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“Somehow none of it seems to matter when we’re in Dublin. Class and all that just fades away. I’m Mrs Branson and we get on with our lives like millions of others.”

Another thing we need to talk about is Frank’s tone of voice when he says “Just this once? Wh…No, No, Red, That’s…That’s not how it works. It’s…You cross over to my side of the line, you don’t get to come back from that. Not ever.” Because damn.


Rinch in every episode: s4e05- Prophets.

I can’t get over John I-don’t-fidget Reese, stroking his thumb over his own wrist, and avoiding looking at Harold. Because he knows whose wrists he wants to caress, whose lips he wants to kiss, and he knows he only have so much self control.
But today is not the time. Today, they fight Samaritan. Today John denies himself. Today, he leans away while ignoring his burning, brimming desire for the man standing just inches away from him. 

And promises himself tomorrow.


Bye Hye ji  👋

Cinderella and 4 Knights Ep11

Jaebum As Boyfriend

Requested: Hello! If you haven’t already, can you do Jaebum as a boyfriend? Thank you! I love your account!

Hello :) I’m so sorry for the selca thingy XD I wanted to ask if you could you the “as your boyfriend ” thingy for JB but I’m really sorry if you already done it and I requested it twice c:

pls do jb as a boyfriend omg

A/N: Yes the request you all have been waiting for is here. Im so sorry it took this long for me to post this. There has been so many requests for this its insane. There was more to the ones included above. I hope you all enjoy this because i am dying he is my bias wrecker why must you do this sort of thing… stop.. i am dedicated to Kim Yugyeom.

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  • Chillest and most protective bf ever
  • You wouldn’t really do much as a couple
  • Your days together would include laying on the couch together
  • Watching some movie or drama
  • HIs arms would be around your waist
  • “I need to pee, Jaebummie”
  • “Nope you’re staying here”
  • He wouldn’t let go unless you forced him to let go
  • When you aren’t doing nothing together
  • You two would be out shopping or going to see a movie
  • He’d be super smooth and flirty all the time
  • But lowkey smack himself because of it
  • He would smirk all the time
  • Even when he does intend to
  • Like you would be doing dishes and you took up and see Jb smirking
  • “What you smirking at?”
  • “Me? Smirking? Never I’m too classy”
  • In public he’d try to come off as the cold, badass boyfriend
  • But he’d be lowkey kissing your cheek
  • and holding your hand
  • because he’s afraid of you letting go and leaving him
  • even though he knows you won’t
  • Your birthday? Expensive gifts
  • Your promotion at work? Expensive gifts
  • Not a reason for any sort of gift? Expensive gifts
  • Not because he likes showing off his money 
  • but because your love that you give him means to much
  • and its his way of showing you how much he loves you
  • without directly saying it
  • He wouldn’t say I love you a lot 
  • But would show it by asking you how your day was
  • or if you ate today 
  • by holding you
  • buying you things
  • offering to do things for you
  • like your doing laundry for the boys and he just wraps his arms around your waist
  • and kiss your shoulders
  • and he’d end up convincing you he’d do it 
  • OMO when he lets you meet the boys for the first time he is super SUPER protective over you
  • He’d constantly be touching your or being close to you
  • he trusts the boys and you
  • he just doesn’t want them to get any ideas
  • The boys see you as their eomma
  • Jackson especially would be like
  • “Eomma and appa buy me food”
  • You two act like its annoying but secretly think its cute
  • OKay~
  • Lets all be honest
  • sexy time with him would be GOLDEN
  • like he’d be so passionate and dominate
  • One second you would be getting your bed ready to go to sleep 
  • and the next you two are tangled in the sheets 
  • dADDY AF
  • “Baby girl, come here”
  • and he’d pull you to him, rubbing your bum gently
  • Holyshiteu
  • BASCIALLY hes a bomb bf like we all need a JB in our lives

Thank you so much for ruining my life…. ugh.. Still dedicated to my yugi though! Lets all take a moment to wish Jaebum well as he continues to get better!

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Stargate SG-1: Bounty (requested by apicturewithasmile)


Bonkai + Kai hiding the ascendant (6x04 vs. 6x17)

Allen Leech and Matthew Goode in the Christmas Special.

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For the flower asks: dahlia & hyacinth/rose (whichever you want!) ✨✨

what time of day/night is best for you to write?

I write after work, but that’s not always the best, because teaching is exhausting and emotionally draining and sometimes I don’t have enough left to fic. Luckily, I have insomnia! So actually like 4am seems to work for me. Ugh. 

Weekends I can write any time, though, at the moment. This whole being able to write on demand thing is new and interesting and I like it. 

hyacinth: do you prefer to write angst or fluff?

oh man there is only fluff. I am so terrible at plot, and angst often requires plot. So, like, even if I do angst it up a bit there is always fluff in there somewhere, I am always always after escapism and if I wanted sad endings I would just GO OUTSIDE. Although I do love to hear that I’ve made people cry, admittedly. So mostly fluff with a side of, like, flangst.