ugh this perfect babe

knxve  asked:

Hey babe, who's this?

Ugh, wasn’t this perfect. Some guy came around to try and hit on the outsider. Lovely. Her attention shifted to her friend as she came and inquired about the person, posing as her significant other. Chloe understood, grinning. She began to play along.

“Oh, no one… Some bastard wanting to date me.” she glanced slyly at the other, smirking at their reaction to the unexpected twist of events.

Morrigan: Tis strange that such an attractive young maiden would rather choose the company of boys dressed up as men playing with swords. 
Leliana: Not to her. In her mind I think she’s just one of the boys. 

This lovely creation was made for me by jadenite who is a delight to work with. I absolutely adore this commission. This is my Warden, Olivier Cousland with her Antivan Casanova, Zevran and her oh so silly adopted-because-he-had-no-say-in-the-matter brother, Alistair. These three are too perfect. I am in love <3 :) Thank you for such a lovely piece!