ugh this is ugly i dont know why i even have photoshop

I really don’t know why I never want to do these? Maybe because when I see a random one and then my url isnt on it I get upset and peruse the Follow forever for blogs to follow cause I’m weird. Maybe because it seemed pointless at things like 100 or 200? Either way, I waited until at least 300 before making this a milestone. Even then it took me a long time to get this as it was.

(Side note: One year anniversary!)

I’m awful with photoshop still. This was a gift from the very talented and amazeballs herorps . She’s too sweet. (For those who don’t know where the url came from it is from this photo shoot with Chris Pine, my original mascot and cause I love his dumb face I’m keeping it)

To the actual bits:
Thank you, so much to the people who bear with the trash that’s my post sets and me trash sense of humor and my calling Tom Hardy a Pumpkin out of love and Chris Evans a Dorito.  Thanks for the love because I’m pretty trash. I like photos of landscapes and I think the weird stuff is funny and its been a year of that stuff!

(I’ve been distracted lately with video games and tattoos and doing nothing lately, but November should be my get my shit together month tbh. I’ve been on top of replies, but I do plenty of starters. My fault.)

Main Hookers: These are the folks who put up with me the most and deal with my GOOBER characters. 

villainrps; Do not get me started with you. Too many. So many. I give you so many things and so many ships, but I love it and you all the same.

herorps; Just. I dont think you get it. dragons chance quenlotte. you just cant deny me these things pls. you just. asdfjkl; I love you and im greedy and want more attention pls.

all-was-well607; Oh. my. queens. I love you, but you need to stop being so busy. We have one. just one, but they’re so stupidly versatile and amazing and. gimme them. stop being busy.

killerqueenrps; How did one simple plot turn into such a fucking angsty shitshow. oh i know. cause ur evil. like. lemons. you are the rper every angst tumblr post talks about and now we’re 3 deep. Stop. (dont stop)

 spookynymphadora; Corrupted my soul with your OTP; this is what you have done. Singlehandedly. all by yourself, because now I adore them. But I owe you a thanks boo boo <3 ALSO SO EXCITe FOR ouR nEwst GOOBERs

 writerscube2; I still hope you’re doing well. I miss you and our precious cupcakes. Stay healthy and happy love <3 BU COME BACK TO ME SOON CAUSE LIKE. I dont know if i can live without their fucking faces

@calvincandierps; SWEET CHEESECAKE BATMAN; you make me wish i didnt work so much so i could reply the same day you reply because i cant wait for more. more than that. im not so secretly interested in always doing more

Side Hookers: These are the lovely people that have been so kind as to spend the second to follow me and garbage island <3 I want to note that I definitely forgot or missed some people and i’m so sorry, but there were so many and it wasn’t alphabetized and I’ve been trying to finish this all of October and despite having dropped a class this is just now becoming a thing??? I’m sorry and I doubt with some of the blogs that this is really even my 300 mark cause i saw a  bunch of archives and the like, but I appreciate it and it makes me feel social and important  and stuff. thank you.

It’s ugly and messy and there’s a lot so I’m sorry ahead of time. I was going to read more this, but naw. This is me. This is the content we’re here for and I’m sorry. 

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