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Headcanons for how Gabe/Jesse/Hanzo/Genji would treat a virgin s/o?

Gabriel Reyes
• he’s gonna take it. As soon as he finds out, he’s got a twisted need to claim that prize.
• Wines and dines then takes them to his room
• Really gentle and sweet about it, stupidly smug about being the first.
• Once? Nah son. Twice? LOL.
• Welcome to the wonderful world of Oral by Gabriel Reyes ™.

Jesse McCree
• This sweet buttercup cowboy ugh
• Makes it the perfect movie scene
• Candles, champagne, a picnic, he’s bringing in his guitar and serenading, full 9 yards
• So gentle it’s god damn ridiculous. Pauses every like 3 seconds for a status update.
o You good? Good.
 1”
o Still good? Peachy.
 1”
o You sure you’re good?
• Cuddle puddle and THE BEST SLEEP ™

Hanzo Shimada
• Most calm about it.
• Nothing special about it when it happens.
• Just careful until all is good to go
• There will be cuddles.

Genji Shimada
• He’s so pumped to open the fantastic door to the world of sex
• Starts with a ton of oral, grinning and laughing and enjoying himself
• Everything is fun and not serious. Super chill.
• Ice cream after.

A Story that we paint (Ch. 2)

Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Epilogue

  • Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x Reader | Kim Taehyung x Reader ft. the BTS members
  • Genre: College Au, Future, Scifi, Slight Fluff and Angst
  • Words: 6K
  • Description: Butterfly Dream: In which the lines between virtual and reality are blurred.

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The flutter of the breeze is warm, hitting your skin like a cozy blanket being draped over your body. You squint your eyes, looking around to see if you could recognize any of the landmarks that you had just designed.

Tall skyscrapers. Check.
Tree lined streets. Check.
Video Game Arcade. Check.
Wait. Video Game Arcade?

“Jeon Jungkook” You mutter to yourself while shaking your head.

“Y/N!” You hear a familiar baritone voice shout from behind you. He’s wearing a fuzzy sweater with sleeves that were evidently too long for his arms, and it makes you wonder whether he was aware of the current oversized clothing trend or if he just didn’t know sleeves were meant to only cover your arms. 

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im really feeling the dick is damian’s dad thing rn like he loves that boy so much and then Nightwing #20 comes along and fucks us all up real good and i know its been out for a while now but im still not over it and i will neVER BE OVER IT

and damian loves him too like dick is his favourite person in the entire world and just UGH just give me them cuddling together and watching movies from the 80s while damian acuses dick of having horrible taste in movies but really he loves them and

okay ill stop

#canon what canon #let me believe this is their relationship #just let me have this

Cheer You Up (Dan x Reader)

Character: Dan Howell (danisnotonfire)

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Fandom: Phandom

Title: Cheer You Up

Summary: To try and fix that awful day she’s having for no reason at all, Y/N decides to visit Dan and Phil. They will do her best to cheer their friend up.

A/N: In case any of you lovelies is having a bad day, I hope this cheers you up <3

It was one of those days in which I felt sad and down for no reason at all whatsoever. It just felt like everything was so difficult.

On top of all, I always let myself get carried away by the sadness and sink in it and dwell on it.

Still, it wasn’t actual sadness. I wasn’t really down because of anything that happened. It was a long day. And it was just a constant… ‘ugh’ and ‘meh’ at the same time.

So I decided to visit Dan and Phil at their place, my two favourite people in the world. Phil was my best friend, and Dan was my boyfriend. They would cheer me up.

With a heavy sigh, I knocked on the door and waited.

Please, let them be home. Otherwise, I’ll end up either wandering around London like a zombie or staying at home watching depressing movies and eating ice cream.

After a few seconds, the door opened to reveal Phil.

“Y/N!” He happily greeted me, giving me a hug.

“Hi, Philip” His wide grin when we pulled away instantly lifted my spirits a little already.

I was the only one that called him Philip, and it was some short of inside joke. Everyone called him Phil, so often that it was like he was actually called just Phil instead of Philip. So I decided to remind him every once in a while so he wouldn’t forget.

“Who is it?” Dan’s voice yelled from somewhere in the house.

“It’s Y/N!” Phil shouted back at him.

Immediately, I heard feet stomping as Dan hurried to come.

Phil turned to look back at me and frowned when he saw my expression.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” He definitely noticed my mood.

“I’m having one of these days” I simply said, shrugging.

“Aw, come in” As soon as I put one foot in, he hugged me again.

I leaned my head on his neck as I hugged back, embracing the coziness that a hug from my best friend brought. That was the first step to improving my mood.

“Are you okay?” Dan’s voice startled me.

He had suddenly appeared from the stairs and was right in front of me in a flash. 

Dan had hobbit hair, which made me smile a tiny bit.

“I’m fine, I just feel really down…” I shoved my face in Phil’s shoulder with a pout.

“Let go off my girlfriend, Phil” Dan’s voice sounded slightly stern.

Then, he broke our hug and hugged me instead. His arms tightly wrapped around me trying to bring me comfort, and it kind of worked.

“I was just trying to cheer her up!” Philip defended himself, his voice going high-pitched.

“It’s my duty as her boyfriend to cheer her up myself” Dan repositioned his arms tighter around me and left a cute little kiss on my head.

I hummed happily and smiled for the first time in that long day.

“Want to stay up with us?” Phil asked me with a friendly smile and a kind twinkle in his blue eyes. “We were playing Halo”

“Okay…” I lowly said, my voice coming out as a tiny murmur.

Dan let go of me and took my hand.

He pressed his lips together in an adorable grin that made his dimples stand out and winked at me.

Phil lead the way up to the office as Dan pulled at my hand to make sure I followed them.


Around an hour later and a lot of screaming, swearing and teasing each other, Dan and Phil finished their first round at Halo. But they would definitely vice with it for sure and spend endless hours playing it.

Phil won the first round, surprisingly, which made Dan all pouty and competitive as they began the second round.

To be honest, it was great being with them while they played Halo 3. Surely, it took my mind off everything and cheered me up a bit.

It also helped feeling so loved.

They genuinely cared about me being so down, so they put a special effort on making me laugh as they commented on the game.

Whenever Phil died, he took that time to glance at me to see if my expression had changed. And since it hadn’t, he would derp at me or stick his tongue out or anything to make me smile.

Dan was constantly leaving tiny little kisses on my forehead or my head, or using a few seconds of his precious time to look away from the screen and leave a kiss on my cheek.

They kept asking me if I needed something from time to time. But for the moment I was just cuddling Dan and watching their game.

They still insisted. Dan even offered me some of his Maltesers. That was when you knew he genuinely cared: when he shared his food. It was his bloody Maltesers we were talking about!

“No, no!” Phil exclaimed in a high-pitched voice as Dan shot him. “Stop it!”

Phil’s character died and the dark haired boy made an angry face by wrinkling his nose.

“Victory!” Dan dropped his controller for a moment and taunted Phil by smirking at him.

“Since I’m crushing Dan at Halo” Phil said jokingly, because Dan was winning. “Do you want to play?”

“No” Dan simply told him before I could reply. “When she’s in this mood she doesn’t feel like doing anything”

I was still lazily resting over his torso as he smashed the buttons, his brown eyes staring at the screen as he chased Phil in the game.

“You know me so well, Howell” I shoved my face on his chest and grinned.

“Of course I do, Y/N, because I-“ Dan interrupted himself and shouted at the screen happily, making me jump up startled. “Got you, bitch!”

I looked at the screen and saw that he had killed Phil all over again. But it seemed like it was the last kill of the round, because as a triumphant celebration, Dan began to sing the Halo theme song.

I finally laughed and looked up at him.

“You’re a dork with hobbit hair” I stretched out my hand to play with his curly fringe and he smiled.

Phil laughed at my comment and gently nudged me. He sure was glad that I had brightened up. My friend wouldn’t stop smiling even though he had failed at the game.

“Maybe I am, but I managed my goal” Dan bragged with a little smirk.

“What, defeat Phil?” I looked over at my friend, who pouted and crossed his arms sulky like an adorable little kid.

“Nope, cheer you up”

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does stuff actors do off screen effect how u feel abt them on screen? like, a lot of ppl are like 'ugh i hate jlaw movies (not bc she's a bad actor) but bc she's so extra during press stuff'. does that stuff effect u, or do u set it all aside when u watch?

I do my best to set all aside when I watch. When you watch a movie, you are meant to enter a new world. There are some exceptions, of course. Like, I would never pay to watch a film from Woody Allen or Mel Gibson, but when it comes to actors like jlaw, who simply just don’t have a filter, I set it aside. When I saw Wonder Woman, I thought Gal did a fantastic job. But I don’t stan her, I was just able to separate who she is from her performance.

“Stand still” you yelled at him whilst you were dying out of laughter. His tall body danced over the floor. His silly movements made your heart flutter and his laughter boomed over the room.
“Ugh, this’ll do” you said and looked at the blurry picture. Despite the bad quality you loved it. It was snapped in the right moment.
“Why wouldn’t it, I’m in it” he teased and plopped down next to you on the couch. His long arms snaked around you waist. You hit the play button on the remote and the movie started. You leaned your head against his chest and his warmth made you so calm. You wore one of his big hoodies. It smelled just like him, the best scent in the world. He planted small kisses on your hair every now and then.
You felt your eyes getting heavy and you you looked up at him to see if he was awake. He smiled at you. His big hands cupped your cheeks and he gently kissed your lips.
“Come on let’s go to bed” he whispered as he broke the kiss.
“No, I’m too tired, let’s just stay here instead” you pleaded.
“I’ll carry you” he demanded and grabbed you under your knees and around you back. You nuzzled your head into his neck and fell asleep immediately.
Some where far away you could hear him whisper “I love you baby, you’re my everything”. You loved him too.

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A.M- Harry Imagine

Well it’s not totally about the song but it got me the inspiration hope you like it.
(Sorry if there’s mistakes English isn’t my birth language).

-Dana x.


We were so wasted, so fucking wasted we couldn’t think about the words that flying out of our mouths, so wasted that I couldn’t see we anyone in the bar apart from him. His hair so long and curly, his green forest eyes I got addicted to, those kissable lips, he was flawless.

We were sitting at the same place as always, the same booth in the same bar all over again. He says he loves this place cause it reminds him of the first time we met, right in this booth.

“You sure you don’t want to dance?” I ask him one last time and he replies with a nod.

The music fills my heart, I’m having such an amazing time, hands held my waist and I turn around to meet with a handsome guy. From the corner of my eye I can see the booth and pair of eyes glaring at me, I look at him and he stay still doesn’t move a muscle even a bit.

Harry have been sitting in the booth and just drinking for two hours now.

“So what’s wrong?” I ask as I sit next to him, “nothing” he mumbles like I’m going to buy it,
“Harry it’s me you can tell me I’m your best friend”.

He hesitates before starting to talk, “there is this girl, I’m in love with her since ever but she doesn’t look at me this way” at this moment I felt like my whole world crushed, I was wasted and this is the only thing that made sober. Harry is in love with somebody else.

“Ugh I love her so much” he groaned, ״I love everything about her , I love it when we watch movie and instead of being focus on the movie I’m focusing on her beauty, I love it when she daydreams and I catch her and she starts to blush, I love how she always laughs even from the stupidest things, I love how she’s so cynical, and how she isn’t like any other girl I’ve ever met and I’m so scared I’ll never feel her lips against mine, I love her so much it’s more the hurts me. I feel like there’s this hole in my heart and she’s the only one that able to fill it. I love her so fucking much"

The way he said it, like nothing in the world mattered expat than her, like all he can think about it’s her. And I wish he knew that this is the way I love him ,I love him even more than what he describes if this is possible. But hearing him feeling this way to someone else, my heart can’t stand it.

“You should tell her, right know, tell her cause all the good things and the best conversations happens in the AM. She’s stupid if she’s not feeling the same way” my eyes probably a bit wet but he’s too drank to notice, I had to tell him the right thing something that his best friend Y/N would say not something that Y/N that loves him more than anything in this world would say.

“I don’t think so” he puts his elbows on the table and sinks his head between his large hands, ״I don’t know what to do Y\N",

“Tell her, she deserves to know that she’s the luckiest girl in the world”.

“Y/N” he suddenly sit straight and finally turn his head to me and I can see his beautiful eyes for the first time in this conversation, “yes Harry?”

“Right now the hole in my heart is full, cause it’s you that filling it, and I love you so much”.