ugh this movie is going to be so bad

Okay so I know they made an assassins creed movie but like….how good would a tv show be for assassins creed syndicate? Like just imagine:
-Jacob screwing up constantly and always getting into gang fights
-Evie doing in depth research for the piece of Eden and whatnot
-the two of them bantering back and forth
-Jacob’s snarky comments
-seeing more of characters like Ned Wynert and Henry Green and a bad ass bitch like Lucy Thorne and so much more!!
They could go in depth with all the missions and everything, there are so many possibilities!!! Ugh I didn’t know I needed this until now

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this always bothered me too. i mean even if the movie or whatever is like 'ah yes this girl from the bad part of town' cut to her going home and it's an actual home with like a yard?? i don't think people know how bad those bad parts get but sure yeah everyone gets a house, you get a house and you get a house. ugh

I hate movies that do that. It’s so frustrating.

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what do you do when you're feeling really bad? i haven't done a lot today(almost nothing) because i have no energy. i really want to get up and do something but my mind is so tired.

ugh i know what ya mean!! i’m having one of those days/weeks too. usually i just try and get out of my own head a bit, i read a book or watch a feel good movie or take a walk. sometimes it’s good to just get out the house and go for a quick stroll somewhere scenic, like the park, bc being in nature can really clear your head (or at least it does for me anyway.) there’s also the option of listening to some music, getting lost in a really good song always helps. i sometimes also take a really relaxing bath, i light some candles and just chill tf out, and then when you get out you might feel a little more refreshed. or you could try doing some quick yoga/stretching, there’s tons of vids on youtube, it’s not everyones cup of tea but it can really help just to loosen you up and get rid of any tension.

as well as that, you could call somebody, like a family member or a friend. i know you might not feel like being social but being alone really makes it worse sometimes bc it leads to overthinking/worrying and that just continues to use up al of the energy you have.

these things won’t cure mental illness or anything, of course, but they might lift your mood just a little. i hope they do! feel better babe, you deserve to be happy and i’m sorry you’re feeling so down rn. remember that it’s just temporary, you will move on from this, even if it doesn’t feel like it. if you have a lot of days like this, and you haven’t already seen a doctor, i’d urge you to see one! ik it seems intimidating/scary but once you’ve spoken to someone it really does help. stay strong love :)

Okay hold onto your Disney Ears, I’m about to go on a rant here.

So, if your argument is “Frozen is bad, because other princesses show you don’t need a man to save you!” I highly suggest you read my argument/points~.

I always see the argument against Frozen of “*insert Disney female character here* didn’t need a man to save her, therefore Elsa/Anna isn’t special!1!1!1″

If that’s what you took out of Frozen, holy moly did you not watch the movie properly.

Elsa is a representation of a mental illness. Coming from someone who has a mental illness, seeing a character in a Disney movie with a mental illness is seriously big news (’representation is important’ remember?). And when Elsa had a panic attack, holy crap was that accurate. If you think panic attacks are all breathing into a paper bag, muttering uncontrollably, congratulations! You’ve been totally wronged by the media (but where’s the surprise there? Media’s portrayals of mental illness are not good). I don’t know about you, but I have screamed at people in a panic attack. You insult people, you get tense, some people even get violent. And when people say “IF SHE LOVED HER SISTER WHY DID SHE ATTACK HER?!?!?!” Well first off, read what i just wrote. Second, look at her face. Oh yes, she totally meant to hurt her sister.

And Anna was constantly telling Elsa “It’ll be alright! We can get through this!” That’s why Elsa snapped. Because I have done the exact same thing. When you’re having a panic attack, you honestly don’t want to hear “It’ll be okay! Come on!” Like, no.
I have also heard the argument of “But Carl Fredrickson had depression! What makes Elsa so special?” Well first off, Elsa shows anxiety more than she does depression. And secondly, ah yes, I, a young woman candefinitely relate to an elderly man who just lost his wife. Of course.

And then, there’s the argument of “_____ also shows you don’t need a man to save you!” Yeah, that’s great, but Anna’s sacrifice didn’t show that. Her sacrifice showed young girls and boys (who note, still love this movie, despite the young adults spending their days on social media nitpicking it) that an act of true love can be something other that romantic love.

That’s right. The message of Frozen wasn’t “You don’t need a man to save you!”, it was “True love does not only mean romantic, it can be familial.” and also gives those with a mental illness a character to relate to.

I’d be happy to chat about anything, just pop into my ask box!

~ a Frozen fan who is seriously tired of people on here acting like the movie is a demon spawn.

P5 Footage Scene: Movies with Futaba

This starts with sound from the movie, but the quality of the recording is kinda bad, so I can’t make out what is being said, aside from a character yelling “Too late” in a taunting way and saying something about going home. It sounds like a pretty typical action scene.

Morgana: “He’ll have to go home by himself, huh!? Ugh, what a shoddy cult flick this is…”

Morgana: “It’s so full of science babbel, I don’t get a thing…”

> I feel like I’ve acquired an interest in science…

…SciFi flick leveled up our Knowledge. I don’t think that’s how it works, game.

Futaba: “Whoa, I’ve seen this film about 50 times already, but I guess you just can’t beat an actual cinema when it comes to sound quality!”

Futaba: “You know, SciFi isn’t just fiction.”

Futaba: “It’s fiction about things that might end up being real one day… In other words, it’s the culmination of our hopes! …You know what I mean?”

>> Kind of…
> Nope.

Futaba: “Oh, great, so you do have what it takes!”

Futaba: “Anyway, thanks for hanging out with me today!”

Futaba: “Really… This was a lot more fun than watching the movie on my own.”

Futaba: “Alright! One day you and I are gonna marathon a whole season of something that isn’t SciFi in my room together! Be ready!”

Futaba gets me. 

the ghostbusters trailer has not even been out for 12 hours and it has already 43,000 likes and over 65,000 dislikes??? and literally all comments are boys complaining about it and making sexist jokes to the point where it has gotten so bad sony has started deleting comments??? i fucking hate men it’s a movie gosh. if you are a sexist prick and don’t want women to have this one then shut up and stay at home no one is forcing you to watch it but let us enjoy it thank you??? meanwhile you can go and enjoy your 62165149562965 action movies with men and just men as lead characters ugh