ugh this is so gross don't look

Illness-Based rp Starters
  • "You've been coughing a lot. You okay?"
  • "What is wrong with you?"
  • "Gosh, you're burning up!"
  • "Um, hey? Anyone in there? Hello?"
  • "Ugh, just blow your nose already."
  • "My head might just explode."
  • "I think I'm gonna hurl."
  • "If you get me sick, I'll kill you."
  • "Ah-choo!"
  • "Okay, that can't be allergies. Are you sick?"
  • "Geez, you look like crap."
  • "That is so gross."
  • "Hey, woah. Don't pass out on me here."
  • "You really should be in bed, you know."
  • "I'm too busy to spend all day in bed."
  • "I'b fide."
  • "Please tell me there's some cough drops left."
  • "Do you think it's warm in here?"
  • "You're so pale."
  • "Have you eaten today?"
  • "They told me you passed out. How do you feel?"
  • "I'm not getting out of bed."
  • "The soup is probably great, but I can't taste a thing."
  • "You know, that's not helping me feel better."
  • "My nose hates me."
  • "You should probably stay back. You don't want to catch this."
  • "Are you coming down with something?"
  • "My throat feels funny."

Still going by Devereaux?

I’d like to take a second to make a post about all the Puerto Rican food I miss eating. So if you life fried foods or just delicious foods in general, this post is also for you.

an example of a place to find the foods I’m about to show you:

first we have some lechon:

then we have some pasteles con arroz y gandules:

(I know, it looks gross. But trust me, it is soooo good ugh.)

there’s always a jibarito if you want something light:

next up, some alcapurrias:

followed by some pastelitos:

can’t leave out the tostones:

gotta add in the traditional arroz y habichuelas:

(in my dad’s house this is literally a side dish to EVERY dinner he makes)

and we’ll finish this post with a snack platter:

and of course we can’t forget dessert:


“You’re so beautiful to me
It’s true-
Amazed by you
I think I’m falling…”

Phineas and Ferb Starter Setences - Part 1
  • "What do you mean you can see it from your house? See what?"
  • "It seems like we've had this conversation before"
  • "What an unexpected surprise...and by unexpected I mean...completely expected!"
  • "We should have charged more"
  • "From my mom's closet, you like it?"
  • "You're not a quitter. You're a fighter."
  • "And that is what a gorilla looks like when you try to take away its food."
  • "You still have to pay for the jacket."
  • "Wow, you sure like a lot of pepper. I'm more of a paprika [man/woman] myself."
  • "I should have taken blender lessons."
  • "This is a dandruff commercial. Is there something you're trying to tell me?"
  • "Look. My client gets 3 percent of the gross and a piece of the back end, or he walks."
  • "By the age of five, I was forced to throw my own surprise party."
  • "Why don't you let go? Doesn't it hurt your fingers?"
  • "Well, he was all up in my face."
  • "Thanks for using the key I gave you, it's much more civilized than crashing through my ceiling, don't you think?"
  • "Have we learned nothing from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein?"
  • "Well, as a lazy tailor would say, suit yourself!"
  • "Ugh, 80's music is so 2002..."
  • "Go ahead. Eat all you want. My dreams are smashed to pieces and all you can think about is food."
  • "I think cheerleaders are so overrated. I mean being gorgeous and popular, does that matter in the real world?"
  • "Well, beat me with a chicken!"
  • "Is my nose really that pointy?"
  • "Doctor? Since when are you a doctor?"
  • "They don't give these out to just anybody, you know."
  • "I was weak."
  • "Find a nerd, take his underpants, and run them up the flagpole."
  • "It's not the worst date I ever had. There was the one that kept stabbing me with the fork."
  • "Don't worry, the swelling will go down. You know, probably."
  • "Your breath smells like candles."

get to know me meme: [1/10] ships; Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

~~ positive kids gang ~~ 

basically this is going 2 be a network for ppl to just talk and get to know each other and reblog each other selfies and b cool!! It’s all about being positive and nice to each other and just making friends!!


what you’ll get

you’ll get to be a part of the network!! that means selfie reblogs, meeting new people and new friends 4 lyfe!! You’ll also get a link on the network blog which I will be making

i will be picking around 10 ppl to be in the network sometime in the New Year, so reblog this and if you have any questions please message me!

special thanks to @holmescest for making the banner!!