ugh this part ; ;

Thoughts while watching 6x14

I swear I’ve heard this exact dialogue a million times already

Oh hey it’s Tink


Tbh I love this Robin 😂

Yass Emma and Snow’s 3min conversation 👌👌

Zelena is my spirit animal 😂

world’s most awkward hug

Okay wait, they just got engaged so why isn’t he with her in the loft; why is he brooding and drinking by the docks wtf a&e

Nemo is like that character in a video game who just appears to give sage advice and then disappears I love it 👌👌

I’m gagging at EQ and Henry


Robin is my actual fave 😂😂


Don’t mind me I’m just crying


Why why didn’t you just talk to Emma! I’m actually in tears

Lmao 100℅ called the arrow thing

Who needs a sword when you’ve got a basket of apples amirite 😂😂

Okay I thought she would reabsorb the EQ but I guess this works too?

“Not everyone is redeemable” kinda ooc for Snow im js

Nobody’s going to blame you, Zelena - you don’t do shit

Outlaw Queen 👏👏👏
I’m so glad they sent EQ back; I’m over the whole Regina-EQ storyline

“For you AND EMMA” see?! You guys are supposed to be together wtf is this


O fuck you Gideon

Emma no❤

I needed so much more captain swan. Honestly I wouldn’t even mind the fight (and honestly I don’t - I live for angst) if only it had been balanced out with some much needed post-engagement domestic fluff (just like sex breakfast or something).

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"So I think they know on some level that their love is still there but they made choices so they follow their choices." Ugh I know that's a part of why ppl love Stefan & Elena (their commitment to their choices) but sometimes I feel like fuck honor & loyalty you two are in love. Tell the truth & let the others go!!

LOL it’s why I actually really like 3x14 and 3x22 because it’s Stefan and Elena just being like, fuck it, I’m following how I feel.

Like in 3x14 Stefan watches Damon take Elena’s hand to dance:

and he’s visibly upset about it:

but like he’d been pushing Elena away for her own good:

so he could just let it go, like he could just stay on the sidelines and let it happen but he says fuck it, like he can’t help himself:

He is going to be petty tonight, he is going to dance with her:

and it’s the same thing with Elena at the end of the night. Like Damon confessed his love to her again:

and like things are complicated because they kissed earlier and Damon acted out because of what happened between them:

so at the end of the night, Elena could just let Stefan go, it would be the less complicated thing to do:

but she says fuck it, like no, I love him and I need him to come back, I will make him feel, I will pour out my guts:

And then in 3x22. Stefan is being such a good guy, right, like he’s not pressuring Elena for an answer, he won’t make her feel bad about whatever choice she makes, he’s just patiently waiting and when Elena calls him then changes her mind:

he’s initially just going to let it go, be stoic, be chivalrous:

but then he has this moment:

like fuck it, he’s going to act on impulse, he’s going to act on desire, he’s going to kiss her maybe for the last time so he can at least kiss her one more time and he’s going to kiss her so she remembers, remembers him, remembers them, and if it doesn’t work out then it doesn’t work out but at least he did something to say he fought and to say he tried:

And then with Elena, she has to make her choice and it’s gotta be now and she’s on the phone with Damon and she’s doing her best to be diplomatic but Damon pushes her:

and you see Elena struggle with the truth but it’s a fuck it moment, like I can’t lie, it doesn’t matter if he’s possibly going to die, I can’t tell him what he wants to hear:

And these moments are all the more special because both of them are always looking at everything else, at all the other circumstances and that stops them from indulging in what they want with each other so when they have a “fuck it” moment, it’s like YASS. Damon and Elena were supposed to be this, supposed to be like I can’t take it anymore, I’m giving in but that doesn’t work when Damon was consistently ignoring boundaries and imposing himself on Elena anyway and when there isn’t any weight to Elena “giving in” because it was just a curiosity that needed to be satisfied.

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Mhh english isn't my first language, that's why it sounded bad. What I wanted to know was if you know as truth stuff average people consider just rumours (not only larry related). Sorry

Hi! Oh, I get it now! Don’t worry at all about your English, the sentence was just a little upside down and I wasn’t sure what you exactly wanted to know. Pardon! :)

And yes, I do. I’m no one in the industry and yet I do (there must be so so many juicy/dark/hot/delicate info Big People know that I don’t even dream about). It’s that kind of general knowledge, that tacit agreement that certain things are spread in places from where they just won’t get out.

It happens to me so often that I talk to my sisters or even Angela here, or Jen or Cris, end I come up with a statement that is obvious to me and a complete news to them or like you say, something I know for a fact, but is just a rumour outside certain circles. I make a lot of confusion, more often than not, beetween what’s public and what’s private (except for the really important things, of course, that I know how to preserve, i’m no stupid!). 

I apologize in advance for the rant-y-ness of this. Press J if you wanna skip.

I’m not a big anime watcher. I definitely used to be, especially in middle and high school. But for the past four-something years I didn’t watch anything until Osomatsu-san was introduced to me. So know in advance that I’ve only been on Crunchyroll and handful of times and of the nominees in this year’s weird anime awards thing Mob Psycho 100 is the only one I’ve seen.

I’m also aware that it is basically a popularity contest. That’s what I expected and that’s what I got.

THAT BEING SAID. I am more than a little miffed that in any category that had Yuri!!! on Ice it had over three times the votes on the runner up. I can’t say anything on the story or characters. I haven’t seen the show. However I have GOT to talk about the opening and ending categories because I am legitimately frustrated by those.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I was like, “Okay, I’m gonna go watch the opening for this. Who knows, maybe it’s really pretty and creative and has really nice animation” *watching* “Okay, watercolors are pretty nice, I’ll give them that. Nicely animated choreography. Not much colors but that’s okay. Okay, they’re skating. More skating. Uh, more skating. Okay, they just reused the same animation right there. Guys. Guys.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry, that does not beat this.

Like. For real, outside of me liking the show for the characters and story and stuff, they did a fantastic job on the opening.

You can watch this a dozen times and STILL find things you never noticed before. And there is so much symbolism.

I mean even if the first part wasn’t as interesting, I’d still promote this just for all the transformation animation at the end.

Then there’s the ending. It’s a smidge typical. Most endings are relaxing and low-key, and that’s what you want at the end of a show. This one’s just Reigen getting ready in the morning.

However, it is animated using paint on glass.

Which for some reason I can’t find gifs of. >>>:[

But yeah, it looks cool as heck. <<< Link because tumblr has failed me on gifs.

Long story short, it’s a popularity contest. I get that. But the folks who worked on mp100 put a lot of effort on making things look smooth and cool and creative when they didn’t have to go that far and I just want to throw some appreciation out there for them, y’know? :(

Your Worst Nightmare

Summary: Dan can’t sleep–he never can. And it’s thanks to the demon under his bed.

TW: uhhh scary demon shit. idk when @mangothatismelancholy was reading it she was legitimately scared so idkkk

Genre: angst

Word Count: 5k

(here’s a drawing @societyshottheunicorns01​ made!)

(and a drawing @haleykinz​ made!)

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Hillary Clinton’s concession speech – full transcript

“The Democratic presidential nominee concedes the election to Donald Trump, thanking supporters and calling for listeners to ‘have faith in each other’” - The Guardian


“Dear Elena, it’s not my turn but I wanted you to hear from me. I think I’ve lost him. All I can do is hope that there is one small piece of his mind tucked away someplace safe, one final sliver of humanity holding on for dear life, buried deep inside him.”


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