ugh this is why you're perfect

Nagisa: I want you to join the swim club.

Rei: Why does it have to be me?Nagisa: Because you're a boy with a girly name?

Rei: That's your reason?!Nagisa: But the main reason is because you looked beautiful.

my otp tags for stelena are endless
  • otp: we have history together
  • otp: you won't be sad forever
  • otp: it was epic
  • otp: we're a pair
  • otp: when it's real you can't walk away
  • otp: you're crazy about him
  • otp: don't hide from me
  • otp: you are the woman that i love
  • otp: i trust you
  • otp: you were saving my life and i was saving yours
  • otp: it's your choice
  • otp: i just want you to fight for it
  • otp: it's always gonna be stefan
  • otp: it's you and me always
  • otp: always
  • otp: hope
  • otp: it's just so nice to see you laugh
  • otp: i'll always protect elena
  • otp: i'd want to be with you forever
  • otp: never let that go
  • otp: where else would i be
  • otp: with stefan she was home
  • otp: you love her
  • otp: you'd do anything for her and you have
  • otp: you owe me that
  • otp: i owe you everything
  • otp: you are the one thing that has kept me from giving up
  • otp: the only thing stronger than your craving for blood is your love for this one girl
  • otp: i knew you'd catch me
  • otp: i'm not giving up
  • otp: you had me
  • otp: that kind of love never dies
  • otp: i will always love you
  • otp: i never stopped loving you
  • otp: his love is pure
  • otp: he'll aways be good for her
  • otp: you have me
  • otp: just in case there is no later
  • otp: i never unfell for him
  • otp: the best choice i ever made
  • otp: i'll be with you forever
  • otp: you're the one getting me through this
  • otp: she never gave up on me
  • otp: all i see is stefan and elena
  • otp: that is what makes you her better option
  • otp: you know me better than anybody else
  • otp: you should love the person that makes you glad that you're alive
  • otp: she's the love of my life
  • otp: i'd go back to her in a heartbeat
  • otp: don't let go for me
  • otp: these are the moments that keep me from falling apart
  • otp: stefan has elena
  • otp: you were the perfect boyfriend
  • otp: close your eyes
  • otp: this is where we collided
  • otp: you were the most compassionate person i'd ever met
  • otp: i won't let her hurt you i promise
  • otp: your instincts were always to protect me
  • otp: i wanted it to be you
  • otp: you never gave up on me

it’s weird how you can meet someone and all of a sudden you understand why people write those stupid pop love songs and all those romance novels and how there’s supposed to be fireworks whenever you kiss. you meet that one person and you just know.

it always makes me really sad when people complain about/mock miranda for not being able to hold the biotic bubble during the suicide mission. and i’m just like wow this is exactly why she is the way she is - why she hated the way she was raised, and why she feels like her mistakes are the only things she owns - because people are so quick to throw out ‘LOL so much for the “perfect” woman/ugh you’re supposed to be ~~perfect~~!!’ instead of seeing her as an actual person that can’t do it all

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Ugh, I love Harry and Niall's interaction with each others family. Sometimes I imagine Narry going home to Cheshire. And Anne's opening the front door to greet them before they can even reach the door. And she'll give Harry a short hug, before really embracing Niall. "I've made your favourite food, sweetheart," she'll say to Niall. "This is why you're my favourite," Niall will answer. And Harry will frown at them, feeling a bit put out until Gemma walkes by "what's up with the sour face?".

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You are my favorite... Ever. Don't ever change a single thing, you're absolutely perfect. What's your favorite supernatural thing ever? Gif, picture, imagine? (:

And your face is absolutely perfect. c:


I guess this:



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The Charlie challenge is first of all NEVER TO BE DONE EVER and second, a game which people take an Oujia board and try and summon a demon. I know you're a smart person and will never do it.


like oh my god that stupid ouija board movie trailer was on every single youtube video i attempted to watch and ugh i hated it so much

yeah that gif was perfect i will never fuck with the ouija board