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Protect You (JD x Reader)

Heathers (JD x Reader) I was imagining the film JD, soo yeah! Hope you liked it! Feedback is awesome too.
I stared down at the two faces of my half-attackers. The two jocks, Ram and Kurt. I felt anything but pleasure as the other girls looked at me in envy as they both pressed me up against a locker.
“What do you want?” I questioned, clicking my tongue.
“We want to know why you don’t like us. Or wanna date us.” They stared at me, as if it was the most intelligent in the world; whilst the rest of Westerberg held their breath.
“Because you’re both idiots. You’d need to give me a LOT of stuff for me to date either one of you.” I retorted, very aware of another person watching; the weird trench coat kid who had a really handsome, angular face with sharp cheekbones.
Ram and Kurt took this into consideration, conversing with each other, before they stripped from their jock jackets.
“We think you’re hot. We’ll let you wear our jackets!” Ram slipped his arm around my waist and pulled me from my spot in the corner, before they both slung their red-and-white jackets over my shoulders.
“You can alternate. Wear one one day and another another day!” Kurt flashed a smirk.
“How about no…..” I brushed them off and tried to walk to class. 10 minutes until free period ends but I just wanted to get away from them.
“Hey!!” Ram ran up to me and once again; cornered me. They both really like that tactic apparently.
“Go on a date with us to a drive in.”
“Ugh-no!” I impatiently stammered.
Kurt came closer to my face, as if to kiss me before weird trench coat kid slammed his fist against a locker, rattling the row of it.
“You heard her! No! Get away, assholes.” His voice was scratchy but protective.
I grinned a bit, looking up.
“What are you gonna do?” Ram & Kurt said in unison.
I don’t really remember much, but I saw a metallic gunmetal flash, which coincidentally was an actual gun.
Kurt and Ram backed off for then.

(Lunch Period)

“Maybe you should go on that date.” My friend Veronica told me, holding a staring contest with the school’s weird red Jell-O; prodding it with her fork as it bounced right back.
“Why?” I gasped, surprised. Veronica hasn’t had too many good run-ins with them either.
“Because I think they want someone to hug. Maybe they’re lonely.”
“Pfff…yeah they want someone to do.” I grimaced at the thought.
“Please just do it. We can get something to talk about, to. It’ll be fun.”
“I’m literally, gonna die.”
“I’ll have that weird kid with the gun follow you.”
“Okay, Miss overreacting.” She sighed and got up, dumping the contents of her tray into the garbage and heading to class, brushing shoulders with Heather McNamara.

The piercing shriek of the bell woke me from my thoughts, and I swallowed my pride and ran up to catch Kurt and Ram.
“I’ll go out with you.” I sighed.
“Ahahah a yeahhhhhh!” They both collided shoulders and ran out.
“Pick you up at 8!” They screamed back at me. I sighed once more.

“Looks like you need some help.” The scratchy voices came from behind me, and I tilted my head upward to stare at the gun kid.
“Will you fight for me?” I questioned, gently touching his fingers.
“I’m JD, (Y/N). I’ll be there at the movies. I’ll protect you.” He smirked to himself.
“How do you know my name?”
“I have my ways…”
I frowned as I dabbed on a bit of clear pink lip gloss, staring down at my purple dress. It’s be lucky if It was in one piece by the end.

I stared out the window and saw a dingy looking faded cobalt car, and inhaled deeply before rushing out.

The moment I set afoot in the car I knew that hell was coming.

I tried to focus on the drive in movie, but I was failing. Ram and Kurt were eyeing not only me but other areas…of me and I was feeling extremely off about it. In any situation I’d run for the hills but I made a promise and I was pretty sure JD was behind me in a different car.
“So do you wanna like..?”
“No!” My automatic response kicked in.
They looked at each other and unzipped.
“You make my balls blue, though!”
“UGH you’ve got a left hand, use it!”
I was pressed up against the car wall now and I felt hot breath on my face as Ram kissed me.

Suddenly, the alternate door opened and JD dragged Kurt and Ram out by the back of their jackets, before slamming them and carrying me out into his car.

I waited for about 5 minutes before trench coat came back, smirking at me.
“You’ll probably have a better time with me.” He laughed, turning the key to the engine.
“You know what I really want?” He looked in my eyes, dead serious, before his expression softened.
“A slushee. Let’s go!”

1D Hiatus: Day 579

* Louis posts another teaser of ‘Back To You’ on his Instagram story

* Louis tweets a link to his Spotify playlist where he included ‘Little Black Dress’ and Niall’s ‘Slow Hands’

* Liam does more promo in Paris, meets fans

* Liam performs shirtless at a private show in Paris 

* An article about Louis signing a deal with Epic Records is published by Variety

* Niall posts a video of himself dancing to ‘Get Low’ by Zedd and Liam on his Instagram story

* Tickets for Niall’s Flicker Sessions go on general sale in the UK, Ireland and Australia

* Pictures of Harry at Bleach London’s make-up line launch party yesterday come out

* Dougie Pointer posts a picture on Instagram with Harry and Lou Teasdale from yesterday’s launch

* Harry and Kenneth Branagh’s interview for This Morning airs

* Harry is spotted at BBC studios in London

* A video announcing Harry’s BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show interview is released, the interview will air at 8AM UK time this Monday

* Harry will be a guest on the Capital Breakfast Show with Roman Kemp this Monday morning

* More recent interviews promoting ‘Dunkirk’ are released

* Liam posts four pictures on Snapchat

It’s Jul 14th, 2017.

On this day a year ago: #214

Dan Stevens Appreciation Post

Since I watched Beauty and the Beast a couple of weeks ago, I have fallen in love with the man behind the CGI and digital editing for the Beast: Dan Stevens. The past two weeks have been me going on a Dan Stevens spree, meaning watching quite a few of the TV shows and movies he’s in. And oml, this man can fucking act. He’s so good and he masters roles that are totally different from the one before. 

In the FX show, Legion, he plays David Haller (aka Legion) from the Marvel Comics. He’s basically a cool, badass mutant with psychic abilities and other cool powers and is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. (LIKE HONESTLY THE EFFECTS ON THIS SHOW ARE SO FREAKING COOL. U HAVE TO WATCH IT IF UR INTO THE SCI-FI SHIT OR SOME PRETTY GOOD GRAPHICS AND EFFECTS MAN)

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AND THEEEEEEN, I found out this boy is also in Downton freaking Abbey. I’ve been wanting to watch it because of Dame Maggie Smith but then when I heard Dan was in it, I had to watch it. AND LET ME JUST SAY THAT MY POSH BOY, MATTHEW CRAWLEY, HAS STOLEN MY HEART. HE’S SO SWEET AND ADORABLE AND UGH I LOVE HIM SO MUCH…..then that Christmas special came and crushed my heart and made me more emo. fuck.

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(this posh little fucker fml) (jk i love matthew)

And then I decided to watch a movie he was in, which was The Guest. This thriller is actually pretty intense though. I’ve only watched half of the movie and daaaaaaaammmmnnnnnn. wtf man. (here’s the trailer: )


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no joke, the first gif on this post is my reaction to this gif ^^^

And finally, we mustn’t forget about the role that made me go on a spree in the first place.

Beauty and the freaking Beast

All I can say that the casting was just perfect. And I love how they got an actor with the bluest eyes EVER (you know since Belle recognized the Beast when he turned human because of his beautiful blue eyes)


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and there ya go. that was mostly me going Dan Stevens crazy but u gotta admit, for an actor to slay these different roles is just awesome and shows his great talent.

can’t wait to hear you scream

in which nico and will watch a scary movie. kind of.

read on ao3


Nico had believed Will when he’d said that he’d hated horror movies.

The thing was, he apparently didn’t grasp how much Nico hated horror movies.

“Do you wanna turn it off?” Nico asks, cautiously, because they’re sitting in his home living room, and while Nico is sitting cross-legged on the floor, elbow deep in a bowl of salted popcorn, Will is currently lying on the sofa.

Not only lying on the sofa, but buried in blankets. Most of them have been removed from his actual body and instead are just covering his face.

“No,” Will says, voice muffled. “I’m good.”

Nico raises his eyebrow. On the screen, some horrible horror slasher move happens. Nico isn’t really paying attention, but he’s pretty sure that there is blood spraying everywhere. Some teenager screams.

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anonymous asked:

Would you mind writing about the RFA(V , S) with a foreign MC whose parents are racist and don't allow her to be with them because they are Asian? But she dates them anyways because she loves them? (My grammar is $h*t I know)

This is so interesting. But it’s so touchy, I’m so afraid this can backfire and I’ll end up offending someone. Please let me know if this isn’t good, I’ll shut it down immediately (of course this is directed to my asian followers, couldn’t care less about white people’s feelings, including my own). Thank you all!

RFA + Saeran and V dealling with MC’s racist family

TRIGGER WARNING: Racism (obviously), misoginy, xenophobia (so sorry I forgot about this before, ugh… hope I didn’t do too much damage. I apologize if someone felt triggered expecting to get something else from this.


  • You introduced him to your father through Skype and he is…confused.
  • So… he’s an albino? And an oriental? How does that work?
  • Oh, and he’s an actor? Like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee? Did he ever play a karate fighter in some movie? Oh god…
  • “I’m pretty sure Jackie Chan is from Hong Kong, sir. And Bruce Lee was… Chinese, babe?” “I think he was born in America, and had a Chinese descendance…”
  • “And karate is a Japanese martial art, sir. They’re not all… oriental…” he says the word in disgust, ughhh… hearing this word in 21st century is awful!
  • “Oh, it’s all sort of the same thing, isn’t it?” Ohhhh… you’re so embarrassed, you want to turn it off immediately and scold your father for being… racist.
  • “No, it’s not, sir. Please don’t use a word that put hundreds of people from different cultures and countries in one tiny box. Please, get more sensitive about these issues now that your daughter is dating a KOREAN guy who will marry her someday. Have a nice day, sir.” And he turns it off.
  • “Oh, babe, I can’t believe I talked to your father like this, I’m so so…” “Don’t you dare apologizing for doing the right thing!”
  • “Well, yeah… but you know… this isn’t his fault. You know, asian actors play a lot of similar roles on American movies and TV series, so…” “Yeah, and this isn’t your fault either, my father isn’t dumb, he should see through stereotypes, we all should, you know?”
  • You were right. Zen kept thinking of this after you two went to bed. He couldn’t stop thinking of what he could do to change things.
  • And it hit him, the problem isn’t the asian actors, they just roll with the roles they can get, the problem is we don’t have enough asian people working on producing and writing jobs in entertainment, at least outside of asian countries, of course.
  • So now he’s thinking how he needs to expand his career in order to be a producer in USA or in Europe one day…
  • His manager sleeping beside him will help him through on this.


  • Your sister was in town and he was so excited to meet her.
  • She was excited as well, maybe too much throwing words like kawaii and calling him Yoosung-kun, you know, Japanese words.
  • “MC, she knows she’s in Korea and we speak Korean, right?” you’re too busy doing the facepalm to even answer.
  • And she keeps throwing Japanese terms totally out of context, for that matter. And Yoosung isn’t getting anything, he’s just scared of the way you’re glaring at her.
  • “Sis, shut up! You’re making a fool of yourself!” “What? I’m just showing support on you dating a jap guy.” “I’m not ‘jap’, I’m Korean. We… we are in Korea.” He says in a very kind way.
  • “Well, whatever, it’s all the same.” Oh god… oh no…
  • “No, we´re… we’re not.” He says assertively. Both you and your sister look at him, surprised.
  • “Jeez, calm down, cutie. I’m just trying to be nice and supportive. I’m super cool with my sister dating an asian guy and…” “But why do you have to be cool with it? There’s nothing to be cool about it, it’s just… you know what I’m trying to say? When you keep saying you’re cool and bringing my race and my country of origin everytime, I’m sorry… but I don’t think you’re cool with this at all. And that’s not…”
  • “Cool.” You complete for him and he smiles sweetly at you. “And please study a little, Japanese and korean have this historical feud, we don’t like being compared.” Oh wow, looks like he’s been studying too.
  • Your sister is so mad, she just stomps out of there telling she’ll never be back to this hellhole of a country and shit like that. Yoosung doesn’t understand how two people coming from the same environment can be so different like you two.
  •  “MC, are you really ok with your sister not really approving us?” “You mean if I’m okay with my sister being a xenophobic racist brat? Not really…”
  • “Oh… yeah, she was being kinda racist, right?” you nod. “Well, uhm… she seems to mean well, at least. That’s a start on us to teaching her.” “Yoosung, honey… you really don’t have to.” “I know, but I want to. She’s gonna be my family one day too, right?”
  • And that was the first time he made you blush in the ame way you’re used to making him.


  • You warned her about your brother being a little… nonsense. You know the guy who dated a black girl on high school and think he’s such a hero for it? That guy…
  • So he’s super excited to meet your asian girlfriend. Yeah, he emphasized “asian” a lot.
  • “Whoa, you’re tall. I thought you Asians were all tiny and cute…” hum, okay…
  • “And you are a blackbelt in judo? Whoa, dragon lady, am I right?” wtf, dude?
  • And he keeps throwing totally out of line comments about her body and how she’s nothing like he was expecting from an Asian girl, since all the asian girls he knows are completely different.
  • “The girls he saw on porn, that is.” You whisper to her, and she giggles, but deep inside she knows this is so wrong!
  • And since he won’t stop, she’s starting to get really angry. She needs to put a stop to this before he does THAT question about asian girls having sideways vaginas, because he seems douchy enough to make it.
  • “I know you mean well, but please stop before you say something really racist… and sexist as well.
  • “Sexist? And… racist? Ah, come on! I’m not racist, I’ve even dated a black girl on high school and…” See? I told you he was that guy.
  • “Hum… and I can’t even imagine why she isn’t dating you anymore…  if you used her race as a fetish like you’re doing to mine right now, we probably have an answer.” “What are you even saying, girl? You should feel lucky that MC has a supportive brother who doesn’t mind her dating another girl, an asian girl.”
  • “Oh, racist, mysoginistic and homophobic. You’re the triple threat, huh, bro? I won’t feel lucky for you doing nothing but your obligation, especially when you’re doing it wrong!” “What’s gotten to you, MC? I’m your family, you can’t talk to me like that!” “You can’t talk to me and to my girlfriend like this either, if you’re family, educate yourself before acting like an asshole!”Well, she’s not happy on being the cause of a fight between brother and sister… no, forget that, his racism was the cause of this. And she’s so happy you two are on the same page of this.


  • He made sure to pay for bringing your dad to Korea so they could finally meet. Despite of your protests of this being a bad investment.
  • He didn’t get it at first, but as soon as he met him, he understood.
  • Because your dad wasn’t even inclined to a handshake. He was a very serious cold man.
  • Jumin is worried if this has anything to do with those three days, did you mention the cage or something? Well, he wouldn’t be exactly pleased if someone trapped his daughter like he did to you…
  • He tells you that as an apology when your father goes to his bedroom to unpack, and you feel so bad. “Jumin, honey… you’re not the problem here at all…”
  • “What do you mean, MC?” “Well, I… have I told you my father used to work in the U.S.  forces, right?”
  • He has a solid knowledge in politics, so he knows your father is probably thinking about North Korea and the constant fear of the possibility of a war starting at any moment…
  • But… he’s south Korean, what does this have anything to do with North and USA? “Well, you know how ignorance works, especially when it’s related to nationalism…”
  • Right you are, but still… this is such a touchy subject, that shouldn’t interfere in your relationship. And… well, if his race is the problem, then your father is being racist, it doesn’t matter if politics are involved.
  • “Plus, if this war happens. USA and South will likely be allies, as it happened before, so no need for you to dislike me, sir.” Well, you don’t like the idea behind his point, but… he’s sort of right? “We are not all the same, sir. Please understand this and respect your daughter’s wishes of staying with me. I’m sure in the end you’re just thinking what’s best for her, and believe me, I’m doing the best I can in order to fulfill this position.”
  • Your father looks at him head to toes. “You’re smart and reasonable, I like that you’re different from the gooks I met in Vietnam.” And he offers his hand for that handshake, which… Jumin doesn’t take it,
  • The man is still racist and xenophobic after all. And you know this isn’t even close to an end…


  • He’s really excited to meet your sister
  • Then you introduce them two and they’re both nice to each other and all.
  • At least that’s what he thought before overhearing you talking in the guest room.
  • “He’s adorable, MC, and he doesn’t look that asian.” Hum… what is that supposed to mean?
  • “What do you even mean?” “I mean, he’s… redhead, and has this cool outfit, where’s the nerd kid with slicky hair that’s really good at math or something?”
  • “He is really good at math, but you’re just repeating stereotypes, come on!” “Well, there’s a lot of truth in stereotypes, y’ know?” “There’s also a lot of prejudice.” Slaaay MC, slaaaay.
  •  “Ugh, MC, ever since when did you become so prudish? Jeez, people are so touchy these days…”  even though he knows he shouldn’t,  he speaks up:  “I know, right? People can’t even be racist anymore without being called out, that’s awful!”
  • “I… I’m not racist! I am super happy for my sister dating a guy regardless of his race and…” “Regardless? Oh my God!” you and Saeyoung  say at the same time.
  • “No, honey. Of course you’re not a racist, you’re just saying that your sister is some kind of angel for being able to see a normal person behind these slant eyes of mine, and she not minding my race is a favor she’s doing…”
  • “MC, are you really letting him talk to me like this?” “I guess I will, since I’m no angel. And you brought this on yourself.”
  • Of course he didn’t want to be mean to your sister, but he totally went for it when you told him he could.
  • But on a more serious note, he wants your sister to be educated at some point, it’s not good living in ignorance, and he wouldn’t that for someone so close to you, neither would you.
  • So you two will try to be patient and show there’s much more than that portrayal of the nerd asian boy.


  • He wouldn’t say it loud, but he is excited about meeting your mother.
  • But you keep changing the subject and backing away on this.
  • And he doesn’t know what to think, why wouldn’t him to meet the woman who raised you? Oh… wait, he knows what this is about…
  • You’re embarrassed about him, ain’t you? Because he’s a freak and would definitely screw things up, of course!
  • He confronts you, and you feel so bad, especially because now you have to tell the truth: “I’m not embarrassed of you, I’m embarrassed of her…” the fuck?
  • “W-why?” “Well, she can be a little… odd.” Odd? How?
  • Doesn’t care, he wants to meet her, I mean, haven’t you heard about his mother? What could be worse than that?
  • And though maybe it’s not worse, is still pretty bad. “I’m not a racist, but I think pure genes are really important on a child’s brain development, so I would rather seeing my daughter with a white young man.” Oh my god…
  • He… doesn’t really know what to say, he kinda expected your mother would hate him, but because he is weird, not because of something he was born like and has nothing to do with his personality.
  • “Mom, that’s so… racist.” Hmmm, yeah, that’s the word he was looking for. “No, sweetie, I’m just thinking what’s best for you.”
  • “So are you saying you think your daughter would be happier with, say, a white guy who beats her up than with someone who likes her and respects her just because he’s not white? That makes no sense”.
  • “No, of course not… I… I just…” “Mom, trust me, just end this conversation here while you didn’t mess up completely.”
  • He’s so happy to know you have his back, and this is not only about his race.


  • He’s thrilled and slightly nervous about meeting your brother.
  • You’re nervous too, but for very different reasons.
  • You know those people who don’t consider themselves right-winged or left-winged, his political stand is moving forward? That guy…
  • And V was having very interesting conversations with the guy when he says this: “My sister is just like me, we don’t see race, we just see people.”
  • “Well, that’s nice, but it’s very easy for a white person to say that, you know? Since race doesn’t really play a role on their accomplishments and, most important, obstacles.”
  • “What do you mean? That white people don’t put effort enough to get things?” “No, I’m just saying that you get to face obstacles, but your race is not playing a part on this. I mean…  MC is white, but she’s a woman, so she won’t get the same wage as you in the same job, it’s the same thing with race, white people earn more for the same job in a lot of cases.”
  • “Now you’re just generalizing, don’t you think you’re doing…”  wait for it… “reverse racism?” Oh no…
  • “I… don’t believe such a thing exists.” “It does, look it up.”
  • “I will, then you look up on racial inequality in labor market, how does that sound?” “You don’t have to be condescending, you know?”
  • “I’m not, I’m just giving you a reality check you’re refusing to face. But I get it, it’s hard giving up on your white privileges.” “There you are being racist again.”
  • “Dude, even I know that is not a thing, just stop, you’re embarrassing yourself.” “Yes give up on your male privileges too and listen to the woman at least for once.”
  • Your brother scoffs “You two are such a postmodern couple.” “And you’re pedantic.” “Not to mention a little racist?” you and V say.
  • Well, this was a very clever conversation, and your brother seems smart, V can’t wait to educate him in a more proper way.

This… has been sitting on my computer for a couple weeks. I’m not gonna finish it. But if you’re curious, it’s some thumbnails for the story I mentioned in this sketch dump here x. I just wanted to animate Nick landing in the cage which is why the camera angle doesn’t change (and I wanted to animate him hugging Judy…). The pacing of this is quicker than it would actually be though, because without any dialogue or the Coyote in the scene it would be a lot of Nick pretty much just staring off to the left. …..Anyway. I thought I should post it. Also, I know he doesn’t movie his tail around nearly as much in the movie but drawing Nick’s tail swishing around was fun haha

I’m doing it, I’m reading the Whedon Wonder Woman script. Wish me luck.

Update 1:

Ok, so yeah the descriptions of the women are all about beauty so far, it really DOES start with Steve instead of Diana and I’m pretty sure Diana’s bff just whispered in her ear something sexual about Steve? Like, while he is being lead to face the Amazons.

Update 2: So he has been given the lasso of truth and Hippolyte asks him if he would tell the location of the island; no. For gold? No. Power? No. To save your own life? No.

At this point I’m like… Why? He doesn’t know anything about the island other than Amazons, he has no idea if it’s important but in order to tell us how awesome a guy he is joss is saying that he would literally DIE to protect the secret of an island that he has NO idea the value of… Ok? That’s not a shorthand to show how brave and noble he is… It is just ridiculous.

Of course then Hippolyte asks if he’d tell if someone threatened to kill his family and he said he would in that situation and everyone is shocked, like…Why would that be shocking?

Also neither they not the script have given us context for this. Is someone able to tell that Steve has been on the island? I mean, if someone was WATCHING the island they would know where it was, so how are they going to know Steve was on it if he never tells anyone? How would anyone know to find his family and threaten them? The scene just makes the Amazon’s look ridiculously paranoid for no reason.

Update 3: Steve just agreed to sacrifice his life of Hippolyte made sure the rations he was carrying got to the refugees he was trying to deliver them to. I get this is supposed to, again, make him look like a hero but instead it just makes him look really cavalier about his own death.

Also, how are Hippolyte and co going to get the rations to these people? Leaving the island to do that would be risky… You can’t get someone else to go there, soooo?? This just seems really sloppy.

And Hippolyte said that the first law is that no man shall set foot in the island lest the Amazons perish. . Thus he has to die. The thread used to tie this desperate conflict together is frayed as fuck.

Update 4: “There is an attraction between them that neither of them mentions - - or possibly even knows about”

…what? That’s. . Not how attraction works?

Update 5:

And the terrible trainwreck that is Steve’s “personality” begins.

Diana has saved his life once and has tried to save it again, she’s come to his room to try and understand why he’s willing to die, clearly showing that she cares and he has become a complete jerk, telling her to get out of his face because he doesn’t want to spend his last night alive being a learning opportunity to a “debutante”. He knows NOTHING about her, literally all he knows about her is her name, that her mother is in charge and that she called them Amazon’s. Despite not knowing anything about her he asserts she has never gone without anything in her life, she’s never been hungry or cold or worked hard, he then tells her that the “real world” would “eat you alive” and calls her princess as an insult.

Oh, he also threw a piece of fruit at her and was dismissive of the fact that she has super strength and she just… Left. Which leaves us figuring that, by this script, Steve is right. Joss would have us believe that to become an elite Amazon you live an easy, charmed life.

Update 6: 

Diana’s best friend, Aethra, was with her when she had the conflict with her mother and finds Diana at the temple of Athena, despite the conflict and her friend’s distress her first words are “At least tell me you looked at it.” Because apparently nothing matters more to Aethra than Steve’s junk. 

Diana talks about how she prays every night to Athena for guidance, to understand her purpose, her reason and that maybe Steve is not a coincidence, that Athena answered her prayer, to this Aethra says:

“You really think you’re the only woman on this island thinks that was her prayer being answered?”

Diana somehow manages to not murder her bff in this scene. The rest of the updates will be below a read more. 

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You know what I would really love to see in TV/movies?

A wlw who says things like “omg I’m so gay” or “jfc she’s so pretty but ugh she’s stRAIGHT” or “damn her butt looks so fine gdi i’m so gaaaay”

I’d like the media to normalize our daily flailings because we do it alllll the tiiiiime and it’s REAL AND I WOULD JUST LIKE THAT TO BE REPRESENTED OKAY

Counting Down My 8 Favorite Movie Mean Girls

I honestly wouldn’t be the woman I am today without some of these girls. Even though they are bitchy as hell they all have self confidence and don’t give a fuck about what anyone says. My next post will be a think piece on movie mean girls so keep an eye out for that! Enjoy my favorite bitches. *SPOILERS* but I’m honestly judging you if you haven’t seen movies 6 through 1.

8. Lindsay Edgecomb (Halston Sage)

Movie: Before I Fall (2017) [Read my review for it here]

Best Line: “Are you trying out for a tampon commercial?”

Lindsay is the newest mean girl since her film was out this year but she deserved a spot. She was certainly cruel but we found out why she was so mean which makes her soft which puts her at the top of the list.

7. Madison Morgan (Bella Thorne)

Movie: The Duff (2015)

Best Line: “And then she’s all like bitch if I wanted your opinion I’d ask and I was all like bitch if I cared what you thought I’d ask. Ugh, my grandma is so annoying.”

Madison is straight up just there to make your life a living hell. Most mean girls learn their lesson at the end of films but Madison gave zero fucks the entire time. Although she could be up there with the heavyweights she isn’t as iconic as the rest of the list so I’ll let her sit pretty at number 7. 

6. Taylor Vaughan (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe)

Movie: She’s All That (1999)

Best Line: “I could win this thing in fluorescent lighting, on the first day of my period, cloaked in T.J. Max OK?”

Taylor Vaughan was your typical 90′s mean girl. All she wanted to do was win prom queen and destroy an outsider’s life. She’s overlooked and honestly she’s just an unstoppable force. You could say she’s… all.. that. HA.

5. Jennifer Check (Megan Fox)

Movie: Jennifer’s Body (2009)

Best Line: “It smells like Thai food in here. Have you guys been fucking?”

Jennifer Check is not only evil but the biggest bitch ever. The worst part is that she’s the meanest to her best friend. I mean sleeping with someones boyfriend is disgusting but eating someone’s boyfriend is unforgivable. Jennifer is number 5 cause she’s got a taste for petty and useless teenage boys. 

4. Regina George (Rachel McAdams)

Movie: Mean Girls (2004)

Best Line: “Good. So it’s settled. So you can go shave your back now. Bye Jason.”

Oh Regina George so beautiful, so iconic, and sharp as a tack. She’s ruler of Northshore high and her posse even has their own name. Not only did she make mini skirts and pink cool but she even learned to be nice in the end. Although Regina was a mega bitch she changed her ways and channeled her feelings into contact sports. I know all are you are probably thinking how can such an iconic person be number 4? Well when I post the next 3 ladies you’ll see why. 

3. Kathryn Merteuil (Sarah Michelle Gellar)

Movie: Cruel Intentions (1999)

Best Line: “God forbid I exude confidence and enjoy sex.”

Kathryn is my favorite kind of bitch, rich bitch and the reigning queen of the Upper East Side. I can’t even begin to name the things that make her basically evil. She made a bet with her step brother that included sleeping with him, she ruined an innocent girl, and in the end she’s still maintaining her bad girl habits at her brothers funeral. If that’s not the definition of mean girl I don’t know what is. Blair Waldorf wishes she was her. 

2. Heather Chandler (Kim Walker)

Movie: Heathers (1988) 

Best Line: “Fuck me gently with a chainsaw do I look like Mother Teresa?”

Oh Heather C I do love thee. She was ruthless and literally was rude to everyone even her best friends. No wonder why Veronica wanted her dead. Heather literally watched Veronica puke at a college party and laughed after. I mean who wants to be friends with that? Heather started mean and she died mean too which places her on top at number 2. 

1. Courtney Shayne (Rose McGowan)

Movie: Jawbreaker (1999)

Best Line: “I killed the teen dream, deal with it.”

Oh Courtney my personal favorite. She had the hip 90′s outfits, a cool car, and a posse to follow her around. All l things you need to be Queen B. I like Courtney cause she’s great in a crisis. Someone witnesses you guys moving a dead body? Give her a makeover and make her cool. What kills me about this movie is that Courtney’s demise isn’t killing her best friend it’s turning a girl into a monster just like her. I mean to take down the best you gotta learn from the best am I right. Even when Courtney is getting screamed at at the dance she still doesn’t deny the fact that she literally killed her best friend with a jawbreaker. Courtney has the best compusure and the best lines and this is why she’s number one.

Why it's Tony Stark - not Uncle Ben -- as Spider-Man's dad figure

The people complaining (WHY are there always complainers and whiners when we’ve been given the gift of a great new movie? Discuss…) that Peter Parker “already had a dad figure and that was Uncle Ben” need to get real with the fact that in the MCU there is no Uncle Ben. The writers specifically omitted him because they didn’t want that extra layer of sadness and melancholy in THIS particular Spider-Man universe.

There are some offhand references to “what Aunt May has been through” - but that’s pretty much all the Ben you will ever get. He’s simply NOT a story point in the MCU and won’t be. Hence Tony Stark as the mentor and dad-figure that Peter so obviously needs. And it’s a better movie because of that. The mentor aspect is terrific, and it works - especially to bring Spidey into the larger Avengers universe, where he’ll soon be needed when it’s all hands on deck to fight Thanos. The father-son/mentor-student vibe belongs to Tony Stark and Peter Parker now.

(I honestly…ugh, fans are sometimes the most reactionary/conservative beings, demanding that all things always remain the same. That’s not how creative storytelling works! We should be overjoyed that good storytellers change it up sometimes and give us something new and different. Why tell the very same Spider-Man story over and over and over? They’ve tried that already. The reason critics and fans love “Honecoming” is that it feels fresh and new, and that unnecessary old plot points were pared away.)

Millenium Falcon Ride

Title: Millenium Falcon Ride

Paring: Dean/Han x Reader/Leia

Word Count: 1,294

Warning: Some super funny Star War’s themed smut

Request by @iamthemaskhewears said: Hey darling! I’m going through a Star Wars thing atm, and I got an idea! How about Dean and the Reader are watching A New Hope, and she says something of having a crush on Han Solo, and Dean gets jealous. And he surprises her dressed as Han in their room? Smut please?

A/N: Enjoy! This was super fun to write!

Curled up in bed watching A New Hope you barely heard the knock at your door. “Y/N I’m making a grocery list and I was won-“

“Shhhhh!!!” Dean looked from you to the TV as Harrison Ford slid into the booth at the Cantina.

“Han Solo, I’m captain of the Millennium Falcon”

“Hell yeah you are,” you murmured at the TV as Dean’s eyebrows raised and came together.

“Swoon much?”

“Hell fuckin’ yeah! I love me some Han Solo.” Dean stood there for a few moments, watching as you were pulled back into the movie. He knew you were a fan, but he didn’t realize how big of a crush you had on Han.

Throughout the week as you watched the rest of the movies they were always being brought up. “Oh I forgot about this part, Han is so brave!” “Can you believe how talented he is?!” “Ugh Han is so attractive it’s not fair!”

Dean didn’t know why it was bothering him so much but he started to get fed up with having to share the spotlight. Usually he was the attractive badass that was a total sweetheart. Now this Han dude was ruining that for him. After doing some research one-night though Dean was pretty confident he was going to get your attention back.

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Best Halloween Ever

Prompt Request: could you do a peter parker x ginger reader where she’s a HUGE harry potter nerd and she thinks peter looks a little like harry so she has them go as ginny and harry for halloween and he’s super in love w her throughout it all cause that’s HIS nerd and he loves her ??

Characters: Peter Parker, Reader

Warnings: none really, just fluff

A/N: Thanks for the request! Tags and requests are open, and as always, thanks for reading!

Oneshot Masterlist

Peter hopped over the back of the couch and plopped down next to you. Some popcorn escaped the bowl he was holding and spilled onto the floor.

“Watch it!” you warned. “Papa Bear’s gonna kill you if you mess up his rug.”

Peter sighed and banged his head against the cushions. “Can you please stop referring to Mr. Stark as Papa Bear?” he asked.

“Is he ever going to stop acting like an overprotective father?” you shot back.

Peter groaned. “Probably not.”

“Then no.” You smirked at him, and he threw a few pieces of popcorn at you.

“What are we watching anyway?” he asked, after he got the silliness out of his system.

“Well…” you trailed off and his eyes widened.

“No!” he exclaimed. “Not again!”

“Okay, hear me out,” you reasoned. “The new Fantastic Beasts movie just came out on DVD, so of course we need to rewatch the old movies.”

“But it’s not even the same storyline as Harry Potter !” he yelped.

“Yeah, but there’s history to be learned. Pretty please?” You clasped your hands together and gave him your best puppy dog eyes. You knew he’d never be able to say no to your puppy dog eyes.

“Ugh, fine!” he relented. “But I want to watch the one where they train in that secret closet.”

“ Order of the Phoenix? Coming right up!” You scrolled through Tony Stark’s massive movie library until you found the movie you were looking for. You had managed to get Tony’s iTunes password from Captain America himself and had downloaded all of the extended versions of the Harry Potter movies.

“FRIDAY, please turn down the lights,” Peter commanded as you started the movie. Everything was plunged into darkness until just the light from the TV illuminated the room.

Normally, you were completely engrossed whenever you watched a Harry Potter movie. But today, your attention kept wavering between the movie screen and Peter’s face. He couldn’t help but feel your intense gaze on him as he watched wizards and witches fight it out on screen.

“Everything okay?” he finally asked. He was thankful the darkness was hiding his flaming red cheeks.

“You look just like him…” you murmured. You paused the movie. “FRIDAY, lights please.”

The lights came back on, and you grasped Peter’s hand and pulled him to his feet. You started talking about something, but your voice faded out as he tried to contain his emotions.

His heart beat wildly as you held his hand in yours. To say he had a crush on you was an understatement. Ever since you had been assigned partners in chemistry last year, you two were practically inseparable. Plus, he loved the fact that you didn’t treat him any differently once you found out he was Spiderman. You weren’t even intimidated by the other Avengers when you hung out with him at the Tower.

“So what you do think?” you asked, bringing his attention back to the present moment. “You wanna do it?”

“Yes,” he replied dreamily.

You squealed and jumped up and down. “This is going to be so awesome!” You gave him a quick hug. “I just need to run home and grab some stuff, but I’ll meet you at the shop in, like an hour?”

Peter gulped and nodded, hoping you couldn’t decipher his absolutely clueless expression. You waved and practically ran out the door.

He waited until you left to summon the AI. “Umm, FRIDAY? What exactly did I just agree to do?”

He couldn’t help but feel like the AI was smirking at him behind all its code. “Well, Mr. Parker, it appears you will be dressing as Harry Potter for Halloween.”

You waited anxiously outside the dressing room as Peter changed into his outfit. Finally, the thin blue curtain pulled back and Peter appeared. You stared at him with an open jaw as he held out his arms and spun around.

“Well?” he asked.

“Oh. My. GOSH!” you squealed. “You look amazing!”

Peter blushed as he looked in the big dressing room mirror. “You think?”

You nodded vigorously and turned him around. “You’re perfect as Harry Potter!”

It was true. With his brown hair and piercing eyes, Peter totally pulled off the Harry Potter look. You held out fake glasses, and he put them on.

“Ahh! I love it!”

Peter looked at your own costume appreciatively. “Maybe, uh, you should, like, stand next…to me,” he stuttered. “You know, to get the, uh, full effect of the costume.”

You let out a light gasp. “You’re totally right!” You practically bounced over and stood next to him. You made the perfect Ginny Weasley. Despite the harsh fluorescent lights in the dressing room, your red hair shone brilliantly. It framed your face in the most perfect way, and Peter couldn’t help but notice how the black Gryffindor robes accentuated your already awesome features.  

“We look amazing!” you exclaimed. “All we need are wands and a scar for you, and then our costumes will be epic!”

“You are such a nerd,” Peter snickered.

“But you love it!” you sang, dancing around the dressing room.

Your enthusiasm was contagious, and Peter found himself actually looking forward to trick-or-treating.

He had it bad for you.

Halloween had finally arrived. Peter met you at your apartment to get completely dressed up in the costumes. You had helped draw a scar on his forehead, and he had to stop himself from passing out at you being so close to his lips.

“Expelliarmus!” you yelled, waving your wand at him.

“Oof!” Peter grunted as he pretended to fall backwards.

“Noooo,” you whined. “Expelliarmus causes the opponent’s wand to leave their hand.”

Peter straightened himself back up. “Okay, okay, lemme try again,” he insisted.

You held your wand out, a look of steely determination in your eyes. “Expelliarmus!”

Peter flung his wand, and it accidentally knocked over some of your Harry Potter funko pop figures. “Whoops.”

Thankfully, you just giggled and picked his wand up off the floor. “Let’s try not to hit any kids while we’re out, okay?”

Peter nodded sheepishly and followed you out your door.

Whoever said high schoolers were too old to go trick-or-treating was lying. You and Peter were a huge hit with your “couples” costume. Kids kept stopping you in the hallways to ask for you two to duel each other. Peter’s wand didn’t hit any kids, but it did accidentally knock one cranky old lady’s apartment numbers off her door. You retired your wands at that point and focused on collecting candy. By the time you finished hitting every apartment in your building, your bags were full of goodies.

“I’m kind of not ready to be done yet,” you admitted after you left the last apartment.

“Me neither,” Peter replied. “Want to walk around for a bit?”

You nodded, and suddenly, your demeanor changed. You bit your lip and your cheeks took on a pink tinge. “So, uh, since Ginny and Harry end up together in…in the movies…” You swallowed and took a deep breath. “Maybe we could, um, hold hands? To make the costumes more realistic,” you added quickly.

Peter’s heart lept into his throat. “Y-y-ye-yeah,” he got out. “Def-definitely need to m-make it realistic.”

You and Peter had held hands before. In moments of excitement, it wasn’t uncommon for you to take his hand in yours. However, this felt completely different. Peter prayed you couldn’t feel how sweaty his hand was. His heart thumped steadily as you walked around outside, hand-in-hand, in silence.

“I had a lot of fun tonight,” you said, looking Peter in the eyes.

“Me too.” He rubbed small circles on the palm of your hand and gained some courage. “Do you wanna hang out sometime?”

“Sure!” you replied immediately. “We can finish the movie.”

“N-no,” Peter clarified. “I mean, hang out.” Your eyes widened when you realized what he meant. “I mean, we don’t have to,” Peter added, when he saw your expression. “It’s just-”

His words were cut off when you kissed him. Well, tried to anyway. In your haste, you wound up banging noses, and his glasses fell off his face.

“Ohmygoshimsosorry,” you rushed, covering your face in your hands. “I was…I was trying to…” You groaned and refused to meet his eyes.

Peter bit his lip as he tried not to laugh. “You wanna…you wanna try that again?”

You looked up. “You mean you still want to?” you asked incredulously.

Peter nodded. “Yeah. I like you a lot.”

“I like you too,” you replied.

You liked him! Peter swore he could hear angels singing in the distance, he was so happy. He repositioned himself in front of you and placed shaky hands on your shoulders. Your own hands wrapped around his waist and pulled him closer. Your eyes looked even brighter this close, and he could see the smattering of freckles decorate your nose. You took a deep breath and relished in the sharp scent of Peter’s body spray.

“Umm, so I guess we just…?” you asked nervously.

“Y-yeah,” Peter responded.

You both leaned in for your redo kiss. It was soft, gentle, and a little awkward for your first time. But otherwise…

But it was perfect.

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Can DCEU fans please, please stop defending the female characters of this franchise? Cause when you look at them beyond what the film wants you to think, they are just awful. Like, Michael Bay levels of awful.

In Man of Steel, Lois Lane suffers from the same problem as Mystique in X-Men Apocalypse, where a character and/or actress is given more screen time and importance just because. The way the film bends itself backwards to give her screen time is just pathetic. But what’s even worse is that they are all excuses for Superman to save her. Seriously. Lois Lane goes into the Kryptonian ship. Robot attacks her so Superman has to save her. Lois Lane investigates Superman: the government kidnap her, so Superman has to make sure she is safe (but he was going to turn himself in anyway, so Lois being kidnapped feels like an odd choice story wise). Lois is brought up to Zod’s ship, just another excuse to put her in a situation where Superman has to save her. Then she ends up on a military plane so that she can push a button. I’m sure only she knows how to do that, it’s not like they could have just told them what to do or anything. And not only can she not push a button properly, it’s just yet another excuse for Superman to save her. Then there’s Martha, who’s impact on Clark is completely sidelined for Jonathan Kent’s pretentious monologues. Outside of one good scene. she’s just sort of there cause she has to be.

In Batman V Superman, we have 3 more characters. Mercy, who gets the same treatment as Jimmy Olsen (given about 3 lines and then killed for no reason.) Senator Finch, who’s actually the most well done character in the whole film in terms of execution of characterization. Blown up with Mercy. Wonder Woman? No. Just no. I hate that they reduce her to a one dimensional ‘badass warrior chick‘. I hate that her only purpose is the worst possible kind of sequel set up. I had that this version of the character does nothing during a ‘century of horrors‘ because man just doesn’t work well together so what’s the point?. And I hate that her solo movie has to carry all that baggage. And as for Lois Lane: way too many problems for this post, but the main one is this: to all the people who say ‘she’s not just Superman’s love interest in this version.‘ Yeah she is. Her interview with the terrorist is just for Superman to save her. Her investigation into that bullet is just for the movie to tell us that Lex ‘Most Obvious Bad Guy In Cinema History‘ Luthor is the bad guy. And then Lex kidnaps her to get to Superman. Then she shows up at the title fight, and all she does is explain something Superman already said. Then she throws a spear into water, just so she has to go get it later, leading to, big shock, Superman saving her AGAIN!! Oh, and the movie strongly suggests that Superman will go nuts if Lois were to die, which is just horrifying. And don’t get me started on how Martha is just a reason for Batman to suddenly start helping Superman. But hey, at least she gets to give Superman a horrible monologue of her own, right?

Then in Suicide Squad (note. I have not seen the extended edition, so maybe these problems were fixed), 4 female characters yet again. Enchantress is the main villain, and wow, she is the most average villain in superhero history. She’s another ‘god who thinks they should be worshiped and in charge‘ type character with a dash of ‘technology is bad‘ thrown in. She’s Gozu from Ghostbusters but with none of the build up or threat. Lame. The split personality thing is interesting, but it’s forgotten about as soon as it’s brought up and never goes anywhere. Kitana is…. just sort of there. Much like Wonder Woman, she’s just a ‘badass warrior chick‘ with nothing to her. Her only character trait outside of that is that her husband, a character we have never seen or given any reason to care about, is trapped inside her sword, and I guess that’s meant to make us care about someone who just stands around and occasionally killing something. And Harley Quinn is only entertaining because Margot Robbie is perfect casting. But even with that in mind, she’s a character that can be defined in one word: ‘crazy‘. There’s no depth, no interesting analysis of her craziness, she’s just crazy. And the movie keeps acting like she’s this super dangerous criminal who needs her own cell in the open cause she’s just so crazy. Yawn. Oh, and take a shot every time the camera focuses on her boobs and/or bum. I dare you. Amanda Waller is…. OK, yeah, she’s pretty damn badass. But that’s one pretty good character out of 9 who range from disposable to wasted potential.

Are those really the kind of female characters you want more of from Hollywood?

Søndag 18.6.17 kl 13.11 [Penetrator Chris]

Title: A Little Less Than a Thousand Miles [1.2K]
Requested by: @outofclutterfindsimplicity
Little fluff where Eva and Chris are watching movies or netflix in her bed and she just asks him if he wants to go to the Eid pre-party with her. :)

It was approximately three hours later after their rather…awkward encounter with the bewildered Miss Anne-Marit. Eva was pretty sure her mom looked absolutely everywhere except in their general direction before she muttered out a strange excuse about needing to go to work even though it was Sunday and nearly knocked the lamp right off the table in her hurry to grab her keys.

Eva wasn’t sure why he mom was so jittery, it wasn’t like she’d never had a boyfriend before. There was Jonas, who, sure, she didn’t get to meet, but this was just Chris

Eva studies the boy sitting beside her up and down to see if there was anything in particular that would have scared her off. It might have been the nakedness part, though, Eva’s confident it was definitely that.

They’re sitting on the couch in the living room, way too cramped together for a couple of people inhabiting such a large and spacious couch. Chris has his legs on the coffee table, crossed at the ankles and leaning back casually into the cushion behind him. Eva is curled up in his side, her head resting on his shoulder and her fingers tracing indistinct pattern on the exposed part of his stomach.

They were channel surfing the television in silence; Chris once in a while reaching up with his free hand that was curled around Eva’s shoulders to run his fingers through her hair.

The keyword here being: were. As in past tense. As in they had at one point during their co-inhabitation of the living room been channel surfing, until Chris had come across the pinnacle of modern day entertainment, as he’d put it, and put away the remote despite Eva’s many protests.

Yes, they were watching White Chicks on TV, and it wasn’t under any sort of duress.

“Chris, seriously,” she complains, as she’d been complaining consistently for the past twenty minutes or so.

Eva, seriously,” he mimics the usual cheeky grin on his face and the sparkle in his eye that Eva usually ended up getting absolutely mesmerized by. But definitely not today! “Come on, Eva. How can you not like this movie? It’s a masterpiece!” he motions to the TV with an indignant gesture.

“Besides the fact that I’m not a fan of the Wayans brother in general? What is actually the point of this movie?”

Chris looks genuinely bewildered by her statement. “It’s a couple of black guys, pretending to be Paris Hilton type white girls to infiltrate a ring of white collar criminals. That’s the point, Eva. It’s genius!”

“For a fuckboy whose call sign is Penetrator Chris, you really are such a nerd,” she says, but she has a small endeared smile on her face.

“But I’m your nerd,” he says teasingly in reply, grinning widely.

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Someone requested an imagine from my Instagram so… here it is!

Credit to the gif owner! (Sadly, I don’t remember where I got this gif from so if you guys know, let me know so I can tag them!)

Requested from a darling friend. Enjoy!! 💕
It was your first time at a meet and greet.

Especially for SpiderMan: Homecoming.

Iron Man and SpiderMan were your favorite Marvel characters, so getting to see them a week early before the national debut was a big thing deal for you.

You waited in like with your best friend, who shared a love for superheros as well. Despite her favorite being Flash.

“Robert is so hot for an older guy.” She swoons. You giggle and she makes and ‘ugh’ face.

“He is. But Tom Holland is pretty cute too.” You say.

“He looks like a 10 year old who hasn’t hit puberty yet.” She says. You swat her arm and she smiles.

“He is playing a freshmen in the movie.” You declare as the line surges forward.

“Yeah yeah. I know. I just like teasing you.” She laughs. You roll your eyes and your heart pumps louder as you see Robert and Tom at the tables, taking photos and chatting with the fans.

You loved the fact that even though these things were rushed, they still made time for the fans.

You guys are next and you hand practically also faints in RDJ’s arms.

“How much booze did you give her?” He asks me as I snap a photo of her and him. Its my turn and I laugh.

“None surprisingly. She just really loves you.” I say, smiling for the photo.

“And you don’t? Do that again. I think I blinked.” He says to my bestie.

“I’m obsessed.” I say, smiling again. He shoots me a wink and a smile and tells me to add the photo to my shrine. I laugh and head over to Tom, who freezes when he sees me.

God I must be bright red.

“H-hi.” I manage to say, hoping not to spit on him.

I hold my hand out so he can slip on the SpiderMan bracelet but my hand starts to shake. He chuckles and goes to put the bracelet on but fumbles, his fingers not being able to clasp it.

“I-I’m so sorry.” he stutters. I smile sheepishly and he finally gets it on, holding my hand.

“Just get married why don’t you?” My bestie says, snorting at us. I blush even harder and Tom’s face goes red.

I turn to leave when I feel a tap on my shoulder.

“Sorry for not being able to put the bracelet on. But I was wondering if you guys would like to catch up for some lunch after?” Tom says, pointing to Harrison who waves.

“Sure.” My bestie says.

“Can I have your number so I can tell you where to meet?” He asks.

My bestie elbows me in the side and I come back to reality.

“Yeah okay.” I manage to say.

He flashes a smile and leaves, the piece of paper with my never on it, tucked into his shirt pocket.

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So I went to see The Great Wall

And let me tell you, I am disappointed.
Not at the film, the movie was pretty good, really interesting.
Disappointed at tumblr.
Just by the posters they were bashing on the film because it had the name of a Chinese landmark and there was a white guy on the front poster.
And you know what, I believed it.

“Who are they trying to keep out?”
Tumblr: “oh idk the Huns?? More white washing ugh.”

I thought it would be a disrespecting film to the Chinese culture, so I was hesitant to watch it, but my dad wanted to for weeks so I did.

And you know what? I really enjoyed it.
I liked seeing the culture, the language, the way it was coordinated, the pacing, the tactics, heck, even the legend it was based on. But you know what I enjoyed the most?


At the end when they were just staring at each other I was whispering “if you kiss without any build up, I’m so done with this film.”
Surprise, no kiss.