ugh this man

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Wow I can't believe Seb admitted that he likes Chris tying him up in bed 👌🏼👏

haha oooorrr doing the tying up maybe! 

Or both! :DDD

What we know for sure is that he’s one kinky fucker, and I’m sooo here for that!

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What's your favorite thing about Lin? (Physical and intellectual)

Physical: eyes probably?? Honestly it’s so hard to pick one thing
And non-physical thing. Oh man. Literally every part of his personality makes me so happy. I love dorky Lin but I also love super deep super inspiring Lin. Ugh. I just. Love. This man.

Ross .. had no choice? you spineless sorry excuse for a husband…that is exactly what you did…you made a choice…

and wow elizabeth … what a snake .. not surprised though…I remember the very beginning of season 1 when she was gonna go see Ross but Francis comes and tells her he loves her and that if she doesn’t he is willing to let her go…but instead of telling him the truth she lies through her teeth…she made his life miserable … made him feel lesser than a man and was almost the cause of his death…he survived and improved his life in spite of her…God she is thinks the world owes her something

And Ross thinks he is better than everybody..he thinks because he does a few good deeds everything else he does is excusable … They deserve each other

Ugh adultery is ugly man…it is ugly … 


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