ugh this scene is so perfect


watch my back so i make sure, you’re right behind me as before
yesterday the night before tomorrow, dry my eyes so you won’t know
dry my eyes so i won’t show, i know you’re right behind me
and don’t you let me go, let me go tonight

10 characters I wished were real so I could date them. Part One

10) Age of Youth: Park Jae-Wan: Every single drama I’ve seen Yoon Park in I’ve hated him lol. But this is the first time he has played a decent character for me. I loved him in this. I have no idea what he is saying in this gif.

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8) Healer: Seo Jung-Hoo: I literally picked him because of this scene. He kept cuddling with her and I was like “oh my gawd!” I want one! I honestly like Bong-soo too.

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7) Descendants of the Sun: Yoo Shi- Jin: No list is complete without him lol. He was perfect….just perfect. I fangirled so much watching this drama. Should I apologize or confess? JESUS! That nearly kicked the wind out of me. lol

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6) Uncontrollably Fond: Shin Joon- Young: UGH! I loved this character so freaking much. OMG! That confession scene was AMAZING! He said some pretty amazing things as well. Chiillleeee he honestly could be number one the more I think about it. I mean KIM FUCKING WOO-BIN!

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5) Cheese In the Trap: Baek In-Ho: I didn’t read the web-toon so I can’t share the anger for the show being all about him. However, by the end of it I stopped shipping him with Seol and started shipping him with myself lol.

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At the end of the scene where Alec gives Magnus the gift, I love how he's just like "Casanova? Really? I have Casanova to compete with now too?" Idk, it was just the perfect tone of voice.

i know!!!! it was just ugh, perfect. that little bit of annoyance because oh come on, dont give me casanova too. but its just a tiny moment, like he doesnt really care, and it just… so perfect.


When Newt finally proposes to Tina UGH. That proposal scene is going to KILL me. I’m so excited to have my heart ripped out of my chest. 😭😭. It’ll be so perfect. It’ll probably be really emotional. I mean they made us so emotional with a hair tuck imagine what a proposal will do to us.


Top 15 Stydia Moments:
#12. “And by the way, you cannot discern a pattern by a single data point, so stop trying.”


(pt.1/??) If you haven’t read national hot dad alliance you desperately need it in your life

honestly i have never laughed at a fic so hard before and also cried bc omg, just go read it, re-read it if you already have read it just ugh, it’s perfect 


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honestly tho, harry and matt have such great chemistry ugh it's unfathomable. i'll be really honest to you, i have always found matt's acting lacking, which is why they weren't clicking too well in the first season for me except for a few scenes like the 'pretty boy' and the 'kiss scene'. but they have quite literally been magical together this season, every scene, every glance is perfect, every moment is precious, they have such sparkling chemistry i am so thankful i stuck with the show

their chemistry is honestly unbelievable, malec wouldn’t be what it is without it tbh. me: a known matt stan agrees, harry’s a stronger actor than matt but i’ve always thought matt holds up pretty well during his scenes with harry, so they always end up being his best. but this season he’s really killing it, especially in the last 2 episodes, yesss matthew! matt and harry in s2 are an absolute dream, everything they bring to malec is absolutely beautiful and i love my dads

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Lmao I FEEL YOU. I mean, where the heck is the racy scene? Where is DA BOMB? Those are just the same old thing (tho I'm not that complaining much keke) but I wanna see things that WE ALL wanted. Ugh. Guess I'm right, the staff wanna kept it to themselves kekeke. Remember when the director envied Gong Yoo? "He's so handsome", "He's like a sculpture", yeah bet the director monopolize all the good scene and won't share hahaha

Haha… I love it… the “racy scene” xD

You were right, the director and Goblin crew totally wanted to keep the good stuff to themselves…

OMG I cracked up when the director started complimenting Gong Yoo… HAHA it was perfect! >.< Just everything about that scene was great… and I loved it how they showed us Gong Yoo working really hard on the set because it goes to show that he took Goblin seriously! (I admit it… I kept looking at Gong Yoo’s bare arms during his battle scene… like… ugh… NOT ENOUGH SKIN!!! haha… #noshame – but seriously though… Goblin is the one drama of Gong Yoo’s that he is very covered up from head to toe compared to his other dramas/films)

Now I hold a grudge agains the director… He knows that we all wanted those bts clips of that kiss…

But perhaps they did us a favor cause there would’ve been simultaneous heart attacks across the world that would make Goblin liable, lmao.


We’ve all done things… that are hard to live with. So let this be your redemption, if it needs to be, because it might be mine.



But seriously, ugh at how precious this! Booth and Christine exchanging ILYs <3 I’m also always struck by how much Sunnie really does look like and act like Booth & Brennan’s daughter, I will forever be amazed at the excellent casting. And not only in the appearance department, she’s always so perfect with either Emily or David. Often, family scenes on tv with young children seem awkward because it can understandably be difficult to click with child actors but that’s never been a problem with B&B family scenes! On the contrary, they feel so real!

(Also, I wish Bones would get more credit for how well they incorporated kids into the show. Babies are supposedly a huge NO-NO on tv but Bones has handled it beautifully. B&B’s kids haven’t taken over the show but neither are you left wondering if they exist, the balance is perfect. And the emphasis has always been first on B&B as a couple (their love for each other) and then their parenting- this distinction is important. But anyway, I know expecting Bones to get any credit for anything in today’s tv landscape is a hopeless pipe dream…)

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Shipping asks 10, 28, 40

10. Do you ship any characters that have never met?

OH yes. Closest thing I have to an OTP:

, never met in canon, and I can safely blame this ship entirely on the actors RL friendship. All those pesky interviews with Oscar and Domhnall… ugh. Nuisance. But also, Hux and Poe WOULD have hilarious chemistry, despite the characters being little to nothing like the actors. Poe would be infuriatingly charming and vexing. Hux, the proverbial ice queen, would be a challenge even for Poe Dameron’s show stopping charm. I NEED THIS TIMES 1000.

also Poe/Rey even though the DID meet in the novel, they had no scenes/dialogue together. But the novel interaction is just so perfect. And again, the clips between Daisy and Oscar are SO charming. They’d have great on screen chemistry, I think. I can see Rey having a crush on Poe, for sure!

28. Does shipping come easily to you?

I think so. I’ve never felt myself TRYING to ship something and I have no problems letting go of ships I’m no longer interested in. Its all very flux and flow for me. the hard part is MAKING things for my ships. fic. art. photo edits. GAH!

40. If you could change one thing about your OTP, what would that be?

answered here! But I’m going to use this chance to talk about a few more of my ships:

Poe/Rey - I would LOVE some canon interaction, actually. They need to meet, and I would love these two pilots to have a bit of a face off. Battle of the pilot egos!

Finn/Poe - i can’t think of a thing i WOULD change actually, except maybe, again, more screen time together. Poe passively worried about his new friend? Having to run missions while Finn is still recovering. Yess… Also more jacket. I need more jacket. and maybe an onscreen kiss, dramatic after a battle where they maybe both had close calls


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Ugh I hated that vomit scene. I was iffy on the first few episodes and then ended up liking it way more than I expected

Noted! Alma (@akaclairetemple) suggested I give it at least three eps, so I’ll do that.

@akaclairetemple replied to your post “I just watched the first episode of Santa Clarita Diet, and I dunno if…”

i watched the first ep while eating lunch. i paused bc i was NOT EXPECTING THAT. but i kept going. just…give it 3 eps at least.

I know, I was like, THIS IS EVEN WORSE THAN THAT SCENE IN PITCH PERFECT, lol. I’ll give it a fair shot!

@sisforsammi replied to your post “I just watched the first episode of Santa Clarita Diet, and I dunno if…”

Oh god I’d forgotten about the vomit scene, I must have blocked it out!

Haha, I cannot say I blame you in the slightest!

@wwjend replied to your post “I just watched the first episode of Santa Clarita Diet, and I dunno if…”

I made it a little past the vomit scene, but it was too tongue in cheek type of acting for me. It reminded me of when normal shows do a comedy version of themselves.

Yeah, it is a bit exaggerated. I’m gonna give it a few more episodes, though, at Lexi’s and Alma’s suggestion. :) I’ll keep you posted!


The Skeleton Twins (2014) - Craig Johnson

5 bullets on this film:

  • I love how the story is sad but funny at the same time, and one moment you’re crying, then you’re laughing and then you’re sobbing. It makes you feel a lot of feelings. (is that even english)
  • Watching comedy actors doing dramatic characters is the weirdest thing ever. You’re so used to them making you laugh, and then they make you cry, it’s such a betrayal. Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig are vvvvvveerryy good in this film. And their singing scene is worth everything.
  • The dialogues are so real and funny and perfect and ugh. I could literally watch 5 hours of dialogues written by Craig Johnson.
  • The characters are very well developed and relatable. Luke Wilson’s role as husband is great. He could have been hateable and bitchy, but he’s just a cute guy who wants his wife happy. 
  • I loved the ‘80s soundtrack, I’m sorry. haters gonna hate!!11!!
Yes I know We’ve Talked About The Bed Scene Too Many Times Already But We Need to Talk About It Again

Because it still gets to me. It gets to me because, he knows what she wants to say. He can see it in her eyes, he’s dying to hear her say it, (lol, too soon for that line?) and then he watches as her face falls a little and her wall comes up and she just, doesn’t. Instead she throws out this awkward thanks-for-dying speech. And honestly, it was Killian’s right to be upset, or disappointed. Because he’s put so much into their relationship, and he was probably anxiously awaiting that particular verbal validation from her, and he didn’t get it. But instead of being upset or disappointed, what does he do? He makes sure the conversation is a positive experience for her. He takes what she says seriously, (even though he knows she just made it up right there as a cover) and, instead of fretting about the validation of love he was just robbed of, he brings up the validation she has given him, about him being a hero. “It’s all in a day’s work for a hero,” was his way of saying, “Hey. I know that you struggle with giving people validation and that’s it’s scary. But remember when you gave me some that time, at Granny’s? That was a good thing. Good job. You’re so wonderful. This is me appreciating that validation and showing you what it means to me. And that it affected me. I know this conversation went differently in your head, but that’s okay. This is still a good, healthy conversation for us.” Like, he’s so thoughtful with her and careful with her and just like builds her up and I know I say that every single day but like, he does!! All the time! Even when he probably wants to throw his hands up in the air and just go, “Arggggggggggg! Caaaaan youuuuuu sayyyyyy ittt alllllllllllready!?!???!” He doesn’t, because he knows that’ll only make her take backward steps. And he wants to make sure that she’s taking forward steps. And he wants that because he is a certified angel from heaven, far too good for this world, but perfectly perfect for Emma Swan.