ugh this looks like crap oh well

I feel like Spidey’s going to have a real problem keeping his identity (at the very least his name) a secret during infinity wars when everybody in the GOTG crew keeps yelling it.

Gamora: “Get your ass over here, Peter!”

Spider-Man: *whirls around bewilderedly* “W-what? Why? What did I…? Oh. Well…crap.”

Drax: “Peter, come look at this!”

Spider-Man: “Look at what? Wait–you’re not–ah, seriously? UGH.”

Rocket: “Peter! Where the hell did you put my bomb?”

Spider-Man: “Bomb? What bomb? I didn’t–oh dAMMIT NOT AGAIN!”

Peter: “Hey, Pe–”

Spider-Man: “I hate you.”

Groot: “I am Groot.”

Spider-Man: “….wtf.”

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Could you do a solangelo one-shot please?

Okay, this is really rushed and terrible but I’ve had this for forever so I thought that I’d do this one first. Thank you so much for wanting to read my writing even if it’s not the best. I hope you enjoy you lovely person! ~ Elizabeth 

Word count: 601

“Please Nico? We haven’t had a date night in forever, ” Percy begged.

Nico sighed, “Why can’t Hazel watch her, she’s great with kids.”

“You’ll do fine, Nico. Please? Hazel is busy. You’re the only one available. Come on, we’ve been looking forward to this for a while now. Plus you’ve already said if we need anything just to call you,” Percy said pleadingly while giving Nico puppy dog eyes.

Nico groans, running a hand through my hair. “I can’t believe you….Fine. I guess I’ll watch her but this is a one time thing Jackson. Don’t expect this to happen again.”

Percy grins so wide it’s almost comical. He hugged Nico tightly and ruffles his hair. “Thank you so much, Nico. Seriously. I owe you, man.”

Nico hesitantly hugs you back, still not comfortable with touching some people. “Yeah you do. Now go and have fun with Annabeth. You deserve it.”

He grins and hurriedly gets all of his stuff ready before Nico could change his mind. “Annabeth! Nico said yes! We can go!” Percy yells down to her and runs down the stairs.


Nico was staring at Percy and Annabeth’s toddler with terror once they had left.

“I don’t know why I ever agreed to this,” Nico grumbled to Will. Will only laughed and walked towards me with Charlotte in his arms.

“You shouldn’t be so scared. She’s only a kid, ” Will said, trying to give her to Nico.

“I’m not scared! I’m just horrible with kids. They all hate me.” Nico said, inching away from his fiancé.

Will rolled his eyes and made Nico hold her, “Charlotte seems to like you just fine. Just relax. Percy said she already ate so we can just relax and watch a movie with her or something. It’s only for the rest of the night. You’ll do fine, sweetheart.”

Charlotte giggled in his arms and tried to grab Nico’s hair. Nico squeaks and tries to hand her back, Will just shaking his head and sitting down on the couch.

Sighing, Nico sits next to him and snuggles, choosing a movie after a while and holds Charlotte close. He gently played with her, slowly starting to relax with her. Will smiled softly at the two of them and kisses the top of Nico’s head. “You’d be a wonderful Dad, honey.” Will said and wrapped his arms around him, pulling Nico closer.

Nico blushes bright red and shakes his head. “I would not.”

Will chuckles, “You would. I’m certain of it.”

Nico looks up at him and smiles all bright. “You really think so?”

He nods and kisses Nico’s forehead. “Of course I do, cutie.”

Nico looked down at Charlotte and giggled quietly. “Thank you…” Nico moved her hair out of her face and let her bounce on his lap. Humming quietly Nico relaxed completely and leaned on Will while allowing myself to get lost in the movie. When it was done Nico looked up at Will and smiled softly when he saw that he was fast asleep. Leaning up he kissed his forehead and slowly gets up, trying not to wake the sleeping baby and quietly walks to her crib. When he set her down he smiled happily. “Maybe I’m not so bad with kids after all…”


Nico looked over to Will when they were heading home. “Hey, Will?”

Will hummed and kept driving, “Yes, honey?”

“How would you feel about adopting a kid?”

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If you're still taking prompts, then perhaps something a little mundane. Could you write something about LB And CN hanging out with the newbies Volpina and Queen Bee if that's even what they're gonna be called and just generally chatting about life while avoiding specifics or maybe QB talking about talking to the media and loving the attention. Just take it whatever direction you want I just feel like a calmer story would be nice tonight. Good luck and have fun

do you mind if i use this prompt to vent a little? :P

Words: 770

“Is anyone else in the middle of exams right now?”

Ladybug, Chat Noir, and Queen Bee all shot their hands up in the air, each with an equally distasteful look on their faces. Volpina winced. “Yup. Explains why we’re all tired.”

They were all laid out on their backs on the top of a roof, deciding that patrolling was useless at this point. Ladybug suspected that was going to be the case when Chat Noir announced that he only got three hours of sleep last night and when Queen Bee looked like she was two seconds away from falling on her face. Ladybug herself had just shaken herself out of a long bout of studying and the last thing she wanted to do was be active. Volpina looked to be the only one who was functioning. 

“How the fuck are you so perky right now?” Queen Bee muttered. Ladybug snorted. As sweet and kind as she was with Ladybug, Queen Bee had a bad habit of cursing up a storm when she was around the other two heroes. Ladybug found the switch hilarious and wondered if that was some of her civilian side poking through. 

“Coffee, dude,” Volpina answered. “A crap ton of coffee.”

“It is way too early into exams for coffee,” Chat Noir complained. “It’s only the first one. I refuse to drink it until like….exam three at least.”

“Oh good luck with that,” Ladybug snorted. “My coffee presser is already in top form.”

“Ayyy!” Volpina held out her hand for a high five and Ladybug enthusiastically returned it. 

“Forget coffee, I need a window to throw myself out of,” Queen Bee complained. “I don’t understand why in the holy hell we have to take physics. It’s not like I’m even going to be doing that track for the bac anyway.”

“Oh my God, physics is terrible!” Ladybug groaned. “I don’t get any of it…”

“Same!” Queen Bee exclaimed. “It’s the dumbest subject.”

“Um!” Chat Noir piped. “You losers are so ungrateful. Physics is beautiful.”

“Yeah,” Queen Bee snorted. “Beautiful like punch in the face.” 

“Let’s be honest, history is way worse,” Volpina piped in. “Tooooo much to memorize.”

Chat Noir nodded. “Seconded.”

Ladybug and Queen Bee both scoffed. “History is easy!” “Lord, history is nothing!”

“You two are freakin’ crazy! If only you knew how much was on our exam….”

“It’s just memorizing dates,” Ladybug said. “And like….general story lines. If you can memorize movie plots, you can memorize history.”

“Seriously, just read the textbook,” Queen Bee said. 

Just read the textbook!” Volpina mocked. “The textbook makes everything so complicated.”

“Oh, no it doesn’t.”

“Dude, the textbook is insane,” Chat Noir complained. 

“What textbook are you using?” Ladybug asked. “Ours is super straightforward.” 

“Are you kidding me!? Unless we’re out to become politicians, history has no use.”

“Not true!” Queen Bee piped in. “Trust me. My father says history is always important. Physics and math have no use.”

Ladybug and Queen Bee fist bumped. “Amen.”

“Okay,” Chat Noir frowned. “Physics has way more real life applicability than history. When am I ever going to need to know specifics about the French Revolution?”

“When am I ever going to need to know how to calculate force? I just want to be able to count my change and that’s it. What else would I need?”

“Your entire existence is thanks to physics!”

“So? That means I have to learn about it?”

Volpina groaned. “If we wanna pass our classes, we do.”

“Ugh, this is torture,” Queen Bee said. “There’s a week left of this crap.”

“Well look on the bright side,” Ladybug assured. “After this? Summer break!”

“Oooh!” Chat Noir piped up. “Can we have a superhero beach day?”

“How is that going to work if we have to stay transformed?” Ladybug asked in exasperation. 

“Swimsuits. Over. Our superhero suits.”

Queen Bee glared. “That’s the stupidest thing to come out of your mouth.”

Volpina grinned. “Actually, I like that. I approve.”

“Okay, we’re not doing a swimsuit day. Come up with something else.”

“Oh come on!! It’ll be cool! We can play beach sports! I’m very good at volleyball.”

“Okay, that’s super fun, I totally second this,” Volpina laughed. 

“No effing way,” Queen Bee deadpanned. 

“Of all the things you could’ve come up with,” Ladybug said with an eye roll. “Ice cream! Movies! Chilling in the park! You had to pick the most inconvenient activity.”

“Most inconvenient, or the most genius?”


Aw come on, my Lady, use your imagination a little.”

Queen Bee looked over the ledge of the roof. “Oh my God, get me out of here.”

Elsword Storyline in a Nutshell

(Edited on Jan 3 2016, added Elysion)

Elsword: Aha! I’m 13 years old now, and that means I can do whatever the hell I want! Guess it’s time for me to run around Elrios and beat up random creatures!

Aisha: OMG Elsword stop being such a brat! C’mon, we’ve gotta retrieve the El!

Elsword: Be quiet, flatty. This game is named after me, so that makes me our leader! Therefore, you all have to follow my orders!


Rena: Stop arguing! I’m getting too old for this. Let’s go find Banthus.

Banthus: Haha you can’t catch me! (runs away with the El)

Lowe: Oh no, he escaped! You guys better go find him!

Elsword: Why can’t you just do that on your own…?

Lowe: Uh.. ‘cause I have things… and stuff… to do… ANYWAYS! GO GET HIM!

Hoffman: Hello there! Oh, you’re looking for Banthus? He’s over there!

(The Elgang beats him up) 

Elsword: Well… that was easy…

Aisha: Yeah, but we still haven’t gotten the El back…

Rena: Looks like Wally has the El now. Let’s go get him!

(The Elgang destroys Wally No. 8) 

Elsword: Wow, that was easy too…

Aisha: Crap! Wally got away!

Rena: He’s taken the El!

Hoffman: I bet Wally’s in Bethma now. Go find him!

Elsword: Ugh, we better get the El soon… This is getting annoying…

Stella: Hey, these Lizardmen are terrorizing the region! Please help us!

Elsword: But we’re looking for the El… Oh well, guess we should help out.

(The Elgang swiftly defeats the Lizardmen and returns them to normal)

Aisha: That was easy… I can’t believe these were the Lizardmen that were giving Bethma such a hard time…

Elsword: Yeah, I’m starting to notice a pattern here…

Rena: Look! Wally’s over there!

Elsword: Raahhhh!! Let’s get the El and end this quest once and for all!

(The Elgang destroys Wally No. 9)

Aisha: Yay, we did it! Oh shit, another ship is attacking us!

(Raven steals the El)

Raven: Muahahaha you’ll never take the El from me!

Elsword: FUCK!!! We have to go through ANOTHER region!?

Elsword: There you are!

Raven: Ah, you found me! No matter… I shall kill you all! Wait a minute… S-Seris??? Is that you!?

(The Elgang defeats Raven)

Elsword: Alright! Good job, Rena! You distracted him with your boobs long enough so we could stop him!

Aisha: (smacks Elsword) You idiot!!! This has nothing to do with her breasts! 

Raven: Hey, can I join you guys?

Elsword: … sure, why not? By the way, where’d the El go?

Raven: Um… I don’t have it anymore…


Adel: Nasods are scary pong! Please destroy them pong!

Elsword: No! I am NOT going on some stupid side quest again!

Adel: They have the El pong!

Elsword: Okay, let’s go!

(After destroying a bunch of Nasods and going through Altera Core…)

Elsword: Well, that was easy… But hey! We finally have the El! Let’s go back to Ruben and return it!


Elsword: I wanna be your friend!

Eve: … okay <3

Raven: Hey, was there a robot version of me or something back there…?

Elsword: I don’t know, and I don’t care. Let’s go home.

Elsword: Okay, here’s the El! At last, I can relax at home and do nothing for the rest of my life… Surely, the townspeople will give me millions of ED as a reward for my awesomeness!

Allegro: Help! Demons! 

Stella: Okay Elgang! Go get ‘em!

Elsword: … you’ve gotta be shitting me right now.

(The Elgang drives away the demons from Feita)

Eve: That was pretty easy…

Elsword: I know, right!? Why don’t these people just get their shit together and deal with their problems on their own!?

Ariel: The Velder Kingdom needs your help! They’re under attack!

Elsword: OH COME ON!!!

Raven: Hey Rena… soo…. are the two of us a thing… or…?

Rena: Umm… I’ll have to think about it…

Aisha: Ah! How romantic! I wish someone would confess to me someday…

Elsword: lol that’s never going to happen to you

Aisha: (slaps Elsword)

Eve: … human are so weird…

Vanessa: Oh thank god you’re here! We’ve had to retreat because the demons are too powerful!

(The Elgang drives away the demons from Velder)

Elsword: Too. Easy.

Elesis: Hey! Guess who’s back!

Elsword: Sis! It’s you! You’ve gotta help me. Everyone in Elrios has been asking us to do all these super-easy tasks! I just wanna go home and relax! But these stupid Velder Knights are so incompetent that they can’t even stop the nooby demon army!

Elesis: … you know I’m part of the Velder Knights, right?

Elsword: … u-uhh…

(Elesis slaps Elsword)

Aisha: lol I like your sister already, Elboy

Eve: Hey, who’s that over there!

Add: YAAAAHHHHH!!! (Attacks Eve and defeats her) Muahahaha… now you’re mine!

Elsword: Hey, get off of her, you creep! Shoo!

Add: Grrr, you may have won this time, but I will capture Eve, and I will get my hands on those Nasod codes! (flies away)

Elsword: What a weirdo… By the way, I didn’t know the word “code” could refer to boobs as well


Aisha: (slaps Elsword) STOP THINKING ABOUT BOOBS!!!

Vanessa: Good job, everyone! Now send this letter to Hamel!

Elsword: Why can’t you do it yourself!?

Elesis: Shut up and do what she says!

Penensio: Aw crap, demons are here too! Please stop them for us!

Rena: This has been, like, the third region infested with the demons…

Elsword: Yeah, and I thought we could just go home and relax after retrieving the El… Hmph.

Chung: Hello! I’m Chung, and my father was possessed by the demons! Please help me!

Aisha: Oh you poor thing! We’ll definitely help you out!

Chung: Thank you!

Elsword: Ugh, too many girls are joining our group… Now we have 5 girls and only 2 guys!

Raven: Yeah, it sucks…

Chung: B-but… I’m a guy…

(The Elgang gets to the Ancient Waterway)

Add: (saves Eve) Hehehe… behold, your savior! 

Eve: Just because you saved me from Victor doesn’t mean I’m going to give you my codes… 

Add: Fine. Well, can I at least join you guys so I can watch you 24/7?

Eve: … that’s a little creepy…

Elsword: Yes! Join us! We need to have more guys in our group!

Chung: But I’m a dude!

(The Elgang gets to the Halls of Water)

Chung: Ran!!! My name is Chung Seiker. You turned my father to evil. Prepare to die!

Ara: No, stop! He’s my brother! 

Elsword: Oh crap! Another demon! Attack her! 

Ara: Wait! I’m just a normal girl with a fox hairpin that contains a fox spirit that takes over my body from time to time!

(Everyone starts beating each other up)

Ran: Now’s my chance! (teleports away)

Chung and Ara: NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Elsword: Well, I guess that’s that. Now I’m going home.


Elsword: More demons!? Are you serious!?

Emirate: Yeah, go get them for us, will ya?

Ara: Hey, how come Hamel is full of water while this place is completely dry?

Elsword: Who knows. Anyways, let’s get this over with…

(The Elgang defeats Karis)

Elsword: Okay, it’s finally over, right? It’s gotta be over now, right???

Elsword: aoijfoawiehfo8awhgowefoafjdsaf

Lu and Ciel: Hey! Let’s all team up!

Elsword: Oh fine… you can join us. You two seem normal enough

Ciel: By the way, FLAT IS JUSTICE!

Aisha and Lu: (sniffles) Yes! This man speaks the truth!

Rena and Ara: (smack Ciel over and over again)

Eve and Elesis:

Elsword: Hey Chung, why aren’t you cheering too?


Ignia: Hey everyone! Let’s go defeat those demons together!

Elsword: Finally! Someone from town who’s willing to help us!

(Ignia betrays them)

Elsword: Never mind.

Elesis: Hey, it’s Scar! Let’s go get him!!!

(The Elgang defeats Scar)

Elesis: Check this out! I’m Super Saiyan! 

Elsword: No one cares. Can we PLEASE just go home now!?!?

Ignia: Alrighty, you’ve gathered all six Priestesses! That means you get to go to Elysion!

Elsword: What? No! I don’t want to go to another region! Please no!!!

(The priestesses teleport the Elgang to Atlas Station)

Elsword: shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit

Add: OMG NASODS!!! (Fangirl scream)

Yuno: Welcome to Atlas Station! Some of the Nasods here are acting up, can you please help me subdue them?

Elsword: NO!

Yuno: (Ignoring Elsword) By the way, there’s a girl here who wants to join you

Rose: Hello, I’m Rose. I use a wide variety of guns and I can kick people too!

Rena, Eve, Chung, and Ciel: Copycat.

Elsword: Great, another girl… Oh well, we’ll need all the help we can get I suppose. So where do you come from?

Rose: Another dimension called DFO er, I mean, Empyrian!

Aisha: … okie dokie then.

(The Elgang goes through the first two dungeons)

Yuno: Ah, the Elysion Tower is kinda hard to navigate. I’ll tag along so I can guide you through!

Elsword: You better not betray us!!

(The Elgang reaches the boss stage)

Elsword: Wow, Yuno actually helped us. I can’t believe it.

Code Maya: Looks like it’s my turn to face you.

Elsword: Bring it!

(The Elgang defeats Maya)

Yuno: Great job, everyone! Let me call the elevator for us to reach the next sector

Code Maya: Traitor! (destroys the elevator controls)


Yuno: Oh no!! (transfers energy from himself into the elevator) G-goodbye… my friends… and good luck…

Elsword: NNNNOOOOOO!!! The one guy that was actually useful and legit tried to help!!!! WWHHYYYYYYYY!?!?

Weird || Sebastian Stan

Requested: I can say yes, because my friend told me to write this

Summary: You’re leaving, but Sebastian wanted to tell you something before you go.

Warnings: NONE. Diabetes maybe, because it’s so sweet and just pure fluff

A/N: I have so many ideas, but I’m watching GOT now and reading HP, and writing my own book, and MAYBE FINALLY I WON’T BE SINGLE. Not that I don’t love being single, bc I really do, but this guy is just so sweet and caring, and ugh… Everything you can dream of.
Anyways, I’m sorry. It’s so short.


- Do you think you’d be able to be back on Saturday? - Sebastian asked you as you were throwing your clothes into the suitcase.

- I think so. I HOPE so - you sighed and turned to your crush and best friend. Sebastian nodded and got back to reading his newest script. You let yourself look at him a little longer, when he wasn’t looking. He was mouthing the words he was reading, his lips moving again and again. His hair into tight bun, he was complaining about them all the time, but you loved it. And then your eyes slid a little bit lower. Dayum, that muscles on his arms tho. You saw a few scenes from CA: the Winter Soldier and you would pay him to punch you, just because he looked so hot, all angry and serious.

- [Y/N], you okay? - you heard his voice and shook your head. Then you nodded slowly.

- Yeah. I mean, yes, I’m fine, just… - you sighed deeply. - I don’t want to leave. I promised to help you with this role and now I’m leaving.

- Chill, it’s just three days with your family - Sebastian laughed shortly. - I’m already beyond thankful that I can stay here. Honestly, you know I hate hotels.

- No problem, Sebby - you smiled at him and he got back to reading. You let yourself look at him a little bit longer and you got back to packing your things.

After half an hour of a comfortable silence, your humming and Seb’s muttering, you were ready to go. You grabbed your suitcase and sighed. Seb looked up at you quizzically.

- Ready? - he asked with a little bit sad tone. You nodded slightly, so he got up and followed you to the door. He grabbed the keys and you both walked down the stairs to the parking lot. Seb took your suitcase and put it into the trunk. Then he threw keys to you. You grabbed them and smiled at Seb. He smiled at you and walked up to you, hugging you tightly. When you finally backed up, he looked at you a little bit nervously. - Listen, [Y/N]… I know it’s not the best time, but I was thinking that you… I don’t know, maybe you would need some time to think of it. I’d understand, if you don’t want it. It’d be okay, I’d understand.

- What? - you asked confused. Sebastian looked at you.

- Oh, right. I didn’t say what I meant - he chuckled nervously and put hand on the back of his neck. - So… Would you like to go out sometimes? I mean, not like just best friends, because honestly, I like you way too much and…

- What? - this time you were just purely shocked. - I don’t need time to think about it. Yes, I’d love to - you smiled widely. Seb sighed in relief as he smiled wider than you. Oh, he was so cute.

- Okay. Okay, so I’ll figure something out and when you’ll come back, we’ll go somewhere - he said grinning like happy kid.

- Sounds perfect to me, but now I’ve got to go. See you in three days, Sebby - you smiled and quickly got into the car, leaving Seb on the parking lot with smile brighter than anyone’s future.

Three days of morning and goodnight texts and you were back in town. Kind of nervous, because Seb wanted you to come on the set. You did it many times before, but now the feelings were out there and just… You just couldn’t.

Once you arrived your destination, you jumped out of your car and walked past guards, nodding to them and saying ‘hello’. They knew you, plus you were pretty sure Seb was talking all the time about how he asked you out and guards probably knew it. So you walked on the set. The first thing you saw was Chris’ back.

- Hello, Dorito man. How are you doing? - you patted his shoulder. He looked at you with wide smile.

- I was going to ask you the same thing - he chuckled. You raised your eyebrows. - You and Seb?

- Oh, I knew he won’t keep his mouth shut. I have to admit, I’m pretty nervous, but this iż how you’re suppose to feel before first date - you laughed slightly. The look on Chris’ face was changing now, from shocked, through excited, to angry. - He didn’t…

- Yeah, my best friend didn’t tell me he asked out his dream girl out - Chris sighed and crossed his arms on his chest. You wanted to say something, maybe comfort him a little bit, but your words just didn’t want to come out as your eyes landed on view in front of you. Someone yelled 'Action!’ and Seb in Winter Soldier’s costume ran through, camera right behind him. As he fought with Scarlett, you were left speechless. His muscles and wild, mad gaze was all you wanted to see now. His hair flying around his head, his muscles on full display, even when he was fully dressed. And his moves, sweet lord, his moves. So smooth and strong at the same time.

- Like what you see? - Chris asked, but you weren’t able to respond as you watched Sebastian showing off his fighting skills.

- Cut! - someone yelled again. - It was perfect! No need to making double take!

- Thank God - you heard Scar’s voice. - I bet you would rather to be between her legs, not mine - she chuckled, pointing in your direction. You were still standing next to Chris, with your mouth open.

- You’re both drooling! Yuck, get a room, you nasties! - Anthony yelled from the other side of the set. But neither of you heard him as you walked toward each other.

- Hey - he smiled at you. - I really would like to tell you I figured out where we can go, but…

- Oh, cut the crap. Pizza, my couch and Star Wars. That’s our plan for tonight - you laughed shortly.

- Sounds perfect, sweetheart - he nodded. - Wait here, I’ll just grab my things and we can go. I’ve already finished my part for today.

With that he ran away.

- You know, when I saw you today, fighting Scar…

- You were jealous? - Seb smirked and grabbed another slice of pizza, as 5th Star Wars move was about to start.

- Well, I hadn’t time to be jealous - you told him honestly. - You looked so… Ugh, it’s frustrating.

- I looked like…? - he turned his head to look at you.

- Let’s just say that if you choke someone in front of me with that angry, hateful and handsome face of yours, I’d jump on you right there and then - you took a bite of your pizza, trying to hide small emarrassment. Seb chuckled quietly.

- What you’re trying to say is that I’m sexy, when I’m angry? - you nodded and he chuckled once again. He grabbed your face and turned to him. You had mouth full of pizza, cheese still dangling from your lips, but Sebastian just pressed a kiss on your nose and let your face go. - You’re weird, but in good way - he sighed, pulling you closer to him. You let out quiet giggle and when you finally swallowed pizza, you turned to him. You placed kiss on his cheek, kiss full of crumbs, tomato and garlic sauce, but to him this kiss was sweet like cotton candy.

- We’re both weird, Sebby. You’re sometimes more weird than me - you chuckled quietly as you hugged him tightly.

And then you started to try to make that sound when ships were shooting lasers at each other. Seb just started to laugh.


🔅Request: Can you write an imagine about Ron?I don’t really have a prompt, but maybe the reader is in Ricks group and she has a crush on Ron but he’s a bit hesitant to talk to her even though he think she’s cute bc of what happened with Rick and his dad?Thanks🔅
(I hope you like it!)
Oh no, did he see me looking at him again? He’s going to think I have a crush on him or something. Ugh, I thought all this crap died with the old world. How can I like him? He’s just a dumb kid, he wears that old ripped beanie to cover his brown silky hair, trying to look cool. What if he hates me now? Well, I wouldn’t blame him. Rick killed his dad, his warm blood splashed on all of us when he shot him and now our group seems like some kind of satanic cult. Thanks for that, Rick.
-Hey, whatcha lookin’ at? —Daryl interrupts my teenage daydreams.
-Nothing. —I deny.
-It better not be some dumb guy, —he says with his southern accent. I love that accent. —that’s shit we don’t need to deal with right now.
-Okay, whatever. —I say as I keep looking at Ron walking down the street.
I was a little kid when I joined the group, so Daryl and Rick kinda adopted me so they get overprotective of me every now and then.
I don’t know if it’s my imagination or maybe just some teenager shit, but sometimes I feel like Ron wants to talk to me, or maybe just sit next to me and think about this sick life. It would be nice.
-(Y/N), I’m going out to lead the herd of walkers away. —Rick tells me after when he seas me sitting on the porch steps. —Stay with Carl and Judith, okay?
-Yeah. —I nod.
-See you later. —he kisses my forehead and leaves. As I said, Rick kinda took the role of father when I lost my real one, and that made Carl my brother, Judith was a baby sister to me.
Before the whole incident with Pete, Carl used to be friends with Ron, and he used to tease me about my little ‘crush’ on him, he told me that Ron felt the same way about me and he even called him ‘my boyfriend’, I just hoped there was a little truth about that, but probably that was just Carl being a jerk.
-Hey, Carl. —I say as I walk inside Carl’s room.
-Hi. —he’s reading a comic book.
-Why are you here? —I ask. —I thought you went out at three in the afternoon.
-Yeah, I don’t think Ron wants to hang out today.
-Right. —I understand why. I leave his room and go downstairs to take back my seat on a chair on the porch. That’s kinda like my hideout. My mind flies away into some daydream, I daydream all the time. Ron’s walking sown the street again, but now he’s coming this way.
He takes two steps forward and then one back, again two steps forward and then three back. It looks like he’s made a decision and he climbs two stair steps, but then he goes down again.
-Hey. —I giggle before he leaves.
-Uh. —he’s surprised to see me on the chair. —Hello.
-Can I help you? —I ask with a smile.
-Uh. —he says again. —I don’t know.
-Are you looking for someone?
-I guess. —he makes a small pause. —For you.
-Oh. —my blood runs straight to my cheeks, turning them red. —Really?
-Yeah, I… uh… —he stutters. —I wanted to talk to you.
-What do you want to ta-
-Just not here. —he interrupts. I stand up and follow him to a little hidden area with green grass and bushes growing on trees roots. We take a seat under the shadow of a tree.
-My mom told me what happened. —he breaks the silence. I know he’s talking about the night his father was murdered.
-And still you wanted to talk to me? —I joke.
-I know you’re not like him.
-Like Rick? —I ask and he nods. —You’re wrong.
He completely ignores my comment and goes on.
-When I saw you, when your group arrived, I knew you were different. —he keeps his eyes away from me, looking at the horizon.
-You were smiling to the people when they were looking for reason to start a war about.
I spill a little laugh, maybe that was true.
-I’m sorry. —I grab his hand. —About your dad. I want to be with him, help him get through that hard time because it seems like no one else has been helping him.
He feels my touch and immediately reacts to it. I feel the warmth of his hand holding on tighter to mine, that’s when he slowly leaned his face closer to mine and he kissed me.
It’s a sweet touch, the freckles on my cheeks find themselves surrounded by red stains.
-I’ve wanted to do that for a long time. —he says with his face pressed against my hair, still holding my hand.


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Imagine being arrested in front of Sam and Dean


‘Oh God, I’m so bored.’

‘Yeah, well, hang tight Y/N. We still don’t know what we’re dealing with here and people are dropping like flies.’ Dean’s voice rang through the phone’s speaker. You were sat in the motel room, papers and books scattered on the table.

‘Ugh, when are you guys’ getting back? So you can actually help me with this crap.’

He chuckled lightly, ‘Well we’ve just finished looking through the morgue, and so we shouldn’t be too long now. There was this one guy though, Jesus, Y/N you should’ve seen it. His name was Toby or somethin’ and he was shredded. Like completely.’

‘Damn, man. When you come back, bring food.’

‘Of course, Y/N.’

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The Dating Game                     Steve x Reader

This was a request from @imagine-assembling-the-avengers . HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! ( go follow her. She’s fantastic!) And thank you for this prompt because it was great to write something light-hearted after All I Ask  . Again, feedback is much appreciated  and requests are open.

Request: Thor is trying to set up Steve (like how Nat always does), and Steve                  and the Reader go on a double date with Jane and Thor.

Warning: There will be fluff and awkward fumbling

Steve’s POV

    “Steve!” Thor bellowed while walking into the kitchen to talk to Steve, who seemed particularly busy.

“Yes, Thor?”

“I’ve noticed you seem lonely.” He said quite bluntly, causing Steve to sigh.

“Did Romanoff put you up to this? Because now this is just getting ridiculous.”

“I do not know what you mean by that. I just noticed that you appear to be lonely, so I’ve decided to aid you in finding a companion!”

Thor had been making fruitless attempts at setting Steve up for about a week.

“What about Karen, from the front desk? Or Susan, from I.T? Or Marie, from engineering?” Said Thor, who continued to rattle off names despite Steve’s protests.

“Look. I appreciate the effort, but I’m pretty busy. We’ve got a new recruit coming in today and I’m helping to train them. So thanks, but no thanks.” Steve huffed.

Thor looked him square in the face and continued. “How about Y/N?”

Steve turned away, then paused. “Who’s Y/N? You know what, it doesn’t matter. Goodbye.” He said before walking away from Thor to get to his training session.

Steve walked into the training room to see the new recruit talking to Barton and Romanoff. He tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention.

“Hi I’m Captain Rogers.” Steve said, extending a hand.

“I know who you are. It would appear that your reputation proceeds you.” You said returning the handshake.

“But yours doesn’t proceed you.” He replied.

“Then that means I’ve been doing my job right.” You quipped back.

“Do I at least get a name.” He asked.

You smiled up at him. “You’ll get one if you do good. Let’s get started.”You said; walking over to the mat to start stretching.

Steve turned around to see very smug-looking Natasha and Clint. Did they have something to do with this? Probably, but that wasn’t important.

“Not a word.” He said, pointing to the two of them, before moving to where you were stretching.

“So. I understand this is a recruit training to cover basics?” He questioned you.

You laughed. “Yeah, you could call it that.”

“You know laughing isn’t gonna make me go easy on you.”

“And I don’t expect it to.But it’s not me I’m worried about.” you said standing up “Show me what you got.”

Someone’s cocky. He thought.

The two of you circled each other waiting for someone to strike. But you weren’t gonna budge until he moved first, and he did; which let you get him off-balance and send him stumbling to the edge of the mat.

“Strike one! The first mistake is moving first. It lets your adversary get a read on how you fight. Try again.”

The two of you eyed each other and you decided to help him out by moving first and going for his left side. He went to block you, but at the last second you moved right, ducked under his arm, elbowed him in the chest, and moved back to your original position.

Steve was starting to look slightly annoyed.                                                       “What happened to not moving first? “ he questioned.

“Thought I’d throw you a bone.” You shrugged while giving a smirk.

He took a moment to admire the look on your face, but his thoughts were cut short by you throwing a punch at his face. A punch that would’ve hit him directly in the jaw if he hadn’t ducked a second before your fist could make contact.

You were locked in a pretty even fight with Steve for about a minute before you figured out where his weakness was. Deciding to use it to your advantage, you kicked him in the stomach and knocked the wind out of him.

“Strike two! Your hands were too high and it left you open.”

Steve was hunched over taking deep breaths wondering where on earth they found a recruit like you and he barely registered you saying “again” until you walked over and crouched in front of him.

“Getting tired there, Captain?” You questioned with a bit of laughter in your voice.

“Are you kidding?” Steve said, sucking in a breath “I can do this all day.”

“Good.” you clapped your hands together “Let’s go again then.”

“Try not to lose again, okay Cap?” Clint piped up from the side.

“Shut up, Barton.” Steve said, turning his head and pointing at the “dynamic duo” that was enjoying seeing him get tossed around like a rag doll by someone half his size.

Normally he’d be able to hold his own quite well, but something about you was throwing him off and Romanoff looked like she was enjoying this a little too much.

You grabbed his arm, flipped him onto his back, and deposited him onto the floor with your knees holding down his shoulders.

“Strike three. Never take your eyes off your opponent. I believe you’re out. Captain.”

By this time, Nat and Clint were leaned against each other laughing themselves to tears.

“I thought you were a new recruit.” Steve sounded exasperated.

“Well I AM a recruit. Just not to S.H.I.E.L.D. And I’m no where near being new.”

“What’s that supposed to mean!? And can you let m up now?” He grunted.

“Oh! Right.” You hastily got off of Steve and gave him a hand up. “I take it we’re done then?” you asked brightly while turning to face Natasha and Clint.

They gave you a nod. “We still on for tonight?”

“Absolutely.” Clint agreed.”

“Great.” You said, moving to hug them and then making your way towards the door.

Your abrupt switch from drill sergeant to normal person was so shocking that Steve almost forgot to ask his question.

“I didn’t get a name.” He piped up.

“Right, I almost forgot. It’s Y/N.” You said and then left.

Your POV

It’d been a few days since your first encounter with Steve, and you had another session with him in an hour. You weren’t sure it was gonna go well after the events of the first one. But you were determined to try and fix things.

You were thinking about ways to do just that when there was a knock at the door.

“Come in.” You called, and in strolled Natasha.

“Oh good. I needed to talk to you. Am I done harassing Cap?”you questioned.

“Yes. Your debt has been repaid. Although…you might end up owing me and Barton again in the near future.”She replied.

“Oh no no no. I have no intention of being indebted you two again, especially when you’re so cryptic about your reasons for the way I pay those debts off.” You said while gathering up your things.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get ready to go meet up with Steve.”

“Okay.” Nat said and left to go tend to her own agenda.

Steve’s POV

It had been three days, but Steve still couldn’t get you off his mind. He’d asked around to see if he could get some notion as to who you were, but no one was of any help.

So, after mustering up the courage and a LOT of pestering from Thor, he decided to ask you on a date. In fact, he was on the way to ask you right then. And he was so lost in thought that he didn’t even notice that he was being followed by two assassins and a demigod.

Still absorbed in thought and not paying attention, Steve rounded a corner and managed to run into you. Knocking you both to the ground.

“Oh my god are you okay?” Steve asked with concern in his voice.

“Yeah, I’m good.” Not noticing that Steve was still on top of you from the fall, you tried to sit up and ended up bumping heads.

“On second, thought. No I’m not” You said while lifting a hand to rub the sore spot on your face.

He changed positions so that he was no longer on top of you, but crouched next to you instead. “You sure you’re alright?” he asked again.

“I’m fine.But what were you doing over here anyways? I thought you’d be in the training room already.”

Here goes nothing, Steve thought. “Well… it wasn’t actually a training session. I just needed to talk to you about something.”

Crap. He probably hates me. Thanks Nat. ( all things you did not say out loud) “Is everything okay, Captain?” you looked at him expectantly.

“Ugh, how do I do this.” he grumbled. “I was wondering if you possibly…maybe…wanted to go out with me some time? I mean… since we don’t know each other very well…and I’d like to know more…”

“Oh.” you said, shocked. Suddenly aware of how close you were to him, you went to stand. Steve offered you a hand up but he pulled to hard and you crashed into his chest. You would’ve fallen back down if he hadn’t wrapped his arms around your waist to help you maintain balance.

You stared at him with wide eyes before he continued talking. “You know, unless you don’t want to…”

“No,no that be great. I’d love to.” you managed to get out.

“Excellent!!!” Boomed Thor,who was shamelessly eavesdropping, and startled the both of you apart. “You two can what do you call it… double date! with Jane and I this afternoon.”

You and Steve’s voices began overlapping with various combinations of oh, that’s not necessary, we really shouldn’t, it’s such short notice, and we wouldn’t want to impose. But Thor was having none of it. 

“I insist.It will be fun. I’ll see you in the lobby at 5.” He said and walked off with a pleased look on his face whereas you and Steve looked like you’d been handed a death sentence.

“I guess I’ll see you at 5 then.” you said with fake enthusiasm.

“Yeah, I guess so.” he said apologetically.

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence that would’ve dragged out for eternity if you hadn’t broken it.

“Well, I’ll see you later.” After walking off you mumbled under your breath. 

“I’ve got an assassin to kill.” 

Your POV

You did this!” You shouted at Natasha who was speaking with Tony in the kitchen.

She didn’t even have the decency to try and look innocent.

“What do you mean?” Nat smirked back “I’m sure I had no hand in that to which you are referring.”

“You set me up with Cap!!!” you accused. “And now we’re stuck on a double date with Jane and Thor!  I mean… I’m sure they’re nice but still!”

“She set you up on a what?” Tony said while walking over to the fridge.

“You heard her, Stark. Pay up.”

You looked on in a state of shock as he opened his wallet and gave Nat a wad of cash.

“This isn’t all of it.” She said, examining the stack.

“I know. That is just for setting up the Capsicle. You’ll get the rest when Y/N over there goes on a second date with him. That was the deal.”

Nat conceded and your shock turned to anger.

“Are you serious? I specifically ask you NOT to meddle in my love life and you make a bet to do just that!”

“Well when you put it like that…” she started.

“Just forget it. I have to go get ready.” 

You were sitting in the lobby earlier than was necessary, hoping that if you got there earlier, this ordeal would end quicker.

“I see I’m not the only one who got here early.” Steve’s voice startled you.

“Sorry.” he said. 

“It’s fine, I was just thinking.” You turned around were face to face with Steve. Or face to chest, rather.

“You look beautiful.” he said.

“You don’t look too bad yourself.” you said smiling up at him.

You both stayed like that for a while, just staring at each other until Thor walked in and drew your attention away from Steve. But that still didn’t stop the blush from creeping up your face.

“Y/N, this is Jane.” Thor said gesturing.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, Jane.” you shook her hand.

“Shall we leave?” Thor said.

“Maybe this won’t be so bad.” you thought.

But it wasn’t until you got out to the sidewalk that you realized an important piece of information had been left out. You turned to Steve and whispered.

“Do you have any idea where we’re going?”

“Not a clue.” he answered back.

As luck would have it, that would be the least of your worries. Because it was all downhill from there.

At the back of a cafe, you were sat next to Thor and across from Steve, who was next to Jane. The four of you were engaged in small talk, which you were good at, despite hating it. 

 You and Steve made fleeting eye contact when he wasn’t looking at Thor, who was making not so subtle signals towards you in an effort to make Steve talk.

It looked like he was finally gonna say something when a waiter tripped and spilled water on your top. Causing it to cling in an “unsavory” manner. You waved off his apologies and went to dry yourself off and hopefully get rid of any trace of embarrassment.

You returned to your table, which now had food, and saw Thor animatedly telling a story that seemed to end as you sat back down. He looked at you expectantly. As if waiting for you to speak. He must’ve given up trying to get Steve to make a move. You thought and decided to mess with him some more.

You leveled your gaze at Steve and then looked at Thor, who nodded encouragingly. While maintaining eye contact with Thor, you spoke.

“So Jane, how’d you and Thor meet?” This drew a deep sigh from Thor as he placed his head on the table.

“ I hit him with my car.” 

A mix between a snort and a laugh came from your mouth as you tried to contain your laughter and failed.

“Well I’d love to hear how that happened.” you said and prompted Jane into telling her story.

You listened intently, but Steve couldn’t. He’d been taken back by how your smile lit up your whole face and made you look even more beautiful. He didn’t tune back into the conversation until Jane asked.

“So how long have you and Steve been dating?”

At which point both of your voices suddenly overlapped in an effort to explain that you weren’t dating or anywhere near it. Sadly, once your voices died, Thor piped up.

“Hopefully there will be more dates yes?” The discomfort became palpable once more as he looked at the both of you.

“Well…” you both said in sync. 

“I think we should be leaving.” Steve said.

“Yeah…” you agreed. “Thank you for inviting us out.” you said before being guided out the door by Steve’s hand on the small of you back.

“You looked like you wanted to die in there.” Steve said after you got outside.

“It was nothing personal, I promise. I just really don’t like things like that.” You said.

“You mean, dating?” he questioned.

“Yes. I mean, no. God, I hate this.” you said, gesturing wildly. “I hate that weird phase when you meet new people and you have no idea what to say. You don’t know boundaries or the extent to which you can make jokes. And all you can do is small talk. And I hate it, talking small, especially when I like the person and would want to just have a meaningful conversation.” 

You cut yourself off after realizing what you said. “Sorry, I tend to ramble.”

“Nothing to apologize for.” said Steve, who found it adorable.

Deciding to move on, you spoke.

“So Captain. I mean…Steve” You amended after he gave you a look. “Tell me about yourself.”

“I’m not sure there’s much to tell seeing as my ‘reputation precedes me’ “ he said, quoting you from your first meeting. “

“Ouch.” you interjected with mock hurt.

“So how ‘bout you tell me about yourself instead since somehow I still haven’t managed to find out any substantial information.” he said slightly mystified.

“I’m not surprised by that actually.There’s not much to find on me in the database unless you have some serious clearance. I’m a specialist. A ‘hail mary’ kind of thing. They call me in if things get bad. That’s actually how I met Natasha and Clint.”

“That explains the drill sergeant that came into training and tossed me around like a rag doll.”

“Which reminds me! Sorry about the other day.” you apologized “I’m normally not that snarky, but I owed Nat a favor.”

“Well that’s an unusual favor. Any idea why she called it in?”

“Apparently, Tony made a bet that Nat wouldn’t be able to set me up. And if she did, it wouldn’t last past one date. And as fate would have it, he also bet against the possibility of her successfully setting you up as well.”

“I see.” Steve replied.

“She’s been trying to get me to date someone for a while now and the bet just fueled her efforts. I’m sorry you got roped into it.”

“Well I’m not.” Steve said pulling you to a stop in front of the tower.

“That’s not possible. That date was the definition of awkward!”

“Because it was the equivalent of a couple of teenagers being chaperoned by a very pushy parent!”

“You can’t be seri-” you tried to say but got cut off by Steve.

“Look, Natasha’s been trying to set me up too, but I would’ve been interested in you anyways. You’re amazing! And as an added bonus, we get to see Stark lose a few bucks. What do you say? Go on another date with me? A real one?”

You finally conceded and smiled up at him. “I’d like that very much.”

Steve kissed you on the cheek. “Goodnight, Y/N.” He said before walking off in the direction of his apartment.

He got a few steps away before you called after him.

“Goodnight! …Steve.” you finished quietly and headed into the tower. Just in time to see Tony grudgingly handing money over to Natasha.

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how about instead of nudes, chanyeol sees a conversation between you and kris and its like a cheesy/sweet/mushy conversation and chanyeol makes fun of kris? if that makes any sense? ya know, since kris always has this "cold" image and then chanyeol sees those texts

Too Sweet ~Kris~ 

I was literally cracking up when I wrote the texting part haha; thanks for requesting, and I’m really sorry I couldn’t do your original one! Really hope you like this one though (: ~Admin C


No answer.

“Chanyeol?” Kris called again, raising his voice.

A sense of unease unfurled in his chest when silence greeted him again, and the feeling was confirmed a few seconds later when hysterical laughter broke out from the direction of his room.

“CHANYEOL!” Kris roared, scrambling off the couch and dashing toward the sound.

“Chanyeol, I swear to god, if you did anyth―”

His sentence was cut off when he collided with Chanyeol at the doorway while his friend was trying to run out. Both got the breaths knocked out of them and tumbled to the ground in a flurry of arms and legs.

Kris cursed and lunged at Chanyeol immediately when he saw his phone in his friend’s hand, and wondered how Chanyeol had gotten the pass code when he saw the phone screen bright and flashing.

The two boys wrestled with each other for a while, neither gaining the upper hand. Chanyeol was laughing uncontrollably even as he was trying to dodge Kris, to the point where he sounded like he was wheezing.

“What the hell did you do?!” Kris shouted in his face, nervously wondering what could possibly be on his phone that would bring Chanyeol so much amusement.

“Nothing, nothing!” Chanyeol managed to say between laughs, clearly lying. “I was, I just―”

Kris finally found an open spot and snatched his phone away from Chanyeol, hurriedly jumping out of his grasp as he looked down at his phone screen.

“―didn’t know you could be so terribly cheesy,” Chanyeol finished his sentence, bursting out into laughter again.

Kris groaned when he saw the bright screen displaying the conversation between you and him.

Hey, jagi.

Hi Kris~

How are you doing this morning?

Oh, how caring /pfft

I care because I love you <3

Oh Kris…haha, I love you more <333 and I’m doing quite well, hbu?

Extra fine now that I’ve talked to you :)


Jagiyah, will you video chat me? I want to see you :(

Ugh, noooooo, I’m a mess in the mornings! >_<

But you’re always beautiful to me ;)

Oh god stop it you’re making me blush adgshsjfldj

Good, you look the cutest when you’re blushing <3

And if Kris scrolled down a little further, which Chanyeol most likely did, his last text to you read: Jagi, you could be my style.

"Kris, holy crap, I can’t believe you!” Chanyeol guffawed, holding his stomach.

Kris glared at him.

"I can’t believe you! Chanyeol, what the hell? Why did you take my phone?”

Chanyeol ignored his question and continued to chagrin Kris.

"I was literally dying after the first two lines, oh my god. This was worse than your attempted cup wink.”

“Shut up,” Kris retorted, changing the pass code on his phone.

“Damn, dude, if I was your girlfriend, I would be crying by now,” Chanyeol wiped his eyes with a finger, actually tearing up from laughing so hard. “Wait, forget it, I’m crying even as your friend. How does she put up with this?”

"Chanyeol, go kill yourself, please.” Kris strutted off, muttering under his breath.

“I’m already dead because of your texts.”

“You’re never going to let me get over it, are you?”

“No,” Chanyeol had finally started to calm down. “Remind me to never ask you for pick-up lines.”

"Like you even have someone to tell them to, Chanyeol.”

“Whatever, cool guy. My image of you just totally went down. Man, I didn’t even know you had such a mushy side, you hid it so well under those angry eyebrows.”

Kris came back and hauled Chanyeol off the floor, through the house, and threw him out the door.

“I think you’ve stayed long enough. Goodbye, and if you ever tell anyone about this I’m going to kill you.”

Chanyeol turned around on the driveway and blew Kris a kiss.

“Oh, but jagiyah, I thought I was your style,” Chanyeol wiggled his eyebrows.

He ran off laughing crazily while Kris pelted basketballs after him.

Red. What the fuck is wrong with your voice?

-Oh wait. It was my tv. I swear to god. His voice sounded deeper than Ultrons.


-Oh Tom. Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom. Leave. You’re killing the moment.

-oh god. They’re putting the cool 70’s music for Tom. Like. No.

-idk what the fuck just happened.

-Did Red have a ‘house’ built specifically for Agnes?

-Aram. Ressler. Don’t you fucking betray Red.

-omg. Red. He liked the Task Force. 😊

-red is Bae.


-I can see what they tried doing with the monologue Red gave in Coopers office. Red doesn’t feel that he’s done enough for the team he leads. He feels as if he’s going straight to hell, and he’s taking his friends down with him cuz of the side of the law they run with. Red has always felt that his motives would eventually meet some honorable point, however, Liz’s death was enough to convince him otherwise, that and the fact that the world obviously will see Red’s actions as morally wrong, cuz at the end of the day he IS a criminal. Cooper has the advantage of running with the law, he’s praised for his efforts in trying to stop all the crap going down, he’s more of the white knight to Red’s dark knight. Red is always going to take the ugly brunt of the world, and doubt his teams love, because he feels he’s meant to do just that.

-Oh Tom. You fucker. Well played.

-Mr. Kaplan. Kick his ass.

-Ugh. They got away.

-I hate you Tom.

-Baz. You a badass. Always and forever. 🙌🏾

-No Ressler.

-No you don’t Ressler. You don’t want him as badly as Red.


-I like how they have a Hispanic dude running for President. Call me biased. Cuz I’m a Mex. 😄 🇲🇽

-y u being a bitch Ressler?? We need this! This is our closure! Maybe Agnes will come back once Kirk dies!

-I see a tear in Rezzy’s eye! The bromance is real!

-Red, you’ve got connections in Cuba! Kill him! 😈😈 YAASSS.

-Tom. Oh Tom. Damn Tom. Wtf Tom.

-Por que Tom?



-yay. She’s alive. 😑 now leave Tom.

-WELL! She’s in that Guayabera Dress, Red always wanted to see her in.

-yea. We all knew that was gonna happen.

-don’t kill Kaplan, don’t kill Kaplan, don’t kill Kaplan. Nooooo Red!

-You want to know something? RED IS NOT THE DADDY!

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