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Good Little Whore (Part 12)

Ghost x reader 

​Warnings : Language, Smut​​, Extreme Violence

“Can I do your makeup?”
Ghost pauses, frowning as he turns away from the mirror to look at you. His hands rest against the sink, and from the way he looks at you it’s obvious he’s going to say no.

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Thought I'd post a story for once c: It's short but, I like it c:


“Ugh. My head” Garroth groaned. For the first time in his life, Garroth had gone to a bar the night before. His friend Dante told him it would be a blast but he doesn’t remember what happened when he was there. Well, he remembers him ordering a shot of Everclear. From then on was a blur and a pain.

Looking around, everything in sight was ALSO a blur. He could make out a few objects though; Dresser, bed, door, bedside table, alarm clock, TV. Wait… Bed?! Watching as many movies as he does, he knew where this was going. Turning to his left he saw what he dreaded. Someone turned away from him, sleeping. Their back was bare so he could only imagine what was under the covers.

Sitting up, he held his head in his hands and blinked multiple times. Things started to become less blurry so he could start making things out better; A navy blue fleece blanket, picture frames of people, 9:02 on the Alarm clock, and all together: A room that was not his. He looked to his left again to see the person turned towards him, staring at him with drowsy, blue eyes. Apparently he was in the same started as Garroth was because he shot right up and held his head.

Garroth coughed and looked away, embarrassed.

“I’m sorry about anything I did last night…” They said in unison. Looking at each other, they chuckled slightly.

“You first” The blonde said.

“My female friend Cadenza said it would be a great birthday… She blind folded me and drove me some place. She leaded me in and sat me down. Then she ordered some polish thing and may I remind you, I am still blindfolded. She handed me the shot, I downed it and from then on is just a blur. Now, here I am. Oh and, my name is Laurance” The light brunette replied. He got out of bed and stretched. Luckily, he was wearing pants.

“My friend Dante just said he was bringing me to a bar and well, he ordered an ‘Everclear’. Taking it and chugging it, I don’t remember a thing. My name is Garroth”

They smiled to the other and Garroth stood up as well. He was wearing a pair of pink yoga shorts? Laurance erupted in laughter.

“What are you wearing?!” He was still laughing hysterically.

“I-I… Have no idea!” He laughed even though he was blushing tomato red.

“It looks good on ya though!” Laurance winked and did the finger guns.

“Same to you! Wait… Crap… Um…” Garroth stuttered. This only made Laurence’s head hurt now and laughing increase. While laughing he was holding his head and Garroth noticed.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Y-Yeah. My head just hurts. I have a really bad hangover” Laurance nodded.

“I thought I was the only one.” Garroth smiled.

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So, I began watching a TV show because of this actress I like, and it seems okay, so far, not great, but, mostly for plot reasons, the acting is okay, even good sometimes, and on rare occasions great. Anyways, I began watching and I can already tell what will happen in the romance department and it pisses me off. It's the classic, "I'm in a stable X years long relationship, engaged or about to propose/be proposed, when ex shows up and I get back with s/he", and I hate that trope >:(

Ugh, that’s frustrating. Sometimes our exes are just not good people, or not a good fit. I get why it appeals to some, but it’s so overdone and frustrating

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Is it just me, or does it seem like D & P posted these adorable selfies partially for the other to make "the heart grow fonder" while they are apart? Like, old school 2009 long distance vibes of Dan with his family dog and Phil with a total eye swimming pic, and here I am third-wheeling.

We’re not gonna talk about how many days it’s been since I got sent this. Last week was basically a wash for me in terms of being a productive human actually responding to communication on a normal time frame. 

But to answer you: ugh yes. Also, I wonder how many other pictures they send each other when they’re apart? Does Phil text Dan when he’s about to go to the shop with his mother? Does Dan spam Phil with Colin pictures? Do they vent to each other, keep each other constantly aware of what’s happening in their day, do they send each other pictures of their meals, talk about what they’re watching on tv? Does Phil ask Dan which cake he should eat next? Does Dan send pictures of an empty bed with no message, because he knows Phil will get the moment of absent melancholy? Does Phil describe every game he plays with his family and report back his winnings? Does Dan send Phil links to songs he’s listening to now and then? 

They are two people who are used to living day in and day out step by step with each other. I don’t imagine that stops just because they go home to see their respective parents for a few days. What we see shared is probably the tip of the iceberg. 

5SOS In Bed // Cuddling (Cashton)

Let me know if you like this little blurb/preference. Should I post the Muke ones?

(Sorry for all caps. I really got into these alright? Like… really into these)


DUDE I’M JUST OGING TO STRAIGHT UP START WITH ASHTON’S FREAKING DADDY KINK Because I LIVE for that KINK. like IT’D START WITHA HEATED MAKEOUT SESSION AND HE GOES DOWN TO KISS YOUR NECK AND YOU ACCIDENTALLY MOAN DADDY AND HE LOOKS SHOCKED AND TURNED ON AT THE SAME TIME WHEN HE ASKS, “WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME?” AND YOU GO WITH AND SAY DADDY AND HE GETS TURNED ON MORE AND HE’S GOES TO KISS BEHIND YOUR EAR AND HE SAYS, “what do you want daddy to do to you, kitten?” UGH AND YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT but on the other hand i would love to cuddle ashton like he’d be sitting on the couch turned facing long ways just chilling and he’d have you sit between his legs facing the TV as you both watched a show together. His arms would be wrapped around you holding you close to his chest and his chin would be rested on your shoulder gently and you would be able to feel his warm breath down your neck and you’d fall asleep in that position to his steady breathing and his chest rising and falling CAL: (I think i enjoyed writing this a little to much) CALUM HOOD DEAR GOODNESS I AHVE SO MANY FANTASIES ABOUT CALUM?????((BUT YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT )) CALUM FREAKING HOOD. HE WOULD END UP HEARING A SONG THAT TURNS HIM ON  while YOU’RE IN YOUR ROOM JUST RELAXING LISTENING TO THE MUSIC ON HIS PHONE LIKE *aheM* THIS SONG *AHem* LIKE I TOTALLY FEEL THAT SONG. you’d be sitting between his legs reading AND YOU KNOW IT’S DRIVING HIM CRAZY AND YOU WON’T SAY ANYTHING UNTIL HE DOES BUT JUST TO DRIVE HIM EVEN MORE CRAZY YOU SQUIRM IN HIS LAP AND LET OUT A LOUD SIGH THAT KIND OF SOUNDS LIKE A MOAN and  IT’S LIKE THE LAST STRAW AND HE GRABS THE BOOK FROM YOUR HANDS AND TOSSES IT TO THE NIGHT STAND, FLIPS YOU OVER , AND THEN HE’S LIKE, “YOU’RE GOING TO PAY FOR TEASING ME BABE.” AS HE FREAKING GRINDS HIS HIPS INTO YOURS AND Uou let OUT A MOAN BUT THEN HE’S PUT HIS AHND OVER YOUR MOUTH AND SHAKES HIS HEAD SAYING, “NO NOISES BABE UNTIL I TELL YOU. AND FROM NOW ON YOU REFER TO ME AS ‘SIR’. ARE WE CLEAR”. AND YOU’RE shaking with anticipation and say, “YES SIR” AND THINGS HAPPEN. THINGS FREAKING HAPPEN. BUT what about cuddly column? xD It would be a could rainy and grey day and he would be wearing his beanie, jacket and sweatpants. and you’d be working to clean your guys’ flat and what not and he’d come up to you and give you a huge warm hug and sigh, “let’s cuddle pleasseeee babe.” but you resist slightly, “Calummm let go. I have to clean.” and he smirks at you, “I didn’t want it to have to come to this.” and he scoops you up into his arms and you drop the things you were using to clean. he takes you to the bed and before you could crawl away he lays all his boy weight on top of you and you complain for a bit and he just hugs you as he lays on top of you without saying anything until you give in and let him cuddle you and you hug him back.

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Your POV

My eyes slowly opened, my heart beat wasn’t at a normal pace, and my vision was blurred. I got up, to realize I was lying in bed. It took me a few minutes to actually realize what was happening. My heart felt empty, my head was throbbing, either because of my injury, or because of the massive headache. I couldn’t even think.  I had no idea what was going on. I looked to my left, and there I saw a boy sitting beside me in bed, looking right at me. Without hesitation he said, “Hey, I’m Camero-” but I cut him off and immediately and jumped out of bed. Was he was guy who hit me on the head? What did he do to me? So many thoughts raced through my mind. I got up and ran towards the door. And so did he. “Hey no, the doctor said you need to stay in bed for a little while” he spoke, giving me reassurance. “DON’T COME NEAR ME!” I exclaimed and pleaded him to stay away from me, as far as possible, and as soon as I spoke a few words, my voice cracked up and tears streamed down my face. I was hopeless, I was about to fall to the ground but he caught me, and held me with his warm big hands. He told me I was lying on an empty street, alone, so he brought me to the doctor and then took me home. I didn’t know if he was lying or speaking the truth. But my heart said he wasn’t lying. He was beautiful. I stopped crying, and just stared at him for a few seconds, he had the kind of eyes you could get lost in, and I guess I did… we both stared at each other but he broke the silence. “You’ll be fine, just trust me, I won’t do anything to harm you, I just want you to feel better…I swear“ he made me feel much better; his words brought warmth to my heart. For once I trusted a complete stranger; I wasn’t the type of girl who’d feel comfortable with guys whom I just met. It would take weeks to feel comfortable around them, but with him it felt different. He leaded me to bed; I lied down, once again. He covered me with his blue camo sheets, and I rested for a bit. “If you don’t mind, can I ask you your name?” he said with a cute smile on his face, being gentle, so I didn’t panic again. "Y/N” I replied back, my voice was cracked, just as if I were about to cry again, but I didn’t. He made me feel better; he made me feel like I was home. “That’s a pretty name” he said with a smile on his face. “Will you take me home? I wanna go home. I hate my life, no one’s here for me anymore; my friends are at camp, my family’s back in Canada. I don’t know what to do.” I replied back with watery eyes, and an empty chest. The feeling came back. But instead of agreeing with me, he said with a stern voice, “ listen Y/N, you need to stay here, just for a little while, until you feel better, and then I’ll take you home.” “But I wanna go home now, please! I don’t wanna be here.” “I know I’m a stranger to you right now, but no one’s at your house right now, and I can’t take you there if you’re all alone. Please try to understand me okay? ““Okay.“ I replied. If it was another guy, I would’ve left myself. But it wasn’t, he was so different, he seemed to be perfect with his beautiful brown eyes, perfect jaw, and thick pink lips. Everything was perfect about him. I tried not to make much eye contact with him but I couldn’t help it, we both wanted to say something, but didn’t have the courage to. After a little while of us just sitting there on the bed, I thanked him for saving me. ” thank you, soooo much, if you hadn’t done all this, I don’t know what would have happened to me. “ a big smile appeared on his face, ” I just didn’t think it would be the right thing to do and leave such a beautiful girl lying on the cold ground.“ Was he trying to flirt? I had no idea, so I just giggled a little. “You must be so hungry, I’ll get us something to eat, and then after, if you want, you can tell me what happened to you.”  My smile became smaller, but I replied “thank you, and okay.”

Normal POV/ Narrators POV

Cameron bought you food and some cold water, as you guys ate, you talked nonstop. At first it was kind of weird obviously, being at a stranger’s house like being in a refugee camp or something but then you got used to it. You guys talked about your backgrounds, families, school, interests, and relationships, everything that came to mind, just to know a bit about each other. You only knew Cameron for half a day, but it felt like forever. Finally being brave enough to, Cameron asked “hey can I have your number (y/n)?” “Sure” you replied, you both gave each other your numbers. Later on you also told him about what had happened to you, how you were being chased by a man and that you were hit on the head with something heavy.  It was past midnight and you could fully tell Cameron was sleepy but he didn’t want to leave you hanging so he didn’t say anything. “Thanks for everything Cameron, I feel much better, and by the way the pasta was deliciousss!” You said as you yawned a bit. “No problem at all (Y/N). “Cameron replied back with a smile on his gorgeous face. “I think you should sleep now, it’s been a long day for you” you agreed to him, and didn’t bother him about going home because you knew he wouldn’t let you go all alone. You got ready for bed, he gave you a brand new tooth brush, and his sisters t-shirt and sweats. He didn’t think you’d be comfortable sleeping in the lace shorts. “Thanks Cameron, it means a lot to me” you said with a smile on your face, and he left your room, which was actually his, and went to sleep in his sister’s room. The moment he left your room, the weird feeling in the pit of your stomach came back, the whole time he was with you; there was a sense of home. Now it was gone. “Don’t worry girl, in a few days you’ll be at home” you thought to yourself. You turned off the small yellow lamp beside Cameron’s bed and closed your eyes. Your mind clouded with thoughts of him. “He saved my life, I owe him everything.” you thought. You tried falling asleep but you just couldn’t considering the fact that you hadn’t told anyone what happened to you, not your mom or dad or brothers, not even your best friends, the only people that knew about all this were Cameron, Nash, and Cameron’s mom because he called her and told her what was happening while you were sleeping. “Should I call mom and tell her?” you thought. But you knew you shouldn’t because she had the habit of panicking a lot when it came to you. “I’ll just tell her when I’m back to normal, and at home“ you made your decision. Your mind was half clear, but still not because of, Cameron. "Ugh what now?” you said with an annoyed voice. “I’ll just text him“ you sent Cameron a text:


Hey :) Whatchu doing? 


Hey still haven’t slept yet? And I’m just watching TV, I can’t sleep  :|


Oh really? I can’t sleep either :/ Idk I’m just really scared I guess, I’ve never actually been in this kind of a situation before :P and plus I’m worried since I haven’t told my family about all this


Why don’t you come over to my sister’s room? :)


Are you sure..?


Yeah of course! :D

After that conversation, you got up, and walked towards the room he was in. Still feeling pretty scared, so you rushed over. You slightly knocked on the door, and there Cameron was standing there ready for you. “hey there beautiful” "oh god stop it you’re such a flirt Cameron” you chuckled. He grabbed your hand and pushed you over to him, you and Cameron were only 2 inches away from each other. “Call me Cam” he said with a smirk on his face, still holding onto you. You pulled away and smiled. “You know if you can’t sleep (y/n), you’re always welcome to sleep beside me…if you feel comfortable enough to.” At first you thought it was a bad idea, but then your mind changed, “well…Sure“ he held your hand once again, leading you to the queen sized bed. You sat, put your hair into a bun, and lied down. Cameron took his shirt off and a few seconds later, you felt a warm hand on your stomach as you laid on your side. Cam pulled himself closer to you, not even asking if you felt comfortable sleeping beside him, because he knew you did. The feeling you felt was one of the most unforgettable ones you’ve ever had. You and Cameron were only an inch or so apart. You felt the warmth of his body on yours. You felt his touch; you smelt his beautiful smelling cologne. It was dead silent and you could hear each other’s heart beats. After a few moments of pure silence you said, “Sweet Dreams, thank you, Cam”“Goodnight beautiful, you’re safe now” he replied as you both trailed off to peaceful sleep.