ugh this scene :'(

Two extremely cute Spoby scenes that are now ruined knowing it was Spencer’s twin instead

“You deserve that big, beautiful, love. More than anyone else I know”

Toby tracing what we thought was Spencer’s scar from getting shot but then ended up being Alex’s stupid one from Wren.

Ugh, I had a scene written that was going to be part of an earlier chapter, but I moved it to this one. But because of this change, the lead-up to the scene is different, and I’ve been sitting here for several days trying to figure out how to make the sections fit together without completely changing the beginning of this scene, because I like how it starts. Grr…


archie and jughead each looking at the other before the fight


Her faith carried him with her.
He didn’t want to disturb the silence as they rested against each other, hurting and relaxed, listening to the hum of machinery and the distant billowing of fires. He stowed thoughts of old missions and thoughts of the future away; decided to focus on what he could see and hear and smell for the last moments of his life on Scarif.
When Cassian Andor died, he would be ready, and he would be content.