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I love and adore voltron, we have been blessed with such a fantastic and welcoming cast, and we have all these fantastic characters we get to explore.

So why is the fandom fucking disgusting.

A day of heart break chapter one

The day was eventful for sure.

So many toons came to check on him, It made his heart flutter a bit. But he was still to sore to heal, and you must be wondering what happened correct? Well let’s start from the beginning…Elymas was out on the town that beautiful evening, the sun was near setting. In his usual bartender attire, his hooves clicking lightly on the cement as he trots down the sidewalk in toon town. Elymas sighs as he felt the gentle breeze through his fur, it was amazing as he closed his eyes but hears a commotion and he looks. And was shocked and was stopped dead in his tracks, there in front of him was Abel his love…or a least he thought Abel loved him..but there he was kissing another toon. Elymas felt something break in his chest, it was no doubt his heart shattering at this site of Abel finding someone new. Elymas was fast to hide in an alley way as he heard footsteps coming, and he watched through the darkness as Abel and his date came to a halt in front of the alley but maybe he misunderstood? Maybe that was no kiss at all? Maybe he saw it all wrong?

Elymas held his breath as he listened to them, his heart held on to hope that maybe he missed judged Abel to early? The female toon spoke first “Oh Abel, h-Haven’t you told Elymas yet? What happens if he finds out w-we’re dating?” Then Abel spoke “Don’t worry sugar, I’m telling him to night, don’t worry doll.” Elymas’s heart lost all its hope…it was completely gone and he felt his tears trickling down his face but he made a happy expression. A sad smile on his lips as he turns away from the two and walks deeper into the darkness. That night Abel indeed came in that night to the Toon Palace, and sat in his usual seat and ordered a Blue Angel as always. Elymas served him as usual and even did his normal happy smile in greeting, but Elymas knew it wouldn’t last…“H-Hey um Elymas? Mind if I talk to you?” Abel asked and Elymas could feel his heart throbbing in pain as he said back “Yes Abel? What is it?” He barely managed to sound normal. “Well I-I was wondering if…W-We….could break up..” Abel said with a sigh and it was at that moment the rest of Elymas’s spirit shattered into nothing. “If that makes you happy Abel….Then we may and you can be free to do as you please…” the light blue demon spoke as he nodded to Abel, “Now before you kill me-?!? Wait! What!?” Abel had started to speak but he stopped as he heard Elymas’s answer stunned.

Elymas smiled sadly as he said “I already know your heart is with someone else, and true while this crushed me…I will not stand in the way of your happiness my friend, and please note that no matter what you do…My door is always open for you.” With each word Elymas seemed to grow a empty void inside himself, and Abel smiled kindly saying “Elymas…you really are the definition of a friend…I have to go.” The Angel stood up and said before going “See ya later Elymas…and I’m sorry I caused you pain…” and with those words Abel was gone and out the door. Elymas was left there with a sad smile, a broken heart and black tears running down his face as Elymas left up to his room and after walking through the door…he dropped to his knees and cried.

The next day after a utterly restless night, he got a knock as his door. It was day off but Elymas stood up ready to work if it was his manager, but upon opening the door he was met with his friend Gabriel the mute Angel. Elymas blinked surprised at this but smiled nonetheless and opened the door for Gabriel to come into the apartment. After both being comfortable on the couch Gabriel signed to Elymas ‘I heard what happened last night…Elymas I’m so so sorry that happened to you..’ Elymas blinked but sadly smiled “Ah..I see, and please Gabriel don’t be sad for me…I had that coming honestly.” He spoke as he looked at Gabriel who signed ‘Still the utter nerve! How could anyone just leave you like that?!’ Gabriel still was in shock as he heard the news about the break up. Elymas chuckled a little but it was void of humor “Gabriel please its alright, also don’t you have a gig in a minute?” Gabriel blinked and shot up signing ‘Oh no! Your right I must go but again but me and Blazen apologize about the break up!’ And the mute angel was gone, and Elymas sighs looking to the floor.

A little later that day as Elymas was having some tea with two cups on the table…Usually him and Abel would have tea around now, but he kinda forgot in that moment that Abel wouldn’t be there that day for any other day now. He heard a knock at the door once more, and he set the cup down on the table and going and opening the door and blinked to see Buster, Sidra and Meek who was in Buster’s arms. He smiled letting them in to his home, immediately greeted by the four and after sitting on the couch Elymas spoke “So you heard as well?” They nodded and Meek crawled into Elymas lap and curled up allowing the blue demon to pet him. Buster signed 'I’ll kill him you know? You don’t deserve this treatment, taking him in, caring for him? And then he throws you to the side? That guy needs a beating in my opinion..’ Sidra couldn’t agree more “How can a toon be that cruel to you? And how on earth did you forgive him?” As Elymas pet Meek he looked up to the two saying “No it’s alright Buster please don’t kill or hurt Abel….I accept that I don’t make him happy…and if this female toon makes him happy, so be it..” Buster and Sidra smiled a little as they visit for a while they soon had to leave.

It was when Elymas cleaning his kitchen that yet again another knock but this one seemed annoyed. Elymas answered only to have a figure go past him and into his living room, Elymas blinked surprised as he turned to see Avelle the ace lawyer standing there tapping his foot Annoyed a paper in his hand. “Have you seen this?!” He asked showing the paper with a picture of Abel and his new lover kissing in the park. “I mean I knew this had to be photoshopped or something! I mean honestly news papers are apparently getting desperate I mean really Abel wouldn’t just do this to you! Ugh this irritates me to-” but before he could continue he was stunned into silence with to words from Abel “It’s true.” Avelle blinked as he stares at Elymas “Wait…So you and Abel are not dating anymore?” This made Avelle go into thought and like that he left slamming the door shut. This left Elymas confused and startled at Avelle’s reaction to the news. Elymas merely sighs as he continues his day, and it was nearing 4:00 when another knock came this one was a bit slower and when he answered it was Ben the guardian angel, his best friend…without a word Ben hugged Elymas, no words where needed as Elymas broke down in Ben’s arms sobbing into his shoulder and Ben held him petting Elymas’s head, Elymas couldn’t help but fall asleep in Ben’s arms.

When Elymas woke up He was in bed, and tucked in and a note on his bed side table. It was from his friend Ben and he read it, it spoke about his apologies to hear About the break up. Elymas smiled a little “Heh…Thank you Ben” he spoke as he stood up. The demon looked at the clock on the wall and saw it was 4:30 he had a good little nap and now he stood and when he went into his living room he was surprised to find Peppy, Roadster, Nikolai and Coco there watching TV. When he was spotted Coco and Roadster were the first to hug him Peppy and Nikolai weren’t exactly hugging type unless it was to their lovers but apparently they made an exception. As they to joined in after talking with his friends Peppy was pissed off with Abel after that betrayal and she huffed annoyed but Coco cuddled up to her with ease to help calm her angry lover down. Roadster was more disappointed with Abel for not mentioning the situation to Elymas sooner, and Nikolai merely stayed silent, but Elymas could see the angry swishing tail Nikolai had. After a few minutes they had to leave, Elymas waved goodbye to them and he watched the door shut.

Elymas was now alone again, he turned off the TV and stood up he jumped as he hears a voice next to him. “Heh, ain’t being single fun? Don’t get heartbroken over nothing once the said lover is outta the way!” Elymas turned to the spot next to him and say Benny the mob boss. Benny and him were kinda friends they don’t exactly hang out but do chat. “Ah, Benny sir! If I had known you’d be here I would have made you a drink.” The light blue demon spoke trying to hide the sad tone he had. Benny chuckled his tail swishing and he said “Don’t worry about Elymas ol’ boy, heh…never thought I’d see Abel walk away from ya! Jeez when I got word I didn’t believe it at first honestly! But the writing on the wall was there…sorry kid, I might have no heart but wow, that was a really low move.” Elymas blinked but sighed “It’s alright…I just didn’t make him happy anymore, and if this other toon really does make him happy then I won’t interfere…” Benny had a more strained smile as he said “Elymas there is no doubt that you really are more of an angel then an actual angel itself..well Elymas I gotta hit the road…see ya.” Elymas nodded waving Benny goodbye as the demon melted into the shadows and was gone.

When Elymas got his mail that day he received a package and blinked confused. When he read it, it was from his brother and his lover Antonio, Elymas opened it to find a letter and a beautiful box. The box was detailed with deer and a forest on it, when he wines it up it play a haunting melody that was absolutely gorgeous and peaceful to listen to. Elymas opened the card and it read
'Dear, Elymas.
I heard about the break up in the paper…I got this music box from Miss Rachel, she was in a fit about the news and she wanted you to have this, Antonio had someone send the package over. Miss Rachel, Antonio and I are in shock to hear what happened Elymas, and that we love you as family please brother do take care, and I have no Doubt Ben already visited you.

Sincerely your baby brother, Adonis’

Elymas smiled as he put the card aside and got rid of the packaging. And listened to the music, he heard the door be knocked on apparently he had more visitors. He went and opened the door to see Jonathan the flaming toon. He lets him in and they sit on the couch, “Ah, Elymas its great to see ya again how are you?” Jonathan asked with his calm smile. The blue demon smiled and asked “I’m well Jonathan, I’m assuming that Belle is watching the children?” The fire Toon nodded grinning fondly saying “Yep she is, but let’s talk here about what brought me here…So Abel really got with another toon…surprised me.” Elymas spoke back “Yes, but I’m slowly getting over it…I just have to realize that I don’t please him anymore.” His tail was limp and he was looking down, not usually what he’d do when speaking to someone. Jonathan frowned and pats Elymas’s back, “Ah, well now you have a chance to find a more…Dedicated lover to give you what you deserve…” the fire based Toon spoke as he stood up saying with a frown “I gotta go, can’t keep Belle and the kids waiting, we’re heading to toon town for a bit.” Jonathan spoke walking to the door looking back waving goodbye to Elymas before he leaves. Elymas looked to the floor and tears up a little “But…What if Abel truly made me happy?…” he spoke to no one. He looks and sees it’s now 5:12 Elymas stood up and decided to get ready for bed early…usually he’d stay awake late for Abel to come back but…He wouldn’t be tonight or any other night for that matter.

A few minutes later Elymas was cleaned up and dressed for bed, as he passed by a book shelf he froze and looked to it and saw a picture. It was of him and Abel, they were on a park bench in the the moonlight under the stars lovingly holding each others hands and Abel had a wing wrapped around him to keep his warm that cold night. Elymas felt the void grow bigger and he growled a little and took the picture and put it face down, he could bare to look at the image reminding him he’ll now be alone those cold nights and never feel that warmth anymore. Before he knew it he was crying again as he felt the tears flow down his face, he went and sat out on the couch. He stares at the TV and he merely stayed like that and he saw another memento of his once love life with Abel, a dried up white rose…Abel had given those to him one day, and when they started to die he saved one to remember that. But now…Elymas stood up and took the dried Rose and went to the window and opened it it he watched the petals immediately get taken into the wind and fly off leaving him with only the bare stem. He chuckled at how ironic that seemed, The petals were Abel flying off leaving Elymas alone. He looked to the withered stem and went back inside and threw the stem out, and he went to sit on the couch and closed his eyes.

It was then he heard noise by the open window, he looked and jumped in shock as he saw another Bendy, but this was Mob Boss Bendy also known as Benicio. He was also Abel’s partner in crime, Elymas asked a bit annoyed but didn’t show it “Bendy what on earth are you doing crawling through my window?!” The mob boss grinned a bit uneasy as he said “Uhhhh kinda heard what happened…A-And wanted to ask how you were doing with that.” It was obvious to Elymas that Benicio wasn’t used to this at all. And Elymas sighed but smiled saying “I-I am Bendy, thank you for your concern but I must heal on my own but I appreciate that you checked up on me.” The boss smiled and winked saying “Had to Moon Man was pissed at Abel for dropping you like that, so he cares to no matter how up tight he is.” Elymas laughed a bit and said “Well tell him I said thank you…” Benicio nodded as he waved goodbye and left by jumping out the window. Elymas went over making sure he was alright, and he laughed seeing Bendy walk away without a scratch on him, he closed the window and went back to the couch.

Elymas fell asleep on the couch that night, he was so emotionally tired that he felt numb in the morning when he woke up. He sat up and saw no one entered his apartment through the night, he half expected to wake up tucked in bed with Abel cuddling him. But of course that wasn’t happening anytime soon, he ignored his throbbing heart as he stood and began cooking breakfast for himself. After making the plate he sat at the table and began eating, thinking of what he needed to do that day. Elymas sighed as he looked to the chair in front of him and remembers Abel would sit with him, he shook away the memories and focused on his list. But he then felt it…a cold, dark and icy pressure on his shoulders, he froze eyes widened and fear flooded into him. It couldn’t have been who he thought it was….there was no way in hell it could be who he thought it was, he felt the pressure around his wing nubs and a voice spoke into his ear “Hello my angel among Demons~ such a pleasure to have your wings in my grasp~ or at least what’s left of them…” Elymas couldn’t say a word as he was stock still as he heard that vile voice of the nightmare that took his wings and barley managed to say “Abel destroyed you…” the nightmare chuckled as the light blue demon felt a squeeze around his neck making him choke a bit and he whimpers shutting his eyes and hears the demon say “That Angel did, but I have a spirit and while I can’t take you to my realm I can torment you here~ and now that your 'guardian angel’ is no longer loving you, your free game Elymas~” Elymas was tearing up as he felt the horrid presence surround him from all sides. And the pressure on his neck tightened more actually cutting of his air and causing him to choke more. And he hears “I have to go pet~ but it’s gonna be a pleasure tormenting you for the rest of your life~” and with that Elymas felt the presence dissolve and the pressure disappear from his throat. And Elymas could only rub his throat and cry silently.

Hey guys don’t worry! Abel and Elymas get back together! This was a big misunderstanding between three artists and it’s solved now! I’m leaving the story cause I cant help it I’m proud of this piece! But Elymas and Abel break up only momentarily!

Any who a ton of characters made an appearance in this story! Please don’t steal any of them thank you.

Blazen, Elymas, Adonis, Meek, Coco, Roadster, the nightmare and Miss Rachel © @animal-guardian

Avelle © @spudinacup

Abel © @the-vampire-inside-me

Jonathan © @themarshmellowsnowqueen

Mob boss Benny © @askthesoulmobster

Benicio Drew © @thelostmoongazer

Buster © @the-deadly-donut

Sidra © @askbendyandother

Nikolai, Antonio, Gabriel © @yaoitrashqueen

Pepper © @echo-the-dragon

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i rescued a kitten this evening and the dean is letting me keep her in my dorm room for the weekend until i leave this is helping my mental state so much

Give Me One More Reason to Go

Summary: You loved Jungkook, and he loved you–but sometimes you meet people too soon for a relationship to actually workout.

Writer’s note: I’M SORRY THIS IS SO SHITTY. I actually really hate this, it’s so cliche and ugh. It irritates me. But I had major flow when writing it so I was like, kay I’ll just post it anyways YOLO.

THIS IS A REQUEST FROM THE LOVELY ANON WHO SENT ME THIS MESSAGE:  Can you do a jungkook angst any will do cause I don’t want to pressure you at all and fighting on your story’s p.s I’m in love with your account it’s like my life 😂😂☺️☺️

-I’m so sorry this is crappy dear, there was another Jungkook angst that was requested that will hopefully be a thousand times better than this garbage and probably more fulfilling and deserving of your request. 

<3 <3 

Part Two

Every human being exists in this world to build connections with other beings–we are social creatures who thrive on some sort of life to get us through the harsh reality we’ve cocooned ourselves in. We’re all tugging at strings, pulling on those threads and bridges that connect us together as friends, lovers, daughters, fathers, uncles, nieces–whatever it may be. We pull and pull, until some of these threads snap or get stronger like thick frayed rope. We all search endlessly for those red threads of attraction, hopelessly trying to reel one into us that will stick. We all want to find that one thread that will never break during our lifetime, that one thread in which the human attached to the other end means more to us than our own happiness.

You were one of the human beings that thought maybe you had found it–maybe this time this person would stick with you. Of all places you found this person within the body of an idol.

You were so captivated by him that none of the negatives of that relationship could have bothered you. A lovestruck fool with a perfect heart not yet scarred by past loves, some god must have seen the target on your back and shot a bull’s-eye when you met Jungkook.

The two of you met at an arcade during BTS’ early years, when they were still free enough to wander without endless paparazzi and fans. If he tried that now it would have been impossible for him to get more than five feet without a fan begging for an autograph.

You were with your friend, playing endless rounds of Dance Dance Revolution in the forgotten and dark back corner of the place. Your friend was losing hopelessly much to your thrilled cackling as you twisted your feet and body to the rhythm effortlessly, dancing was made for you–you had too much energy and it was an easy release. You hadn’t even realized your friend had been replaced by another person until he spoke.

“Whoa, and I thought that I would be able to beat you–who was I kidding?”

You turned to the voice, missing all of your steps in shocked confusion and nearly throwing yourself backwards over the metal bar at the backend of the machine. Your friend couldn’t get enough of your priceless reaction; she even shoved her phone in your face with the video she’d filmed of you. You begged her to delete it, but she never did–it just kept showing up on your Facebook from time to time.

“Ah–I’m sorry, did I startle you?” He stepped off the mat, his hands hovering around you like that would heal the nice bruise you could feel forming on your back from that metal bar.

“I’m fine.” You laughed, cradling your back while your other hand was held out to him. “You’re a good dancer, much better than this loser.” You nodded your head affectionately to your friend still blasting pictures of this interaction for a reason you had yet to understand. “I’m Y/N.”

He shook your hand, sending goosebumps up your arm when you finally got a decent look at the boy in front of you. Hot damn, whatever mixture god made for this child he should have written it down. “I’m Jungkook.”

You nearly choked on your own spit, feeling the sudden urge to bow down at his feet. You weren’t really a huge fan at that point in time, but you were smart enough to know who the boy was in front of you. Your little sister kept extremely up to date with the pop scene, and she’d had only about a dozen posters of BTS plastered up around her room with pink highlighter hearts drawn over their faces. And here was this boy, this drop-dead gorgeous maknae talking to you–a simple idiotic let-me-run-into-this-metal-pole-now commoner.

He couldn’t help but laugh at the look of your reddened face and your embarrassment at not recognizing him sooner.

“You’re…you’re from BTS.” It was practically a stutter that he only found cute.

“Yeah, you heard of us?” He rubbed the back of his neck to hide the creeping blush he could feel coming on.

“My little sister is in love with you guys, she likes Jin the best though–so I wouldn’t get your hopes up.”

He chuckled, laughing at your nervous rambling. It was a bad habit of yours; you had a tendency to tell every person you met your entire life story out of pure social anxiety. It was a trait your best friend also liked to exploit, one time you told an elderly woman buying toilet paper all about the time you were four and tried to be a mummy for Halloween much to your mothers dismay. She was still cleaning up forgotten bits of toilet paper to this day.

“Can I get my hopes up with you instead?”

Your friend laughed behind you, shoving you closer to him. “Girl he’s been eyeing you the moment we walked in here–you’re just too damn oblivious for your own good.”

That definitely didn’t help your quickly reddening cheeks and so to save yourself some sort of embarrassment you pointed to the exit of the arcade. “There’s a really good ice cream shop about a block down–wanna go?”

He couldn’t have nodded quicker.

The two of you had exchanged numbers after that mini-date, and the texts quickly became non-stop and utterly pointless. It had started with small talk like how was your day? What’d you do? That’s nice to the favorites game to random squeal noises and talks about anything and everything. Hell, one night you two had sat up until two arguing about whether peanut butter or Nutella was better.

You totally won that by the way, hands down Nutella.

Then it switched from texts to calls, sometimes long sometimes real short. They were always nice, always sweet–you realized that you loved the sound of his voice. When you weren’t calling him you were stealing your little sister’s BTS cds and YouTubing Jungkook’s covers on an endless repeat just to hear him. He was a damn good singer too–seriously what couldn’t that kid do?

Soon you were meeting in person, him sneaking into your bedroom window or you bursting into his dorm room while the other boys just rolled their eyes at your then-typical characteristics. You played video games with Jungkook until 3 AM, most times you’d fall asleep on the controller and wake up with his sweatshirt around your shoulders while he sat across from you watching your sleeping face–or asleep himself.

You don’t know when you officially decided to start calling what you guys did dating. Maybe when you started cuddling on the couch, or kissing goodbye as you put on your shoes. Maybe when you held hands during movie nights, or played footsie under your dining room table. Maybe when you started ending your texts with hearts and your phone calls with ‘I love you’s. There was never a set date, a set anniversary, but that was fine with you–you were lucky to remember the date of your own damn birthday after all.

As BTS got a busier schedule and became more and more popular you were accepting of the dwindling texts, the shorter calls, the fewer visits. It was understandable that he wouldn’t be in your apartment a lot, that while you visited the dorm he’d be snoozing more to catch up on sleep. You knew that he wouldn’t be able to make to every date you planned or keep up with every promise that he made–he was an idol and he loved doing what he was doing. Seeing him happy and thriving in the environment that he chose for himself was thrilling to you. Besides, he always snuck you and your sister free tickets to every BTS concert that you sat front row at screaming your head off. You knew that you could never go public with your relationship–at least not for a long long while. You were well aware of what your relationship would to do him and the group, that was nothing new, not a surprise. You accepted it all.

Because you loved Jungkook more than you loved yourself. You chose to fall in love with an idol, and for now this was the price you had to pay–you knew in the future that he would make it up to you.

He was trying to make it up to you even then, coming to your apartment late at night with flowers and chocolates–maybe your favorite takeout from down the street. He would hold you tighter, kiss you harder and whisper “I love you"s in your ear until you got so sick of hearing those words you felt like you wanted to hit him.  He would watch thirty movies before he had to go, tell you how beautiful you were, play with your hair, tackle you to the ground in tickles, and laugh with you until your stomach hurt for as long as he physically could until he had to leave. You understood that he would always have to leave, for now.

You endured; you sent hearts in your text messages and said “good luck” every morning and “good night, Jagiya” every night before bed. You would send long inspiring text messages before every concert, interview, photoshoot, whatever it may be. You kept a copy of his schedule on your fridge to keep up with him, crossing out the days as they passed by and making adjustments as they came.

You were accepting of the fact that he wouldn’t be in your apartment a lot anymore as they got more and more popular, that the visits would be even more infrequent than they were in the past. You were understanding of the fact that he couldn’t be there to comfort you when your grandfather died, that he couldn’t even send a text when you fell down a flight of stairs and broke your wrist, that he couldn’t be present to hold you when you had a panic attack after a failed test exam. You understood, you endured, and you loved him anyways because that was the only thread that you knew how to love.

Then the day that shattered what was left of your once-strong endurance came.

And you knew that some red threads weren’t meant to last.

You caught a glimpse of that familiar dark mop of hair, surrounded by other people you could recognize from your visits to his dorm. Like the idiot you were you ignored the fact that there was what appeared to be a fairly new female idol group walking with them. Like the idiot you were you only thought of surprising him, running up to all the people you also considered your friends. Like the fool you were you burst into their happy idol bubble with a great big smile.

The boys greeted you like their long lost friend, enveloping you into hugs and smiles. They could treat you like a friend, a cousin–they could get away with that in public. If you were smarter you would have looked into their eyes, splitting the pity apart from the happiness of seeing you again. But you weren’t, not then–you were a grade A idiot.

Your eyes immediately went to Jungkook’s hands, one shoved in his pocket while the other held the hand of the girl next to him. He looked shocked to see you, frozen in place. He hadn’t even run up to hug you, to kiss you or to even say hello. He just looked at your face like you were the last of an endangered species he was seeing for the first time, a beautiful species that was about to go extinct.

You stare at their hands in confusion, your gaze flickering between them. You tried to read his face, searching his eyes for some meaning to this–some set up BigHit had done to give the boys more popularity. That was all it was right?

But you’d forgotten in all your stupidity that people could lie, that you had never expressly said that you were dating or that you were exclusive. How stupid of you right?

“Who’s this, Kookie?” The girl next to him spoke, startling him out of his reverie. His eyes pleaded with you, begging for you to look at him–for you to understand. He would explain it all away later; he would tell you it was a set up for the cameras–that he loved only you. But you wouldn’t look at him; you were the queen of obliviousness.

And his words had sent you into the deep end.

“A friend of Jimin’s.” He whispered to her. “Nobody.”

You were done scanning his face for answers, done trying to find some sort of hope for yourself–misunderstanding, mistake, or not, you were done.  

The boys tried to hold you there with meaningless conversation, tried to get the girls to leave so Jungkook could talk to you alone and in the security of the circle of BTS, but you were having none of it. Your mouth shut quickly and you nodded to both the girls and the boys. Your hands came up to your face, palms out in an apology and as a sneaky way to cover up your trembling lips.

“Ah, I’m sorry boys for bothering you, and you as well–I’m sorry also that I do not know your names yet, but I’m sure I will in the future.” Your voice was loud and powerful, too strong for the quiet silence of the empty street. “Fighting!” You laughed in a way that cracked your voice and didn’t reach your quickly filling eyes. You bowed before leaving; your feet unable to walk fast enough.

Jungkook could only watch as the red string connecting him to you snapped with frayed and torn edges, his heart collapsing in on itself with the sudden lack of oxygen.

There are ties that connect humans to each other. Some people call them red strings of fate, while others call them bridges that lead to another person’s heart. Either way we are all connected to the people we choose to keep around us in some sort of fashion, unknown to the fact that those ties are easily severed. Easily burned.

Even stone bridges can burn, and Jungkook was watching the red ashes fly and disappear into the air faster than he had fallen in love with you.


Okay I have to say this...

I am so sick of female fans of any sport acting like they are better than other female fans!! As a female hockey fan, I will admit that we are the worst. We are always ready to label other female fans as puck bunnies or fangirls!! I can honestly say that I get more respect from male fans then I do female fans for my knowledge of the sport!! And you know what people need to get over the fact that FEMALE fans will be attracted to MALE players!! I cannot help it that I find a guy attractive and guess what?! If he was a guy who worked at a restaurant instead of a hockey player I would still be attracted to him!! Sorry I just had to say this!!