ugh this kind i really dont like

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I really don’t like Debby. Not because she is/was with Josh. I haven’t liked her since I started looking into her, after loving her on The Suite Life On Deck and Jessie.

I really don’t like how after she and Josh broke up, she posted screenshots of her texts with Camila, where she basically trashed Josh, saying all kinds of things, I truly believe isn’t in his nature at all.

But the main thing that really ticks me off about Debby is how she talks/tweets/snapchats/likes stuff to do with Josh then once people start asking about it and what not she does stuff like

It’s like dont give the ‘ugh, I’m so private, don’t talk about my love life/Josh and I, nothing’s happening’ act, when the whole reason people talk about it and what not is because she brings it up. I’m not saying they have to tell fans anything about their personal lives, but it she doesn’t want people knowing/ isn’t ready for people to know, why does she always bring or hint at stuff to do with Josh? 

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Ugh, im sorry if this like brings you down, but i have to just tell someone. Rn it kind of just bums me out that im starting to distance myself from bts and kpop in general. I want to keep liking them, but everything i see lately is either from channel+ (i dont have it, bc if you live like me, every penny counts) or just another controversy. Im planning to fade from the scene in general, but it still makes me really sad. But b4 i go, i want to say congrats on finishing your fic, sue!😌

aw man that rly sucks, but i can strongly relate. i love kpop, and i haven’t failed to keep myself updated, but sometimes the money it takes to participate (concerts, dvds, shows, etc) can be a bit disheartening. i went through and unfollowed practically everyone on tumblr to distance myself from the drama tho, and that has helped me significantly to stay in touch with what i really love about bts and kpop. so while i haven’t faded from it at all, i would recommend avoiding the controversy as much as possible so you dont get worked up over little nothings that dont matter !! and on the money side of it, i just see it as like, there are so many alternatives that kind ppl provide for others who arent as fortunate, so please don’t get too sad ?? whole concerts are uploaded to youtube, ppl post their shows/dvds on other platforms (oops that’s illegal but lets just keep that between us) and pics from the photo books are posted as well. i think the community is great as long as you keep yourself to the side of it that doesn’t get too involved with the drama you dont want. (and thank you, it’ll be posted in around 11 hours hehe)

shinoa is the kind of “proud girlfriend” who tells every little cute and/or embarrassing thing that mitsu did to everybody and mitsu is all like “what the hell why are you lyiiiiiiiing ugh i dont know you” but she actually really likes to hear shinoa talking about her so much cuz it makes her feeling important to shinoa and shinoa knows it (8 

Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 61 Spoilers


Sasaki and Furuta discussing at the rooftop, Sasaki is drinking coffee
Sasaki: Hows the progress
Furuta: No result. There is nothing suspicious at Takatsuki’s place other than books. And I arranged it like how it was before we went in
Sasaki: Thanks. But I think she would figure it out anyway
Furuta: Ugh. By the way, is that ok, getting into her house without superior’s permission
Sasaki: No matter how, the outcome is the same, I dont mind getting degraded or any other kind of punishment
Sasaki: Getting stamping permission one by one is a “waste of time” *sips coffee*
Furuta: Fufu… Boss, you really do not have the quality of being in society… sorry
Furuta: Right, the Qs team that you led before, seems like they are doing well
Sasaki: …Aha
Furuta: While Urie is standing in as the instructor of the team, he himself is improved as well. Yonebayashi is the second leader to the team, assisting Urie. She also did well in the team, setting a good character for them
Sasaki: The Qs new recruits, I have yet to meet them
Furuta: I have their info too
Furuta: Higemaru is from the first academy, having good grades among the lower classmen. Heard that before he got into the academy, he was found out to be compatiable with the Qs and went ahead with the surgery. Similar with “Ui HOPE”, has a wealthy background. His family members’ jobs are mostly related to saving people like police. So he was influenced greatly by his family, having a sense of justice
In the meantime, Higemaru is playing games with Saiko
Shao Jinri, Ji Ni Xiao, moved from Taiwan to Japan eversince she was young, received training from the garden. Her outstanding ability was second to Ihei.
Shao is doing some stretching
Aura Shinsanpei is from the 7th academy lower grades, seems like he is the nephew of Aura Kiyoko Special Class. They are all about 19 years old I guess
Sasaki: …how about Mutsuki kun? (19 years old… huh)
Furuta: Mutsuki First Class is now rotating between squads as a reinforcement. Now… is in Hachikawa squad on Rue Island investigating

Mutsuki is attacking ghouls with blades along with Hachikawa squad
Hachikawa: Dont waste time, use your kagune
Mutsuki notices there is a boat in the sea
Mutsuki: If I remember correctly… scarecrow…?
Scarecrow is sailing alone, he is leaving Rue Island??
Mutsuki: (What is a C-rated ghoul doing here) Is he related to Aogiri… ?
Hachikawa: We re going. *hits Mutsuki’s head* The smell is getting stronger
Hachikawa: Stay aware
Mutsuki: …yes

Urie is having a dinner at Washuu residence. *Urie looks handsome with this hairstyle*
Urie: (This is a dinner of interpersonal relationships…)
After that, Matsuri introduces his wife to Urie. Then his wife dismisses herself to have a chat with others
Matsuri: Boring woman
Urie: (You have a good wife) …..erm…..?
Matsuri married his wife before he left to Germany. He told Urie how he was “forced” to write letters to her once a month. Apparently he likes the life at Germany, if it wasnt for Aogiri, he wont be coming back until Yoshitoki is dead.
Urie: (So its like this… dangerous)
Matsuri: ….woman who doesnt understand my job is boring……. you are not getting married?
Urie: No…… but I am thinking, if I have the chance…. (am I really thinking?)
Matsuri: Some investigators are single from the start, but there are others like Kuroiwa, starting a family. Like Mado’s father, when he was 20 years old still in the academy, he was already the step son and son in law of his Associate Special Class Mentor at that tims
Urie: Yes, I heard from Mado Akira Associate Special Class before. I am not seeing anyone right now and I proritise my work first
Matsuri: Yes….. thats like you

Aogiri side
Miza: There is a meeting afterwards right? Have you heard of what will it be for?
Ayato: Nope… just heard that everyone must attend and Eto has something to say
Miza: Eto… that suspicious little one? How is the situation at Cochlea?
Ayato: The guarding is tight, cant even get any information
Miza: ….Naki he went ahead first
Ayato: Why are you telling me…where Naki is…
Miza: Nothing much. I thought you were looking for him

Eto’s flashback ~13 years ago~
???: Kuroiwa! Get revenge for Urie Special Class…!!
Kuroiwa attacked and Eto grazed his shoulder. Eto was also injured and fell
Eto: …damn it….

Eto: 14 years old huh. Tree and Takatsuki have also been 13 years. I am getting older

At the meeting
Eto: I think you all already know that Aogiri is at a disadvantage now. Not long after this, there will be a huge change. Before that, I want to tell you all. I, am the ghoul that is called “owl”, and also using “Takatsuki” to write books
Aogiri members: Owl… Eto… So that guy is…
Eto: 13 years ago, I led a small team of ghouls and attacked CCG. I lost an arm to a guy with thick brows and I kind of paid him back and broke his other arm, but thats another story. It was a result of overestimating my own power. So I decided to win with amount.

Hachikawa: Are they having a meeting?
Mutsuki: Shh

Eto: I was the one who created Aogiri. Until now I have gathered thousands of ghouls but its still not enough to achieve our goal
Seidou notices Mutsuki them outside
Eto: Aogiri tree’s goal is to create a world suitable for ghouls, where ghouls can have their life here. Our enemy is the doves, and my wish is to wipe out the “twisted source” behind. Kanou describes this world as a “twisted cage”, I think its very fitting so I use it. Break the “twisted cage” means to make the world regains balance again. The existence of CCG is the cause of the presence of an One Eyed Ghoul 100 years ago. Humans had no choice but to form an organisation to fight. Since the past, the presence of one eyed ghoul is signaling a huge change. I think some believes that one eyed owl is our king. Everyone, the one eyed king is not me

Sasaki is crossing out the dates in his calender

???: Furuta, its me
Arima: V is calling you… its regarding Kaneki Ken
Furuta: Kishou san, thank you

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