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"You dont want me" ladynoir

Ladybug sat at the top of the Eiffel Tower, her head in her hands, wondering how she could have possibly screwed things up SO badly. 

She heard the light footfall of her partner landing behind her. She couldn’t say she was surprised, he had never been one to leave her to stew in her own misery. 

“So…” he drawled, coming and sitting beside her, “that was an interesting broadcast today.” 

“It was a disaster,” she moaned, still not looking up at him, “I should just throw myself off this tower and put myself out of my misery.” 

“Oh come on, it’s not as bad as all that,” Chat said, patting her awkwardly on the back. 

She turned and glared at him. “It was a live stream, Chat! LIVE! It’s out there. Right now!” 

“True,” he conceded, nodding his head, “but it’s not like you said anything horrible. It was kinda cute actually.” 

“You don’t understand,” she moaned, slumping over so until she was curled up in his lap, “I’ve ruined everything! What sort of an idiot starts babbling about their crush on a live broadcast.” 

“Well, apparently you,” Chat said with a light laugh, cautiously reaching forward to play with the ends of her hair, “and about half of the rest of the known world. It could be a lot worse buginette.” 

“Do you think there is a chance he didn’t see it?” she asked hopefully, looking up at her partner’s thoughtful expression. 

He gave her a pitying smile. “I think you’re pretty much out of luck their bugaboo. You already have a ship name and everything. It’s trending on twitter.” 

“Ugh, that’s terrible,” she groaned, curling up tighter and burying her face against his leg. 

“I don’t know,” Chat teased, “I thought Ladrien had kind of a nice ring to it.” 

“This can’t be happening,” she moaned. 

“Hey, come on. What’s this really about? Is it really going to be so awful for the guy to know you like him? He might be flattered.” 

“It’s not that,” Ladybug said softly, “I mean, it’s MORE than that. I haven’t even told him I liked him- as myself, my not Ladybug self I mean. And now… let’s say he does feel flattered? That just means I have made myself my own competition! And it’s not like I can just go up to him and be like: Hey, by the way I’m Ladybug and, as you already know, I’m totally in love with you! Want to date me now?” 

“Oh god,” Chat said with a sudden sense of horror, “there are going to be so many desperate fangirls trying to do that.” 

“I didn’t even think about that! If he didn’t before he’s definitely going to hate me now. I might be the only person in the world who can simultaneously confess to her crush and make it harder for him to notice me!”  

“You really are one of a kind there bugaboo,” Chat said giving her another reassuring pat on the shoulder. 

“And what if this puts him in danger? I mean I might as well have stamped a butterfly tattoo across his back saying property of Ladybug, please exchange for one miraculous!” 

“Please don’t do that. I am told that models need to be very particular about what they put on their skin.” 

“It’s not funny. What if I honestly made him a target?”

“Hey,” Chat said “I promise you, if anything happens I will be the first person on the scene.” 

“Thanks,” she said gratefully, reaching up and catching his hand in her own.

“So, you’re in love with the model boy,” Chat said softly, rubbing his thumb absently against the back of her hand, “gotta say I didn’t see that one coming.” 
“Yeah well, it’s not like it really matters anymore,” she sighed, “it’s not like it would ever happen.” 

He scoffed at her, rolling his eyes theatrically to show his clear contempt for her pessimism. “So tell me My Lady,” he asked shifting slightly so that he could look down at her with a playful smile, “what is it that you see in this guy anyways?” 

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” 

“You don’t want me, so clearly you aren’t after the guy for his looks,” Chat said wiggling his eyebrows flirtatiously. 

“No,” Ladybug laughed, “although they don’t hurt.” 

“Why My Lady, was that you finally admitting that you find me attractive?” 

“You’ve always been attractive and you know it,” she said reaching up and flicking his bell. “As you can see I’ve just had my attentions elsewhere.” 

“Oh so this is a long standing attachment then? How long have you been dreaming of being M’Lady Agreste?” he teased poking her lightly on the nose. 

“Almost from the first day I met him. It will be two years next week,” she said softly. 

“The start of school,” Chat murmured, “you know him then?” 

“yeah,” she admitted reaching blindly around to catch his other hand and pull him to her like a security blanket. “We were in the same class in college and we still have a few classes together now. Plus our friends are dating so we hang out a lot.” 

“You two are close then,” Chat said a little breathlessly, “that… well that certainly clears things up.” 
“Yeah,” Ladybug said, “it’s not just some creepy celebrity crush. I mean, it kind of was that too. I have like 2 dozen photos of him plastered on my wall that I used to practice talking to because for the longest time I could barely string a sentence together around him, it was kind of embarrassing. I got over it eventually, but by that point I didn’t really have the heart to take the pictures down.” 

Chat gave her a warm smile. “I can see it now, you stuttering and tripping and shooting the poor confused boy adorable awkward smiles before running off in the opposite direction.” 

“Shut up,” Ladybug said but she couldn’t help grinning at her partners soft tone and fond smile. “I got better.” 

“I know.” He raised one of her hands to his lips and gave her a delicate kiss. “So you still haven’t told me what you see in this guy,” he challenged, “If I am getting demoted to your rebound choice I deserve to know what I am up against,” he said slyly. 

“He’s kind,” Ladybug smiled, filling with warmth as she thought about her love. “He always wants to see the best in people,and he… he is just good, you know? The kind of goodness that doesn’t come from ignorance or being sheltered, but that has seen pain and and heartache and loss and yet still chooses to be good. 

“That is high praise indeed My Lady.” 

“You aren’t going to make fun of me for this?” 

“No My Lady. If anything I am going to love you more for it.” 

She gave him another grateful smile before sitting up. The sun had begun to set and she knew she should be getting home. She probably had a dozen of so missed calls from Alya waiting for her. 

“Well who knows,” she said attempting to be flippant. “Maybe he’ll finally just reject me and I will change my mind about you Kitty.” 

“Wouldn’t that be a twist,” Chat laughed climbing to his feet and offering her his hand to help her up as well. 

“It would probably be for the best,” she sighed. “It’s not like we can be together. Not with Hawkmoth still on the loose. There is too much at stake. And I don’t know if I could bear having to hide my identity in a relationship.” 

Chat grinned again. “You are very wise My Lady.” 

“Mostly I am just telling myself that so I can feel better,” she admitted and was rewarded with a loud melodious laugh. 

“You know,” he said, eyes twinkling “you are probably right. Clandestine meetings, midnight makeout sessions, it’s probably better to hold out for the real thing.” 


“Besides, I hate to break it to you My Lady but I have a sinking feeling that #Ladrien is not to be.” 

“And why is that Kitty?” 

“Well,” Chat said looking out at the sunset, “not to be the bearer of bad news but I have it on very good authority that your lover is very much spoken for.” 

“oh?” Ladybug said trying not to let her disappointment show. 

“Yes, completely and hopelessly in love. Someone at his school in fact.” 

“And who is this mystery girl?” she asked. 

“It’s right on the tip of my tongue,” Chat said his eyes glittering with something she couldn’t quite name, “it will come to me. I’ll have to tell you next time I see you.” 

“Well thanks for the heads up,” she said leaning over to give him a kiss on the cheek, “and thanks for cheering me up.” 

“Always My Lady. I should probably get heading home myself.” he pulled out his staff and and extended it. 

“Oh,” he said, shooting her a final grin as prepared to depart, “I do remember one thing.”
“And what’s that?” 

“The mystery girl, I knew there was something about her that I found particularly delectable.” 

“And what is that?” 

“Her parent’s own a bakery.”  

the bus (Lin Manuel Miranda x reader)

Lim-Manuel Miranda

summary : ur on a bus & Lin happens to be on the same one too & u expose ur fangirlness

warnings : maybe cussing¿? embarrassment ,, awkwardness stupid friends

pronouns : they/them

a/n : the wifi on this bus only apparently works where there’s cell reception idfk wtf and this is that cute idea I thought of… maybe it’s not so cute??? PLSE tell me what u guys think I need to improve my writing !!!

a/n : the previous a/n was the original one, but I’m adding this in here. this may be an ongoing series!!! sorry for the shitty writing in advance GIMME FEEDBACK,,

1 ,, 2 ,, next chatpter in the works

your eyes were dropping. it was about four in the morning, and the tour bus was picking people up. you pressed play on some music and put to full volume. your friend next to you, tanushka, drifted off a few minutes before you. you felt yourself fade into sleep, letting your mind rest.


lin couldn’t believe it. he’d been in queens town for about six days and not a single person recognized him. no matter how peaceful it was, it was also disheartening. he didn’t let it get him down, he signed himself up for an 8 hour bus ride to Millford Sound. he walked onto the bus using the incredibly steep stairs, then heard a familiar beat. he couldn’t place it, but he saw the source of the noise- you. he walked towards your seat and that’s when tanushka noticed him.

she let out a loud gasp, grabbing your phone and opening it to the home screen, a picture of Lin on it. “you’re the guy! with the music play thing! LIT manny or something!” She exclaims in a shout-whisper. he laughs at lit-manny.

“I’m Lin-Manuel Miranda, if that’s what you mean.”

“yeah! That guy! Holy shit y/n FUCKING loves you!” she points at you.

“so you don’t mind if i… sit here?” he asks, wanting to surprise you.

“oh! oh! oh sure!” she gets up, letting him slide in. for the first he examines you. your hands were inside your star labs hoodie, and half of your face as well. he got to notice your hair and your eyes. from the corner of his eyes, in the seat pocket, he spotted glasses. you were cute enough in your own way. now that he was closer to you, he could hear all the music. it seemed your music range varied greatly. one second it was Hamilton, then it was Metallica, then it was twenty one pilots. it was quite amusing. then the bus driver spoke into the speakers, his voice startling you.

“o- what the SHIT? ugh tanushka you never wake me u-” you turned and Lin was smirking. you rubbed your eyes and blinked, fumbling for your glasses.

“what the heckle?” you muttered, letting your eyes clear to reveal Lin, laughing.

“well hello there I’m Lin-”

“Manuel Miranda” you finished, in awe, “no freaking way.”

“well yes freaking way. I kinda just, heard your music, and asked your friend, tanushka I believe?, if I could sit here.” at her cue, she popped up from behind you. “that’s me!”

“anyways, so hey! I guess you have some great music taste!” Lin chuckles. “so what’s you’re name?”

“uh- y/n” you stutter out. then with more confidence, “y/n l/n”.

“well, y/n, what a lovely name might I mention, may I ask you what you’re favorite Hamilton song?” he says, making you laugh.

“I have so many really- uh I guess I really like Washington on your side- ooh! or maybe the Reynolds Pamphlet! Definitely guns and ships! oh! also! RIGHT hand man? and the Schuyler sisters? they’re all so good and so brilliantly put together and the music and t-” his laugh interrupted you.

“I think I’d know how good it is, I spent way too much of my life writing them”

“modest MUCH?” you laugh, then realize how rude you came off. “I’m so sorry I didn’t meant to-”

“it’s fine! don’t be sorry!” he noticed your fidgeting. “nervous?”

“this is… a lot to take in” you breathed out.

“well take your time then.” he jokes, “the dad bod is my best attribute, I believe.” you laugh, and grab your phone.

“is it ok if I take a picture with you?” you ask awkwardly. he nods, and you open up camera. he spots your homescreen and points at it.

“that’s me!”

“well duh” you grin, holding up the camera so you could take a photo. you guys ended up taking maybe fifty because you both couldn’t keep a straight face.

“you don’t mind if I… sit here for the rest of the ride?” he asked, quite nervously. Lin has a crush. yes, it was a school girlish crush, but you had such a bright attractive personality… he couldn’t help it. was that even legal? liking a fan? it seemed like a distant thought, a foreign idea only sought after in fanfiction.

“oh my god of course!” you were practically screaming, a grin so wide that Lin couldn’t help but smile.

“so… let’s get to know each other I guess?” Lin said, then tried to think of a question. “oh! what’s your twitter handle?” he asks and you tell him. a pan formularles in his head on how to get your number.

“can you send me the photos?” Lin asks, reaching for your phone “here I’ll-”

“I’ll just dm it on Twitter!” you smile and type in his handle, sending him the photos. there goes that.

“you don’t mind sending me all the pictures? Maybe it would be faster over text?” he tried again.

“oh it’s fine, you don’t want a fan like me with your number.” you say, not getting the hint.

“I mean-”

“don’t worry about it! there, it should have delivere-”

“goddamit can I please have your number?” he finally blurts. your eyes widen as you look up at him.


“I-uhm” Lin didn’t know how to fix this. he scratches the back of his head, looking towards his feet

“I’d love to give you my number.” You grin, and send it to him over Twitter.

“uh thanks” he grins sheepishly, then posted a photo. your phone rang with the notification for both Lins post & that he tagged you.

“you have me on post notifs?” he laughs, running a hand through his hair. god, he was cute.


“that’s cute.” he says laughing at your blush.

met the most amazing dum dum ever… (your handle)

you blushed again and covered your laugh as you looked at him. “this is so sweet!” you exclaim, and it was his turn to blush as he nervously looked towards the floor.

“and you followed me? what? that’s so cool! oh my gosh!” you gush, smile plastered across your cheeks.

“it’s no problem, really.” he says.

“thank you! well god, I’m tired so you don’t mind if I take a quick nap?” you ask, and he laughs. in the back of his head, he prayed the cliche gods were at work and you would fall asleep onto his shoulders.

to be continued¿

Emerald City Comic-Con 2017

So I drove to Seattle from my little city Bend, OR on Thursday, about a 7hr drive there (7.5 hrs on the way home :/)  I stayed with @ninaf who lives just outside of Seattle.  We hung out that night and didn’t go to bed until after 1 a.m. 😳The Panel:  Our plan was to get to the Convention Center by 8:30/9:00 a.m. which we did. It was interesting that there didn’t seem to be much ‘security’(I could have taken my flask :/), we entered from across the street where we parked in a public parking garage and entered in at the 3rd floor.  We probably could have gotten in Sat. no problem even without a Sat badge!  Anyhow quickly found the line for the Outlander panel – SO many people!  They let us in at about 10:45 and me @ninaf and 2 of her friends (that are ‘normal’ fans) found some seats – we were second row far left of the stage – right where the fan questions were left of the stage.  I wanted to ask a question – Sam could you please sit back I can’t see CAITRIONA!? In front of us was a slew of moms with their babies – so cute – one started fussing and Cait actually looked over to them with her awe concerned face – she clearly LOVES BABIES! ♥  You can just see it in the video briefly at about 14:32 min. I am a huge Cait fan so I was Screaming and standing when she came out and thought we were doing pretty good there, then Sam came out and omg decibels! They sit down and Sam won’t sit all the way back on the couch, I don’t know why, and he was blocking my view of Cait, I could only see her on the screen or if she moved forward or back. 😒 I didn’t take any pics, cos I just wanted to be present and absorb the experience, (one of @ninaf ’s friends did though so we’ll post as soon as we get them). One observance is they both looked tired, but ready to 'do this’.  I loved the panel, I thought they were very comfortable, there to have fun and engage with us, I liked the questions asked and quite a few of mine were answered. Caitriona was taking the lead quite a bit but I think her wit is a bit quicker than Sam’s (I’m a taurus and we tend to slow think sometimes) but it gave him a chance to play off of her which I feel they do quite a bit probably. They seemed very in tune with each other.  Next on the agenda was the autograph session.  We got there @ about 12:15 for the 12:30 and were turned away- too full come back at 4.  Well cool, we can at least eat, since we didn’t have any breakfast so we had lunch and drinks. Met up with @ourrubygirl and her daughter (normal fan), nipunad on twitter – sorry don’t know your tumblr and with ninaf and her 2 friends (side note – they were so funny before I even got to Seattle they were concerned that ninaf would invite someone from online who she had never met to stay at her house.  By then we had talked on the phone and friended each other on facebook so they had to facebook stalk me to give their approval – whew, glad I passed). 😘Photo Op!  Ugh, okay this is where we realized that this poor little comic-con was absolutely NOT ready for this Outlander fandom and where everything really started to get behind schedule.  I envy the Sat photo op participants, looks like it was more relaxed and not as rushed as Friday's– READY click NEXT! I know people have been dissing the posed photos, but after being 'there’ this is what I feel, I think SamCait enjoy the poses somewhat, cos’ otherwise the way it was with many of us on Friday we just walk in, stand next to them, click and we’re out, so I could see that for sure getting tedious AF for them, they seemed to have more fun on Sat with it – because they were allowed to also.  Anyhow the Friday photo op was close to being a complete clusterfuck, but the gestapo staff pulled it off.  There were other people there, apparently there was more than just OL there 😉 that would be like “What is this line for with all these people?” And we’d be like Outlander, and they just go off mumbling wtf is outlander? Funny. I walked in for my 'Team Outlander’ photo and I was wearing opal earrings from Mexico and Cait says to me “oh I love your earrings” Me: thank you – and I’m beaming so fucking hard I can hardly breath! So I’m 5'1” - yeah – I’m holding on to them for the photo mumble thanks or something I fecking don’t remember, patted Sam’s back turned and looked up OMFG this guy is TALL! I have a friend that is 6'7”, but Sam seemed much taller than that, I think it’s his massiveness or something IDK. His leather jacket is really soft btw.Okay NEXT – while I go back in line for my Cait only photo, ninaf goes downstairs to get in line for the autographs – good thing too since they almost turned me away by the time I got down there!  STEP OFF BITCH I WILL GET MY CATRIONA EFFING BALFE AUTOGRAPH!!!!  So by this time we are beyond hot – it was so hot in this place which wasn’t even at the convention center, everything but the panel was at the Sheraton next door.  Note to self Bring water bottle, we learned a lot of should'ves…. So there was quite a wait for this, mainly because Caitriona was still upstairs READY click NEXT! And they could only do the Sam only autographs which there weren’t a ton of apparently😁

The way they had it set up Cait first then Sam, so we had to wait for Cait to appear.  We were in the 'overflow’ line outside of the main autograph room, but could see in there a bit, we saw the lights go out, didn’t hear the comments @sileas84 mentioned, but too funny.  When we finally got to the 'room’ wow, so I am a diehard Caitriona Balfe fan, I like Sam but am not an over the top fan like most… I have to say seeing him up close and personal I COULD NOT take my eyes off of him, he was so 'cute’ doesn’t do it justice, I seriously have no word/s for it.  He was so funny and gracious and flirty with the women and NICE, very tan too, yeah, I kept running into people as the line snaked around trying to just watch him, I even almost got kicked out trying to sneak a pic – damn gestapo staffers.  So finally get up to Caitriona, um effing goddess.  She had quite the stash of gifts, I had considered giving them something but didn’t want to burden them with too much stuff and if they truly just give it away well… So I opted to give her a love letter as I call it, from me.  I didn’t know what to 'say or ask her something’ so I mentioned that I have a head shot autograph of Simon (her friend Simon Kassianides) and I can add hers to it now and she smiles and says “oh cool, I just saw him a couple of days ago!”  Me: heehee. JHRC I’m such a dweeb.  I didn’t get a Sam autograph cos’ they had sold out by the time I got online to purchase, I coached ninaf though to make sure to smell him so we could report back, since we both forgot to at the photo op :P  So we float out of the room and out into the main area and I finally just started screaming I was so excited – I got to talk to Caitriona Effing Balfe (even if it was brief)  I am so so glad I did this! 

After this was all done it was getting close to our dinner plans for meeting up with other tumblrs, so we eventually got to the restaurant.  How fun to finally meet some of us.  As we came into the room I immediately recognized @rainmanjdog and @mommydog67, we had been chatting while in line for our Cait only photo and didn’t know that we were part of the tumblrs, so funny and we all almost asked each other but didn’t want to risk it – so sad.  Great night hanging with everyone, best story goes to @valkyrie1969 I still chuckle just thinking about it.  So where is the photo of us pointing at the 'Meet and Greet’ room @pentwhistle ?

Overall impression of SamCait – they are two of the most genuine, engaging, fun, cool, nicest people.  

Overall impresion of our tumblrs – we are some of the most genuine, engaging, fun, cool and nicest people.  

Just A Lock Screen, Right?

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45: “I’m your lock screen!?” - “You weren’t supposed to see that”

Ship: Bambam x Reader

Genre: Fluffy/Friends to Lovers Drabble

Word Count: 1,314

A/N: I finished my last exam today so I celebrated by finally finishing this drabble! Thank you so much anon for giving me my first request! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it :) Also the beginning thoughts of the reader are from a free verse poem I wrote called “Love Like Soccer” and I thought it fits this scenario really well!
- Cas <3

All it took was one day, which happened to be the first day we met. One glance from him to me that made my heart explode.

But there was no way in hell that I was going to tell him that.

So my lovestruck heart stood on the sidelines like the kid who is only good at doing one thing when he plays soccer. And so my lovestruck heart just sat there and watched us as we developed our friendship while it wanted nothing more than to stop the game and run up to him and scream at him, “CAN’T YOU SEE THAT I LOVE YOU?”

But it was way too risky. What if he didn’t feel the same way?

So that brings me to my current situation. And my heart is about to be thrown into the soccer game. But this time, there’s nothing I can do because it’s about to be painfully obvious that my heart does NOT know how to play soccer at all.

- - - - - - -

The quiet calm of my sleep is fizzling out with each buzz and ding from my phone. I twist to the right to check the time on my alarm clock. It reads 8:39. Seriously, who is texting me this early on a Saturday morning? I sit up slightly and twist back to sit normally. I unplug my phone from the charger and turn it on.

“4 New Messages from DabKing ;)”

Of course HE would be texting me at this hour. I open the messages.

DabKing ;) : Hey Y/N

DabKing ;) : Heyyyyyyyyy

DabKing ;) : Do you wanna hang out today????

DabKing ;) : I miss my friendddd :(

My heart rate quickens slightly at the fact that he wants to see me and that he misses me. I quickly type a reply,

Y/N : You little fucker you woke me up >:(

Y/N : But yessss ofc i would love to hang with u!

DabKing ;) : Yayyyyyy!!!!! meet at the usual spot in 10?

Y/N : Ugh fine, but I’m gonna have to go barefaced :/

DabKing ;) : That’s ok! You look pretty without makeup

WHAT?! Did he just say I’m pretty?

Y/N : ummm thanks

I throw my phone across my bed, acting like that situation didn’t just happen and that I totally didn’t just respond in the dumbest way possible. I do some very light makeup and change into something cute and comfy because I want to look cute for myself and because I don’t need to try and look nice to go hang out with Bambam. If anything it would be weird if I wore something fancy when we hung out. I still have just under 5 minutes to get to our favorite cafe. Good thing its only a block away from my apartment complex.

I run down the stairwell of my complex and start walking a steady pace towards the cafe. I check my watch. Dammit I’m gonna be late. I pick up my pace slightly. By the time I arrive to the front of the cafe, a certain lanky boy, drowning in gucci and everything that’s expensive, wearing a pair of sunglasses that don’t look designer but they are, is standing right next to the door leaning against the wall as if he had been waiting on me for an hour. My heart starts beating faster. He looks like the bad boy (who’s really a sweetheart) that just popped out of a drama.

“Hey! BamBam!” I wave, then jog up to him.

“Hey Y/N! Its been a while since I’ve seen you face to face” He stretches his arms out, asking for a hug.

Oh shit…This is not what I need right now…

I go in to hug him despite my conscience yelling at me to stop and pull away. My heart is beating even faster now.

“Yeah it has.” I say shyly.

“Let’s go inside and get some breakfast” He smiles, opens the front door, and gestures for me to go inside. He is being oddly polite today.

I walk inside and BamBam shortly follows. I scan the room to find an empty table. Luckily, the corner table we used to always sit at up until a few months ago was open. I turn over my shoulder to ask Bam.

“Hey do you wanna sit at our old table?” I ask.

“Yeah sure” he replies.

We make our way over to the table and sit down. The waitress comes over quickly, with 2 menus in hand.

“Hello! Welcome.” she smiles as she hands us the menus, “Can I get you started with anything to drink this morning?”

“Can I just have a water?” I ask.

“Me too” BamBam says.

“Sure! I’ll have 2 waters back out in just a minute!” She flashes her smile again and walks back to the kitchen.

“I need to use the restroom, I’ll be right back” I say as I stand up from the table and make my way towards the bathrooms, leaving my purse behind and my phone on the table.

I go to the bathroom to calm myself down. I didn’t need to go to bathroom but my heart rate had been jumping ever since he hugged me. I splash cool water on my face and dry it off without ruining the little makeup that I have on. I take a deep breath and head back out to the table where BamBam is waiting. I sit back down across from him. He stares at me for a second before I realize and he places my phone on the table rather harshly and looks at me with confusion and a hint of joy and mischief.


“So, Y/N…” he says as calmly as possible.

I can hear myself swallow hard. I know what is coming.

I’m your lock screen?!” He borderline shouts as he turns on my phone, displaying my background of a high quality fansite photo of BamBam himself.

“Y-You weren’t supposed to see that. Anyway its been nice talking to you I have to go, urgent thing for work-” I stutter as I grab my things and stand up, ready to bolt out due to embarrassment.

“No. Sit down.” he strongly demands.

I accept my fate and approaching doom as I wave my white flag and slump back down into the chair.

“If you could please explain Y/N…” he says with the same calming voice that I listened to on the phone many nights when I was sad and emotional over who knows what. He always knew how to calm me down.

This is it. Now or never.

“Okay look, I’m obviously a fan of Got7. You know that. But, even before we met, I kinda had a thing for you. And meeting you in real life and spending actual time with you didn’t exactly help my case. But I’m not used to liking people or relationships or anything like that. So that’s why I’ve stayed away and chose to become friends with you instead of trying to get with you. Also, because I didn’t want to overstep my boundaries as an acquaintance and being friends with you is better than not knowing you at all. I’ve been avoiding you because it all got too much for me and I couldn’t handle myself being around you so often. I didn’t want to blow my cover. I just really like you. And now I’m so worried because I don’t know what you’re gonna make of this and I’m sorry for not saying anything.”

“No need to worry” he smiles warmly at me and reaches to gently cradle my hands in his, “I like you too.”

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Hey girl, can you give a summary of chapter 116? Pretty please? ^^

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I’m not fluent in Japanese, and I don’t have much experience translating. I can read and look up words I don’t know, but I’m not claiming that this is a super accurate translation. Some things I was shaky on, and I didn’t translate every line. There are probably mistakes. But this is at least the gist of what’s going on, and I hope it helps until a better / official translation is released! :) 

Colored Pages: Exams in January. Kazehaya’s mother asks if he has his admission ticket for the exam. He says he’s got it before heading to the exam center. Sawako’s mother tells her to be careful and “Fight!” as she leaves home. “And, in February, each of us approaches the crucial moment.”

Page 1: Sawako wishes Kazehaya a happy Valentine’s Day. She says that even though she’s giving him store-bought chocolate this year, she thinks it will still taste good. Kazehaya thanks her for doing that for him, and Sawako apologizes for taking up his time when he’s busy studying.

Page 2: They are happy to see each other, and Kazehaya admits that he feels kind of shy since they haven’t been able to meet for a while. The students are currently in a “home study” period, and even though it’s only for a little bit, she and Kazehaya have met each other for the past 3 Valentine’s Days. Before leaving, he tells Sawako to do her best!

Page 3: Chizu texts Sawako a picture of the homemade chocolate she made for Ryu. As soon as Sawako replies to Chizu’s message, she suddenly gets a message from Ayane titled, “Report” (as in her exam results).

Page 4: Message reads: “I passed. I’m heading to the school to let them know.” Sawako says, “You…did it…Ayane-chan…you did it…!!” 

Page 5: “You did it!!!!” Sawako thinks: “Ayane-chan, you’re a step ahead.” 

Page 6: Ayane thinks about what Pin would say if he knew the cough drop he gave her was her good luck charm while she took the exam. (The imaginary Pin in the background is bragging, “It’s all thanks to me!! Ha Ha Ha!!”) She laughs because it seems like something he’d say. “But,” she thinks, “If he said that, I wouldn’t be able to deny it.”

Page 7: “If Pin hadn’t been there, I would have given up a long time ago. If I tell him I passed, what will he say?”

Page 8: Ayane suddenly realizes it’s Valentine’s Day.

Page 9: Ayane thinks, “Now that I think about it, I gave chocolate my first and second years of high school!!! To Pin!!! No way!!!” She thinks about how she could give it to him – as a “thank you” or with a friendly, light-hearted attitude? Ultimately she decides it’s impossible and dashes away.

Page 10: Ayane thinks, “Since Pin is shameless, maybe he’ll demand chocolate. In that case, wouldn’t it be good to come prepared? I’ll say, ‘It can’t be helped’ or something like, ‘Even though it’s for my dad…’” Suddenly Chigusa calls out to her and asks if she came to school to tell them her exam results. She says that yes, and that she passed – Chigusa tosses her the photos and says that now they’re a congratulatory gift!  

Page 11: Ayane brought bags of chips as a bribe for the photos, but Chigusa turns her down, saying they’re a gift for passing her exam. Ayane starts to insist that she accept the chips, panicking because it seems like Chigusa knows why she wanted the photos (haha!). Ayane shoves a chip in her mouth, saying that it’s “hush money” – Chigusa assures her that her lips are sealed as she leaves with the chips. Ayane seems shocked, but thanks her and runs into the bathroom. 

Page 12: Looking at the photos, Ayane thinks about how happy she and Pin look, mentally thanking Chigusa for capturing the moment. 

Page 13: She thinks about how they’re smiling and laughing in the picture. Suddenly she tears up, thinking, “…oh no…the pictures…they’ll get wet…what is this…?” She asks herself how many more times she and Pin will be able to meet.

Page 14: “Three times? And after I tell him that I passed, two times?” In her memories, she says, “Ugh, it’s Pin! Don’t walk so close to me!” He yells, “I’m not!!” She remembers him calling her “Idiot! Idiot!” with a huge grin on his face. “Which one of us is the idiot?” she asks.

Page 15: She thinks that soon she won’t even be able to look at his face. 

Page 16: She walks up the steps to the office.

Page 17: She thinks, “…it’s no good. I’ll start crying…”

Page 18: “(My feelings) will come through. This time he’ll definitely notice.”

Page 19: Pin suddenly hears a noise from outside the door (Ayane running back down the stairs). He listens for a moment, but then slams the door open and yells, “Is someone there? HEY!!”

Page 20: Receiving no answer, he angrily slams the door. He waits around for two hours, grumbling and bored. A female student asks permission to enter. 

Page 21: “Sensei, I passed at my first choice!!” Pin excitedly tells her he knew she could do it! He congratulates her and reminds her to come on the 31st (of March?). Before she can leave, he asks her if she’s seen Ayane. The female student says that she hasn’t, and that Ayane wasn’t in the classroom either.

Page 22: Pin thinks that today should be the day they learn their exam results. “That means she…disappeared / ran…?“ Looking at the clock, he thinks, “Well…I’ll wait a little longer…”

Page 23: Kento runs into Ayane at the train station and asks what she’s doing there. He tells her about the chocolate he’s received and she laughs a little, saying that he’s so nice. He reminisces that last year he only received them from his girlfriend.

Page 24: He shouts that it was fun, and Ayane agrees while thinking that she did really horrible things to him, but he gave her lots of happy memories. Suddenly Kento remembers the exam and asks how she did.

Page 25: Ayane says, “Yeah. I passed!” Kento happily shouts, “You did it!! You did it, Ayane-chan! Congratulations!!” Ayane smiles and thanks him.

Page 26: Kento notices the pictures and Ayane says that Chigusa brought her some from the New Year’s shrine visit. Kento tells her that actually, he was also there – Ayane didn’t know, and asks why he didn’t call out to her. He says it was okay.

Page 27: He says, “I saw you making a face I’d never seen before.” 

Page 28: Ayane thinks, “A face…he’d never seen before?” Kento asks if she remembers what he told her when they broke up.

Page 29: She remembers that he told her to make sure that she likes the next guy a lot. “That’s great, Ayane-chan,” he says, smiling at her. Ayane tells him that he’s too good, and he agrees with a laugh.

Page 30: Ayane says, “It’s thanks to you, Kento!!” She thinks, “That I was able to love someone. I used to think I was incapable of falling in love. That I couldn’t love someone. But…I did…” Kento asks if she gave any chocolate, and Ayane answers that she couldn’t give any – she didn’t even announce her exam results. Kento says, “That’s not good! He’s waiting!!”

Page 31: Kento tells her that she has to go quickly, and she agrees.

Page 32: “…hmm…” Pin says, staring at the clock. Ayane thinks, “Is it okay to let [my feelings] come out?”

Page 33: “In the end, I’m scared. Of being rejected, of seeing the results. Just like when I took the exam, I’m scared!” Ayane calls Chizu and asks her to please say some powerful words (to encourage her).

Page 34: Chizu doesn’t get it so starts yelling, “Idiot! Idiot! Stupid kid!” Ayane tells her she’s cursing and then laughs, telling her to stop. She says, “You’re right! After all, I am an idiot! I am a stupid kid! Thank you! I’m okay now!!” Chizu says, “Huh? Wait a sec – why? Were you feeling lonely because you’re going to Tokyo by yourself?!” Ayane smiles and says, “…no. I’ll do my best…”

Page 35: Ayane then calls Sawako, who congratulates her for passing. Ayane thanks her and apologizes for interrupting her studying – she asks Sawako to tell her to do her best. Sawako says, “…do your best!”

Page 36: “Ayane-chan, do your best! Do your best! Do your best…!” Ayane thanks her, saying she’s so glad she met them all. She thinks, “Even though Kazehaya could have liked someone, Sawako ran to him…”

Page 37: “…Chizu, who understood she couldn’t have a mutual love [with Toru].” [Kento facing her and having their breakup conversation…]

Page 38: [I *think* she’s saying that all around her everyone did these things without seeking or hoping for a certain result] She returns to the store she ran from earlier and buys Valentine’s chocolate for Pin. "But…it was my longing. To become familiar with it…like everyone else.” She enters the school and asks another teacher where Pin is. He says that he already went home.

Page 39: The teacher says that he stayed pretty late, but Ayane races out before he can finish speaking. As she approaches Pin’s apartment, she thinks, “After all, I’m a stupid kid. But [you / he] [know / knows] that, right?”

Page 40: “Didn’t he say, ‘It’s okay to be a stupid kid’? [Here, I think Ayane is referencing the end of her conversation with Pin in Chapter 87] Surely whatever he says, whatever the outcome is, I’ll be able to come to terms with all of it, right?”

Page 41: Ayane rings the doorbell.

Page 42: O/////////////////O

Page 43: If this is going to be my first rejection, I’m glad that it’s Pin. 

I’m not always sure who she’s talking about in the section leading up to Pin’s door; she might be speaking directly to Pin in her mind, or she might just be thinking about him. If anyone has anything to add / clarify, feel free! This was an amazing chapter!! :D

Desire Pt.5 (p.jimin)

Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3 Pt.4

Word Count:1087

Authors notes:Hey everyone! Sorry I have been so busy with finals! But now that semester is over I should update on time! Please follow @bamboree because we worked on this story together and she’s amazing!

Summary: Amber has liked Jimin for sometime now. But unfortunately he is dating her best friend. When things start to unfold before her eyes, her life is changed. But is it for the good or the bad?

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February 20, 2016 2:30am

Caroline walked straight to the mirror, she must’ve not realized I was there. I stood there motionless debating whether to exit or call her out.

She pulled her lipstick out of her purse and I guess she sensed someone and glanced at me from the mirror. She turned abruptly.

Her eyes widened, she grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the door. “How much did you hear?” She asked me angrily. I don’t get why she was raising her voice at me.

“I heard enough Caroline, what are you even doing? Behind Jimin’s back? Behind my back?”

I was tipsy and trying to restrain all the anger I had built up inside. How can she have him and not appreciate him.

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text meme 2/∞

i’ve been collecting funny/cute texts & texts from texts from last night for about 2 years. they’ve been sitting in a word document for a long time so with all the text memes i’ve been seeing around, i decided to take all the texts i’ve saved and make a meme with them bc why not. there’s a bit of everything bellow: fluff, silliness, nsfw, angst, etc etc

[text] Thanks for the pic It’s going to be lovely dealing with my boner while I’m in a meeting with your father.

[text] I got to the apartment, I was handed a beer within 20 seconds, I’m glowing in the dark, there’s fog everywhere, and now I’m wearing a sombrero because apparently it’s silly hat night. I never want to leave. 

[text] She had a group on her phone called “great fucks”. I was in it. It’s almost like making the forbes list

[text] should my break up email to my English professor be in MLA format?

[text] You look good in that new shirt.

[text] I’ve been thinking about you all day.

[text]  You stood in front of a yellow Camaro and kept yelling at it to “Transform already!!!!”.. yeah, I’d say you were pretty wasted.

[text]  I just got this text “hi this is Julie, I met you last night in the bathroom. You asked me to text you and remind you that you ate an entire lime, because you figured your sober self in the morning would be confused.”

[text]  You named all of the cocktail shrimps and then tackled a guy for “eating Henry”

[text]  [insert really romantic bullshit about how much i love you and how beautiful you are so you will suck my dick tonight] 

[text] I just followed a trail of feathers and glitter to class. Today better be fucking magical.

[text] He passed out drunk on top of me. Fully erect. Still inside me. Woke up like 1 minute later, and continued.

[text]  You’re the 8th person from last night to text me this morning and ask if I’m ok.

[text] College reaches a new low. We just carved a shot glass out of a potatoe.

[text] Oh well shit happens. This is my not worried face. This is also my still decently drunk face.

[text] You told him about your cats? I told his friend to put his dick in my mouth, and you talked about cats!?

[text] In line at the grocery store. The girl ahead of me is in a wetsuit and just bought 3 cases of beer and a bottle of vodka. I want to go where she’s going…

[text] I’m bringing my passport in case we get drunk and wind up in Mexico

[text] You kept hiding under tables and grabbing people’s legs and shouting SHARK ATTACK.

[text] You grabbed your house keys, threw them at the door and asked, “did it open?”

[text] Geez don’t go to a bar for a few days and everyone freaks out. 

[text] I was wondering why the cops were making such a big deal then I realized I was naked

[text] The stripper told you to sort your life out    

[text] Everyone was so shocked to hear that she was a virgin they were speechless. I said I could cure that problem for her and we hooked up. It was that simple.

[text] she gave me her number. found out it was already stored in my phone as “bathroom blowjob”

[text] Be still, my beating vagina.

[text] I believe some people would call last night an orgy.

[text] The bouncer at this strip club is my new best friend. He is also very persuasive. He got me to strip onstage for a t shirt. It’s a nice shirt.

[text] I just walked thrugh the woods having a conversation with every spider I saw in it’s web. They all have English accents. I’m drunk and this weed is incredible!

[text] I’m not sure who’s apartment i woke up in but i just showered here and their shampoo in phenomenal… 

[text] I just remembered that last night when we tried to walk off the spins you said “pretend i’m your pet dinosaur” so i walked you around on an invisible leash while you made t-rex hissing noises.

[text] omg bring my wallet when you come get me tonight. i’m buying a fucking giraffe.

[text] Is it a good thing or a bad thing when you wake up naked with two naked guys in your bed, while holding glow-in-the-dark toy dinosaurs in your hands, and listening to the lion king soundtrack?

[text] She is making me post-sex grilled cheese at 2 am wearing only shorts and cowboy boots. I am so in love

[text] A little alcohol is good for the soul! Fuck Chicken soup, I’m going to write a book called “hard liquor for the soul” It’s going to be a best seller.

[text] This is NO TIME for pants!

[text] Why did you just messaged me and saying you’re praying for me… 

[text] you’re the one who came to me for relationship advice !

[text] I just found your ripped underwear on my chandelier. Care to explain?

[text] Are cops allowed to hit on you if they’re in uniform?! Serious question.

[text] I hope you get stoned and think that you’re a seal in shark infested waters

[text] I can’t believe you guys got into a sword fight over a chicken nugget

[text] My one night stand from last night is currently mowing my lawn for me.

[text] Just walked by a girl saying to her friend “honestly you coulda given me any dude and I woulda fucked him”

[text] Well if you don’t want to be kicked out before last call don’t I would suggest stop drinking whiskey and don’t call the giant bouncer with the neck tattoo “princess”

[text] Was just messaged by someone in a Power Ranger suit on OkCupid… Figured you would approve

[text] I do feel like I owe you an apology for trying to fuck your dad last night but in my defense everyone knows I shouldn’t drink tequila.

[text] I’m gonna be the best dressed mother fucker to ever get kicked out of that damn bar.

[text] I think “we’ve never met sober” is a great relationship to have with someone

[text] Just met my French neighbor. We watched a crow die together, so we’re pretty tight.

[text] An d I’d rather cry while putting a waffle in my mouth than cry on my pillow, ya feel me?

[text] I want my tombstone to read “making poor life decisions since 1993”


[text] He started saying the pledge of allegiance so his boner would go down. Merica.


[text] I just remember lots of butts and something about ranch dressing. 

[text] You introduced yourself and she said “wow that’s a long name” and you went “yeah well you should see my dick.”

[text] He got naked after doing the Ice Water Challenge and it was still enormous. So, yeah, I stayed over.

[text] Had to walk of shame past Westminster Abbey this morning. Pretty sure a Japanese tourist took a photo of me.

[text] Summers almost over and we haven’t golfed, got naked or had sex yet. Let’s do all three in one day, no particular order.

[text] Yeah, last night in the parking lot was hot. I’m sure whoever has the surveillance tapes thinks so too.

[text] Don’t do this to me right now. 

[text] The first guy I ever sexted is having a baby.. Is this what adulthood feels like?

[text] I decided not to look up the nudes, because I believe that there is a line, and that mocking my old classmate’s horrid nudes alone crosses that line.

[text] I think the cashier could tell I was sad. All I bought was penis shaped food and chocolate

[text] ugh I gave you morning sex and you don’t even text me back for my bagel order

[text] Don’t have sex in a tent there are so many opportunities for infections

[text] You showed up at my apartment after 3 am wasted with a plate of cookies and tried to hook up.

[text] There’s going to be a pool, lightsabers and alcohol. What could go wrong?!

[text] Ordered a large pizza and definitely just paid the cab driver in pizza slices. I’m glad there’s someone out there that’s just as fat at heart as we are.

[text] You broke into someone’s house and stole a pan of lasagna.

[text] So two questions…why am I covered in muffins and are there pictures of this.

[text] I like how the only thing you spelled correctly is “i’m tequila” 

[text] Sorry about your blender, your tiolet, your weed, and your dog…

[text] you looked like a weeble wobble. everytime we thought you were going to fall you bounced back up…you’re an amazing drunk

[text] You are the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

[text] Is it bad that we’re talking like nothing happened?

[text] I feel like tequila is Gods way of lighting my fuse to do something awesome

[text] You got so drunk you kept singing the Sailor Moon theme song and kept making everyone call you Sailor Venus.

[text] i just used google streetview to figure out where i spent the night last night

[text] I woke up hugging a loaf of bread and a water bottle this morning

[text] I see an opportunity for you to use your nakedness to cure my boredom.

[text] I was so fucking worried.

[text] my passenger side seat is covered in alcoholic jello with a nude mannequin in it

[text] Tried to eat a chip. Mouth wouldn’t cooperate. Nearly died. 

[text] I feel like sober is me a distant relative that I only see on christmas..

[text] let’s just skip the pleasantries and go back to my place for pizza and casual sex

[text] I’m 99% sure I high fived a girl over mashed potatoes last night

[text] You almost died !!!

Cheating Scandal (ft. Mark)

Genre- Slight angst/ FLuff
Summary- Mark and his wife are involved in a cheating scandal but it is all a misunderstanding.
Words- 612 (Part ½)

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(I think this is my personal best!!)

‘____ caught cheating’, ‘Caught with another man’, ‘_____ caught in a cheating scandal’” I read the news to Mark as I sat down. “This is unbelievable. Is nothing in our life private now?” 

In the past month Mark and I’s wedding aired on television. Ever since paparazzi had been following our every move trying to get juicy stories for their boss.  
“There is a good side to this.” Mark stated.
“What is that?” I was slightly confused. How could anything good come out of this?
“That we’ll still be together after all this blows over.” He leaned over to kiss my lips
“Ugh, you’re so cheesy,” I pushed him to the side, “Mark this is serious, what are we going to do?” I put my face in my hands. Mark caught on to me actually being serious. You were really worried, “I don’t want your fans to hate me.” I let out a frustrated sigh.
Mark scooted closer to me, “they won’t hate you. And if they do they’re not true fans. A true fan would support me, let me be happy, and you make me happy.”
“You’re right. We still have to do something about this though.”
“I agree. Shall we schedule an interview with the press?”

“What are we going to say?” I asked Mark in the waiting room,
“The truth of course. Neither of us did anything wrong.”
“_______, Mark. MC is ready for you.”
“You ready?” Mark grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers.
I nodded and led the way with him trailing behind me.
Since this was a private interview, we weren’t worried about seeing many people.
“Ah hello. Our newlyweds are here.” The MC gave us each a hug and motioned to the chairs where we could sit.
“Since you’re both here, why don’t I start by asking; how are you? Has anything changed since the marriage?”
“We’re both doing well, not much has changed. We still go on dates, and all that stuff. The only thing that has changed is now we live together and see each other every day.” I answered for the two of us. Mark always gets somewhat shy during interviews like this. He likes to let me do the talking.
Questions went on and then the MC finally asked about the scandal. Mark and I took turns answering the questions up until then. I decided to speak first.
“Can you say anything about the recent scandal?”

“We can. Recently my friend that lived out of country moved here and Mark and I offered to show him around. I have been hanging out with him lately but we aren’t dating; we’re just friends. The day those photos we’re taken, “I stopped to point to the screen behind me, “Mark was paying for dinner while, F/N and I walked along. I’m sorry if we caused any fans to be upset. I know some fans are having a hard time agreeing with our marriage.”
“Mark is there anything you’d like to add to that.
“It all like she said. It was all a misunderstanding. I hope our fans continue believing in us and supporting us just as they did before this scandal happened.”

After the interview was over, the MC came over to make small talk while walking to the 3rd floor to gather our belongings. He wished us a thanks then we parted.
“That went well. I’m glad you set this up. Thank you.” I wrapped my arms around him and he rubbed my back in soothing circles. “I told you it’d all work out.”

(There might be a {short} part two)

-Admin S

Popestar Brooklyn show

(Part Zero aka Sharpiemaggedon - here.)

Concert highlights! (with accompanying video if I could find it on YT)

-near the end of Marissa’s set I went to the merch table. Jason (Billy Vanilla) showed up, and when he had a second I said hi and got real tongue tied trying to tell him he’d commented on one of my instagram photos. But he’s such a sweetheart! he was fucking genuinely happy to talk to me. he told me I should come back and he’d give me some stuff, like stickers, and I said ‘okay!! thank you!!’ I’m 30 years old why is my voice reaching dog-hearing levels of high

-but then he caught me when I got a few steps away because he’d checked his pockets and gave me an Aether pick. (!!!)

-also he is hella fucking tall (taller than air!) and moves like a heron on a mission. 

-”So many good-looking ones here tonight. I want to eat you. Eat many of you. But. Not yet.”

Papa asking “Ladies of Flatbush, do you want to get physical with me?”

-I’m pretty sure he said ‘you call on moi’ instead, in Square Hammer. XD

-Earth balancing drumsticks on his mask in person is somehow 100x better. 

-Papa taking his sweet time picking out a mallet to hit toms (is that what they’re called?)

-Alpha guitaring aggressively in Earth’s face

-Alpha and Water leaning back to back is so freaking cute

-”But serially seriously? NO.. He is not the fucking president. God damn it.’

(I think what he says when he goes on is “It’ll be better one day, trust me. But one- yeah, four years it’s shit. But anyways, he’s such a fucking bastard that we’ve written a song about him.”)

-Papa putting a mummy dust dollar between his lips while waiting during a guitar solo. He sat there all sauce and sass and then crumpled it up and tossed it to the crowd. 

-Earth bringing his beer or whatever back out with him for Monstrance Clock. And tapping the cymbals with it to emphasize Papa’s points during The Talk.

-and then he played crouched aggressively over the drums for most of the song itself.

-only the biggest pieces of confetti made it back to us. so I didn’t end up looking like a Christmas tree. But I did manage to snag 3 bills, 2 in really good condition.

-SHIT the Sister of Sin fucking losing it. After he introduced them and had come back over to them “Nice to meet you. Enchante. Now… , one of them had dropped something. So he pauses and leans over to get it and says “Let me get that for you, baby.” ugh can you not be so sweet and pervy at the same time She completely broke and couldn’t stop laughing and the other one hit her, like ‘oh dear satan if you can’t get it together I’m gonna break too please no, we have one job

-oh also, one of the pyro things fucked up early on and kept strobing for a while. it was behind Earth so I was just glad nothing more went wrong

-just - what a beautiful fucking theatre it was too…

-if you watch enough video from that show (like during the Body and Blood intro and a couple times after) you’ll probably hear a guy yelling ‘grab her by the pussy’. It sucks because he seemed nice, offering to move or duck when my roommate wanted to take a picture and apologizing for being generally hugemongous and blocking my roomie and our friend’s view. we had seats so it’s not like anyone could move much. If you look at the instagram photo he’s right above Papa’s head. (It especially sucked because his girlfriend was really nice. And then disappeared halfway through the show. Probably because he had to be *that guy* always trying to get Papa’s attention between songs. Papa is ignoring you because you’re an idiot, idiot.) I’m just glad he seemed to let the anti-Trump remarks go quick enough because that guy could’ve been a real problem if he’d wanted. :-/ 

-so after the show we waited in the back by the buses. unfortunately the venue had a huge fenced in loading dock, so everyone had to wait beyond that. people were waiting right by the gate, and the venue staff came back and forth a lot with garbage while we hung out in the cold. all in all I’m just glad people didn’t get in their way enough to piss them off and try to make us leave.

-While we were waiting I gave Kitkats to @chrysantheous and @violaceous44 (and shit was @valiantvisionsdawnn there after too? There was someone else, I just remember we were doing the ‘hi I’m blahblah username wow usernames in RL are really silly’ thing)

-oh and @deannancricket was there and there I am going ‘holy shit I recognize her From The Internet’

-the time actually flew by. I guess it was about 1 when Alpha came out and signed stuff for folks. My roomie went before me. (she said he went ‘oh, you have the first one!’ because she’s brought the Opus CD. and then she scampered away because she didn’t want to be in the way and he called after her all ‘thank you for coming!’

-well shit I guess I’m next. he says hello and all I can say is hello. twice. why are you saying just hello self. So I just blurt out ‘So I heard that maybe you might do a show with *redacted* here. In Manhattan?’ At first he was seemed taken aback maybe? probably just processing the babblefish and said that he didn’t know, that he didn’t think so. All I could say was ‘oh’ and probably had a kicked puppy face because then he said something along the lines of ‘well, if we did it would probably just be one show.’ So. Ahhhhhh. I dunno if he hadn’t heard about that interview they did, or because plans aren’t final he’s not supposed to say? I dunno guys. I felt bad for even asking.

-Especially because then he got a call and said ‘sorry I have to take this’ and that meant I was the last to get a signature I think. D:

Shortly after this, there was a lot of people moving around, Air had appeared from somewhere and was signing folks stuff, and I saw Water’s hair and that was about it and she was calling Air’s name because they had to go.

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phanaticalalterego  asked:

WELCOME TO THE FANDOM ^^• I hope your blog gains loads of sucess !!Kuroo,bokuto,kageyama and asahi with their s/o on their honeymoon! Can it be fluffy pls? Like where would they go? Hw would they spend their time?! Im sorry if its really random.

not at all! And for the large amount of time this spent in my inbox I could never fighure out if u meant a scenario or headcannons so i did the headcannons bc of the questions?? If that wasn’t what u had in mind feel free to send another request lmao


- For his honeymoon I can see him going somewhere like Spain. Someplace that they can just chill out and have fun hotel beds gotta be p comfy too bc they’ll be spending a lot of time there if u feel

- 1-2 Weeks

- Chilling out on the beach is how most of their time is spent, poor baby fell asleep in the sun his s/o rubbed in the aloe tho he’s okay

- Between being at the beach and well, in bed the hotel room, actual clothes were rarely worn and Kuroo enjoyed every minute of it

- Uses the opportunity to flex his actually up-to-par Spanish skills

- Is absolutely adorable when he speaks spanish, his accents sexy too lowkey uses it in the bedroom

- Just looking at the different houses and people is a fun activity for them, getting the opportunity to learn about other cultures firsthand

- Spanish food is now Kuroo’s favorite, and buys a cookbook while hes there, for his s/o to make of course

- His s/o falls in love with Latino music, and fills up their phone with it

- Paddleboard races happened, and his s/o lost miserably. Try and guess what the prize was

- It was sin


- Would want to go somewhere he can go hiking, like Oahu or Peru

- 2+ weeks

- Always active and doing new things with his s/o

- Though one day he surprised his s/o by sleeping in, and they spent the whole day in bed, only getting up and dressed when the room service delivered

- Taking lots of photos would almost be a priority for him, not just of the scenery either, of him and his s/o

- Because of the constant humidity he stopped styling his hair a couple days in and his s/o’s heart melted at the sight just ugh

- Would also spend quite a bit of time in the pool, splashing and floating around

- Though would also love the fact they were now married, and would also spend a lot of time in their room. Like, a lot

- Actually forreal made his s/o go to the gym with him one night Im not even joking “___ would you want me to loose these guns?”

“…..Cant argue there tbh”

- Buys cute matching couple pyjamas


- Precious child wants to go to a big city with his newlywed s/o, like New York

- 2-3 weeks

- Wouldn’t like to go sightseeing on a tour, so would try to plan everything himself. This ends up with them getting lost and just finding their own way around

- They would always try to eat at new places and try new food, but Little Italy soon became their gravitational point. Kageyama really loves garlic bread

- A good part of their time is actually spent in coffee shops that they discovered along the way, discussing anything that came to mind

- Shopping is also a big portion of their time. Like looking at all the different styles and cultures

- Actually went to the movie theater??? Like they wanted to experience an American movie despite it being identical lmao Kags just wanted some cuddles lets be real

- In their hotel room they ended up eating a lot of soup. Mostly chicken noodle. His s/o would eat the food and Kags would take the broth. What a beautiful balance in a relationship

- They had a night where they really just went into a convenience store and bought a shit ton of junk food they’ve never even heard of and tried it. Most was eaten, but they both agreed some of it was just not for them

- Lots of cuddles back at the hotel room, Kags always seemed to pull his s/o into his arms no matter the circumstance

- Wandered into Chinatown, but their mandarin is terrible so they still had to communicate through english. They had some properly cooked rice, though

- Kageyama got a really nice watch, and bought his s/o a necklace


- Disneyland resort in California. He got the big hotel suit, early admissions, tram ride, all of it. Only the best for his s/o

- A good 2+ weeks

- Despite how insanely comfortable the bed is, and how little they slept u feel, for the most part they both wake up extra early so they can walk around the park during early admissions when it’s not as crowded. They enjoy this time the most

- Watching the fireworks every night became a fond memory, whether it be standing at the castle, or from the pool at their hotel

- Cute pictures with churros and mickey-mouse-ears definitely happened

- Their favorite ride together was the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride in the french quarter, they also happened to eat at the restaurant inside there quite often

- So many pins. They each spent a good amount of money on their now ginormous collections. Asahi likes his Winnie The Pooh pins

- Not a lot of PDA happened, maybe a kiss here and there, but you can bet there were major cuddles back in the hotel room. All the time

- One night they built a fort out of the pillows and requested extra sheets so they could finish it. They tried to sleep in it but when they woke up it was all collapsed around them

- Once or twice ordered room service and absolutely pigged out, always got the triple chocolate cake

- Both Asahi and his s/o could speak a decent amount of English, but kept getting the English and Spanish mixed up so they kept asking the wrong people things they didn’t understand, and picked up words they thought were english but were actually spanish

“no frijoles please”


“He means beans”

- The space mountain ride lowkey freaked Asahi out and he ended up clutching onto his s/o like his life depended on it. The photo from the ride is now framed in their house

- Sometimes they would just go and sit on a bench together, watching other people and listening to their conversations while enjoying each others company

No pie for your spawn!

This happened several years ago, when I was chaperoning a young man with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (let’s call him S) to and from speech therapy. S was using a PECS book for communication. (For those unfamiliar, PECS stands for Picture Exchange Communication System, and the PECS book is a binder full of pictorial representations of objects, persons, actions, etc., attached by a self-adhesive hook-and-loop fasteners, which are used to build a sentence on a detachable sentence strip. User builds a simple sentence -a request or a statement - and hands it to a communication partner. These day PECS books have been replaced by digital devices - like I mentioned this was a wile back.) It became a custom of ours to stop at the Golden Arches for a meal after the therapy. The place was quite busy, and as we waited in line, we used the time to for S to prepare a sentence strip with his order. Enter a mother of 5, with her brood in tow. Woman with a “can-I-speak-to-the-manager” haircut begun making loud remarks about how slow the service was (it was not, by the way, there was just a lot of customers in store and a drive-through line was wrapped around the building). Her eldest kid, a girl of about 10-11, whined in turns about the wait, and about wanting an apple pie. When it was our turn to order, S gave his sentence strip to the cashier who read it back and entered it into register. And as all of this was taking place, I heard the “R” word from the whiny girl. Something to the likes of “Ugh! That retarded kid is taking soooooo long to order!”. I saw red. I looked at the mother, and she did nothing, did not say anything to her kid, did not look ashamed in the slightest. Nothing! I kept staring, but she was just avoiding  looking at me. I guess in her mind, there’s nothing wrong with her kid calling someone with disability a retard. So, I did, what any reasonable person would do, I purchased 23 apple pies. Why 23, you ask? Because that’s all they had available. If the spawn of hers wanted an apple pie, she’d have to wait for a fresh batch. S and I got seated in a booth with a good view of the registers, and oh joy, it turned out the restaurant did not have any more apple pies. Mother was fuming, and I felt bad for the staff, but the manager handled it quickly with a coupon offer, and her kids were hungry and whiny, so she gave up the fight, and they all went to seat down. They were shooting me angry looks from across the restaurant, to which I responded with a wide smile, because the faze 2 of my petty revenge had just occurred to me. After our meal, I had S build a sentence on his sentence strip that asked “Do you want apple pie?” (Not the most polite way to ask, but PECS book had its limitations) and we made our way from table to table asking it to diners and handing out pies, as I explained about S’ condition and this being a good exercise in communication and social interactions for him. Everyone was responding kindly, smiling and high-fiving, overall very nice experience for S. When we were down to the last pie,  I decided to keep for myself, because there was only our favorite family of 6 left, and heavens know, they were not getting a crumb. As we walked past, the mother went “Excuse me, my daughter would like a pie”. The audacity! So I got the box out the bag, looked the woman square in the eyes and said “I know”. Then I opened it, took a big bite, went “mmmmm”, and we walked out of the place. Very petty, but very, very satisfying.

Update: I have received a few comments implying that this story is fake. Basically that I took a story someone had already told and adorned it with a disabled person to get upvotes. This could not be further away from the truth. About two weeks ago my friends finally convinced me to get a Reddit account and share some of my stories with this community. My goal is to provide you with some entertainment and maybe put a smile on your faces. That’s all. Majority of responses to my posts were positive, even sparked some thought exchanges. Someone even gifted me with Reddit gold. Thank you for all that. Now back to topic at hand. I understand scepticism. I cannot explain parallels with the other story. Like I replied to one user, I told that story many times since it happened, maybe someone heard it, changed it up a bit and posted it. Maybe 23 is a magic number when it comes to pies and it’s all a coincidence? All I can tell you is that what I described above really took place. S is real (an adult now, but we are still in touch). Receipt from that transaction is one of my prized possessions and resides in one of my scrapbooks. Let me just remark that I attempted to scan it, but it’s just to faded. I present a photo of it below - it’s the best image I was able to get:

Edit to fix broken link:

Life in Snippets: Tuesday at Two Whales

Photo by: Karuoke

The Page Before:

Tuesday Morning

Max rapped her knuckles on Kate’s door, but there was no response. Either she was out, or not looking to talk. However, Max’s disappointment only got so far before her phone buzzed, and she pulled it out of her pocket.

Max chose today as her trashy clothes day as it was her least-busy day, only having Photography for class, which didn’t even start until 11:00am when it was, as it turned out, 7:47am. To clarify, trashy meant that she was wearing a two-year-old t-shirt containing early-era Etsy artwork of a hot dog and a container of mustard clinging to a horde of balloons like a post-modern version of the movie Up; pair that with designer jeans and Chuck Taylors and you have a pretty good sense of Max’s style pre-Victoria.

Nathan: 2 whales w/ u and vic?

Max: she’s busy. I’m still up for waffles, though.

Nathan: sounds good. meet you outside?

Max: yeah. Be right there.

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When they see 2 members arguing but then they make out

Oh my god XDD sure I will try my best haha this is going to be fun!~

sorry for the long wait! I hope it was worth it ^_^~


‘’ Oh god Sehun and Luhan are arguing again. This is the 5th time today, I’m so sick of it and all because Sehun ate the last piece of cake. Gdi.’’

*When he sees them make out he films everything and takes photos, uploading them later on instagram, twitter, tumblr etc. Gets over a million views and likes in just an hour*

‘’ This is gonna make me rich.’’ 


*After he comes back from practice he hears Baekhyun and D.O fight again*


Baek: *Giggles* ‘’It’s nothing! It looks better now! Sweets you more don’t ya think? What do you think Chanyeol? :D’’

*Both turn to him. D.O glaring and Byun grinning from ear to ear*

CY: ‘’No nooo leave me out of this!’’

*After some painful shouts and cries later he runs back to see if Baekhyun is still alive, only to see him and D.O make out in the middle of the living room*

CY: ‘’OH MAI GARD’’ *Takes a picture, so he can blackmail them later on*


* Hears Tao and Suho argue again for the 3rd time today* ( Most probably about how Suho is really embarrassing for Tao )

*Just as the argument gets really heated, they suddenly start to make out in front of him*

’Oh my god I did not need to see this. I won’t be able to sleep for weeks. Thank you very much.’


*He’s in the kitchen and hears Kris and Lay bickering in the background.*

Lay: ‘’What do you mean, unicorns aren’t real and that I can’t really heal !?’’

Kris: ‘’Oh god Lay for the hundredth time YOU.DON’T.HAVE.SUPERPOWERS. Get it together jfc.’’

Lay: ‘’But, but I-’’


*Kris tackles Lay on the ground, kissing him in the process*


*After dance practice Chanyeol and Baekhyun keep arguing.*

Baek: ‘’ God Chanyeol you don’t understand, it’s going to be hilarious you gotta trust me on this!’’

CY: ‘’ Are you crazy? No! I’ve told you like 7 times already, we’re not going to dye Chen’s pants pink. Just what is wrong with you today?’’



Kai: ‘’Ya. Can you please shut up you two I’m tired.’’ *Seriously annoyed*

*All of a sudden both of them make out right in front of him*

‘’…. What’s this? Weren’t you both about to kill eachother?’’ *Laughs at the sudden mood swing, didn’t expect THIS to happen’’


*Luhan and Xiumin have been arguing over something for quite some time, Kris doesn’t even understand what the argument’s about anymore*

‘’I lost count of how many times they changed the subject just why are they so angry. Ugh.’’

* Xiumin and Luhan make out all of a sudden. Doesn’t change Kris state of confusion *


*Chen and Tao arguing*

Tao: ‘’ I’m so fed up with you pranking me all the time! Seriously man you’ve gone too far the moment you used my gucci for one of your pranks!’’

Chen: ‘’ Oh come on it wasn’t that bad and it was worth it!’’

Lay: ‘’G-Guys maybe you two should u-uhm stop it.. please?’’

*Tao and Chen angrily make out*

‘’Oh well that’s good too, I guess.’’ * Happy they found a ‘way’ to end this stupid fight*


* Kris and Chanyeol keep arguing about what is art and what shouldn’t be defined as it *

Kris: ‘’ What’s that even mean?’’

CY: ‘’ Oh please Kris! You seriously can’t think that that dude’s picture is ‘art’. Come on even you did better.’’

Kris: ‘’ What’s that supposed to mean!! Are you picking a fight with me Park Chanyeol!?’’

Luhan: ‘’Oh gawd guys, just stop it. I’m so fed up with your arguments.’’

*After some useless attempts to make them stop, both of them start to make out on the sofa*


*Kai and D.O are arguing after dance practice*

D.O: ‘’ Why are you always defending them when they’ve done something stupid! It’s making me so mad!’’

Kai: ‘’ They didn’t mean it in a bad way, they just don’t know how to socialise.’’

CY & Baek: ‘’HEY! We can hear you!’’

Kai: ‘’ You’re overreacting Hyung.’’

D.O: ‘’ You’re on the wrong side Kai! ‘’ *points at him and glares*

Sehun: ‘’Let’s bet! 20 bucks on D.O for winning this fight. Anyone?~’’

*Kai tackles D.O and they make out on the floor*

Baekhyun: ‘’Ya! I won~! Gimme the 20 bucks Sehun-ah. ‘’


* Xiumin and Sehun don’t seem to get along very well for the past 2 weeks. They start arguing early in the morning.*

Sehun: ‘’ - well at least I did not cry ugly tears at the press conference 2 weeks ago.’’

Xiumin: ‘’ Stop bringing that up! You’re so childish! At least I have more parts than you when we’re singing it’s like you’re non-existent.’’

Sehun: ‘’Why you - you don’t have that many lines either short stuff!!’’

Suho: ‘’ I swear if you guys don’t tone it down now I will seriously throw you out of this dorm.’’

* The two of them make out in the kitchen all of a sudden*

‘’Ya, could you two maybe- well- no? Just- .. forget it.’’


*Goes into the kitchen and sees Chen and Kai argue*

Chen: ‘’You have to use everything you have Kai! You really slacked at practice today.’’

Kai: ‘’ What do you know about dancing Chen! Right Tao!?’’

*Both turn to him*

*eats the cake and ignores Kai and Chen for a while, the moment he turns around he sees both of them having a hot make out session*


*steps into the living room and sees Lay and Suho argue*

Lay: ‘’ But whhhyy I don’t understand.’’

Suho: ‘’That’s because none of you ever listen to me.’’

Lay: ‘’ Aish you’re so frustrating today!’’ angry unicorn

Suho: ‘’Just forget it!’’

*All of the sudden both of them start kissing*

‘’Wait! What is this! Weren’t you angry a second ago!’’

Okay that was a  fun request XD I hope you like it I rly enjoyed making this one haha!

RequestBOX is open! I make BTS and EXO reactions ^_^

Payback - Jay Park Scenario

Jay Park is getting pretty popular here! ._. 

requested by anon! 

may I have a jay park scenario where he’s always flirty with other girls even if you guys are dating and now your not sure if you want to talk to him about it cause you don’t wanna be that type of girlfriend and so you start spending a lot of time with his brother,jehan, and he gets jealous?

characters: you, Jay Park, Jehan (his brother)

genre: angst

rating: T

word count: 3,723


Lately, there had been a vibe deep inside of your chest that depicted that your man was being a little too friendly with some girls who were the type to flirt back. Now, you weren’t usually the type to grow a green monster from within but this was Jaebum Park, the man of God only knows how many fangirls? Exactly. Was it silly of you to act and feel this way?  Maybe. You thought you’d be used to it but apparently not.  Really now, he’s way too fine and he knows it too.

Since you constantly catch him doing all this mischief, you decided to put a plan into action. It wasn’t exactly a complete plan but hey, once you start something there’s no going back.

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(Translation) Usagi-ka Darling

ウサギ科ダーリン [R18! Proceed only if you’ve above 18]

CV. Suzuki Yuuto

Get this CD from Amazon

T/N: This CD was cute, Suzuki Yuuto’s dim voice suits the character IMO. (More thoughts at the end of the post due to spoilers)

I originally had this post on my main blog, but I moved it over here so if you saw this before, now you know. (In case anyone accusing me of stealing or something)

As usual, my hetakuso japanese can’t be trusted, read at your own discretion. Feel free to correct me if i got any mistakes though. Enjoy!

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Missed calls and texts on Kurt and Blaine's honeymoon. Just a silly sort of 6x09 reaction fic. 

Brittany>Kurt 12:01 am: Happy one day anniversary!

Missed Call: Tina 1:56am

Tina>Blaine 2:02am: I know you’re *busy* but I need advice!!!

Tina>Blaine 2:10am: It’ll just take a sec

Missed Call: Tina 2:11am


Tina>Blaine 2:17am: Ok fine just tell me that hooking up with Mike is a terrible idea

Tina>Blaine 2:57am: Never mind ;) :D

Tina>Blaine 2:58am: My memories did not do his abs justice whew

Dad>Kurt 3:11am: Got your stepmother and Pam home safe just fyi no need to reply. Tell Blaine please.

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Goblin Review: Episode 12

What an ending, ya’ll. What. An. Ending. I honestly teared up so many times this episode and it’s not even funny. =/ Gramps passed away, we know the truth about Deok Hwa, Sunny remembered her past, Shin learned about the Eunuch, and both Grims and Shin realized that he is Wang Yeo. Wow. (I’m honestly sorry if this is kinda shitty, I didn’t have much time to write this.)

Eun Tak: This episode did’t really have much to do with her but it was really cute to see her start at university. “No blind dates, no romance, and no Tae Hee.” Lmao, Shin has some great rules for her. And the scene in the photo booth was honestly cute as hell. 💞 Her main role was being the middle guy between the Eunuch and Shin. She was even scared enough of the Eunuch to put lighters in every one of her jackets…poor girl. Also, I love the fact that Yeo always goes to her for advice or just to chat; they’re such good friends now haha. And I find it interesting that she could’t see that ghost; was it because she was distracted thing about the Eunuch and Yeo or is it because she’s losing her ability to do so now?

Deok Hwa: Oh, I cried with him when he was crying about Gramps passing. Yook Sunjae is honestly doing such a great job with his acting; from alternating from a serious deity And Shin saying that he has him as family? My heart!! I guess we were all half-right about Deok Hwa being the deity; I don’t know why, but I never thought of the deity using Deok Hwa as a vessel. That was brilliant. Tbh, I like the deity; I liked the fact that he orchestrated Shin and Yeo meeting and living together. Despite not getting along at first, he used their lack of knowledge to get them to bond. I think that will be the deciding factor in determining their fate.

Sunny: Who knew that it would only take a kiss for her to remember her past life? It seemed like Yeo was trying to make her forget meeting him again when he asked her to look into his eyes, but it didn’t look like she forgot anything. It’ll be interesting to see how else she’ll get involved now that she knows the whole truth.

Goblin/Grim Reaper: My favorite bromance is on the verge of imploding and I am not okay. Tbh, I hope that they forgive each other quickly and figure out a way to send the Eunuch to hell! Yeo doesn’t seem to completely remember but that fact he was able to deduce that he may be Wang Yeo was pretty cool. He’s so different from who the King was and I predict that the Eunuch’s plan to getting them to kill/hate each other won’t work. We need a happy ending of course, right?

Eunuch: He says he wants to destroy both Shin and Yeo and I can understand why for both. Shin, because he killed him, and Yeo because I’m guessing he changed after the Queen died. But I feel like there should be more to it than that? And why can’t Shin use the sword to kill him? As a goblin, he obviously has more powers than a ghost so why doesn’t the sword affect him? Maybe because the Eunuch was the first kill after he became a goblin and has been roaming around for 900 years along with Shin? I assume that the only way to kill him would be for Shin and Yeo to work together. Ugh, so many questions.

I’m not prepared to admit that we only have 4 episodes left, but we do. Time flies when good dramas are on, right? 

Drop an ask and talk to me! I’d love to discuss!

(Review Episode: 1, 2, 34, 5, 6, 7, 891011 )