ugh this is stuck in my head


this song has been stuck in my head since i heard it ugh!!!!!

tb to like 8th grade with my favorite duo

they’re still my favorite duo i love them

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Hi! It's my birthday today, but I'm still recovering from a surgery, so I'm home alone today. Would you mind if I spent the day with you guys~?

Saeran: Well that’s a shitty way to spend your birthday, stuck at home…

Saeyoung: I know!! Don’t worry, princess, we’re here to make your day amazing! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! //blows confetti canon

Saeran: Pfft, pffth–ugh, confetti in my mouth! Where did you even get that?!

Saeyoung: God Seven has an endless amount of party supplies! Now Saeran, put on your party hat and smile for the camera!

Saeran: No, do not put that ridiculous thing on my head.

Saeyoung: Boo! Don’t be a party pooper, bro!

Saeran: Stop. Put everything back where you got it, right now.

Saeyoung: …Alright. Sigh~~~!

Saeran: …Wait a minute. This is…what the hell?! Why is all this shit in my closet?!

Saeyoung: I didn’t have anywhere else to put it, ehe~! ★


Saeyoung: Ah ah ah! No bad words on the princess’ birthday! Shush shush!

Saeran: I’M GOING TO KILL YOU, SAEYOUNG! Do you know how long it will take to get all of this glitter out of my carpet?!

Saeyoung: (˳˘ ɜ˘)˳ ♬♪♫

Ugh, no.

I had one tiny, tiny, not even half an inch long piece of shed stuck to my neck after this weekend’s shed. I didn’t want to let my keeper peel it off because I don’t like hands near my head and neck, so he said I had to have a bath to unstick it.



It wasn’t too bad after awhile, the water was warm, and not very deep.

I float!

I’m told my face is very cute.

The tiny piece of stuck shed floated off on its own after a minute or so in the water. I don’t know why it was such a big deal to him, I could have just rubbed it off myself.

  • Funtime Freddy: shit you hear that though?
  • BonBon: It was just the WIND fredrick.
  • Funtime Freddy: Naw naw seriously. I heard something strange..
  • BonBon: Ugh. Why am I stuck to you. Stupid Afton ROBOTICS
  • Funtime Freddy: Never mind. Maby it's just my head.
  • BonBon: YA THINK?!
  • *Ennard footsteps*
  • ..
  • ..
  • ..
  • ..
  • *Echoing fart in the distance*
  • BonBon: OH MY GOD

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-Nickname: Fede I guess
- Star sign: Taurus
-Height: 1,69 m
- Last thing I googled: Lombroso
- Fav music artist: The Beatles, Tame Impala, Gorillaz, The Smiths and some other stuff
- Song stuck in my head: Careless Whisper :P
- Last movie I watched: Deadpool
- What are you wearing right now: Jeans with a jumper
- When did you create your blog: ugh 4 years ago I guess
- What kind of stuff do I post?: true crime, aesthetic, my random art, quotes, memes
- Do you have any other blogs: Nope!
- Do you get asks regularly?: not as much as i’d want to
- Why did you choose your URL?: It was a band I liked and i dunno it fits ahah
- Gender: Female
- Hogwarts House: have no idea
- Pokemon Team: eeeeeh
- Fave color: Black
- Average hours of sleep: 6
- Lucky number: 13
- Fave characters: can’t really think of one
- How many blankets do you sleep with?: 2
- Dream job?: psychologist or writer, something that has to do with speaking english tho
- Following: The blogs? Like 194

I tag: @dylannnroof, @dylannsroofie, @dylannnnroof, @handcuffs-and-jailtime, @bonkroof, @johnlennonscats, @fiilomela, @truecrimedylannroof, @rebandwrath, @homicidal-rebdomine, @thewallsofconcrete, @serialkillersarentsobad, @sailorscoot and whoever has time to do this :)

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Nickname: Tate
Star Sign: Aries
Height: 5′5
Last Thing I Googled: restaurant menu
Favorite Artist(s): the 1975, glass animals, the neighbourhood
Song Stuck In My Head: Ugh by the 1975
Last Movie I Watched: don’t remember 
Last TV Show I Watched: Twin peaks 
When Did You Create This Blog: 2012 I think
What stuff Do You Post: art hoe stuff (socks & animals & plants & art) and studyblr stuff
Do You Have Any Other Blogs: No
Do I Get Asks Regularly: not really (my ask is always open tho!
Why Did I Choose My URL: I like peaches 
Gender: female
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Favorite Color: black
Average Hours Of Sleep: 8-9
Lucky Number: 2
Favorite Characters: Spencer Reid 
How Many Blankets Do I Sleep With: 2
Dream Job: teacher 
Following: 917 
I tag: @goodreadss @leafletts @quirkied @shairenestudies @yourethewholesky @peachisty @jvleczkv @katelynsgnarlyblog @joli–coeur @rosehst @artsy-days @isabotta

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Nickname: none 
Star sign: scorpio aka the best water sign 
Height: 5′4"
Time right now: 11 pm 
Favourite artist(s): this is an impossible question but zayn, rihanna, majid jordan, carly rae jepsen and so many more
Song stuck in your head: oh my god mini cooper has been stuck in my head ALL DAY 
Last movie watched: nikka zaildar 
Last TV show watched: the oa aka wtf is going on here on this day
What are you wearing right now: grey pajamas and a black shirt 
When did you create your blog: like early december or late november *winks*
What kind of stuff do you post: so much random shit ugh
Do you have any other blogs / saved URLs: nope
Why did you chose your URL: i love that word
Hogwarts house: i have no idea
Pokemon team: no idea lmao 
Favourite colour: i love all colors but red i think 
Average hours of sleep: normally 6 but it just kinda depends 
Lucky number: no idea 
Favourite characters: piku from piku, annalise from htgawm, linda belcher from bobs burgers, victor from yuri on ice and philip from eyewitness
How many blankets do you sleep with: one barely
Dream job: i wanna be a director rip 
Following: 61 blogs idek how 

Thank u so much @awwwhoopsehdaiseh and @zaynfeatliam for tagging me  love yall!!!!!

imma tag @sinfulibra @scrunyuns @zayniepaynie @zayndrogynous @zaynsbambieyes @queersorrow @bisexvalziam @malikaesthetics @sadbrownbarbie and @247landoffandoms 

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Nickname: I have a few but the only people that call me them are my family Nunu, Jare bear, Old man, Jarrick, and Jar head which is what some friends call me.

Star sign: Aquarius 

Height: 5′6″ pretty short compared to the rest of the giants in my family

Time right now: 12:19 am CT

Last thing googled: Steven universe new episodes

Favorite Music Artist: Ugh I always hate this one cause I have so many. Mary J Blige, Amy Winehouse, Lady gaga, uh obviously King Bey 

Song stuck in your head: Its like three of them Brujas princess nokia, En Love Lizzo, and Cranes in the Sky Solange

Last movie watched: Maximum Ride ( the movie was boring and ugh but apparently the books are suppose to be lit ?? ) 

Last Tv show watched: Criminal Minds

What are you wearing? head scarf, oversized grey t-shirt, and blue undies. Basic bedtime attire 

When did you create your blog? I don’t exactly remember maybe 4 years ago

What kind of stuff do you post on your blog? Anything that catches my eye so social justice stuff, nature, witch craft, humor, beautiful people, gay shit

Do you have any other blogs? Nah but maybe I’ll do a porn blog or something related to fashion / dream board type of thing idk

gender: Cis man 

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff 

Pokemone Team: Mystic 

Mbti: ENFJ

moral alignment: neutral good

Favorite color: Black 

Average hours of sleep: I’m a college student so…

Lucky number: I have three of them 5, 20, 25

Favorite character(s): I’m just going to name one cause I’m lazy. But, it would be Storm from X-men. She is literally goals for me. I just want to be confident in all aspects of my life. Gentle as a summer breeze but as terrifying as tornado.

How many blankets do you sleep with? 2-3

Dream Job(s): Be a talk show host but a mix of Oprah, Chelsea handler, and Mary Jane from being Mary Jane and as Queer as fuck. But realistically I want something that would let me help people so kind of a long the lines of a social worker that sets up programs and stuff for different communities and sets policies in place. 

Following: 723 but might unfollow a few just cause

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nickname: jessie
star sign: libra
height: 5′2″
time right now: 9:25 
favorite music artist: chelsea wolfe
song stuck in your head: i don’t wanna live forever - zayn and my girl t-swift
last movie watched: versailles – technically a tv series but netflix idgaf
last tv show watched: my giants getting spanked by the cheeseheads
when did you create your blog: well….my original blog was on feb 18, 2014 but this blog is dec 1 2016 pretty much. i’ve been playing her for way too long but she’s amazing so.
what kind of stuff do you post: jane foster. 
do you have any other blogs: never. 
why did you choose your URL: it literally is old norse for “dark star”, but the crafty way that i did it was “dokk” - dökkálfar (dark elves) and “stjarna” -star. both words are old norse, but i combined them in a way that perfectly tied the dark elves in. 
hogwarts house: ravenclaw
pokemon team: god i only remember red version and blue version and yellow version i was like 7 i took a quiz and it said team light?
favorite color: pink
average hours of sleep: depends, mang
lucky number: 13
how many blankets do you sleep with: 2
dream job: author. 
following: 4
followers: -4

tagging: @valdreyri @lionswrath @astramessiah @astrcphysic @blckvcnom @alderaanheir @finesuicide @ripthem @carnivoriisms @neverkncws @cupshattered @reidnius &&& everyone ilu

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1. Nickname: Rosa, Ro, “hey you with the spaghetti stains on your shirt, yeah you,” Tiff (basically just don’t call me Tiffani and we’re cool)

2. Star Sign: Sagittarius

3. Height: 5′7″

4. Time rn: 12:35pm (I just woke up ugh so much for getting my sleep schedule on track before school starts)

5. Favourite Music Artist: uhhhh there are a lot but imma say Hozier for rn

6. Song stuck in your head: well I didn’t have anything in there until thinking about Hozier but now it’s From Eden

7. Last Movie Watched: ummmm some Cuban movie I found on Netflix and I can’t remember what it was called…..wait….it might have been The To Do List, actually?? I can’t recall. 

8. Last TV Show you watched: The Simpsons

9. what are you wearing rn: a nightshirt that says “you are so sweet” overtop of a drawing of some colourful macarons (LIKE I SAID, I JUST WOKE UP)

10. when did you create your blog: uhhh like 4 years ago except i made like 3 posts and then forgot about it until about 2 years ago (I think I started getting active just a little while after I started writing fanfic, so the beginning of 2015, let’s say)

11. what kind of stuff do you post: garbage. idk. terrible memes, amusing stories, feminist stuff, anime, nsfw fanart- whatever i think is cool, I’ll post (I’ve got like 23k posts and only around 150 likes hahahahha.) Oh, and i cross-post my writing here. you know. for the ~exposure~ *side eyes the average 7 notes i get per fic on here*

12. do you have any other blogs: yep. hardcore nsfw blog + a writing blog that’s mainly just for resources, tips, and original writing (though I haven’t written anything yet)

13. Do you get asks regularly: yeah

more than i can really handle tbh, since i’d say i only have the energy to reply about 5% of the time i’m online (and I always try to give really detailed replies, so an ask about headcanons can take me 1-3 hours to write a response to, especially if I have to rewatch episodes to confirm things/get screencaps for the answer)

14. why did you choose your username: uhh. long story. my username used to be ‘rosaveritas’ (hence the nickname Rosa) bc that was the pseud i invented when i was 12 after reading a book about Elizabeth I and it had a bit of Latin in it, including the phrase for “true rose.” Then I had a secondary blog for posting hardcore bdsm and kink writing, which i wanted to relate to the whole Rosa persona, and I called it choking-on-roses because choking is one of my favourite kinks and also, y’anno, roses are symbolic of romance which i am not fond of irl (idk my dudes I’m starting to accept the idea that i might be aro) so really, i’d rather choke than fall in love (i’m so tired of it lmao i know i know i sound bitter and cynical to the point of being comedic but it is what it is)

ANYWAY. Some shit went down involving a mutual in a fandom I won’t name, and I just felt like changing my username and starting over again because I was getting really sick of tumblr so I deleted the sideblog and brought the url over here instead, and I honestly love it?? I think i like it better than my old one. It’s way more indicative of who i am hahahahaha ^^

15. Gender: genderfluid, usually agender, occasionally masculine, SELDOM feminine (even on feminine days i just feel like a very pretty boy.) dfab, they/them pronouns.

16. Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw yeeeeeeee

17. Pokemon Team: Team Rocket Instinct

18. Favourite colour: there are so many good ones, but I love green the most

19. Average hours of sleep: i need 7.5 hours to feel rested, but I usually get about 5 or 6 (unless I’m depressed in which case I can sleep all day and still feel like shit)

20. lucky number: 11 (not just because of Kuroko, it’s because my basketball jersey number was ALSO 11 hehehhee also i was born in November)

21. Favourite character: Matrim Cauthon from The Wheel of Time series, chaos from Xenosaga (the game franchise.) But since hardly anyone knows who or what those are, I’ll also say Christophe Giacometti (he’s at the very least my fave from YOI)

22. how many blankets do you sleep with: only one but i have like 40 pillows

23. dream job: mechanic by day, stripper by night. (no but really, i would love to work at a place like this.) 

24. Following: ….does this mean how many blogs I’m following? bc 185. mostly mutuals

I’m gonna tag @introvertedlionprince, @squirrelmort, @awallofyellowclay, @preusterreich, @xyliandra, @livecement, and anyone else who wants to do it (please tag me if you do so I can read!!)


Scandal Season 4 Final Scene - Olitz pt3 | pt1 | pt2

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Nickname: Aly 

Zodiac sign: Aries 

Height: 5′5

Last thing I googled: Seal emoticon and why the fuck is there no seal emoji 

Favorite music artist: I hate choosing favorites ugh!!!  Purity Ring 

Song stuck in my head: Tsukihana - nano.RIPE ( I love them!)

Last movie I watched: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

What are you wearing right now: Avenged Seven Fold “The Stage” Tee and shorts (Comfy clothes for a relaxing day)

When did you create this blog: I created this blog back in early 2010-2011 believe it or not, It was originally meant as a journal entry log for my senior project in high school now it’s used a stress handling mechanism and for goofing around EHEHEHE (And I also forgot I did the cross postings to twitter on the side all the time, thank you @mxjennylennon for reminding me)

What do you post: I post my articles that I write and my own artwork (only on the holidays or whenever I feel like it) but I mostly reblog stuff that I find pretty or stuff that reduces my stress levels  (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Why did you choose your url: Well, I mainly chosen this url are because it sorta reflects my personally and the life style of rabbits: they are scare easily, and they’ll died from depression without a life-mate. I like rabbits.

Do you have other blogs: I have two other blogs as of now.

What did your past relationship teach you: Trust no one

Religious or spiritual: I have my own belief system and I really don’t like talking about because religion and spiritualism are very touchy-feely subjects for some people. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Favorite color: Can’t choose favorites!! Raspberry, Red, Dark Blue, Black, Purple, Lavender!

Average hours of sleep: I try to sleep for 7(more or less) I have trouble sleeping  sometimes  

Lucky number: 17

Favorite character: Please don’t make me choose favorites For Steven universe: Steven, Amethyst, Garnet, Ruby. For Adventure Time: Finn, Marceline and Simon/Ice King. For Osomatsu-san: Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu (I really hate choosing between the sextuplets but I love them a tiny bit more! )

How many blankets do you sleep with: I need a fortress! ಠ⌣ಠ

Dream job: I’d like to do something with animals and something with art. 

I am tagging: @itsoldjohn, @kitteninkolor, @malefic-mitchell,  @thehatlady aaaaand whoever else who wants to do it, so no pressure ~(˘▾˘~)

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nickname(s): hmm well my name is mili hence there are many possibilities since mili rhymes with a lot of words - some call me really milly (ik its ugh), millay, my british aunt calls me millena, my mom’s side calls me tonima or toni
starsign: aries
height: 5'3″
last thing I googled: “motivation to lose weight tumblr” haha…. 
fav music artist: I am all over the place but I have been a belieber since I was 11 tbh wow *proud of myself*, I’m really into kpop for a few years now…but the latest music artist of which I have their songs on repeat are DEAN & DAVICHI 
song stuck in my head: B Side U - Jung Jin Woo
last movie I watched: Spirited Away
last tv show I watched: Legend of the Blue Sea ep 17
when did you create your blog: December 30, 2016
what kind of stuff do I post: study stuff, kpop, graphic design, aesthetic, fashion, cute, drawings, art, photography, quotes, food, places, language tips, diy 
do I have any other blogs: yess @soul-to-seoul-things
do I get asks regularly: sadly nope but I love to talk to people and make INTERNET friends!
why did I choose my url: maknae means the youngest person in a group
gender: female
Hogwarts house:idek tbh
Pokemon team: I never played it
favourite colour(s): Pastel, lavender, Rosegold, black, white, green, PURPLE, PINK, BLUE, GALAXY IDEK
average hours of sleep: 7/8 if i don’t stay up too late but during busy weeks, I get 2-4 hours
lucky number: 7?
favourite characters: Sasuke from Naruto, Zuko from Avatar, Goblin and Grim Reaper from Goblin, Baek Inho from Cheese in the Trap,
how many blankets do I sleep with: sometimes I dont sleep with a blanket at all, my mom or dad come in the middle of the night and place a blanket over me cus I wake up with one
dream job: I want to work in a field where I can be creative, be able to socialize, aesthetic place, can be small but calm, but eventually I dont want to work under someone and stand up on my own feet. I want to be happy and free and love what I do and do what I love

tagging: idk i don’t have any specific people so anyone who wants to (esp my mutual !!)