ugh this kid is the cutest!

anorexia anonymous: a adam and eugenia love story…

eugenia walks into anorexia anonymous… “ugh… she thinks” as she is here against her will because of people from the internet. she like totally… wants to die. that is, until she sees the cutest guy she has ever seen through her raccoon-esque eyes. he is wearing a twenty one pilots shirt and she walks up to him and says… “wow.. like…. hi.” to which he replies “…hi skinny.” she starts crying…

“wow… i was just kidding. i meant to say rawr XD don’t be such a bitch eugenia” he says in return to her tears. “wow like how did you know my name?” she growls through her black makeup filled tears. “duh you’re like totally a famous youtuber, obviously” he monotonely says to which she replies “what’s rawr name? XD” and he says “adam lanza. i am famous too because i killed people”

and she says “wait what the heck i thought you were dead?” and he says “i am lol that’s why i am so skinny and at anorexia anonymous” and she says “that’s pretty cool” and he kisses her and when they kiss their anorexias are cured and adam comes back to life and eugenia is fat now but he still loves her because he loves her for what is inside and they are happy forever and after.

The fact that Ezra was so scared for Sabine the entire way through this episode made me so happy.

Then there was that scene where it was like the scene in call to action were Hera left Kanan behind but instead it was Ezra leaving Sabine behind which tore my heart out.

Then *Sigh* The scene near the end when Sabine goes into where Ezra is and says ‘I thought I told you to leave’. The way she says leave is the cutest thing ever and I can continue to live happily now.


I just hate that she’s going through this. I mean, she’s such a good kid. She’s so nice to everyone, she cares about everyone. And she’s walking around in this unbelievable pain and there’s nothing I can do about it. She still won’t talk to me. She won’t tell me what happened.

Ok how have I just seen this photo now idek but its the best most cutest thing ever like I’m grinning so hard look at how happy Dan looks and how kinda flustered Phil looks but he’s still grinning at dan and they’re just pointing at each other like happy kids and they both just seem so happy and content with each other and ugh my heart

Ashton and Calum and even Michael and Luke, look really intimidating. With there height,muscle and facial looks.

Ashton with his muscular frame and his resting bitch face. Then suddenly that boy open his mouth and it’s the cutest giggle/laugh, his face softens its like he a little kid. 

Calum with that sort of a resting bitch face, but it’s not quite a resting bitch face, just ‘don’t fuck with me’ face. His arms are real muscular but not too muscular, (but those cheeks though just god!)But if you crack a joke and it’s funny or just stupid, his face scrunches up his eyes get squinty those cheeks! UGH!

Luke is just so tall and broad that he looks intimidating with just that,till he starts to talk and you realize that he is just awkward, adorable penguin.

Michael… he just a little kitten, that thinks he is bad but just no.. he a cute little kitten. 

Can you just imagine...

If Scorpio had to narrate the Cinderella story to his kid? XDDDD


“Why do I have to read this for you?! Why can’t your mother do it?!”

- realizes MC is actually not around (at work) in the first place - 

-Sees his kid giving him the cutest giant puppy eyes - 

“…………F-F….FINE. Ugh where did you learn how to do that?” 

“The stepmother and the two step sisters made Cindrella a slave in the house after her father’s passing.” 

“What the…Those damn human *BEEP BEEP*! Just thought they could boss Cinderella around like that?!” 

Dui suddenly rushed in when he heard Scorpio cursing in front of his child, hurrying over and quickly cover both hands on the child’s ears as he anxiously look to his vice minister, “S-Scorpio! Don’t cuss in front of your child like that!” 

Scorpio glares furiously, but later turn his glare to the current page of the storybook,  This is why I hate humans. Just bullying and looking down on the weak like that and taking advantage of them–” &^&^&@*$&@*&!! 

Dui let out a nervous laughter, “S-Scorpio, that’s beside the point…” 

The child hadn’t moved a muscle but she blinked in confusion, “… Papa?” 


“Tch.” Scorpio frowned after he read to the part when the fairy godmother comes to aid Cinderella, “Are you for real, fairy lady? You could’ve at least extended it. Midnight is too short.” 

In the end: 

Scorpio shuts the book close, sighing and then look down at his child who’s just smiling brightly as though the sun could never be shielded by the gloomy clouds. After reading that fairy tale, he realized one thing… 

“You know what,” He said, carrying his kid in his arms, smirking confidently. Then, with a simple snap of his finger, a tiny glass shoe appear at the tip of his finger, floating with his magic. “I’m obviously not a fairy godmother. But if I am going to turn my little girl a princess, I’ll do it with just a snap.” 

The child giggled in delight, “Papa is the best!” 


This is not a full, well constructed fic obviously but I am planning to write these XD hehehehehe UGH I just can’t get it out of my head so might as well write away anyway. 

I’m just thinking what kind of fairytale would each god narrate to his kid. 

Maybe Karno should take ‘The Star Money’ >w< or hmmmmm~