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12.18 coda

Sam tells him in the diner that satyrs lure people away with a promise of pleasure just so they can eat them raw.

Dean thinks that well-meaning waitresses might work the same way.

She gives him a smile, a sweet one that’s everything right with a world so far from his own, and he’s able to let go of his stress after days of stewing in desperate silence. She grabs his hand and leads him out back after the dinner rush slows, and Dean knows he won’t be going back to the motel with Sam tonight. He’ll be wandering, bare foot and chasing a half-real high.

And it works. His body takes over as soon as that door shuts and it tells him he’s happy. But he can feel her teeth digging into him just the wrong side of too hard when they kiss. Her nails gouge deep into his shoulders, leave marks, remind him again that he’s hurting. Her pours his passion into her and he leaves himself cold and empty in the process. 

She devours him and she doesn’t even know she’s doing it.

He lies there in bed with her long after she’s curled up and gone to sleep but invited him to stay, facing away from him in a strip of exposed moonlight. Dean runs one hand softly along the swell of his chest, the closed cavity of his heart, just to make sure that he’s still all there. He stays.

Taptaptaps his fingers. Just can’t seem to help himself. Still longing. Still worrying.

He rolls onto her again in the morning after a bad dream wakes him up and they fuck against her bedroom door before they leave. Dean keeps his tie askew even when he drops her off at the restaurant. He arches desperately closer into her in the doorway, seeking warmth, and he forgets to care if anyone is watching him.

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Fred Imagine 4

Request: happy v-day!! could you do a fred x reader imagine where the reader is harrys older sister so she’s also a target for voldemort and fred and george are assigned by the order to keep them safe at school and angst and fluff? ily thanks!! (btw I luv ur blog as well!

alright!! I’m so sorry it’s been a week I’ve had SO MUCH WORK TO DO AH!! thursday is mardi gras break and I’m going skiing with my bff for all 10 days of it but i will try to start on my other requests and do some ships!! please be patient I'm trying my best :) !

“-she needs someone to watch her!”

“Now, Harry, your sister can take care of herself,” Sirius was attempting to calm your bother.

“You know what,” Fred interjected, “I agree with Harry! Y/n is just as valuable to You-Know-Who as Harry is! We all know if he gets a hold of her Harry would be going to save her before anyone could even say ‘Dumbledore’s underwear!’”

You stood up angrily, “Don’t I get a say in this?!”

Sirius, Tonks, Remus, Arthur, Molly, Hermione, Fred, George, Harry, Ginny, Snape, and Ron all turned to look at you and the room fell silent.

“Like Sirius said,” you began slowly, Sirius winking at you when you said his name, “I can very well take care of myself, thank you. And I’m not going to let some noseless arsehole get in the way of my education!”

“I have to agree with you about that, y/n,” Hermione said with a slight chuckle, “but maybe it would be better if there was someone who might keep a look out. Two pairs of eyes are better than one, aren’t they?”

You sighed and sat down, your best friend was always right, wasn’t she?

“Look y/n,” your little brother began, “I just can’t let anyone else get hurt because of me, especially you.”

“Harry,” you looked up at him, “I’m the one that’s supposed to be looking after you! Bloody hell, your my little brother!”

“I know but-”

“What if Fred and I just watched out while we were at school together?” George proposed.

“Yeah,” Fred added, “We could keep Harry and the Order updated on anything suspicious at Hogwarts and watch out for y/n. We always hang out together anyways.”

You looked at Harry for his response.

“Okay,” he said, looking relieved.

Fred and George smirked at each other before walking towards you. You groaned.

“Oh, now, now, y/n,” Fred ‘comforted’ you.

“Don’t be so blue,” George grabbed your shoulders.

“Think of all the fun you’ll have with your babysitters!”

“Oh, no no no,” you shook your head, sliding out of George’s grip to face the twins, “This,” you pointed back and forth between them and you, “is not a babysitting gig. You are simply there to make sure I don’t die. Got it?”

“Oh, yeah,” they nodded in mock seriousness and then grinned at one another.

“Shit!” You cursed as your books flew out of your arms onto the ground. The back of your head felt like it was about to make contact wit the stairs when you felt strong arms wrap around you and lift you up. 

You opened your eyes to see the one and only, Fred Weasley.

“Ugh, Weasley, what are you doing,” you shoved him off, going to get your books. 

For the past week and a half, every time anything, anything at all, happened, Fred and George were there to swoop in and save the day (more Fred than George).

Forgot your Charms homework? Fred has it right here.

Wiping your mouth after eating cereal? Why would you when George is here?

Doing you hair for the day? Your very own personal stylist Fred Weasley is ready to make you the envy of every single girl at Hogwarts. 

Brushing your teeth? Nonsense! Fred will take care of it!

Honestly, it was getting very annoying. 

“What?” Fred said, almost amused, it seemed, “it is our job to take care of you.”

“I’m not a child, though,” you shot back.

Normally you would do anything to have your crush, Fred, at your beck and call, but it was so over the top and irritating! 

“I know, I know,” he assured you, “but Harry would kill us if his sister was forced to walk to Potions all alone,” he added a mischievous wink.

You rolled your eyes, unable to help yourself from blushing, “Whatever.”

You were just about to enter the Potions room when Fred pulled you aside and into a small room off the side of the hall.

“Fred! What the f-”

“Shhhh!” he put a hand over your mouth. 

Fred pulled out of his pocket an extendable ear, a new gadget he and George were working on for Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. 

“Listen,” he whispered as you watched the ear slide under the door and presumably to Snape’s room.

“-you may kill the girl, but Harry Potter is for me,” your heart stopped at the chilling voice.

“Yes, my lord,” Snape’s dull voice responded.

“Is that….” you began.

Fred nodded in response.

“However,” Snape began, “We could use her as leverage, who knows the lengths Harry Potter would go to to save his… poor sister.”

“Very intriguing, Severus. Tell me-”

Fred had dragged you out of the closet and through the halls and you had’t even noticed. Pretty soon you were sitting on the couch in the Gryffindor Common room with Fred pacing in front of you.

“We have to tell the Order right away. I mean, Snape? Severus Snape? I knew he was an arsehole but honestly! I mean-” Fred looked at you and sighed, sitting next to you, “Are you okay?”

You sat for a moment and then gave a short laugh, “No I’m not okay! I just listened to the person who killed my parents practically plan my murder!”

“Hey it’s-”

“No!” you shouted, getting up, “Don’t you dare say it’s okay because we all now it’s not! My life means nothing to them, and they will come and get me and you know Harry will be the first to try and save me and it’ll be my fault if He succeeds!” 

You were talking so fast you had run out of breath. You took a shaky breath and ran your fingers through your hair. 

Fred pulled you into a hug. 

“You know,” he whispered, “If anything happened I don’t think Harry would be the first to go after you.”

“No?” You questioned.

“It would be me.”

You closed the space in between your faces and kissed.

After a moment you pulled apart. 

“We won’t let anything happen to you, okay?”


Your Move

The nine times Simon and Baz prank each other and the one time they don’t

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10

March 29


Technically, I might have cheated a bit.  Then again, we never clearly laid out any rules.  We never actually decided that each player had to wait until the next day to lay their trap, it was just sort of understood.  So if I made preparations the night before, I would say that it’s completely fair.  After all, how can you break a rule if none were ever written?

           When Baz gets up before me to use the shower, I hide my grin under my blankets.

           I dress as the water runs.  

           I take the planned precautions and double-check that I’ve remembered to wear my necklace.

           When the water shuts off, I take my position, sitting on my bed with my back against my pillow, waiting.  The picture of calm, even though I’m buzzing with anticipation.

           I count down in my head as I hear the curtain slide back.

           Three, two, one…



           “Problem, Baz?”

           “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?”

           “I should think it would be obvious.”


           I don’t move.  I stay exactly where I am and straighten out a crease in my shirt. Crowley, I’m starting to act like him.

           There’s a steady stream of cursing from the other side of the door.  Normal cursing, not magical cursing, though he sounds angry enough to curse me right off the school grounds.

           When he cracks the door open, he doesn’t lean around to look at me.  

           “Oh, come on,” I tell him, “get it over with.”

           He takes a step forward and emerges, wearing only a towel around his waist, half of his body hidden behind the door.  Part of my brain registers the fact that I’ve never seen him with this little clothing on, but I’m very much distracted by his hair.  It’s slicked back with shower water, a few strands hanging in front of his eyes, and it’s blond.  Yellow-blond.

           A smirk takes control of my face.  “Well, that clearly worked, then.”

           “Do you have any idea how bloody dead you are.”

           “Could you hurry up in there?  I’d like to use the bathroom.  Oh, and it’s your move.”

           He slams the door in my face and I bury my laughter in my pillow.

           He takes an exaggeratedly long time to get ready, probably to spite me, or maybe he’s busy trying to magic the bleach out of his hair.  Trixie told me it was extra-long lasting, but it is only Normal bleach with no magical properties.  Maybe I did charm it to be a bit stronger, but he could probably magic his hair back to normal if he tried long enough.  I just wait on my bed, studying my nails casually like I assume he does when he’s tormenting me.

           When Baz finally reappears in the doorway, he’s fully clothed and his hair is still blond, but it’s different now.  It’s dry, and instead of yellow his hair is a soft white. He hasn’t slicked it back like he usually does, just lets it fall around his face like snowflakes.

           His skin is so pale that white-blond hair shouldn’t look good on him.

           But it does.

           It’s light and soft and it makes his heavy gray eyes look gentle, even though he’s currently using them to shoot daggers at me. It’s striking against the green of his uniform, and it’s like he’s turned from a vampire into a wood elf, tall and elegant and smooth.

           His hair looks so soft, freshly washed like this, that my hands actually twitch.  I want to take a lock and rub it between my fingertips.      

           Crowley, it looks good.

           There’s a lurch in my stomach, unfamiliar and cold, and I don’t know what it means.  Not that it matters, I’m definitely not thinking about my stomach right now.

           “I thought I told you to run,” Baz growls through his teeth, his cheeks pink.  Maybe from shower steam, maybe from embarrassment.  I wonder what my cheeks look like right now, with how I feel them heating up.

           “I’m not stupid, Baz,” I reply calmly, even though there’s a weird shiver working its way down my back.  “If I leave the room, you’ll just throw me down the stairs or something.  This is the safest place for me right now.”

           “Maybe I’ll throw you out the window and let the merwolves have you.”

           “Try opening the window, Baz, see how far you get.”

           “What did you do to it?”

           “Nothing serious, just a simple precaution, but you won’t be getting it open.”

           “What if I carried you out the door?”

           “You’d have to fight me to get me there, and I don’t think the Anathema would like that very much.”

           He seethes at me for another few seconds before storming out the door.  I can hear his angry steps all the way down the tower.

           I stay where I am for I don’t know how long. It’s like I can’t move, and my stomach is still feeling hollow.  Not in a hungry way, more like someone took one of my organs out and left a giant empty spot, and now the rest of my organs are frantically shifting around to try and fill the space.  I’m cold and hot at the same time.

           “Crowley,” I say aloud to the empty room.

           It looked good.


           Penny and I are out on the hill when she sees what I’ve done.

           “Mor-gana, Simon,” she breathes, her eyes wide.  “How are you even still alive?”

           I shake my head, watching Baz as he disappears into the castle.  His hair is even more ethereal in the light of day.  I can only imagine what he would look like if the sun were shining.  He’d have a fucking halo.

           “The better question is, why has he left it like that?” Penny muses, squinting at the doors even after Baz has passed through them.  “Couldn’t he magic it back to normal?”

           “Maybe the dye is too strong.”

           “How exactly did you pull this off, anyway?”

           “I poured hair bleach in his shampoo last night.”

           She shakes her head with a disbelieving laugh. “Crowley, Simon,” she says, “when is this game going to end?”

           I shrug.  I hadn’t thought about it.  “When there’s a winner?”

           “And how do you determine a winner?”

           “Maybe just until one of us concedes.”

           “I know you two,” she scoffs, “that’s not going to happen.”

           Something about her saying you two makes my heart beat a little louder in my ears for just a second.

           “So let me get this straight,” she continues. “First you changed his sugar into salt, so he turned your scones to rock.  Then came the necklace thing, and the glue on the doorknob.  I know he kept turning your music up yesterday, but there’s something missing in between.  Did you forfeit that day?”


           “What did you do?”

           The memory is sour and I grimace.  “I don’t want to talk about it?”

           “Why?  Did it not work?”      

           “I cursed him.”

           “So what?  He’s cursed you loads of times.”

           “I gave him nightmares.”

           Penny doesn’t answer for a second.  “You did what?”

           “They were only supposed to be minor ones, but something went wrong, they were never supposed to hurt him.”

           “How bad were they?”

           I want to scrub the memory from my eyelids. “I had to wake him up because he kept shouting.”

           “Simon, that’s… terrible, actually.”

           “I told you, they weren’t supposed to be scary.”

           “Still, you attacked the mind.  Worse, you attacked the subconscious.”  She looks at me like I’ve taken her food without asking. “Does he know it was you?”

           “I don’t think so.”

           “Is that why you didn’t get mad yesterday when he pranked you?”

           “Why would I get mad?” I shrug.  “I deserved it.”



           “I never thought I’d see the day that you felt bad for hurting Baz.”

           I shake my head.  “He might be a twat, but you didn’t hear him.  No one deserves whatever he was dreaming.”

           Penny watches me thoughtfully.  “Hmm,” she muses.


           “Nothing, just… maybe you guys don’t hate each other as much as you think you do.”


           Baz’s hair is still white-blond later at night when we turn in.  I still have to consciously remind myself to stop staring at it.

           He hasn’t said anything to me since this morning, but I don’t think it’s because he’s mad.  More just the normal silence that exists between us when we’re not actively fighting or shouting abuse at each other.

           I wonder as he turns out the lights if his hair has always looked so soft, or if I’ve just noticed it now.  When he turns it black again, will I still have the urge to touch it?  Is it something I’ve always wanted to do but only just realized?

           A thought occurs to me as his breathing starts to deepen across the room.  “Hey, Baz.”

           “What, Snow?”

           “We match.”

           It’s ridiculous and not even close to true. My hair is the blonde of honey, while his is currently the blonde of fucking snow, but that makes it even more ironic and, naturally, even more funny to me.

           Baz doesn’t say anything, just sits up and punts one of his pillows at me, and I can’t hold in a giggle when it hits me.

Apodyopsis - Jimin

Request: “can i have a jimin drabble? 76,157,160 thank you!”

76. “Shh shh, if you moan like that we’ll get caught.”
157. “Wait, what did you just say?”
160. “You want me to do what?”

Warning: fingering, oral, language

Word Count: 1203

Genre: Smut

•·.··.·• •·.··.·•

“Shit,” You cursed as you put down your handful of cards on the comforter beneath you, while your friend, Jimin, grinned widely, taking pride in his quick victory. You always won when you two played cards, but he somehow managed to beat you this time, and you were more scared than upset about what was to come next now that you had lost. “Jimin, do I really have to?”

“I was clear, wasn’t I? If you lost, you’d have to do me a favor,” Jimin said almost innocently. You groaned and leant back on the wooden headboard of Jimin’s bed, closing your eyes in irritation of the mockery in his words.

“Fine, what do you want?” You sprawled your limbs out towards the edges of the bed, but Jimin pulled you back and tugged on your arms, making you sit up, your faces only mere inches away from each other. You could feel the heat flushing to your cheeks, but you’ve learned to contain your emotions over the years you’ve known Jimin.

“Let me take some pictures of you,” He smiled as he backed away from you and grabbed his phone.

“Ugh, you scared me. I thought you were going to ask me to get naked or something,” You laughed nervously before Jimin proceeded to direct your figure around, taking numerous shots of you by the minute. You couldn’t ignore the wetness beginning to grow down in your core as Jimin moved you around, his touch completely intoxicating you. He stepped back and took one last photo of you against the wall before looking up from his phone, flashing a smirk at your tensed body.

“Take off your clothes.”

“Wait, what did you just say?” You asked, wondering if you had heard him correctly.

“I said take off your clothes.” He said with a phlegmatic expression upon his face as he approached you.

“J-Jimin-” You immediately closed your mouth when Jimin placed his lips on your throat, lightly tracing kisses up to your jawline.

“Your skin is so soft,” He whispered, dragging his tongue across your collarbones. He nipped at your sensitive skin, which caused a soft whimper to escape your mouth. “Now, are you going to be a good girl and strip for me?” You hesitantly nodded and bit down on your lip in regret of your choice.

“Can I change in the bathroom?” You asked. He laughed at your shy response, but nodded and shifted his gaze towards his bathroom, which was conveniently connected to his bedroom. You were about to open the bathroom door when you felt Jimin step behind you and walk his fingers up the back of your thigh, smirking as you shivered under his touch.

“Just keep the stockings on,” He said as he lightly tapped your ass before you rushed into the bathroom, wondering if this was a dream or reality.
You slowly shed of your clothes, wondering if this was the perfect time to run away to a different city and change your name, or to go along with whatever Jimin was planning for you.

Your curiosity was killing you, and your deep attraction to your friend hadn’t helped this situation either. What was waiting for you outside that door? You weren’t sure if you wanted to even know. Your thoughts were interrupted by Jimin harshly knocking on the door.

“Yah! If you don’t come out in three seconds, I’m breaking down the door!” He shouted.

You felt a rush of panic overtake your body, so you quickly unclipped your bra and pulled down your panties, then slowly opened the bathroom door, leaving merely an inch of space for you to look out.

“I’m waiting,” You heard Jimin say softly. You sighed and opened the door with your foot while covering your body with your hands. “Don’t be shy, jagi.” You turned your head to the bed, where Jimin was impatiently waiting with his high definition camera, the one you knew he only used for serious photographs. You hesitantly drew your hands away from your body, making Jimin flash a warm yet inviting smile.

“You’re using that?” You pointed at the camera and noticed how your hand was already shaking.

“I want these to be better quality.” He winked at you before pulling you to the bed and pushing you down on your back. He stepped back to the wall and held the camera to his eyes.

You sat there awkwardly as Jimin began his promiscuous photoshoot, and tensed up at his every touch. You could tell he was teasing you as he slowly slid his hand down the inside of your thighs, contributing to the wetness in your core, which you desperately tried to hold back. He gripped your knees and pushed them down onto the mattress beneath you, exposing your heat.

“Put your finger in your pussy,” He said suddenly, stepping back to the wall.

“Y-You want me to do what?” You stuttered as you felt the stricken feeling in your stomach intensify.

“Do I have to do it for you, jagiya?” You definitely didn’t want him to do it for you, so you hesitantly moved your hand down to the wetness between your thighs, slowly inserting a finger as you moaned from the relief. “Good girl~” The syllables rolling off his tongue only made you yearn him more, but you knew you had to be patient.

He took a few more photos, every soft ‘click’ coming from his camera patronizing your frustration, then sighed as he rested the camera on the bedside table.

“You’ve been waiting for this, haven’t you?” He whispered as he sat at the edge of the bed and pulled your thighs over his shoulders, bringing his face to your heat.

“P-Please oppa,” You begged, and fortunately, as soon as those words left your mouth, he brought his tongue into contact with your soaked folds. You gasped and grabbed him by his hair, pulling him closer to your core. You could feel him smirk against you, but you didn’t care how needy you looked.

The feeling of his tongue teasing your sensitive clit made you slowly unravel with bliss, shameless and animalistic moans erupting from your throat and reverberating around the room.

“Shh shh, if you moan like that we’ll get caught. My sister is still home,” He said.

“I don’t care,” You moaned, which Jimin took as a cue to roughly push two fingers into you, curling them as soon as they entered. The combination of his tongue and his fingers sent you over the edge, and you couldn’t help but slightly buck your hips up, giving him access to your weakest spot, where you screamed from pleasure and finally found your release. Jimin didn’t seem to mind, and eagerly licked up your juices.

“So, how about round two?” He asked before bringing his soft lips to yours and making the world around you go completely numb with passion.

•·.··.·• •·.··.·•

Thank you so much for requesting, love. I’m sorry if this was a bit short.

anonymous asked:

Hi again. I'm the same anon who asks about the rules. Thank you so much for that. I would like to request for Starish, QN and Heavens reaction to shy , plain (not ugly but not pretty) and tomboyish (prefer t-shirts over tight tops, sneakers over high heels) s/o having people gossip about s/o when two of them pass by some random citizens saying "how did that plain girl get such a hottie like him?". S/o personally is not bothered at all but the princes don't have the same reaction

Boy this was some work! 18 people in one ask xD Anyways, tell me what you think!

Your date was going amazing despite the several pairs of eyes locked onto you. Your boyfriend and you didn’t care, choosing to enjoy yourself rather than bother with their attention. With your hair cascading down, a shirt and pants put on and your favourite pair of sneakers; it was all perfect until that one whisper.

“So plain. I wonder how she got him.”

You walked on, head held high as you ignored the sudden downpour of whispers that were now initiated.

“Yeah! ○○○-kun has better taste in girls, she’s…ugh.”

Your boyfriend stiffened and your grip tightened on your interlocked fingers as you pushed forward, silently asking him to not react. Giggles were followed. His fingers were shaking but you gave him a small smile, sure that this childish behaviour would end soon.

“I know! She must have seduced him with her….other things…” Someone purred teasingly, causing laughter to erupt and your boyfriend stopped, tugging you back as he turned to face them.


You didn’t like the smile Otoya’s face had. It suddenly turned cold when he heard that accusation. Determined to rectify the situation, he kissed your forehead before looking at them. The words came out immediately. “Stop! What do you know about ○○○-chan huh?! Nothing! That gives you no right to talk about her badly!” The redhead fumed, ever ready to defend you no matter what happened. He took your hand and walked off, making sure to shoot everyone a scary glare before doing so.


Your date was pleasant until they ruined it throughly. While you were used to such insults, knowing that they didn’t really affect you, Masato wasn’t. He didn’t like, he hated, the fact that you tolerated such utter nonsense. His grip tightened on your fingers and you tried to persuade him to let go but he wasn’t having any of that. “Enough of this childish banter. One does not continue to insult someone just because that person tolerates it. ○○○, let’s go, I’d rather not deal with them.” He warned, satisfied when the women nodded, utterly shocked. If these girls were a bunch of men, consider their futures ruined if Masato ever demanded a search carried out on them.


His smile turned firm, almost cold. His ‘grin’ widened as he leaned closer to that girl who insulted your assets. “Wahaha! I didn’t hear you quite there! What did you just say?” He asked, his voice bright and cheery but it sent shudders of fear down your insulter’s spine. They looked away, suddenly embarrassed. Natsuki smiled at the rest who averted their gazes before turning back to you and humming happily. He didn’t wheedle an apology out of them but was sure that they were sorry for crossing by you and speaking like that.


He did not like the words he just heard. He was disgusted, willing to break a few jaws but alas, he did not raise his hand at a woman. His eyes narrowed at the crowd who visibly looked afraid to their wits. “I see. ○○○ seduced me. Of course she did, which is why she dresses so ‘plainly’ as you put it, and does not announce to the whole world that we’re dating. Of course, she seduced me.” He chuckled darkly, his eyes glinting predatorily. “I’ve never heard anything more dumb than that. ○○○, we’re leaving. People who gossip about you are just jealous.”


One gaze from Ren had them stiffen. He smirked, the expression not reaching his eyes as he slowly sauntered towards your accuser, eyeing them from head to toe. “So, lady, care to repeat what you just said?” He whispered, low and dangerous. The girl shook her head almost immediately, shooting you a glare. Ren stepped in between, shielding you from her. He spat out the next few words. “For you to insult someone because you don’t have what they you know what it speaks about you, ladies?” The girl’s face turned pale and the remaining who laughed along with her, tried not to cower. Ren ran a hand through his hair, his smirk widening. “It says that you are someone who cannot see the beauty in a person. You are someone who judges people by just their surface.” His voice was cold, enough to horrify you as well the motley. “I want you out of my sight and a million miles away from my honey. Now.”


He balled his fists angrily, his voice louder than before. “You all, stop! Enough there!” The girls looked shocked as he dropped his fists, glaring at each and every one of them. “Ugh. You all are children. ○○○ did nothing to get me. I fell in love with her. Wanna know why?” He narrowed his eyes, noting the speechlessness in the audience. “Because she’s definitely not like this.” He spat out and took your hand, making sure you left the place immediately. He might’ve lost a few fans there but you mattered more.


You swore that you heard the prince hiss when he heard the first insult itself. Now? He was furious, ready to destroy anyone, anyone who insulted you. “How repulsive.” The words came out louder than he intended it to. “This is so mean of you to do so.” He told, pointing his shaky finger to every one of the girls. “So what if you all think ○○○ seduced me? It does not change that I love her and that I know her more than you all.” He pivoted on his heel, stomping off, with you in tow. He didn’t want to start a fight but if he was still a cat, he would have most certainly scratched every one of them. You were his precious princess. You don’t deserve such horrible accusations.


He laughed. Loudly. Clenching his stomach, he turned back to face your pile of insulters, shaking from the after effects of his sudden outburst. Your eyes were widely open and so were the eyes of the women who so freely gossiped about you. “I’m sorry, sorry~ ○○○-chan seduced me? I’ve not heard a funnier joke than that!” He laughed again, the sound darker and dangerous this time. He smiled at the women who refused to meet his eyes, shaking his head. “The one who’s ugh is you, not my ○○○-chan.” Seeing them stiffen, he smirked and continued. “Besides, if she did seduce me, I doubt I would have left our bed and brought her out on this date!” He added cheerily before taking your flustered hand and running off.


You had to hold onto Ranmaru to prevent him from actually starting a fist fight with women. He just stared them down, his heterochromatic eyes glaring daggers at every single one of them. “Ran…let’s just go..” You whispered helplessly and he stiffened at your pleading voice. He decided to heed to your request but spat out a few words before leaving. “Disgusting. I’d die sooner than be admired by any of you.”


He didn’t like the mixed bout of anger and frustration kicking inside him. He knew that people gossiped like this only when they were jealous, indicating that they couldn’t have what the subject of their topic possessed. This was normal among humans and yet hearing such insults towards his ○○○ irked him. He wanted to give them a setback and so he did, when he eyed them all with a narrow gaze, his tone flat. “Stop. This is nothing but immature behaviour. Although ○○○ remarkably tolerates this, I won’t. How you all talk makes me feel disgusted.”


He wasn’t going to tolerate this. His icy blue eyes turned cold as he suppressed a scoff, instead plastering on a smile that was everything but pleasant. “Peasants.” He disliked the kind of language he used for a motley of women but right now, none would get away with insulting his ○○○ to his face. The word did shock his audience as he eyed them all murderously, his glares sharper than a dagger. “Apologise to ○○○ now. I would not bear with you all talking to her with such disrespect. She is my countess, my jewel. Far be it from me to bat an eyelash when fools like you openly accuse her being.”


It was only once when you saw Eiichi snap. You had committed his form to memory so that you would not rile his temper up again. Now here he stood, his fists curling, his eyes glinting dangerously. He snickered like a devil, sending the women into another set of whispers but his low voice shut them up. “Low. So so so very low of you to talk about my ○○○ this way. Why do I even have you as my fans?” His trembling laughter shook you to your very core. He made sure to leave them all a glare before taking your wrist, pulling you close to his chest and walking off.


You knew your boyfriend was a man of few words but his silence now scared you more than his talking. His grip on your hand tightened and you tried not to yelp. You tugged on your intertwined fingers, indicating that you two should leave but Kira halted you in your steps, pulling you close. “No.” He whispered to you. He repeated that louder to the women in the back, his golden eyes gleaming with a sense of protectiveness. “○○○ is nothing like how you picture her to be. She’s the most amazing woman I have ever met.” His words rocked the females into silence. “Your behaviour speaks a lot about your character, however.” He told them loud enough before walking off with you, clenching your fingers reassuringly.


“Haaa…I smell jealousy of their nails~” Nagi cooed, completely in character, the only things that showed how angry he was were the twitching of his lips and the narrowing of his brows. He sauntered up to them, his coffee cup still in hand from your recent date. Eyeing them one by one, he smiled when he found his target, the one who thought you ‘seduced’ this boy. Without a word, he splashed the cold liquid onto her, she screamed in response. He smiled innocently but his eyes glared murderously at every one of them. “Whoopsie! I totally accidentally dropped that~ I’m sorry~” He sang out. His next few words were cold. “Do that next time and I doubt cold coffee will be only thing that spoils your dress.”


He was torn in between yelling and politely correctly the women who dared to insult you. Clenching his fists, he breathed out slowly, deciding to take the gentle route first. “I beg your pardon?” He asked, ever the gentleman, hoping they would correct themselves. He didn’t expect the women to repeat their words, this time they sounded far more dramatic. He balled his fists, you held his arm and pleadingly tugged on it, asking him to let go. He stared into your (e/c) eyes, his violet ones burning with anger. He turned back to them. “That was very rude and childish of you. I believe you owe ○○○ a sound apology.” He said, his piercing gaze unwavering. Seeing the determination in your boyfriend made you tear up and a few of them apologised. In the end, Eiji showered you with all the love possible, in an attempt to make you forget those insults.


His smile froze when the last few words dropped out of those women’s mouths. You saw his eyes darken a shade dangerously but your grip was firm on his arm. He met you eyes and was torn between doing something to those snakes disguised as women or to just walk off. His rage won. His fingers traced your hips as his arms wrapped around your waist, lifting you up in the air. You shrieked, surprised by the sudden motion, the emotion only increasing when Van brought his lips to yours, claiming you passionately before your onlookers. Collective gasps were heard. Some jaws dropped. Jealousy was the obvious emotion amongst them. He pulled away, kissing your mouth again before turning to them with a smirk. “Say what again? ○○○ is my girlfriend. I love her. My one and only. You dare do that again and I doubt I’d tolerate it. Feel lucky that she’s so patient.” He spat out, making sure you didn’t have to deal with such an event again.


You saw his jaw twitch, the veins in his biceps rising as he glared at the women. You tried to pull him away, sure that he would go violent but he wanted to give them a good thrashing, by words if not actions. His clenched fists were turning pale from the force as he edged towards them with every step; you ran frantically behind him squeaking a “Yamato, don’t!” and “Yamato, please.” along the way. He didn’t listen. Stamping his foot loud on the ground, he eyed them all. “Say what? Repeat your words again.” He challenged, cracking his knuckles. The pale, aghast faces of the women did not serve him well and he was determined to get an apology out. He motioned towards you. “Apologise to her.” He thundered, his eyebrows furrowing. “Now.” You heard a mumble of sorries and nodded before yanking Yamato off, covering your blush and tears for he just stood up for you, proving his love.


“How utterly terribly disappointing that all of you are blind to the obvious beauty ○○○ possesses.” His clear voice rang out, like a stream of pure water amongst the cacophony of cicadas. He shook his head disapprovingly, ready to hex the person who dared to throw such false statements at you. When one of them tried to justify their words, he shot them a glare, silencing them. “Apologise to ○○○ this very instant.” He demanded, his grip tightening on your hand.

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Hi! I know you're not taking prompts anymore...but I'm trans and my shark week super makes me dysphoric and i feel so crappy about everything. I hope this isn't too weird but, could you maybe write a positive fic about Sanvers navigating theirs? I don't really know... But your writing always makes me feel better! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Alex groans in the bathroom and Maggie pokes her head out of the bedroom door.

“You okay, babe?”

“Ugh, no, fuck me.”

Maggie brightens. “Okay, I’m game.” She hears Alex chuckle and sigh and groan again.

“No, I… I’m on my stupid period.”

Maggie laughs sympathetically and continues getting dressed. “I’m sorry, babygirl. You cramping up?”

“I’m gonna. Ugh, and we have a sting op today.”

“Oh, babe, no!”

“Oh, babe, yes.” Maggie smiles and shakes her head at Alex’s humorless voice, and she turns when Alex trudges out of the bathroom a few minutes later while dry-swallowing a motrin.

She collapses face-forward on Maggie’s bed before turning and curling into a fetal ball.

Maggie tilts her head and her eyes soften before she pads out of the room quickly.

“Why are you abandoning me?” Alex groans after her, self-deprecation layered somewhere under the despair in her voice.

“I would never do that, Ally,” Maggie calls from the kitchen, and she comes back into the room a few minutes later with a warmed up heating pad and a soft smile.

“Come here, Danvers,” she says as she kneels on the bed in front of her, rolling Alex over onto her back and straddling her. Her fingers hesitate at the hem of Alex’s shirt, and Alex shakes her head.

“I’m all bloated and gross.”

“You’re never gross, babe,” Maggie counters, but she moves her fingers, but Alex is suddenly keening at the loss. Maggie arches an eyebrow and Alex slowly lifts up her own shirt to grant Maggie the access she’d been requesting.

Maggie smiles softly and her eyes light up, as they always do when she’s looking at Alex’s body, and Alex doesn’t understand because she’s bloated and she’s bloody and she’s not at all worthy of being looked at like that. Not today, anyway.

But Maggie strokes her stomach with near reverence, and Maggie bends down to press her lips gently, gently, gently, all across Alex’s lower stomach, tracing the line of her underwear with her lips, wanting to go lower but not wanting to ask Alex, not yet, if even lifting up her shirt was a struggle right now.

“Why are you doing that?” Alex asks, and Maggie looks up from her ministrations and tilts her head.

“Because your body hates you right now, but I love you and I love your body, so I’m trying to remind it whose will is stronger.”

Alex laughs because Maggie Sawyer, Maggie Sawyer, Maggie Sawyer, and Maggie kisses her swollen belly one more time before grabbing at the heating pad she’d brought in, lowering Alex’s shirt again, and pressing the warmth a few inches below Alex’s navel, and Alex moans in part pain, part relief.

“You know you can call in today, babe. Your body’s ragingly upset, same like it is when you have the flu or a stomach virus or something,” Maggie tells her as she pulls her into her arms, kissing her hair and rubbing soothing circles onto her arms.

“Can you call in, too?” Alex wants to know, and Maggie smiles.

“Netflix and chill it is, Danvers.”

“Netflix and cramp, more like it, Sawyer.”

Maggie kisses her and Maggie shrugs and Maggie loves her, loves her, loves her. “Netflix and me convincing your body that I love you more than it hates you and it should release you from this vial spell, most like it, Danvers.”

“Pfft, and you call me a nerd.”

“Takes one to know one, Danvers. Takes one to know one.”

The Night We Met

Character: Negan (The Walking Dead)

Word Count: 4,665

Prompt/Summary‘The Night We Met’ by Lord Huron / Negan’s wife recalls when they first met.

Warnings: None.

Written For: Jessie’s 1K Follower Writing Challenge

Note: Set in my little pre-apocalypse AU that I love writing in, where everything is fluffy and nothing hurts, lol. The song that they dance to is the song that inspired this fic, and is linked above. I know the lyrics are kinda depressing and don’t really fit the tone of the fic, but whenever I listen to this song, all I can think of is how pretty it is. And of how much 13 Reasons Why wrecked my heart, but that’s not relevant here.

Tagging: @grimes-slut, @negans-network, @jdms-network, @hawtdiggitynegan, @fuckinjdm, @jeffreydeanneganstrash, @sweetsweetpeach

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Road Trip {2} {Holland}

Originally posted by stallingdemons

Requested: Yes {Thank you all so much for the support. I honestly thought the first one was crappy.} [gounderoos even liked it :’)]

Synopsis: Your best friend Harrison and his friends join you on a road trip to a holiday house where you meet the cast for the first time. You have to deal with an awkward situation due to sleeping arrangements, along with a surprising discovery.

Link to 1st:

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Domestic Drabbles - 6: It’s Not London (Part 1)

Presenting! *drum roll* Part 6 of Domestic Drabbles: A Series! 
More inspiration from my amazing husband!

This one has two parts, so watch for the next one coming soon. Beware the slight angst.

And shoutout to @baz-n-simon for being the most amazing beta, support, and bestie (:


Baz has been having a string of bad days lately. When he comes over, he’s grumpy and frustrated, and we always end up arguing over pointless things before he leaves for the night. We’re both so fiery and stubborn that neither of us can back down. Sometimes these fights are so intense that I’m so sure he wouldn’t even bother coming over the next day. But he always does. Everyday.

Most of the time, we don’t talk about it. The arguments or Baz’s bad day. It’s not that we avoid the conversation; it’s just that I rarely ask and he rarely offers. I’ve never been great with words, so I made a rule for myself to not force others to talk if they don’t want to. And Baz tends to avoid talking about most of his feelings, like he always has, so the conversation never happens. Penny says that this isn’t healthy, but when has mine and Baz’s relationship ever been an example of perfection?

But now, Baz is standing in front of me, in the doorway of my bedroom, looking like he might cry at any moment, and I immediately decide to break my rule.

“Baz.” I gently touch his hand that’s gripping the doorknob. “What- what’s wrong?” He’s so delicate like this, so fragile, like if touched him any more, he would break.

He shifts his gaze around my face, like he’s unsure, or thinking. Then he furrows his brow and touches my shoulder, then gently pushes me aside.

“I don’t want to talk about it, Snow,” he says. He walks over to my bed and just plops down on it, stomach first and dead-weight. Literally dead-weight, my mind adds. And then I frown.

“Baz,” I say. He just sighs into the sheets, then grabs a pillow and places it over his head.

“I said I don’t want to talk about it.”

I frown at him again. At this point, I would just go to the kitchen for snacks and let Baz fume through what was bothering him. But with that look on his face, I’m suddenly determined to get him to tell me.

“Baz,” I say again, and he groans. He then grabs the entire blanket from the end of the bed and pulls it on top of him.

“No, Snow.”

I walk over to his legs that are sticking off the bed, and I touch his ankle gently.

“Tell me,” I say. It wasn’t a demand; more of a subtle plea.

He lets out a muffled huff. “No, Snow,” he says again.

I crawl onto the bed and sit beside him. “Please tell me,” I say, laying my hand on his back.

“No.” He pulls the edges of the blanket closer to him. “Can’t you leave me alone?”

“Nope,” I say, grabbing the edges of the blanket near his face. I try to yank them away, but Baz’s death-grip is unmatched. His literal death-grip, my mind adds. And I frown again. I can’t seem to turn off the vampire jokes today.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Baz says, tucking the blanket it under him. “Let me hide here in peace.”

“I want you to talk about it, Baz,” I say. I roll on top of him and sit on his back, pinning the back of his legs down with my feet. “I’m not going to let you hide.” I grab the blanket in front of his face and pull it upward.

“Ugh, Snow. Get off,” he says, trying to hold the blanket down. He moves around slightly, trying to shake me off, but I have the upperhand. Literally.

I manage to pull the blanket out of one of Baz’s hands, and I peel it back off part of his face. He immediately turns his head over and hides his face in the other hand.

“Leave me alone,” he says, but it’s less upset sounding and more grumpy.

“I will leave you alone if you tell me,” I say, tugging at the blanket in his other hand.


I start to frown, but my lip suddenly curls upward into a smirk. I push Baz’s hair away from his temple, lean down, and kiss him gently there. And then again. And again.

“Please tell me,” I say, curling my fingers into his hair.

He just buries his face even more into his blanketed hand.

“Baz,” I mumble against his temple.

“No, Snow.”

I kiss his temple again, then start pushing the blanket away from his face. He tries to fight me, holding onto the blanket as much as possible, but I keep managing to push it further and further away. I kiss each area of his face as I uncover it. I kiss the top of his cheekbone, and then his cheek, and his jaw, and then his nose. He has his eyes scrunched closed, so I kiss his eyelids, and then his forehead. I linger back along his temple, then kiss his ear.

“Baz,” I whisper into it.

He groans. “Fine,” he says, opening his eyes and letting go of the blanket. “I’ll tell you.”

I smile at him and lean up. As I begin to relax, Baz pushes my shoulder and tries to roll, pushing me off in the process. He almost succeeds in escaping, but as he rolls over, I pin one of his arms down so he can’t get up and roll back on top of him.

“You’re not going anywhere until you tell me,” I say. He tries to push at me with his free arm, but I pin that down as well. I’m inches away from his face now, and he’s glaring at me, his pupils enlarging, so I glare back.

We hold our glares at each other for a moment before he huffs in defeat. “Fine, Snow, fine. Just let go of my arms.”

“I will give you one arm,” I say.

He grins at this, and I feel my whole body relax. I didn’t even realize how tense I had been until now.

“Fine,” he says, still grinning. “One arm.”

I let go of his left arm, and he immediately places his hand on my leg, stroking his thumb along it. His grin suddenly disappears though, and I feel myself tense up again.

“My father,” he says, and his eyes shift away from me. “He’s never approved of my choice in Universities. London has never been prestigious enough for him. He wants me to go to Oxford.”

I raise my eyebrow at him. “Oxford? What’s wrong with that?”

His gaze falls back on me. “It’s not London, Snow.”

“I don’t understand, Baz,” I say, and I truly don’t. Oxford is prestigious. Baz is prestigious. It makes sense for him to go there.

Baz wiggles his arm that I’ve pinned down, and I let it go, leaning up in the process. He immediately grabs my hand and squeezes it. His eyes lock with mine, and they’re filled with so much sadness that my chest starts to hurt.

“It’s not London, Simon.”

(Part 2)

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He’s Got You High

For @a-simple-rainbow. ♥♥♥

She wanted something based on this post: Kurt sends an email to his TA while high on pain meds after a wisdom teeth extraction.

read on AO3

Blaine is in the middle of his theatre history class when his phone signals a new email in his inbox. Discreetly hiding the phone from his instructor’s view by keeping his hands behind a stack of textbooks on his desk, he goes to his email folder and checks the sender.

It reads, Kurt Hummel.

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anonymous asked:

If you are going to write arranged marriage hc you can make like that newt actually loves reader but she hates him(I'm the same anon)

Ok! Sorry for the wait! Also, I changed it just a bit! Hope that’s ok. Also, this is seriously my favorite fic I’ve written! Ugh…it gives me feels.

Master list

Imagine: Being in an arranged marriage with Newt.

Originally posted by wishfulromancing

Originally posted by sirredmayne

“But, I don’t want to marry him Rosie.” Your voice cracked at the end of your words, heart heavy in your chest at the thought of marrying a complete stranger. But, your sister, ever the happy one, simply smiled.

“Oh, don’t be dreary Y/N. You think father would match you up with some blaggerd?”

You trusted your father, with everything, but losing your free will was not something to be happy for. It seems your hand was a high price, and the Scamander family paid it in full. Rosie tied up the back of your dress, fluffing out the bottom, and looking up at you.

“There. You look so lovely! I dare say Mr. Scamander won’t be able to keep his eyes off you.”

It was a dinner event in a few minutes, and on this day it would seem you’d be meeting your betrothed for the first time. A simple meeting before the wedding that was supposed to take place in a month. Your future was set before you, and yet it wasn’t something you wanted. This isn’t how you imagined falling in love, better yet it wasn’t even a promise there’d be love involved at all.

“Rosie…the man fancies himself a magizoologist. Whatever that is, I believe he made that title up.”

Your sister giggled at your cruelties, rolling her eyes and pinching your cheeks to create a blush. “Now be kind, sister. He’s actually the most prominent one in the beasts division at the ministry.”

“Rosie, he’s the only one…”

“Well, still. Better to be the best by yourself than the worst in the bunch.”

A smile formed on your features, and you pushed your sisters fussy hands away. “I’ll meet him. But, I won’t marry him.”

“Well, you’ll do as you please as you always do, Y/N. I, on the other hand, have heard quite the rumors about his older brother, Theseus. I hear he’s very handsome.”

Your sister trailed off about the older Scamander, and you couldn’t help but smile. If anything, her gaining some happiness from this situation was more than enough reason to just deal with tonight. She left the room, and you followed a bit after, entering the dining hall with a sense of dread. Every step closer to it, took you that much nearer to the future.

“Ah! My dear daughter!”

Your father, and the rest of the men stood from their chairs, awaiting your entrance. You smiled softly, not looking up because you were frightened of which man in here was your husband to be. Rosie motioned for you to sit next to her, and it was at least comforting to be next to a familiar face. With a sigh you sat down, looking up when a woman with red hair leaned over the table towards you. She was pretty, a slight bit older, but still ever the bit happy.

“Oh, my darling! I’ve been dying to meet you. I’m Your future mother in law!”

She clapped happily, taking your hand in hers as she stared at you. She was rather excited, and you’d be lying if you said her enthusiasm wasn’t contagious.

“My dear boy has been eager to meet you.”

At her words your heart fell, and you gathered as much courage as you could to ask. “Um…may I ask which one is your-”

She cut you off, pointing her butter knife towards a young, handsome brooding man at the end of the table.

“That is my oldest, and darling son, Theseus.”

Rosie leaned over to you, cupping a hand over her mouth as she whispered. “Isn’t he handsome, Y/N? Oh I believe he’d make a fine husband for me.”

A feeing of relief washed over you, for a moment you had believed him to be your fiancé. And as handsome as he was, his demeanor was rather off putting. You smiled at Rosie, placing a gentle hand on her shoulder. “Go and talk to him.”

She did just that, hugging you tightly before excusing herself and heading in his direction. Just as you were going to ask about your fiancé, the doors to the dining hall flew open, and a young, handsome man stood there. His suit was of fine make, and his reddish brown hair was slicked back just enough to show off his features. He had a very freckled face, and you’d dare say he was a gentleman if not for the crooked bow tie he had on.

“Oh! My dear, Newton!”

Mrs. Scamander stood up, walking over to her son and kissing his cheek. Newton smiled back, fighting off his mother’s incessant affections.

“It’s a pleasure to see you too, mother.”

Your father walked passed you, holding his arms out as he went and shook the man’s hand. Newton’s eyes looked upon your father, and you couldn’t stop yourself from noticing how delightfully green his gaze was, sparkling brightly against the rays of sun that seeped through the windows.

Newton shook his hand quickly, scratching at his head as he spoke. “Forgive my tardiness…I was chasing my Niffler. Um, please excuse the mess in your ballroom, sir…I believe the chandelier might need some mending.”

Yet, your father hardly seemed to care for such things. He just laughed, and patted the man on the back and held his arm out towards you.

“Newton, allow me to introduce my daughter, Y/N.”

You felt the world crashing down on you, all the attention now on you as you slowly got up from your chair. The wobble of your knees betrayed the calm look you had, but you managed to stop just in front of Newton. His charming gaze met yours, and in that second your heart stopped. Maybe it was the few sips of champagne you had, but you ventured a guess that he felt the same that second.

“It’s a…” Your mouth felt dry, and you sighed as you bit at your lip nervously. “A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Scamander.” You held out your hand, waiting for a shake of his, and instead he just stared seemingly entranced by you.

His mother pushed him gently on the side, interrupting his thoughts. He shook his head, and grabbed your hand in his, but instead he flipped yours over, kissing the back of it gently.

“Um…yes, a pleasure.”

It would seem the whole room became quiet, all awaiting the first moments of love to take place. And you two just stood there, your hand still clutched in his. It was Rosie’s giggle that brought you back to reality, and you tore your hand away from his.

“Well, shall we eat?”

Your father’s voice filled the room, and everyone happily took their seats, conversation starting up again. Newton took his seat next to you, eyes never leaving your form. It was making you slightly uncomfortable, and yet your stomach would not seem to settle around him. A fine blush spread across your cheeks, and you glanced in his direction.

“Is there something amiss, Mr. Scamander?”

He looked away, embarrassed a bit at having been caught gawking. “ no.” He smiled, grabbing for his cup of champagne. “Forgive me. And please…Newt is fine.”

With a smile, you nodded at him mimicking his movements out of nerves and grabbing for your glass. “As you wish, Newt.”

He seemed happy with the change in titles, and he took a quick sip of his drink before engaging you in conversation.

“May I ask what it is you do?”

You turned the potatoes over on your plate, the realization that you’re a total stranger to him covering the attraction you felt when you saw him. With a bit of a rude tone you answered him.

“I’m set to be a professor at Hogwarts this semester. Potions.”

He didn’t seem worried with your tone, and he just smiled actually intrigued by your admission.

“Hogwarts is the finest wizarding school, I’m sure you’re proud to be-”

But, this polite conversation was getting to you, knowing you were talking to your future husband without so much as a say in the matter. You slammed your fork down, everyone’s eyes falling on you. The embarrassment you felt was overwhelming, and you gripped the edges of your dress and rose from your chair.

“Excuse me.

Your father got up to trail after you, but Newt held his hand up. “No, please allow me.”

He rushed after you, calling out your name as you ran down the halls of your home. It wasn’t like you had a plan in mind, you just wanted away from it all.

“Leave me be, Mr. Scamander!”

But, he didn’t listen, he chased after you until your heeled feet couldn’t take much more. You kneeled down against the garden walls of the outside, tears welling in your eyes. His footsteps came closer, and you waved your arm at him, willing him away.

“Please, just go away…”

Newt kneeled down next to you, eyes filled with worry. “Y/N…”

“I don’t want to get married!”

His eyes softened, and he gave you a knowing smile as he wiped a tear away.

“Then we don’t have to.”

His words took a moment to settle, but you gazed up at him in shock. “Truly?”

Newt nodded, and he grabbed your hand in his as he spoke. “I need you to understand, my intentions were never meant to cause you any ill will. I agreed to this marriage for my mother’s sake…and I won’t pretend that I’m…” He looked deeply into your eyes, a blush forming on his freckled cheeks. “That I’m not, um, entranced by you Miss Y/N.”

You felt those familiar butterflies again, only this time you did not panic at their formation. His understanding meant everything to you right now, and you gripped his hand tighter in yours as he continued.

“I don’t expect you to love me, not now, maybe not ever…but, if you’ll allow me the chance…” He looked down, not wanting to look you in the eye as he spoke the last part. “If you’ll have me, then I’d like to get to know you. And if marriage is in the future then, I would be honored to be your husband.”

It wasn’t the proposal your parents were quite hoping for, but to you both it meant the world. You smiled through your tears, and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek in gratitude. He returned your smile, and he rubbed the back of your hand with a soft comforting touch. “Then will you take me as a suitor?”

You giggled delightfully, nodding your head and whispering.


Helping Hand. (pun intended)

Hello, Love bugs!

Phil X Reader 

warnings - smut, so much smut. I'm glad I have this community of sinners.

Ok sooo I was really hoping you could do a Phil x reader and Y/n catches Phil pleasuring himself and she decides to help him out? 💕 if you can ~love Anon

When Phil and yourself started dating he told you that his penis had a mind of its own. In Phil’s own words. It was always a bit strange when you would wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning with Phil sporting a rigid erection.Usually pushing into your backside while the two of you spooned. Now that he has gotten a bit older the random erections are less common for the both of you. It’s not like he had a problem getting hard. He was just better at controlling his body. It had been a while since you woke up to find Phil hard from god knows what kind of dream. Usually fixing said problem was never really hard to do for the both of you. 

This morning, however, you woke up to something even more uncommon. An empty bed. Cracking your eyes open slightly you could see the blankets where Phil was usually was tossed haphazardly to the side. Reaching for your phone to try and see what time it was you blinked in the bright light before realising it was only five in the morning. You laid in bed spread out waiting. You had decided Phil probably got up to go pee or get a drink. Waiting forever you decided to see if he was sitting in the lounge. Sometimes when it was late and he couldn't sleep he would take his laptop and do some work. so his tossing and turning wouldn't disturb you. Sneaking your way down the hall you peaked you head into the lounge to see absolutely nothing. It was dark with no Phil in sight. Checking the kitchen next you find the exact same nothing.  

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I'm Sorry Part 3 (Siren x Idle)

Bullies. Ugh. I HATE THEIR GUTS!!

I am having my biggest writer’s block ever. I don’t even know how to continue my stories. Plus,  I also am having an art block. I don’t know what to draw. So please forgive me if you waited for so long. I am Sorry.

Also, Warning:
Neck-licking, bullying, hinted nsfw, blood and gore. So I will warn you where it will start in the story. If any of those trigger you, you can skip those parts.

Fika was carrying her green bag as she went to Idle’s house to accompany him to school. She’s not gonna break her promise and she’s not planning on breaking it anytime soon. But on her way there, she felt like she was being followed. She looks at her back occasionally but she doesn’t see anyone there.

Soon she reached there. She hopes that she at least look decent with her green dress that goes to her knees. She pressed the door bell. Idle noticed this and said goodbye to his (roommate(?), parents(?) Idk).

“Hey Miss Fika!” Idle said as he ran to her with a smile.

“Idle, we’re the same age. No need to be so formal. Just…. It’s just Fika, ok?” Fika chuckled as smiled warmly.

“Oh… Ok… M- I mean Fika! Wow, that sound weird.” Fika giggled at that.

“You’ll get accustomed to say it soon enough.” So the two made their way to the school. As Fika constantly watching out for any danger, she kept Idle close to her… By clinging on his arm….

The thing is, Idle is taller than Fika. And Fika never noticed this before. How come she never noticed this before??

This made Idle look at her in confusion. Fika was blushing, covering her mouth ang looking to her side.

“Fika? Are you sick?” Idle asked her.

“Y-yeah… Just… Been thinking a lot of things…” Fika said as she removed her hand and showed him her smile.

“Ok… Are you sure?” Idle just wants to check just in case.

“Yeah… I’m very sure!” Fika assured him.

“By any chance, Fika….” Idle trailed off. How will he ask her without offending her?

“Hmm?” Fika waited for Idle’s question.

“Do you like Siren?” This stopped Fika in her tracks. She processed the question before her face was engulfed in blush.

“I knew it.” Idle said smirkingly.

“Wha- why- how- HOW DID YOU KNOW?!” Fika said to him.

Idle just chuckled. “It was obvious at the way you look at him.” Fika bowed her head.

“You say that as if YOU aren’t so head over heels for him.” Now it was Idle’s turn to blush pink.

“So that makes us rivals, then?” Idle questioned.

“If we were then I would lose. Siren does have a thing for you.” Idle is stunned at that.

“You’re lying. Right?” Fika shook her head.

“Nnnope. 100% truth.” They laughed more and talked more until they have reached the school gate.

They entered their classroom to be greeted by Colonna, Xahji, and more of their classmates.

“Hey Idle! You’re early today!” Colonna said as Idle sat at his desk.

“Yeah, I decided to be early today. I kinda need to take care of things…” Idle said, his voice squeeking a little.

“Things, huh? What kind of things?” Xahji asked, leaning on Idle’s desk.

“Like a new story! It’s about a girl who has a crush on a boy that hated her at the start but they got along on the way!” (Sounds familiar, hmm?;D) Idle said, seemingly turning green.

“Isn’t that interesting. Your stories are so awesome, Idle!” Colonna praised him. Idle, being the humble one, turned more green at this.

“Thanks, Colonna.” Idle thanked her for the praise.

Meanwhile, Fika kept a close eye on Idle. She knows that those girls are his friends and all but…. She isn’t sure about it. Something seems…. Off about them. Or that was just her conciousness bring too worried.

She better make sure. She stood up and made her way to Idle. “Idle!”

Idle heard her and looked at her.“ Oh, hey Fika! What’s up?”

“I was just wondering if you’re free this lunch? I wanna talk to you about something. In private.~” she had her half-lidded eyes with her confident smile. Or smirk.

Idle turned dark blue at this. ‘Is she flirting with me?’ Idle thought.  He doesn’t know how to respond. “Uh… S-sure….”

“Good! See you behind the school!” She cheerfully said as she went back to her seat which is just behind Idle’s seatmate.

“Ooh, what could she possible want to talk to you about?” Colonna said, raising an eye brow.

“I-I don’t actually know myself.” Idle stuttered. He has no clue himself.

“By the way, where’s Siren?” Xahji question. Now that Idle noticed, Siren wasn’t in the classroom. Does Siren not want to see him? Idle turned yellow at that thought.

“Hey now, did something happen?” Colonna asked.

“We kinda got into a fight…. He might be angry at me.” Idle said, sadness in his voice.

“What about?” Xahji asked him.

“You don’t need to know.” Fika said suddenly behind them.

Then, as if on time, Siren entered the room and sat infront of Fika. He requested that Idle would be seated next to him so his seat is next to Idle.

He muttered a ‘Good morning’ and seemed to look outside the window.

Idle looked down at his desk and didn’t say anything until the class started.

During art class, Xahji, Idle and Colonna sat in a circle as they worked together to make cards. Two for each of them. Mr Ink said to make Christmas cards for a friend or relative outside the school and someone else in the classroom. Idle tried to help as much as he can but he is hurt everytime he moves. The crack on his soul looks like it’s growing and he feels it.

Fika called Xahji to ask for help. “Xahji, can you help me with this? I’m kinda confused.” Fika shouted from the front side of the room.

“Ok! I’ll be right there!” Xahji stood up and made her way to Fika. They were working on the floor so she did her best to not step on any projects.

“So Idle….” Colonna said, her voice a whisper.


“What exactly happened with you and Siren?” Idle stopped what he is doing.

“I…. Better not talk about it…..” He said.

“C'mon…. I’m your friend, right?” She really wanted to know.

“….” Idle just frowned and stayed silent.

“Ok…. I won’t push.” Colonna said rather disappointedly.

Xahji went back to them smiling. “Hey, I’m back! She wanted to know how to do an origami flower. What did I miss?”

“Oh, nothing much.” Colonna said, looking up to her friend.

Xahji felt the bad mood in their group so she decided to bring up a funny subject.

This at least made them laugh. It lightened up the mood of the group.

But their happiness won’t last.

~le time skip to lunch~

Idle left his project and books on his desk dince he will be back for them later. No one would destroy them, right?

Assuring that he already have his money, he quickly rushed to the back of the school. He doesn’t want Fika to keep waiting.

While he was running, Xahji and Snazzy was following him sneakily. They tried to be descrete as posible.

“Why are we doing this again?” Snazzy asked her.

“C'mon. Aren’t you curious to what Fika will tell Idle?” Xahji told him.

“I am.”

“Then just follow me!” She said rather irritatedly.

“Fiiiinnnee…..” Snazzy complained.

On the way, they saw Colonna and Siren chatting. Siren noticed them.

“Snazzy? Xahji? What are y-” Snazzy and Xahji covered Siren’s and Colonna’s mouth and pulled them behind the wall so Idle can’t see them.

Siren removed Snazzy’s hand and whisper-yelled. “What are you doing?!”

Xahji shushed him and pointed at Idle who exited through an emergency door.

“We’re following him.”


“Just cause!”

They followed Idle until he stopped.

“Fika!” Idle waved at him. This sent a pang in Siren’s soul.

“Idle! Glad you could make it.” They heard Fika say.

The 4 of them peeked behind a wall. Colonna sitting on the grassy ground, Xahji pressing her back at the wall, Siren crouching next to Colonna and Snazzy leaning on Siren.

They saw Fika starting to talk with Idle but they can’t hear it.

“What are they talking about? I can’t hear them.” Snazzy said.

“Well, neither do I.” Siren said.

Fika smiled at Idle and secretly glancing to the side. She knows that someone followed Idle on his way here. She must tell him quietly. And the only way she could do that is to whisper it in his ear.

“Idle, I have to see your soul.” She said.

Idle turned yellow in fear. “Why?”

“We have to make sure. I don’t want to see you dust here. Plus….” She pinned him to the wall. This made Siren very angry. Colonna and Xahji watched with interest as Snazzy doesn’t give a damn.

“Uh… F-Fika?” Idle stuttered.

“Don’t look now, but someone is watching us.” Idle widened his eyes.


“You don’t need to know.” Fika said. “My priority is to see if the cracks got worse. Please. Idle. I don’t want to break my promise to you.” Idle hesitated but nodded anyways..

Slowly but carefully, Fika reached for Idle’s soul under his shirt. She carefully took it out.

Idle shivered as soon as the contact happened. It felt foreign. It felt new.

It felt good.

“Idle…” Fika said sadly. “Your cracks got worse.”

The four stalkers saw Fika pull out Idle’s soul. This almost made Colonna scream. Good thing that Siren covered her mouth tightly.

A little too tightly.

Colonna noticed this and gripped Siren’s wrist. She looked at Siren with pleading eyes that is saying 'please let me go’.

He did and stood up. The last thing he wants to see is Idle and Fika having sex behind school.

“Siren, wait!” Colonna said loudly. They saw Fika putting back Idle’s soul and looks alert.

Snazzy cursed under his breath. He carried Xahji bridal style and ran for it. Xahji just held onto him, blushing.

“We better get back to class. It’s almost time.”
Fika said to a blushing Idle.

“O-ok….” As they went to class.

“I told you so, Siren. She is a menace.” An all too familiar voice said to Siren.

“Ash, will you please shut up?” Ash just chuckled.

“Just kill her. That would make him yours.” Ash suggested.

“No! I will not kill someone!” Siren shouted to nothingness.

“Suit yourself. But remember, claim him befor anyone else does.”

“Siren?” Colonna’s voice startled Siren. “Who were you talking to?”

“Oh, nothing. Just…. You’re hearing things.” Siren said as she walked right past her.

“Oh…. Ok….” Colonna said sadly.

When Fika and Idle reached the classroom, Idle quickly ran to his seat. But something’s wrong…

All of his things are either destroyed or messed up. There are different insults on his desk. His favourite notebook is shredded to pieces and his bag is disassembled.

This made Idle cry. Who would do this?

“Idle…. Your belongings….” Idle crouched on the floor and started to cry. He had enough. Why would anyone do this to him?! As usual, Fika was there by his side.

The class were empty when he left. He had no possible answer to who will do such things.

When their classmates arrived individually or by group, they all saw Idle crying. They asked him why to try and comfort him but he let Fika answer for him. He is too depressed to answer.

Xhaji, Colonna and Siren entered the classroom last.

Siren saw the destroyed things of Idle. Siren’s blood just boiled at the sight. Why would anyone do this?! “Idle.” Siren said sternly.

“S-siren?” Idle said looking up at Siren.

“Will you come with me for a second?” He said, pulling Idle with him.

“I’m trusting the matters to you, Fika, Colonna, Xahji.” They left the classroom. Siren led Idle to the detention room. Idle has no Idea why. He just anxiously trailed behind Siren as he led him.

“Siren, why are we-”

“No questions.” Siren cut him off.

As they entered the detention room, Siren quickly locked the door. Idle wants to question why but he is scared of what Siren might do.

“Idle…. Do you have any enemies?” Siren asked.

“Not that I know about, no.”

“Do you know anyone who could possibly do that?”

“Probably… The bullies…?” Siren walked closer to Idle as Idle steps back. He’s completely backed on the wall.

“Look, Idle…. I’m sorry….. If I hurt you….” Siren looked at the side.

“Wha- I thought I hurt you!” Idle said, blushing yellow.

“No! You didn’t…. Idle…. You’re too humble for this…. I was just so worried that I got angry at those who cut you….. I’m sorry…” Siren leaned his head on Idle’s shoulders.

Idle fell silent at that. He should say sorry since he had been a burden to Siren. But he can’t. He doesn’t know how.

(The warnings start here)

“Idle?” Idle snapped out of his thoughts as Siren called him.

“Hmm?” He cocked his head to the side.

“Can I…. Claim you?” Siren asked him. Idle was stunne at this. What?!

“C-claim?!” Idle was definitely blushing pink. Why would Siren say that?!

“Uh… Y-yeah…. I really want you to be mine… I don’t want anyone else to own you. Not Xahji, not Colonna, not the bullies, not Fika.” Siren whispered possessively. Idle gulped at this. It’s all he ever wanted. That’s why he subconciously nodded.

Takin that as a yes, Siren kissed Idle’s neck. Idle stiffened and gripped Siren’s shirt. His blush darkened. This is exactly what he felt when Fika touched his soul.

Then Siren bit him. This surprised Idle. He unintentionally moaned as Siren bit him harder.

Idle was a panting mess. His mind is hazy from all the stimulation he is receiving. He can’t even see properly anymore. He is so pink from just Siren, his crush, kissing his neck. He was sure Siren had drawn blood.

Siren soon pulled away from Idle’s neck. He wants to do everything right here, right now. But he doesn’t want to do it in the school grounds.

He looked at Idle, completely pink and breathing unevenly. “You okay? I… I didn’t hurt you again, did I?”

“No… You hah… You d-didn’t…. Q-quite the opposite, actually….” Idle said. His neck hurts but it is sending him waves of pleasure. He doesn’t know why, though.

(The warning ends here)

“Good…” Siren kissed Idle’s skull as he stood away from Idle. He cleared his mind before realizing something. “Does this mean that I’m your boyfriend now?”

Idle didn’t quite expect that. He now knows that Siren also loves him, but being his boy friend? Idle doesn’t know how to respond.

“Well, yes, technically, we are kinda… Dating? I guess? Afterall, you claimed me.” Idle said.

“Great. Promise that you won’t cheat on me?” Siren said jokingly.

“I would never!” Idle said, blushing reddish-pink.

“Ok, ok. I was just joking..” Siren said before he kissed Idle on his teeth. Idle gladly kissed back.

“I love you, so so much, Idle.” Siren said.

“Love you, too.” Idle responded.

“What about Fika?” Siren asked Idle.

“What about her?” Idle said, confusion in his face.

“Isn’t she gonna get angry because you got a boy friend?”

“Why would she be angry?” Idle raised an eye brow. “Wait. Did you think that we were a thing?!”

Siren glanced at the side guiltily. “Yeah… I thought you liked her and she liked you.”

“Gosh, Siren. She has a thing for you! Not me!” Siren gaped.

“She did? Was I really that clueless?”

“Well duh, she has been hinting it everytime you go to the clinic.” Idle said, almost at the classroom.

“I am so dumb for not noticing sooner.”

“That’s fine. Just let her down easy.” Idle said.

When they entered, they saw Xahji, arms crossed on her chest and Fika, hands on her waist as they look down at 3 classmates of theirs. Colonna was crouching infront of said classmates.

“So… Why did you do it?” Colonna’s voice was scary. It was dangerously threatening.

“Sheesh. What’s happening?” The three girls looked at Idle and Siren.

“Oh, Idle! You’re back! It seems that we found the perpetrator of the crime.” Fika said rather angrily.

“They confessed that they did it after some 'interrogation’.” Xahji growled.

“Don’t worry, Idle. Your things will all be replaced and fixed by tomorrow. Right, boys?” Colonna was scary.

“Yes, Ma'am!” They said afraid.

“We still haven’t known why they did it, though.”

“S-somebody just ordered us!” The first one said.

“Yeah! She threatened to kill our families!” The another one said.

“And who might this girl be?” Siren asked. It was the same as Snazzy’s classmate. Also ordered to bully Idle.

“She just called us through a call! We don’t know!” The last one said.

“Destruction of property, vandalism and bullying. And I recognize you as those who have broken the rules multiple times already.” Siren said.

“Siren go easy on them. Please? They were forced to do it.” Idle’s face turned green. He had mercy for those who bullied him.

Siren thought for ainute. He can’t deny that cute look on Idle’s face. “You’re too kind for your own good.” Idle smiled.

“Thank you.”

“Your punishment will be suspention for two weeks. Cleaning duty for one week and replacement for all the things you destroyed. To be honest, those like you should be suspened. Be thankful that I’ve shown mercy.” Siren said.

“Thank you!” The three of them said.

The rest of the afternoon went great. Of course, Idle and Siren declared their relationship. Fika accepting their relationship even if it hurts for her and some laughs and more apologizing.
(Too lazy to write all of those things)

“Hey, Idle.” Colonna approached Idle.

“Hey, colly!” Idle said cheerfully.

“I just want to tell you congratulations on your relationship!” Colonna said while smiling.

“Thanks!” Colonna hugged him.

“Hope that you’ll be happy with him.” Idle hugged back.

“I already am happy.” Colonna pulled away.

“Don’t die on us now, ok?” Colonna said. She frowned a bit and looked down.

“Whay do you mean?” Idle said, frowning.

“A while ago… Behind the school? You have cracks on your soul…..” Colonna said, looking down to her feet.

“I’m strong, Colonna. Don’t worry. I won’t die any soon.” Idle smiled.

“Pinkie promise?” Colonna held out her hand in a fist, her pinkie stretched out.

“Pinkie promise.” Idle said as he took it. They both smiled and talked about random things.

~tine skip to after school~

Idle waved good bye to Siren.

“Are you really sure you’re ok with me not accompanying you?” Siren said worrily.

“I’m very sure. You worry too much.” Idle giggled.

“Plus, I’m here beside him until he is safe in his house. What could go wrong?” Fika said with confidence.

“We’ll be fine.” Idle assured.

“I just don’t get why you want her to accompany you instead of me.” Siren frowned.

“Well, because our houses are near.” Fika said.

“Ok, ok. Just don’t steal my boy friend from me.” Siren chuckled.

“I won’t.” Idle then kissed Siren.

“See you tomorrow!” As he and Fika left the school.

“See ya.” Siren responded.

“So you’ve got a boyfriend now, huh?” Snazzy said as he approached Siren.

“My little bro have grown so much. I haven’t even have a boyfriend.” Swifty said next to Snazzy.

“Well, you’re the only one who doesn’t have one, Swifty. I already have Idle while Snazzy has Xahji. Right, Snazzy?” Siren said.

“Yeah.” Snazzy said looking at the side.

“Hmph.” Swifty crossed his arms.

“Bro, when will you confess to G?” Snazzy raised a brow.

“Yeah, when will you confess to him?” Siren wondered.

“I…… I dunno.” Swifty said.

“Bro, you are the only one of us three brothers to be a uke. Me and Siren are semes. Why not you?”

“No comment.”

“Welp. I wanna go home. Do you, Swifty?” Snazzy stretched.

“I know I do. Do you, Siren?” Swifty said.

“I still have something to do. You go ahead.” Siren waved them good bye.

“Ok. See you at home.” Snazzy and Swifty went ahead.

“Siren.” Colonna’s voice startled him.

“How the hell do you do that, Colonna?” Siren wondered.

“Do what?” Colonna wondered.

“Sneak up on people. Plus, they said that you were the one who pointed at those bullies.” Colonna fell silent at that.

“I have my ways.” Colonna just said.

She then reached up to Siren and kissed him on the cheek.

Siren was stunted. “Don’t worry, Siren. It was just a friendly kiss.” She winked.

“Uh…. Sure…” Siren rubbed the cheek that was kissed.

“I’m going home now. Bye!” Colonna said as she ran. She is so fast!

Siren sighed.

“Hey, Siren.” Ash greeted Siren as Siren growned.

“Hey, Ash.” Siren started to walk to an unpopulated place. “What do you want?”

“Just want to congratulate you on your new boyfriend.” Ash mocked Siren

“Shut up.” Siren told him.

“Don’t act like I didn’t help you. If I didn’t tell you to claim him, you wouldn’t even be jis boyfriend.” Ash growled.

“I admit thar your 'advice’ helped me. Well, half of it, anyways. I will still not like you though. You wanted me to kill.” Siren argued.

“Eh. That’s fair.” Silence fell between the two.

Siren waited for Ash to leave but Ash didn’t.

“What more do you want?!” Siren angrily said. He was starting to get annoyed of Ash’s face.

“Just wanna warn ya.”

“Warn me? Why?” Why would Ash warn him? Ash rarely does that so this might be important. “This better not be a joke.”

“It’s not. I gotta warn ya about that Cola? Column?” Ash can’t remember her name.

“Colonna? Why would you warn me about her?” Ash raised his eye brow. “Colonna is a great friend. Why would she be dangerous?”

“That’s what you think. Be careful around her. I could sense evilness in her aura.” Ash said.

“Your'e lying.” Siren frowned.

“Well, suit yourself. Not my problem anymore if something you care for got hurt. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Ash disappeared.

This made Siren think. Is Colonna really evil? He doesn’t even wanna find out anymore.

Meanwhile, Fika walked Idle to his house.

“So, I lost huh?” Fika looked up at the sky.

“Yeah. I won.” Idle smiled.

“Told you you would win.”

“Whatever.” They reached Idle’s house. The both of them said their goodbyes to each other.

Fika walked to her house. She just knows she is being followed she just doesn’t know why.

(Another warning starts here)

When she almost reached the gates of her home, someone covered her mouth and pulled her to a corner. She did her best to screem but her voice is being muffled.

“Shut up. Or I’ll kill you instantly.” A female voice said. Fika definitely heard that voice before. She just can’t pin-point where.

“Oh I wanna kill you fast. But too bad, I can’t. I will have to make you suffer first.” The voice said.

Fika was trembling in fear. She doesn’t know what to do. The girl’s hands has gloves. She doesn’t know what kind of monster is she.

Then a knife stabbed her spinal cord. It went right through her spine.

It hurt so bad!

She screamed in pain. But no one heard her. No one but the girl who stabbed her.

“You became too close to my Siren-senpai… Idle should have been first…. But recent events prevented that…” The girl said as she dragged her knife up, making Fika scream more.

“I so badly really want to hear your unmuffled screams. But I don’t want anyone finding out, do I?” The girl chuckled. The blood of Fika pooled below them. Her green dress, stained with blood red. She was starting to lose conciousness as more blood left her body.

“Don’t worry. I won’t kill you. But you won’t be able to do your promise anymore, Fika.” Then it all clicked so it is HER. The bullies, the vandals, everything that led to Idle’s cracked soul. It was all HER.

The knife was removed out of her back. The hand muffling her let her go. She slowly went down, lying on the center of the pool of blood. The face of the one who stabbed her confirmed her suspicion.

“Why would you do this……” Fika’s hoarse voice almost gone. It was painful to talk.

“Colonna….?” Fika said before she passed out from all the blood loss.

Colonna’s figure looked down at Fika’s limp body. “You got in the way of Siren and I don’t worry, though. Idle will come next.” She said. She cut Fika’s neck a little to prevent her screams just in case before she ran to a secluded place.

“No one will get between Siren and I. Not Idle, not his brothers and specially not YOU.” Colonna entered her house through the window. Good thing for her, she built a hidden ladder to her room. Easy access. There, she took a bath to remove all blood and disposing all the evidence. Bu burning the weapon, clothes and shoes.

She ran down to burn them in their own incinerator but her mother, Mrs. Rouge, stopped her.

“Coly, Where are you going?” Mrs. Rouge said.

“Oh, just gonna dump these clothes. They’re dirty.” Colonna responded with a smile.

“But, aren’t these your favourite clothes?” Her mom responded.

“Yeah but, my classmate spilled paint on them I can’t even remove the stinch and color.” Colonna fakely complained.

“Ok. You can burn them. But I won’t buy new ones for you.”

“I won’t, mom.” Colonna said as she rushed to the incinerator. There, she burned the clothes and the knife.

She went back to her room and slept, smirking for her plan tomorrow.

Fika still had conciousness for a bit before adrenalin rushed out of her. Good thing she faked her passing out but she felt the pain of her throat being cut. She did her best to crawl to the main path to call for help.

Gladly, there were monsters passing by. And gladly, it was someone she knows.

It hurts to speak but she desperately want to ask help.

“F-fresh… Help… Me….” She said before hearing a faint voice calling her and telling her to hold on.

(Warnings end here)

To Be Continued~
Finally! That was a very very leangthy chapter. Still having my writer’s block and artist’s block. I hate it. After this, there will be another fanfic that I will submit. Gonna be a secret though.

Remember the ship that rouge secretly shipped once? The siren x colonna one? Yeah…. This is based on that.

Chapter update Featuring Rouge-pai!

Also, rouge, if you’re seeing this, I wanna say,


I’m not sorry.

Also, what if I told you that my classmates destroyed my things when I was in grade 5? Even my favourite notebook. I was bullied back then too. But I’m over it. Past is Past.


Fiction by @kojo-asuka127


Fika by @missladytale (your baby QAQ)
Xahji by @azzyloraaandkanto
Collona and NAJ by @blogthegreatrouge
Snazzy, Swifty, Sire by MEH

Alec barges into Magnus’ loft, as usual, a couple days after they told each other they loved them.

Magnus hears the door close and the familiar footsteps. He’s just about to grab a fairy wing to freshen up his look when the footsteps stop behind him. He smiles and turns around, propping his arm up with his other one and wiggling his fingers. Alec huffs as he stands in front of Magnus.

“What’s wrong, love?” Magnus’ brows furrowing, smiling fading. He knew it wasn’t urgent from the look on Alec’s face but he seems… upset. Magnus uses his thumb to play with a ring on his middle finger.

“Did you tell anyone about… the other day?” He asks, looking at Magnus’ feet. Magnus smile returns quickly and he places a hand on Alec’s shoulder.

“No, darling, I’d actually rather keep that moment between you and me. It’s better for us, not for anyone else.” Magnus places a kiss on Alec’s forehead, reaching up on his tiptoes to do so.

“Okay, well how did Izzy and Jace find out? And the stupid vampire?” Alec softens a little under Magnus’ kiss but he still seems stern. Magnus takes his off hand Alec and walks into the living room. He hears Alec follow him, as usual.

“What can I say? I’m popular in the downworld. And you will be too now that it’s gotten out that we’re in love.” Magnus smirks, clasping his hands together, tucking them under his chin and leaning forward towards Alec. Alec smiles a little and shakes his head. Magnus then snakes his hands around Alec’s waist and smiles up at him.

“But for real,” Magnus says, pecking him on the lips quickly. “I would rather that we keep us professing our love between each other. Don’t you think that moments like that are much better cherished between two people?” Alec pecks back after he’s done talking and sighs.

“I guess I’ll have to see if the memory is more ‘cherished’” Alec places his hands on Magnus’ shoulders. “I’m just a little upset because I feel the same way. I don’t want that getting out to be the gossip of the town.” His hands slowly make their way to cup Magnus’ neck. Magnus’ heart skips a beat at Alec’s hand placement and he wonders why he still get butterflies from this man whom he’s known for awhile.

“I’m glad we’re on the same page then.” Magnus leans in for a kiss and Alec doesn’t disappoint. He kisses him slow and lovingly, all that Magnus needs.

Ozpin's Ulterior Motives
  • Not part of the RoseGarden Snippet Stories (which will be updated soon)
  • Qrow: Did you just admit to having a crush on my niece?
  • Oscar: *turns slowly, his face resembling Sun's when he was talking about Blake in front of Ghira*: Heh, maybe?
  • Qrow: Listen here, you little punk—
  • Ruby: UNCLE QROW! You're better! *hugs her uncle* And I see you've met Oscar! *hugs Oscar* He's the first person my age I've had to talk to in a long time. He gets me.
  • Qrow: *sighs* Kid, Ozpin's soul is intertwined with his.
  • Ruby: I understand that.
  • Qrow: UGH. Ozpin!! Why'd you have to choose this kid to get mixed up with? I mean, honestly, I wouldn't mind you two together, but really?
  • Oscar: So what I'm getting at is if I was my own person, you'd let me date your niece?
  • Qrow: Look at this face and tell me whether I would let you breathe the same air as Ruby.
  • Oscar: Okay! I feel the hostility coming off of you. Ruby...
  • Ruby: Uncle Qrow! I like Oscar, and I'm sorry if you don't approve. And it's not like Ozpin's going to be inside his head forever! Right?
  • Oscar: Um...Ozpin?
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): I can't tell you that.
  • Oscar: I'm not sure, Ruby. I'm sorry.
  • Ruby: It's cool; we'll figure it out. I need to go find Blake and Yang, I'll be back in a few. *skips off*
  • Qrow: *fake smile* Bye, my lovely niece. *waits until Ruby is out of earshot, takes Oscar by the shirt* Okay, listen here you little—
  • Taiyang: Qrow? What are you doing?
  • Qrow: *turns slowly, his face resembling Sun's when he was talking about Blake in front of Ghira*: Nothing! Nothing!
  • Oscar: Honestly...
  • Taiyang: Leave the kid alone, come on, Bartholomew and Peter are here to visit. And they brought Glynda. I think that was out of her free will.
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): Glynda's here! Let us go say hello.
  • Oscar: *starts to follow the two men, before Qrow stops him*
  • Qrow: No, a thousand times no. You follow me, I'll make sure you have nothing to see Ruby with.
  • Oscar: Ozpin...asks if that's a threat.
  • Qrow: It is if you want it to be, old man. *walks off*
  • Oscar: I hate talking to that guy.
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): Well, you're going to have to impress him if you want to stay with Ruby. I have a few ideas if you want—
  • Oscar: No.
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): But—
  • Oscar: We, I mean, I am not going to serenade her.
  • Ozpin: I wasn't even talking about Ruby. I was talking about Qrow.
  • Oscar: What is Plan B? What? Ozpin, why would I sing at all? Plan you're telling me if Qrow makes me leave Patch and Ruby rejects me, I should sing "The Heart Will Go On"?
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): I love Céline Dion.
  • Oscar: Who? Ozpin, I'm not singing! Not for Ruby, not for Qrow , not for you!
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): Man, and I was really looking forward to hearing you sing "All By Myself"
  • Oscar: Do you want me to date Ruby just so I can sing these...Céline Dion songs?
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): You honestly think I would want to be here in your head, bored, watching your weak attempts at flirting with Miss Rose?
  • Oscar: Yeah. Yeah, pretty much.

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So maybe some Langst where Lance is having a horrible nightmare and the paladins (who were all at breakfast and all came looking for him) walk into his room to find that he is trans (let the boobies be free at night since he probably binds during training) and that Lance was Often beat up for being trans and that's why he was held back from being a fighter pilot maybe ugh I'm sorry this is super specific and you don't have to follow it all the way but sometime similar to this would be great! Ty

Thanks so much for being the first prompt <3 I hope this is okay!

Commander Iverson towered over Lance, scrutinizing glare in full effect. Lance swallowed hard and prepared himself for a lecture. “You’re an idiot!” Iverson roared. “This is the final time you’ve failed the simulator, McClain. You should have known that someone like you doesn’t belong!”

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Hi! Can I please request Bokuto and his female s/o having their first real big scale fight? Can it please have a nice ending? I'm sorry if you already did this! Wow, thank you! Have a great day!

Bokuto is a precious bean, must protect him.

You had a tough week. Tests filled your week and the results were not as good which meant you had to study every single day to get a good mark to find a good university. It seemed to have taken a toll on you, the light in your eyes, vanishing as you went on with your daily routine.

You were walking home with Bokuto like usual, his loud and expressive self telling you about his day as you nodded at each sentence he told you. “Coach told me there were going to be a lot of scouts at the next volleyball tournament. He said it would be a great opportunity for me to get into a college!” As Bokuto continues to ramble on, you had already tuned him out as you looked at the dimly lit street in front of you. It takes Bokuto a few minutes to realize that you had stopped listening to him.

“Hey, are you even listening?” Bokuto pouts at you and crosses his arms as you give him a small apology. “Hey, you okay?” Bokuto asks as he leans forward to take a good look at your face, “Woah, you don’t look too good.” Bokuto says as you give him a look before continuing the walk towards your house. “Thanks.”

“Hey, come on now! Why won’t you tell me what’s wrong? I’m your boyfriend! I’m supposed to help!” Bokuto exclaims as he quickly jogs back over toward your side. “You wouldn’t understand Kou.” You say harsher than you intended. Bokuto stops walking and stares at your figure as you continue the walk, “Kou?” You question as you noticed he was no longer by your side. Turning around, you saw him a few feet away and you walk over to him, a little confused. “Come on, we need to get going.”

“Why do I feel like you don’t want to tell me anything?”


“You never tell me how you’re feeling. I want to help, but you never let me help you. Are you mad at me? Did I do something wrong to you?” The sound of Bokuto’s broken voice pains you, you didn’t mean to be so harsh to him. “I want to tell you, but…agh, just forget it.”

“See what I mean! Why can’t you just tell me what’s on your mind sometimes?” Bokuto shouts as you throw your arms in frustrations. “Just stay out of my business Kou, you wouldn’t understand what I’m going through.” You respond angrily as you lean on one foot. “You could at least just tell me, even if I don’t understand, I’d like to know what’s bringing you down.” Bokuto tries and that’s when you finally snap.

“Ugh, fine! I’m stressed because my grades are plummeting! And if I don’t bring them up, I won’t be able to go to a good university and have a good future. That’s something you don’t have to worry about because you have volleyball. Universities are going to want you because you’re amazing at volleyball! But me, I can’t do anything so my future all depends on this! You wouldn’t understand because you don’t need to worry and stress like I do!” Your breathing was heavy after you finished with your rant, your hands reaching up to wipe your eyes before you shielded them with your arms. “You’re already set for a good future Kou, and I’m not.”

Bokuto was speechless as he watched your shaking form. He wanted to say something and comfort you but he would never have thought that he was part of the reason behind this. “I’ll walk myself home.” Swiftly turning on your heel, you ran away into the dark street as Bokuto watched, heart heavy.

You couldn’t sleep at all the rest of the night, neither could Bokuto. You felt so trapped, like everything you did wasn’t helping. Throughout the week, your grades dropped even more and you didn’t seem to care about them anymore. Bokuto however, was determined to help you, you were his number one priority now.

Hearing a soft knock at your bedroom door, your mother opened it a crack telling you you had a visitor. Responding quietly, you asked her to send them in and to your surprise it was Bokuto. You were internally grateful to see him because you had missed him after the argument to two of you had previously and you wanted to apologize for being selfish.

“Hey Kou.” You say as you sat up on your bed, hugging your pillow. “I brought you some of your favorite snacks! I thought, maybe we could talk?” He said sheepishly as he took a seat at the edge of your bed. You watched him silently as he made himself comfortable in your room, looking around awkwardly because of the silence.

Bokuto let out a surprised noise as you tackled him onto your bed, wrapping your arms around his neck as you buried your head into his shoulder. “I’m sorry for being so mean to you. I should have been a better girlfriend.” You whisper as his arms hesitantly rest on your waist. “Hey, don’t worry about it. All I want is for you to go back to your normal self. I’ll be with you the whole way, so don’t worry!” Bokuto says cheerfully as he plants a kiss on your temple.

“Thanks Kou, I love you so much.” You hug him tighter and he can’t help but chuckle at your words, the tips of his ears sporting a soft red hue. “I love you too. Let’s eat those snack of yours and cuddle all night long.”