ugh this poem though

I don’t really know
What I should think-
Having all these doubts,
It makes me want to drink

And I just keep bottling up
All these feelings inside
Yet I told you I’d tell you-
I guess this means I’ve lied.

I can’t find the courage to
Ask you, to find the truth
I’m always scared what you
Will say- we are still youth

And youth can be quite
Adventurous, I might add-
And the words you say just
Scare me of what you had-

It scares me that I
Might not be your one
Whilst I’m over here
Breaking every
Wall down
That I can.


You Matter to Me

Summary: Phil’s tired of living in everyone else’s shadow.

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 3465 

A/N: This took an eternity and a day to write omg. So anyway I kind of based this off of mine and my best friend’s relationship so I’m like really passionate about this and worked really on it so I hope you like it. Enjoy! xx

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I hope that someday someone hurts you like you hurt me.
—  words from a bitter, broken heart

anonymous asked:

I come to your page when I need a reminder of who I am. When I'm a bird in my own cage, haunted, when my heart is raw, clawing it's way through my chest, when my blood howling at the moon. Your poems. Ugh. You remind me that love is real and even though I know that, not all boys are. Thank you thank you thank you

I love you so much