ugh this looks like a shit

i just spent like 35 minutes wrestling with itunes (ugh i hate itunes, it’s a bloated slow pos) just to buy the special flash album. i’ve already listened to “runnin’ home to you” about 15 times. what is my life omg westallen has ruined everything…

also the last time i looked “runnin’ home to you” had moved up to #34 on the top songs chart! 👏👏👏


ɪ ᴀᴍ ᴛʜᴇ ɢᴏᴅᴅᴀᴍɴ ʜᴇʀᴏ

i noticed i never really draw oikawa so here he is

john: do you have a gf?
sherlock: girlfriend? no not really my area
john: Oh Okay hehe sooo do u have a boyfriend then?
sherlock: (why does this guy wanna kn-)
john: which is fine btw
sherlock: *rolls his eyes into the back of his head* i know its fine (omg wtf i dont need your straight pity)
john: so you have a boyfriend?
sherlock: no (ugh wtf this is so invasive like leave me alone CLEARLY i dont)
john: good, so you’re unattached. just like me. good.
sherlock: (ok u weirdo….o-OH)…..uh….john im soo flattered but im not looking for a boyfriend right now
john: (SHIT) uh no no omg i wasnt asking you out
sherlock: (sure. uh huh.)
john: i was just. saying. its cool . (that you’re gay). its all good.
sherlock: th..anks………

|| religion of six || my half of the art-trade with @saraparilla

Her Courier, Six, and this a’hole, cause I am tormented by their impossible chemistry.  

Okay. Hear me out, fam.....

What if….JUST WHAT IF…..Yoonbum escapes? And he’s so scared that he locked himself in his uncle’s house? And Sangwoo being Sangwoo got mad and tried to find that bitch. Like batshit crazy Sangwoo, going on and on about how he’ll kill Bum if he finds him. But whenever he goes home, he immediately calls Bum’s name and he realized that he just misses Bum. Bum who ‘unconditionally’ loved him. Bum who fed him, cook for him, wash his clothes, clean his house and even sucked his dick.

Like: Shit.

So he goes out to look for him in his uncle’s house and the man said that “he’s in his room. Just go inside. He won’t mind.” And in came Sangwoo. Ugh ugh. Yeah that’s the shit. Good shit. Sangwoo suddenly hugs Bum while laughing and saying “Why woulf you leave me?” Going on and on about how he’s lonely as fuck.

And then Sangwoo took Bum back home with his uncle’s consent like: “Fuck. Yes. Take him. Here. He’s for free.” And all that shit. So Bum cries and hits Woo but Woo would just sit there, driving. But then he snaps saying something like “would you shut it?!” And then he would apologize for screaming. Saying he’s a changed man now and he doesn’t want to get angry.

And then he’s been extra nice to Yoonbum like they eat on the same table now and he even bathes with Bum! Like shit. Shower sex. And Bum’s thoughts were rambled. 'He hates me but why is he doing this. I hate him! He made my life miserable. But he’s so nice. Omg. Does he like me?’

And in came Seungbae. Holy shit, he has evidence of murder, violence and all those crazy ass shit. So he gathered infos and then he remembered that a boy once called the police late at night saying he’s been imprisoned and abused and he remembered that boy screaming “Sangwoo! Please! Stop!”

Holy shit. Okay. So Seungbae remembers that every call is recorded for further notice. So he made his superiors listen to the recording and showed Sangwoo’s file. Damnnnnnn. So they gathered in his house. Seungbae was like “OPEN THE DOOR! THIS IS THE POLICE!”

And Sangwoo paniced. What tHE FUCK?!?! HE WAS CLEAN! HE WAS SAFE. HE CHANGED! Oh that Yoonbum! That gay shit must have done something with this! So he ran to the kitchen where Bum is preparing their dinner and he strangles the shit out of Yoonbum. “You did this! You told the police!” And then Yoonbum screamed when his head was bashed to the kitchen table like: SANGWOO! STOP! PLEASE!

And the police heard the noise! DAMN SANGWOO! So Seungbae pushed the door open and the forces ran into the kitchen where they see Sangwoo holding a knife into bum’s coarbones. “You’re under arrest!” All that shit.

And then Seungbae went to Bum and covered his nacked body and hugged Bum like fucking shit I’m a police officer, he needs to know that he’s safe.

So yeah. That’s that.



That’s how they first meet

the rest is up to you to decide. Maybe Tim beats Rhys up for scaring him. Maybe Rhys runs for his life! 8) wow this took me ages omg

Rhys and Timothy Lawrence©Borderlands

The height difference between Louis and Harry kills me KILLS ME