ugh this kind i really dont like

OOOH Long-haired Edward????!!! Adult Edward looks like the evil playboy version of Daddy Richard XD I really hate the fact that he really look like his dad! Even though they are only the same in appearance, I can’t helped but think he’s destroying his dad good image ugh. AND I HATE THE PART WHERE HE SAID HE’S BORED WITH HIS THRONE! He also said he’s bored with his wife //facepalm OH PLEASE EDWARD! YOUR DAD WORKED HARD FOR THAT “THRONE”! IF YOU DON’T WANT IT THEN GIVE IT SOMEONE WHO’S MORE WORTHY THAN YOU!!! but they are saying his lover(not queen elizabeth) did something to him that’s why he’s acting like a jerk again? And with the help of Catesby, Richard have to fix his mess again lol

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Hey! I LOVE your work, you're amazing!!!! Everytime I see one of your works I think "Ok, that's my favorite" aND THEN you post another one and another one and another one AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK ANYMORE bc you're always surprising me. You're seriously SO good! Idk how to speak bc you're seriously UGH I'll stop speaking sorry if I disturb you

noo you didnt disturb me at all!! THANK YOU SO MUCH i dont know how to react amg im so happyy, that means a lot to hear ;A; your kind words really made my day sobs;;

i reply the rest of the asks under the cutt

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i think yall’re a bit too harsh on what constitutes as begging. going “pls im new give monies” is begging… talking about your misfortunes shouldnt be begging. even if someone takes it as a cue to send you things. you cant prove that their intention was to get items or treasure out of it unless they outright say it, and if someone chooses to send them those things unprompted, thats just a mark of a good nature, not any evil scheme.

and, like, really, Who Cares, ultimately? are you just gonna keep sending screenshots of people who got gifts and go “Ugh, another beggar :/ :/”? like… im sure yall are smarties… you can *totally* tell the difference between begging and kindness. pls start doing so, because if i complain about my misfortuned and someone is so kind as to gift me, i dont want to get branded as a beggar. (and if i help someone else, i dont want them to get branded as a beggar either.)

the studio

cream:so someone stole the camera…


cream:and why are you telling me this

serial:kuz your the only adult in this who  studio who  can take care of problems


cream:well did everyone in kids and teens deparment got ask


cream:well start with that first

a few hours later in the kids and teens department

serial;no one knows where is the camera

ribion:ugh thats bad

scar: hey cereal! would you like milk on you!


ribion: bro pls dont

scar: i wonder what kind of milk do you like me to pour on you cereal?

serial:plz stop

galaxy: scar has been telling cereal puns of serial name

scar: i know you like it dont you serial right cereal!

serial: oh do you know what i like is seeing cruel coming to you really agry

scar: ha ha ha h- wait wat

cruel; ahhhhh SCAR COME HERE

scar: shot *runs*

ribion: i swear my brothers need some pills or somtin

da end

serial @nvart1

the rest are mine

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IF SAMUEL GETS ELIMINATED IM SWIMMING TO KOREA AND FIGHTING EVERYONE honestly i wish international fans could vote, top 11 would be amazing. everyone was saying kfans arent really that big fans of samuel bc he's a mix bUT WHAT INSJDJSKOAO

uGH i wish international fans could vote too because. like. talented people who deserve to be in the top 11 aren’t noticed by kfans and it’s like the fuck people what kind of group is this even gonna be???



I was going to have this be the first chapter to a long fic i’ve outlined, but I think it went in a direction I don’t like. Therefore I’ll just post it here for tonight and do the idea I was originally going to do tonight, tomorrow. :)


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Hi there i love the stories that you do for the rfa +saeren i was hoping you could do one where you wanna go skating with them but your mom says no but they go anyway thannnnks. Love what you do.

skating? did you mean like ice skating? i’m gnna do ice skating….i hope u dont mind… skating is cute…………..gotta blast

~headcanon requests b closed rn~


  • this! is! so! un! fair!
  • Yoosung has been waiting to take MC ice skating since he met them in APRIL
  • he was crushed when MC told him they wouldnt be able to go together
  • but when MC started talking about how their mom was going on a business trip that weekend
  • Yoosung had a real good idea
  • he shows up at MC’s house unannounced saturday night
  • dressed in his cutest winter outfit and looking especially proud of himself
  • they were in pajamas
  • “MC, grab a coat, cause i’m taking you ice skating!”
  •  “but, Yoosung, my mom will be so mad…”
  • “but your mom isnt here right now”
  • Yoosung winks at MC
  • MC jumps up and tackles Yoosung in a hug
  • “let me just get ready!”
  • after that, the whole night Yoosung is especially hyper since he’s breaking rules and being a lil badass
  • even after ice skating he’s like 
  • “MC, lets go to that 24 hour diner!”
  • “but Yoosung, it’s almost midnight”
  • “hey, no mom, no curfew! right?”
  • MC beams at him
  • “right!”
  • MC doesnt even get back home till like 3 AM
  • Yoosung considers staying the night but maybe thats a little too badass for him OK


  • not only does MC’s mom not want them to go ice skating with Zen
  • she kind of doesnt want them to do anything with Zen
  • cause “he’s just a bum actor who will never amount to anything”
  • ugh parents amiright
  • welp!! MC is just like fuck that he’s MY actor that i LOVE
  • MC was bumming out in their room after their mom said they cant go ice skating
  • Zen came to the door but their mom sent him away
  • “MC, why was that punk kid asking to take you out? i thought i told you to stop seeing him!” 
  • their mom was talking to them through a closed bedroom door
  • “dont ask me, mom. guess he just really likes me. i’m going to sleep now so i’ll see you in the morning”
  • “okay, i’m going to bed too. goodnight, sleep tight”
  • as they answer, they start sending a text to Zen
  • “i cant believe you came to my door…”
  • as they send the text, they hear a faint knocking on their bedroom window
  • they run to the window and open it
  • “Zen??!”
  • “hey baby. i know your mom sent me away, but i promised i’d take you ice skating…so please come with me?”
  • he offers MC his hand
  • and so, MC turns off their lights, locks their bedroom door, and sneaks out of the house with Zen
  • it feels so freeing for MC to be with the man they love
  • they didnt care if they had to sneak out every night
  • they didnt even care if they got caught
  • because for MC, beside Zen is just where they belong


  • Jaehee is not someone to disrespect the wishes of someones parents, OK
  • if MC isnt allowed to go ice skating, she should respect that
  • its not like Jaehee has been looking forward to a cute ice skating date since she realized she had feelings for MC or anything…
  • …its not like she was going to hold MC’s hand for the first time at the rink or anything…….
  • god, why does their mom have to be so strict
  • should Jaehee still try to take them out???
  • is she going to regret doing what she’s about to do
  • Jaehee picks up her phone and texts MC
  • “hey, i know you arent allowed to go ice skating but idk, i really want to”
  • “i wanna go too, Jaehee :(”
  • Jaehee takes a deep breath
  • “well what if we told your mom we were going to do one thing but went ice skating instead?”
  • “oh, yea! that could work. i do that all the time. how about this friday night?”
  • oh well…….shit, that was way easier that Jaehee thought it would be
  • “sounds great!”
  • for a few seconds all Jaehee feels is EXCITED
  • but then the guilt hits her
  • Jaehee takes extra special care to avoid MC’s mom when she picks them up on friday
  • she’s a little shy at first since she cant stop thinking about the fact that she is living a lie
  • but on the ice, MC almost falls and grabs onto Jaehee for support
  • after straightening up, they hold her hand
  • all Jaehee’s anxiety melts away in the palm of MC’s hands


  • Jumin was not used to being told no
  • usually girls line up to go out with him and even their parents are excited
  • but MC’s mother claimed they have no time for silly dates with silly boys
  • honestly Jumin is PISSED
  • he is not a silly boy? he is a serious boy
  • and ice skating is more than silly
  • its romantic, and it’s the perfect time for Jumin to show MC his fun side
  • even Jumin has a fun side OK
  • this really just will not do
  • can he pay MC’s mom off? is that like a thing he can do?
  • he brings it up to MC and they say NO
  • okay thats fine, plan B
  • plan B….plan…B…what should plan B even be….?
  • the only thing Jumin can even think of is to just…steal MC….
  • alright, yea. thats like totally feasible. 
  • so Jumin texts MC to make sure they’re ready to leave
  • when he gets to the house their mom answers the door
  • “i’ve come to take MC on a date”
  • “they wont be going on any dates anytime soon. i’m sorry, Jumin.”
  • she tries to close the door but he sticks out his foot to stop it
  • “MC! i’m here!”
  • they run down the stairs and out of the small space in the door
  • “what the hell-”
  • “dont worry, miss. i’ll have them home by 10 PM”
  • Jumin and MC then proceed to sprint to his car
  • they hop inside and MC cant stop laughing
  • “holy shit i cant belive we just pulled that off….she’s gonna kill me”
  • Jumin tells MC not to worry, he’s prepared to take full blame for this
  • but MC doesnt really care that they pissed their mom off
  • they just want to go ice skating with Jumin Han ITS NOT A CRIME
  • and, just like he promised, Jumin had MC home by 9:50 PM
  • he was hoping that bringing them back early would soften the blow…


  • parents are pesky things…
  • Seven sighs when MC tells him over the phone that the ice skating date was rejected by their all-powerful mother
  • but he’s prepared to find a way to work around this
  • i mean he’s a hacker. he solves problems, finds back doors, and cheats the system all the time
  • “Seven, what are we gonna do?!”
  • MC’s voice pulls him out of his thoughts
  • “give me two hours, and i’ll have a way for us to go ice skating”
  • “okay…i’m trusting you”
  • “i wont let you down!”
  • Seven hangs up and starts to brainstorm
  • after an hour, he still has nothing
  • dammit, brain! work! ice skating is our top priority!
  • finally Seven has a plan
  • its not his most ingenious solution ever, but HE WILL GO ICE SKATING WITH MC IF IT KILLS HIM
  • Seven decides he can take MC out during the day when their mom is at work, they just have to get back before six
  • so the two enjoy themselves at the rink
  • Seven fell like six times
  • it was mostly him squeezing MC’s hand while they pulled him
  • they were having a little too much fun, cause when Seven checked the time
  • “oh fuck, it’s 5:43″
  • they sprint to Seven’s car and he drives as fast as possible to their house
  • when they pull up, MC’s mom was literally in the process of unlocking the door
  • Seven drives to the other side of the house so MC can climb in through their bedroom window
  • Seven’s helping them inside when they hear a knock on the door
  • “MC? how was your day today?”
  • “one sec, mom!”
  • MC whispers to Seven as they climb inside
  • “thanks for a great day. i love you”
  • then with a quick kiss, MC closes their blinds and its as if they never even left


  • ice skating is one of the few christmas activities Saeran enjoys
  • he likes the cold, and he thinks ice skating is really chill like you just skate in a circle with someone cute and hold hands
  • he hates how much he likes it TBH
  • when MC actually agreed to go with him he was so happy 
  • but of course, their MOTHER just had to say no….
  • moms: Saerans mortal enemy
  • “hey MC, i’m coming over”
  • “Searan, i dont think my mom will let you”
  • “you have a window, right?”
  • “yea….?”
  • “perfect”
  • about 15 minutes after that text conversation Saeran was tapping on MC’s window 
  • they open it
  • “MC, are you ready?”
  • they blush and look down
  • “i…i dont know…”
  • “whats wrong? dont you want to go ice skating?”
  • “of course! its just…this is my first time sneaking out”
  • oh my god no way
  • that is so cute
  • Saeran reaches through the open window and takes MC’s hands
  • “i know things like this can be scary…”
  • he squeezes their hands
  • “but dont think about the scary parts. just think about me, okay? i promise i’ll protect you”
  • MC’s cheeks get ever redder, and Saeran helps them out of the window
  • they’re a little jumpy through out the date, which just makes Saeran act even more gentle
  • he never lets go of their hand and keeps them close on the ice, making sure they never fall
  • he shows of his skating skills by pulling MC along
  • they ended up being glad they snuck out
  • it was so worth it to spend the evening holding Saerans hand


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omg i need advice so bad ok so i saw my ex today for the first time in months n we both have a super soft spot for eachother but the thing is when we stopped talking he talked to other girls but when we talk ik the real him n he wants to go get icecream n catch up but idk what to do bc of what he's done.. i love him but i dont want to look stupid ugh plus im treating him really shitty atm bc i dont just want to throw myself at him again like its that easy. idk what to do

it’s kind of hard to give you advice without some background info. do you mind telling me how long you were together & why u broke up?

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(TF Anon again! Sorry I took so long to answer I had to get off tumblr!) Tbh Terminus staying didn't surprised me, what did was how he played Megs to stay with him, I also feel like we will see more of Megs and the functionist universe cause tho I may be wrong (but as you said Megs is one the most popular TF characters and it'd be so silly to just?? make him disappear like that, also I feel like there's gonna be a confrontation between Ter and Megs (i gotta send another massage ugh)

sorry for spamming you) In fact now that they are ‘alone’ it may be the perfect oportunity to explore and develop that relationship! And YES I was part of the salty side lmfao and idk I may be reading too much into it but it really does feel to me like Rodi is gonna have some kind of breadown soon and thats why hes acting so? As you said Jro plans very ahead and idk I dont wanna accept that he may have just fucking up such a central character like that. im intrigued for how the story will develo

Don’t be sorry for spamming me! I’m sorry you’re sending all this on anon, you should just totally @ me ;D let’s be friends!

I saw someone point out that Terminus even though he was painted in very soft, amicable colours, he was the one that taught Megatron that the end justifies the means and there’s no peaceful solution to conflict, which justified his actions this issue and I have to agree with that! 

“now that they are 'alone’ it may be the perfect oportunity to explore and develop that relationship“ hadn’t thought of this but it makes perfect sense! Although I’m not sure I enjoy the universe hoping narrative, but we’ll see.

I don’t want to accept Jro’s fucking Rodimus up on purpose either, but his behaviour is just… bizarre? I’ve already said this in the last ask, Rodimus just feels worse, this arc was always so messy with him (I recall looking at that tantrum in issue 4, I think, where he starts shouting out of the blue that Megatron wanted to stay because he wanted to avoid his trial, something that Rodimus had NEVER brought up before neither had expressed doubts about this with another crewmate)

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may I ask for headcanons on RFA + Saeran 's reaction to MC being insecure and wants to get something like plastic surgery

idk if u want V too but imma do it cause i hate myself


  • Yoosung is one of those boys who finds makeup fascinating
  • whenever MC would do their makeup in the morning he’d always ask questions
  • “doesnt it hurt to use makeup so close to your eyes?”
  •  “wow MC, how can you keep your hands so steady?!”
  • he seemed the most confused when MC would contour their nose, though
  • “MC, what does that do?”
  • “it makes my nose look smaller”
  • “but your nose is already perfect”
  • Yoosung seemed genuinely confused it was so adorable
  • “i’ve never really liked my nose, Yoosung”
  • “why not??”
  • this poor boy is honestly shook as hell, he thinks everything about MC is just absolutely perfect
  • MC continues to contour as they answer Yoosung
  • “i just dont like it. i’ve even been saving up for a nose job”
  • Yoosung grabs MC’s shoulders and turns them toward him
  • he kisses their nose repeatedly, making a “muah” noise every time his lips meet the tip of their nose
  • “Yoosung! you’re messing up my makeup!”
  • he ignores MC and continues peppering their nose with kisses
  • “please don’t change your nose, okay? i’ll miss it”
  • MC giggles a little, their cheeks turning red
  • “okay, Yoosungie. i’ll try to love my nose for you”
  • Yoosung goes back to kissing their nose repeatedly, not totally convinced that MC understands the depth of his love for their nose


  • dating someone as perfect as Zen started to take a toll on MC’s confidence after awhile
  • he looked so perfect everyday
  • every one knew Zen had a gorgeous face
  • but even his body was perfect
  • MC even started going to the gym with Zen
  • but they still felt as if Zen out shined them
  • MC wasn’t the type to need recognition or anything
  • but sometimes they felt like they were living in Zen’s shadow
  • “Zen…what do you think of my getting plastic surgery?”
  • one day while MC and Zen were having dinner together they finally mustered up the courage to talk to Zen about their insecurities
  • Zen nearly spits out his food
  • “what are you talking about?!”
  • “I’ve just been thinking about it lately, since-”
  • Zen interrupts them, frantic
  • “since what? you’re already perfect, MC!”
  • MC was calm before but now matches Zen’s frenzied tone
  • “no i’m not, you are!”
  • Zen calms down quickly
  • “I just wish I was as beautiful as you sometimes, Zen. you’re perfect. im plain.”
  • Zen grabs MC’s hands from across the table and looks into their eyes
  • “you’re anything but plain, MC. i may be beautiful on the outside, but you’re beautiful on the inside and the outside.”
  • “Zen, you’re beautiful on the inside, too”
  • “all the inner beauty I have is thanks to you, MC”
  • Zen leans across the table to kiss MC
  • “I don’t want anything about you to change, ever”
  • if Zen thinks MC is beautiful, they think
  • maybe it really is true


  • MC visited Jaehee on her lunch break often
  • it was always Jaehee’s favorite part of the day
  • for some reason, she just loved to watch MC talk
  • the way their eyes would light up sometimes
  • or even the cute way they would hold up a finger while they finished chewing as if to say “gimmie a sec” before they started talking again
  • it was all so cute to Jaehee
  • “Jaehee, im thinking of getting lip enhancement surgery, what do you think?”
  • Jaehee can’t think of anything to say at first
  • but she knows instantly that she hates that idea
  • why does she hate that idea so much?
  • “my lips are just so small…i don’t know, i’ve just kind of always hated them”
  • “MC, please don’t go through with anything like that”
  • “but why not? i’ve been doing some research and it’s actually very safe-”
  • at that moment, for some reason, Jaehee realized why she hated the idea so much
  • she suddenly kisses MC
  • when Jaehee pulls away from MC, their face is bright red
  • “i like your lips just the way they are”
  • Jaehee had never kissed MC before
  • but she loved it just as much as she thought she would
  • MC can definitely never change those lips


  • “Jumin, can i ask you about something?”
  • “of course, my dear. anything at all”
  • “what do you think of me getting plastic surgery?”
  • plastic surgery?
  • Jumin’s thoughts on MC getting plastic surgery:
  • easily the worst idea he’s ever heard in his whole life
  • he couldnt even wrap his mind around why MC would feel the need to do something like that
  • everything about them was so beautiful
  • every tiny detail
  • Jumin had also been around a lot of women who had plastic surgery done
  • there was something about MC that just naturally drew him in
  • they didn’t need to change anything
  • “there’s no need to try to improve something that’s already perfect”
  • “Jumin, i’m not perfect”
  • “yes you are. everything about you it perfect”
  • Jumin kisses their forehead
  • “from your forehead”
  • he kisses their nose
  • “to your cute nose”
  • he kisses their lips
  • “to your lips”
  • Jumin pushes MC’s hair away from their neck, kissing it too
  • “to your neck”
  • he lifts MC’s hands up to his lips
  • “to your hands”
  • “Jumin, stop”
  • MC was giggling
  • “I’ll only stop if you promise not to get plastic surgery”
  • he smiles up at MC
  • “okay, i promise”


  • “Seven. let go of me!”
  • “never!”
  • about three seconds ago MC and Seven were laying in bed together
  • just kind of talking about nothing
  • and MC brought up wanting to get plastic surgery in the near future
  • and Seven, not knowing how to communicate like a normal boy
  • just kind of grabbed them and pulled them into a hug
  • but like one that they couldnt get out of
  • he just needed to buy some time while he thought of what to say
  • he definitely didn’t want MC to get plastic surgery
  • he wanted his MC to stay the same forever
  • “have you ever seen video’s of plastic surgery? that shit’s gross as hell!”
  • wait, no. that’s not what he wanted to say
  • “Seven what the heck are you talking about?”
  • MC continues to struggle against his hold
  • “im talking about doctors slicing and dicing you up!”
  • “ew!”
  • “and have you ever seen plastic surgery gone wrong?”
  • he tightens his arms around MC
  • “Seven…! i cant breathe!”
  • he releases MC 
  • “what is wrong with you today?”
  • “i just…i dont want you getting that kind of thing done, okay?”
  • “why not?”
  • “cause you look, like, super amazing already and i hate the idea of some weird”
  • Seven cant even finish his sentence
  • “okay, okay. if you’re so worried about it then i wont do it”
  • “really?”
  • Seven’s face lights up and he pulls MC back into his arms
  • not this again


  • V was enjoying a quiet morning with MC
  • they were curled up on the couch with a magazine
  • “what are you reading, sweetheart?”
  • “it’s an article about plastic surgery”
  • V tilts his head a little
  • why would MC ready something like that?
  • “is it interesting?”
  • “yea, a little. i think i might get a consultation soon”
  • the confusion V is feeling becomes very apparent on his face
  • MC laughs a little
  • “V, don’t look at me like that. it’s normal for people to want to change things about themselves”
  • V is honestly having a hard time comprehending anything about MC changing, inside or out
  • “MC, are you unhappy with your appearance?”
  • “yes, V. that’s why i’m looking at a plastic surgery article and thinking about getting a consultation”
  • V thinks hard for a moment
  • he wants MC to be happy in their own skin
  • because MC makes him happy to be in his
  • he gently grabs the magazine from MC
  • “V-”
  • “how can i help you feel beautiful, MC?”
  • “what?”
  • “I want you to feel as beautiful as you look to me”
  • MC was the person on the planet that V loved most
  • he wanted them to know that every second of everyday


  • “Saeran, i want you to close your eyes and picture something”
  • “okay, my eyes are closed”
  • Saeran was sitting on the couch and MC stood in front of him
  • “me: but prettier”
  • Saeran opens one eye
  • “MC, that’s not possible”
  • “yes, it is! with plastic surgery!”
  • Saeran stood up
  • “okay, what are you talking about?”
  • MC was seemed so excited about the idea
  • and Saeran just cant understand why
  • “I hate this concept”
  • Saeran gently cups MC’s cheeks with his hands
  • “this is the face i see in my dreams”
  • “this is the face that lit up my dark world”
  • “this is the face i love…”
  • “so please don’t ever change it”
  • MC puts their hands over Saerans and kisses him
  • they couldnt get over all their insecurities at once
  • but if someone like Saeran truly loved them this much
  • maybe they really were beautiful


shinoa is the kind of “proud girlfriend” who tells every little cute and/or embarrassing thing that mitsu did to everybody and mitsu is all like “what the hell why are you lyiiiiiiiing ugh i dont know you” but she actually really likes to hear shinoa talking about her so much cuz it makes her feeling important to shinoa and shinoa knows it (8 


#HappyJunmyeonDay #HappySuhoDay

Dear Junmyeon, a.k.a. the most adorable person ever, you’re 24/25 now! wow congratulations I am so proud of you. You worked hard for so long and all that hard work paid off, thank you for not giving up. I’m glad I found you, if it wasn’t for you I probably would have never liked kpop haha and I really love it now. Thank you for being such a wonderful leader and for taking care of the members. Please stay healthy and take care of yourself i dont want you to get sick or anything. I like seeing you smile it warms my heart jfc you look so so cute it makes me want to punch myself in the face ugh. When you look so down, i cant help but feel so upset, i really dont like it when you look so tired and sad, it makes me sad too and it makes me want to wrap you up into a blanket and take care of you. I wish i could do something significant to make things better but im really useless … Im sorry :( im like the worst suho stan ever.

Anyway… You’re smart, polite, kind, really really cute omfg and handsome ;) but youre also a bIG DORK and the number of times ive ever felt second-hand embarrassment from you is way too many to count ??? Lol its ok its so cute when you act like an embarrassing mom. Thats probably one of the reasons i like you so much :’) You’ll definitely be my bias for a long time ;; you’ll always be my bias and you’ll always have a special place in my heart, i love you, have a great life. Happy birthday, Junmyeon!  

Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 61 Spoilers


Sasaki and Furuta discussing at the rooftop, Sasaki is drinking coffee
Sasaki: Hows the progress
Furuta: No result. There is nothing suspicious at Takatsuki’s place other than books. And I arranged it like how it was before we went in
Sasaki: Thanks. But I think she would figure it out anyway
Furuta: Ugh. By the way, is that ok, getting into her house without superior’s permission
Sasaki: No matter how, the outcome is the same, I dont mind getting degraded or any other kind of punishment
Sasaki: Getting stamping permission one by one is a “waste of time” *sips coffee*
Furuta: Fufu… Boss, you really do not have the quality of being in society… sorry
Furuta: Right, the Qs team that you led before, seems like they are doing well
Sasaki: …Aha
Furuta: While Urie is standing in as the instructor of the team, he himself is improved as well. Yonebayashi is the second leader to the team, assisting Urie. She also did well in the team, setting a good character for them
Sasaki: The Qs new recruits, I have yet to meet them
Furuta: I have their info too
Furuta: Higemaru is from the first academy, having good grades among the lower classmen. Heard that before he got into the academy, he was found out to be compatiable with the Qs and went ahead with the surgery. Similar with “Ui HOPE”, has a wealthy background. His family members’ jobs are mostly related to saving people like police. So he was influenced greatly by his family, having a sense of justice
In the meantime, Higemaru is playing games with Saiko
Shao Jinri, Ji Ni Xiao, moved from Taiwan to Japan eversince she was young, received training from the garden. Her outstanding ability was second to Ihei.
Shao is doing some stretching
Aura Shinsanpei is from the 7th academy lower grades, seems like he is the nephew of Aura Kiyoko Special Class. They are all about 19 years old I guess
Sasaki: …how about Mutsuki kun? (19 years old… huh)
Furuta: Mutsuki First Class is now rotating between squads as a reinforcement. Now… is in Hachikawa squad on Rue Island investigating

Mutsuki is attacking ghouls with blades along with Hachikawa squad
Hachikawa: Dont waste time, use your kagune
Mutsuki notices there is a boat in the sea
Mutsuki: If I remember correctly… scarecrow…?
Scarecrow is sailing alone, he is leaving Rue Island??
Mutsuki: (What is a C-rated ghoul doing here) Is he related to Aogiri… ?
Hachikawa: We re going. *hits Mutsuki’s head* The smell is getting stronger
Hachikawa: Stay aware
Mutsuki: …yes

Urie is having a dinner at Washuu residence. *Urie looks handsome with this hairstyle*
Urie: (This is a dinner of interpersonal relationships…)
After that, Matsuri introduces his wife to Urie. Then his wife dismisses herself to have a chat with others
Matsuri: Boring woman
Urie: (You have a good wife) …..erm…..?
Matsuri married his wife before he left to Germany. He told Urie how he was “forced” to write letters to her once a month. Apparently he likes the life at Germany, if it wasnt for Aogiri, he wont be coming back until Yoshitoki is dead.
Urie: (So its like this… dangerous)
Matsuri: ….woman who doesnt understand my job is boring……. you are not getting married?
Urie: No…… but I am thinking, if I have the chance…. (am I really thinking?)
Matsuri: Some investigators are single from the start, but there are others like Kuroiwa, starting a family. Like Mado’s father, when he was 20 years old still in the academy, he was already the step son and son in law of his Associate Special Class Mentor at that tims
Urie: Yes, I heard from Mado Akira Associate Special Class before. I am not seeing anyone right now and I proritise my work first
Matsuri: Yes….. thats like you

Aogiri side
Miza: There is a meeting afterwards right? Have you heard of what will it be for?
Ayato: Nope… just heard that everyone must attend and Eto has something to say
Miza: Eto… that suspicious little one? How is the situation at Cochlea?
Ayato: The guarding is tight, cant even get any information
Miza: ….Naki he went ahead first
Ayato: Why are you telling me…where Naki is…
Miza: Nothing much. I thought you were looking for him

Eto’s flashback ~13 years ago~
???: Kuroiwa! Get revenge for Urie Special Class…!!
Kuroiwa attacked and Eto grazed his shoulder. Eto was also injured and fell
Eto: …damn it….

Eto: 14 years old huh. Tree and Takatsuki have also been 13 years. I am getting older

At the meeting
Eto: I think you all already know that Aogiri is at a disadvantage now. Not long after this, there will be a huge change. Before that, I want to tell you all. I, am the ghoul that is called “owl”, and also using “Takatsuki” to write books
Aogiri members: Owl… Eto… So that guy is…
Eto: 13 years ago, I led a small team of ghouls and attacked CCG. I lost an arm to a guy with thick brows and I kind of paid him back and broke his other arm, but thats another story. It was a result of overestimating my own power. So I decided to win with amount.

Hachikawa: Are they having a meeting?
Mutsuki: Shh

Eto: I was the one who created Aogiri. Until now I have gathered thousands of ghouls but its still not enough to achieve our goal
Seidou notices Mutsuki them outside
Eto: Aogiri tree’s goal is to create a world suitable for ghouls, where ghouls can have their life here. Our enemy is the doves, and my wish is to wipe out the “twisted source” behind. Kanou describes this world as a “twisted cage”, I think its very fitting so I use it. Break the “twisted cage” means to make the world regains balance again. The existence of CCG is the cause of the presence of an One Eyed Ghoul 100 years ago. Humans had no choice but to form an organisation to fight. Since the past, the presence of one eyed ghoul is signaling a huge change. I think some believes that one eyed owl is our king. Everyone, the one eyed king is not me

Sasaki is crossing out the dates in his calender

???: Furuta, its me
Arima: V is calling you… its regarding Kaneki Ken
Furuta: Kishou san, thank you

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do you ever get that really over-whelming feeling that no one needs you and no one likes you and the people that call you a friend only say it out of kindness but they dont actually really like you at all and you have no one bc people only tolerate you enough for a conversation every now and then and i think i need a drink