hair was teased and pinned to the side, and her nails were painted black with small accents of gold on different finger tips. She grinned.

“Wow..” Y/N breathed out. The girls chuckled and moved Y/N out of the char, going and grabbing a small velvet box. Ororo handed it to her, Y/N’s face twisting in confusion.

“What is this?” She asked, her fingers tracing the black material.

Jean shrugged. “We were going to wait till your birthday, but we figured that meeting your soulmates was just as big of a deal. Go on open it.” You took in a breathe as you opened it. Inside the box was a gold necklace shaped like the planet. Carefully taking the necklace out of its box, Y/N realized that it was a locket. She looked up at her friends, each of them nodding for her to open the locket. And she did.

“Guys.” She whispered. Inside was a picture of her and her friends sitting outside the school. Tears brimmed her eyes, but they weren’t sad tears; they were happy tears. “Thank you guys, so much.” Y/N said once she looked up at her friends. They all smiled at her.

“You’re welcome, now don’t cry! You’re going to ruin your makeup.” Jean chuckled. Laughing softly she blinks away the tears and clips the necklace around her neck. The three girls finished off Y/N’s outfit with some bracelets and a ring before deciding that they were finally done.

“These boys won’t know what hit them when they see you.” Ororo says, smirking. Y/N smiled ad slipped on the velvet black shoes and the four girls walked down the staircase, all of them giggling and smiling. Jean walked ahead of them, poking her head around the corner to see if the boys were down there or not. Jean nodded back at the other three girls and they proceeded to walk down the stairs.

Alex nudged Warren he saw Y/N start walking down the stairs. Both of the boys watched, their eyes going wide and their jaws hanging open. Y/N couldn’t help but blush at their reactions. It seemed as though all of Y/N’s friends had gathered to see her and her soulmate’s go on their date. Erik, Charles, and Logan walked over to the boys, a warning gleam glistening in their eyes.

“If you so much as hurt a single hair on her head I will-” Logan started off saying but Charles stopped him.

“Go have fun you three, but not to much fun.” The boys chuckled, looping their arms with Y/N’s as they all walked out of the mansion. Alex and Warren led Y/N along a lowly light walk way path under the darkening sky. Y/N let out a content sigh, causing the boys to look down at her.

“Something wrong, love?” Warren asked. Y/N shook her head, smiling up at the winged boy.

“Nothings wrong, just happy that’s all.” She said with a smile. The two blondes grinned and continue to walk until they reached a canopy like structure. It had lights strung all over it, a table and three chairs seated around it and soft music was playing, but Y/N couldn’t quite figure out where from. They all walked over to the area, a smile spread across their faces. Sitting down, Y/ hadn’t even realized that there was food on the table.

“We asked Raven to help make the dinner, we hope that pasta is alright?” Alex questioned as he pulled off the metal lid of the center plate. Y/N nodded, smiling at him.

“Pasta is my favorite dish, so you’re lucky.” She chuckled. The three fed themselves, heaping their plates full of the pasta and talking until the food was gone and the bottle of wine they had was empty. Y/N didn’t drink much, maybe one or two glasses. It was Alex and Warren who had drank all the wine. They all stood up, deciding to walk around a little bit more. Y/N held the boys hands, their hands far much bigger than hers. Alex held up their intertwined hands, comparing their sizes.

Chuckling, he places a soft kiss to her hand. “Your hands are so tiny, doll.” Alex teased her. Y/N playfully frowned, making him chuckle. “But you are adorable, for being so tiny.”

“I may be tiny but I can easily kick your ass, mister.” Y/N said, trying to keep down her giggles. The three walked until they got back to the front doors of the school. “Thank you for tonight, it was absolutely amazing.” The boys smiled.

“We know one thing that can make it better.” Before Y/N could even ask, one of the boys had placed their lips on hers, then all to quickly pulled away, allowing the other boy to kiss her as well. Y/N smiled when he pulled away. The boys smiled back down at her, opening the doors to the school and making their way up to their shared bedroom. Y/N closed the door behind them, then kicked off the high heels, sighing as the tension in her feet was finally released. The boys had started to undress themselves and put on their pajama pants. Mean while, Y/N was struggling to reach the zipper on the back of her dress. She jumped around, moving her arms to try and get the zipper down. Finally she did, and she pulled the velvet dress off of her bed, unaware of the stairs that she was getting from Alex and Warren.

Both boys gulped, grabbing Y/N’s attention. Once she realized that she was almost completely exposed to the two boys she blushed and subconsciously wrapped her arms around her body. Warren walked over to her, his hands grazing her arms and sides, until he undid her arms and kneeled down, beginning to kiss his way down her stomach. Y/N bit her lip, watching him closely. Alex walked up behind her, his lips ghosting her neck until they finally attached themselves to her heated skin. She moaned silently when Alex began to kiss and suck on one certain area of her neck. Warren glanced up at him, smirking. He stood up and walked the three of them over to the bed. They sandwiched Y/N between their bodies, Warren behind her and Alex in front of her.

“Love, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. Just say the word and we’ll stop.” Warren whispered ever so gently into Y/N’s hair. She shook her he, craning her head back to look at Warren.

“I want this, I want you two.” She breathed out. That was all Alex and Warren had to hear, because the next thing Y/N knew was Warren’s lip attacking her skin and Alex’s lips on hers. For this being Y/N’s first time doing any of this, she was pretty damn good at kissing. Warren pulled back from her neck, unclipping her black bra and throwing it the ground. Alex groaned, his hands going up and cupping each of Y/N’s breasts. She let out a soft whimper and pushed her chest into his hands. Warren had moved his pajama pants to the ground, his hard on pressing against her back. Alex moved one of Warren’s hands to Y/N’s chest, squeezing his hand and causing Y/N to let out a soft moan.

Only for a second were the three out of position. Alex pulled his pants off as well, also having a hard on.

“You see what you do to us, baby? You make us so hard for you..” Alex mumbled as his fingers moved down to her panties, pulling slightly on the thin material. Y/N bit her lip as her panties were finally discarded and thrown across the room. She felt two fingers go through her slick folds, not knowing whos hand it was.

“Shit, Alex she’s so wet.” Warren grunted in her hair. Y?N moaned at the feelings of his hand touching her soaking core. “Did we make you this wet baby? Huh?” He whispered. Nodding, Y/N leaned down and captured Warren’s lips in a sloppy kiss. Alex took this as a chance to push two of his fingers into her tight hole. Y/N moaned out loud against Warren’s lips, the new feeling of Alex’s fingers inside her making her knees buckle. Warren held her up with his arms, his lips still attacking hers. By now both of their lips were swollen. Alex had started to thrust his fingers into Y/N, making her moan so loud that Warren had to cover her mouth. With only a few more thrusts, Y/N’s body was trembling with pleasure from her first orgasm. Alex pulled his fingers from her pussy, wiping them against his lips and then Warren’s. The sight made your heart swell.

“She tastes delicious, doesn’t she Warren?” Alex cooed, raking his hand through Warren’s curly locks. Warren nodded, ghosting his lips over Y/N’s, barley letting her taste herself on his lips. The boys pulled their boxer briefs down, groaning as their cocks finally sprang free. Y/N’s mouth went dry as she took in how big they were. They chuckled, kissing her softly.

“Don’t worry, princess we’ll be gentle.” Alex said as he laid down on his back, pulling Y/N down with him. Warren coated his cock in her wetness, just so it’d be easier when he pushed into her.

“I want this pretty little ass, baby. You okay with that?” Warren asked softly, pushing away any stray pieces of hair before placing a gentle kiss to her shoulder. Without warning Warren had started to push into Y/N, making her moan loudly. Warren pushed all the way in, stopping and letting her adjust before Alex slid his way into her pussy. Biting her lip she stayed still, taking a few deep breathes before nodding and telling the boys to move. It started off slow, long thrusts that made Y/N’s stomach tighten.

“Fuck Warren I can feel you moving in her ass, god it feels so good.” Alex groaned. Warren sucked on Y/N’s soft flesh, leaving blue and purple marks down her neck and shoulder. Alex held tightly onto Y/N’s waist with one hand, the other one gripped her breast. The two thrust into her at the same time, same speed, getting Y/N to her second orgasm quickly. Warren leaned down, locking lips with Alex in a heated make out session. The sight nearly made Y/N cum again, but she held back.

Once the boys had started to get to their own climaxes, their thrusts slowed, becoming sloppy and careless. Warren’s hands  left prints on Y/N’s ass, along with bruise marks on her waist from Alex.

“F-fuck, I’m gonna cum, fuck..” Y/N mewled, her head hanging low and soft pants escaping her mouth. Warren and Alex thrusted a few more times before the three of them came simultaneously, each of them mumbling curses and each others names. They didn’t pull out onto they had caught their breathe. A sheen cover of sweat cover the three, but they didn’t care. Warren walked to the bathroom, grabbing  a damp wash cloth and cleaning up the mess that him and Alex had made on Y/N. When he was done they all laid side by side with Y/N in the middle as usual.

“That was absolutely amazing.” Y/N breathed out, grabbing her soulmate’s hands and squeezing softly. They both smiled at her, moving closer to her and cuddling one another. Warren’s wings spread across the three of them and Alex’s arm draped over Y/N’s waist, his fingers tangling together with Warren’s.

“I love you two, so much.” Alex mumbled tiredly. Y/N smiled, kissing his forehead. Warren mumbled an ‘I love you too’, already half asleep.

“I love you too, both of you.” She said softly. Warren shuffled, a smile spreading across his flushed face. Alex smiled and closed his eyes, falling asleep next to the people he cared more for.

The next morning Y/N was anything but sore. There was an ache between her legs, not a bad ache, a good ache, a memory of last night. She smiled as she woke up slowly, trying to wriggle out of the boys’ grasps. Once she had she got herself ready, not sure if she’d wake them up or not. When she got out the shower she was surprised to see Warren and Alex awake and dressed. She smiled, walking out with the towel wrapped around her body.

“Good morning.” She beamed.

“Moring beautiful.” They both said. Y/N giggled as she went through her closet, looking for her outfit. The towel started to fall I the back, showing off a bit of her angel wing tattoos. Warren noticed,  coming up behind her and pulling the towel away from her body. She shivered as the cool air hit her skin, but she didn’t question what Warren was doing.

“How come I didn’t notice this last night?” He mumbled, probably to himself. Y/N giggled as his finger tips traced the out lines of the wings, while Alex watched with a frown on his face. Y/N pulled out a skirt and crop top, turning around and frowning when she saw Alex’s pained expression. Walking over to him she wraps her arms around his neck, pressing a soft kiss to his lips.

“Don’t frown, your tattoo is right here.” She held up her left wrist, the plasma beams showing perfectly. Alex gave a small smile before pressing his lips to her wrist. She pulled away and got herself dressed, going slow just to tease the boys. Giggling she finishes getting herself ready, winking at the boys before walking out and going to get herself some breakfast. Alex and Warren looked at each other before sprinting after, just like when they first saw her.




  • he’s all into this romance type shit so he’s totally down for it
  • “do you want some chocolate? popcorn?
  • sits down comfortably next to you in the couch
  • you both end up cuddling it’s cute
  • “wow they are both so good looking! almost better than me!”
  • “oh mmmm, nope i don’t like that guy she better stay with Jack.”
  • you two forget the snacks lol
  • when the car scene comes on things get interesting
  • really interesting
  • you burry your head in your hands but you can feel Zen watching attentively
  • “hey MC maybe we can try-.”
  • you shut his mouth with your hand before he says anything else
  • when the titanic starts to sink Zen starts tensing up
  • “Are they going to make it?? I hope they make it and get married and have kids and live a happy life OH MY GOD MC THE ANGST!”
  • cries when the whole “jack i won’t let go” scene comes on
  • actually sobs wtf
  • “MC did you like the movie because i did and it was great and-.”
  • doesn’t shut up about it for the next week


  • he doesn’t like romance movies much because they make him emotional
  • you convinced him for this one
  • “ugh fine MC but if i cry it’s your fault.”
  • doesn’t make it through the movie without crying
  • clutches your hand when the sad scenes come on
  • whispers in your ear his thoughts on the movie so far
  • when jack dies MC cries and he cries because MC cries
  • “mc please don’t cry because i also cry when you cry.”
  • has a fear of boats and water after poor baby


  • i imagine this as a remake and Zen is playing as Jack
  • you two go to the premiere and get good seats in the movie theatre because of Zen
  • “Mc are you comfortable here? should we move?”
  • hold hands during the movie AWHHH
  • when Zen is first introduced on the screen she literally gets a nose bleed
  • actually you both do
  • “oh my god he looks like a god”
  • when the car scene comes on jaehee faints
  • no literally she feels lightheaded
  • “Zen oh my god.”
  • after the movie you meet up with Zen to drink coffee
  • “so zen uhm i didn’t know you acted out things like that.”


  • he hates romantic movies
  • just hates movies in general
  • “Fine Mc if you wish to.”
  • sits down next to MC with some snacks
  • gets very technical with the movie
  • “well why did she…when she could have…?”
  • is literally one of those commentary people in the movie CAN HE SHUT UP
  • is uninterested in the movie till the titanic starts to sink
  • “oh okay now we are talking”
  • again gets all technical about the sinking of it
  • sticks to the “they could have both fit on the board” statement
  • “if the motors were better it wouldn’t have sunken.”
  • denies that he liked the movie but he secretly loved it
  • “we should have the company start it’s own ship building crew i will get working on it asap.”


  • this bitch
  • he actually loves this movie he watches it often
  • “hey Mc let’s watch a movie!!”
  • you two cuddle CUTE
  • “mc what would you do if you were on that ship? what would you do if….”
  • is also like jumin the constant commentary
  • you two end up falling asleep on the couch y’all are tired babes
  • wake up to the loud sound of the people screaming when the ship is sinking


  • y’all just don’t watch movies
  • end
  • period
  • he made an exception it was your birthday
  • mostly uninterested the whole time he didn’t care much for romance
  • spaces off until he sees you crying because of the movie
  • “it’s a damn movie MC move on.”
  • “no this actually happened in real life. there was an actual ship called the titanic and it sunk with mostly all passengers dying they just added the romance to it.”
  • oh
  • ohhh
  • brings a blanket and comforts you asap


  • no like he loves it so much he had a photography themed display of it
  • when you mention it’s your fav movie he gets all excited
  • it’s actually cute
  • he has the perfect movie night with candles and food and snacks available
  • the two of you fangirl over the movie it’s CUTE
  • you’ve never seen this side of him PROTECT AT ALL COSTS
  • “mc if we were in this situation i would never let you go.”
  • after movie cuddles and cute night talk afterwards


  • he saw a trailer for it and was interested
  • “hey MC we haven’t been out on a date recently wanna go see the re-run of Titanic?”
  • is surprised when a whole bunch of couples are at the theatre
  • “did we walk into the wrong room?”
  • funny commentary throughout the movie
  • gets really really serious and quiet during the last 30 minuets of the movies
  • “soooo MC wanna go on a cruise?”