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Lemme tell you about how Kaze fell hopelessly in love with me just because I gave him a motherfuckiNG FLOWER BAND 

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Can you recommend any blogs?

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also check out: @kimjongdae-net & @baekyeolnet !!

these are the ones I could think of right now and I feel terrible because I’m forgetting so many but all are people who’ve made every day on Tumblr so much better 💗🤧

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Can I get uuuuuhhhhhh some klance with langst on the side

Uuummm, so just be careful reading this, I hope this made you happy, it’s p shitty though (like took me 30 minutes and it probably isn’t even 1k words, but I kinda tried) 

Lance was brought to his knees in front of Shiro and Keith quite forcefully.  The Galra behind him pressed the gun against the back of his head.  “It’s okay, guys, everything will be fine.”

Lance attempted to soothe his distressed teammates to no avail.  A Galran commander paced around them, making sure to nudge each one of them harshly.  He hummed, “Actually, the Blue Paladin isn’t as important, kill the Black Paladin.”

At this, the gun retreated away from Lance’s head and the Cuban jerked.  “No!  Let’s make a deal, hot stuff, how ‘bout that?”  Lance heard both Shiro and Keith protest his statement, but he ignored their worried calls.

The commander turned to him and cocked his head, “What could you offer me?”

Lance bit his lip and immediately spit out, “I’ll do whatever you want me to do as long as you let them free.”

The commander smirked and held a hand up that halted his subordinates in their tracks.  “Anything, you say?  You’d lick the bottom of my feet?  Tend to my every need?  Even be my personal fuck toy?”  Keith was fuming and screeching by this point, ignored by both Lance and the commander.

A now-familiar taste filled Lance’s mouth when he bit his lip too hard.  “Yes, as long as they leave unharmed.”

The commander smirked and stepped forward to force Lance to look up with the tip of his boot.  “Then, you’ll be calling me Master from now on out, my pet.”

“Fuck no, Lance, you can’t do this!  I won’t allow you!”  Lance glanced at Keith and shot his significant other a soft smile.  He mouthed an apology and then turned back to his ‘Master.’

Suddenly, the Galra kicked Lance harshly across the face, making the Blue Paladin fall to the ground.  Keith and Shiro both let out cries of distress just to be ignored yet again.  The guards yanked them to their feet and to say they were protesting it was an understatement.

As Keith passed by Lance, he lunged towards his boyfriend with tears in his eyes.  “Lance, I love you!  Please, don’t leave me!  You said you would never leave my side!”

Tears welled up in Lance’s eyes and he had to look away to keep a sliver of his brave face.  He heard them struggle down the hall and nearly sobbed when their familiar cries went out of earshot.  His ‘Master’ looked down at him with a devious gleam in his eyes.

“Are you ready for our first night together, pet?”

Shivers ran down Lance’s spine and it couldn’t keep the tears from falling down his cheeks, only to be wiped away by the Galra he would soon come to love in a twisted way.

holding hands — tom h.

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author’s note: guys thank you so much for all the support on my first head cannon :( here’s more shit i couldn’t stop thinking about the past couple days so i hope you enjoy it! (sorry it turned out so long again)

  • here we go okay so lets say the first time tom held your hand was on your first date
  • he was nervous
  • i’m talking about so nervous his hands were sweaty and shaky and he couldn’t stop wiping them on his jeans
  • you were so nervous too kfjdkfjdf
  • your first date with him was at his apartment because he wanted to cook for you 
  • he thought it was a cute thing to do and he low-key really wanted to impress you
  • because he knew you liked simple, romantic things like that and not extravagant over the top pricey dates
  • ok so you were sitting on the counter top with your legs dangling off the edge
  • swinging them back and forth
  • tom was so distracted by you because you looked so cute 
  • he literally couldn’t stop staring at you
  • that’s why he accidentally placed his hand on the stove and BURNED HIMSELF
    • “ow”
  • once you heard that, you jumped off the counter and ran over to him
  • he was shaking his hand back and forth, trying to air out the burn
  • not only that but he was shaking his head because he just did something so stupid in front of you
  • when all he wanted to do was impress you
  • you could tell he was so upset by the look on his face 
  • :(
  • and plus his hand was all red from the burn 
  • :(
  • as if he hadn’t felt enough tingles from the stupid burn
  • but this tingle was from you and your sweet little kiss so it was different
  • his eyes light up and he just stared at you 
  • you could tell he was a bit happier so you kissed his hand again
  • he shook his head and laughed a little, so you were like
    • “what”
    • “nothing, i jus-i just wanted to do that first”
    • you stared at him a little confused
    • he sighed and said,
      • “i wanted to do that first, ya know hold your hand but i’ve just been so nervous because you look so cute and i really want to impress you but instead i do this and ruin it all and i don’t know y/n… i just really really wanted to hold your-
    • you let go of his hand
    • he INSTANTLY grabbed it again
    • you smiled and said, “looks like you’re holding it”
  • he swore he fell in love with you at that moment 
  • that was also when you guys had your first kiss and became official
  • ANYWAYS after that date you two couldn’t stop holding hands
  • lets talk about the most simple way being when you two were walking 

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So there's this post going around st*ny circles that basically says as a "burn", oh everyone's comparing Steve Trevor to Steve Rogers but "at least Trevor was a real captain" and lmfao what the fuck, do these morons not realize Cap is an actual fucking captain as well. It's not a fucking ~title~ or stage name, it's his goddamn rank, he's O-3 and he earned it because THAT IS HOW WARTIME PROMOTIONS WENT jfc. Ugh. Sorry for the impromptu rant in your inbox, I'm just fed up with this ignorant shit.

I’d be pissed along with you (normally I am whenever I encounter Steve hate) but I’m too amused at their ignorance. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face! LOL! When you try so hard to be a hater, but end up looking like an idiot because you got your facts so incredibly wrong.

In other words, you are 100% correct, Anon, and the people who made and are reblogging that post are 100% wrong. Steve was a legit Captain.

Rank insignia for army officers, including the rank of Captain…

Steve Rogers in full army dress uniform circa Captain America: First Avenger

It’s called a field promotion or battlefield promotion. And when you skip a rank it’s called a jump-step promotion. Very common during WW1 and WW2, in fact, very common right up to the Vietnam War when such commissions were replaced by a centralized promotion system. 

According to the army website: “Battlefield promotions are predicated on extraordinary performance of duties while serving in combat or under combat conditions.”

Which is how Steve was awarded the promotion.

More on the practice of battlefield commissions: “A battlefield commission is awarded to enlisted soldiers who are promoted to the rank of commissioned officer for outstanding leadership on the field of battle. The granting of a battlefield commission has its historical predecessor in the medieval practice of the knighting or ennoblement of a plebeian combatant on the battleground for demonstration of heroic qualities in an exceptional degree.”

You know what the irony of this situation is? Years ago, circa 2009, a movie came out featuring a young soon-to-be Captain who was promoted in a very similar fashion to the way Steve Rogers was promoted by the end of the movie, i.e. skipping rank to be granted the commission of Captain after leading a courageous mission against a serious threat. That character was James T. Kirk, who, incidentally, was played by Chris Pine. And I once defended Kirk’s promotion in a similar way to the way I’m defending Steve’s rank now, as Kirk, like Rogers, is one of my all-time favorite characters.

I think I must be destined to a life of defending young Captains played by actors named Chris from imbeciles who don’t bother to check their facts before making ridiculous posts. :D

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Headcanon on types for the boys? Specifically Akira and Goro but anyone else you want to :o(also thanks for turning on Anon >w<)

hokay since i’ve gotten a huge influx of asks over the past. like. 24 hours, i’m just gonna do akira and goro here but if y’all want more feel free to ask me!

(also: unless i get a bunch of asks telling me to kill myself or some garbage like that, i’m never turning off anon. i know what it’s like to be shy & want to stay anonymous for requests like this.)


  • ok so akira would never really claim to have a type like
  • honestly if you were to ask this question to his face he’d just look at you funny
  • “type?? what r u talking about??”
  • he really loves p much all kinds of people, there’s no physical or personal trait that’s really a deciding factor for him or that tells him “yes that. that is the kind of person i want to be dating.”
  • it just kind of happens.
  • there are CERTAIN trends tho like
  • he really loves to fluster his s/o so there’s a good chance he’ll go for someone who’s easy to rile up like that
  • someone who can fill long silences between them, also, because he can be kind of quiet but he can sit and listen to people talk for ages. he just likes listening, likes the fact that people trust him with their words. even if it’s nervous chatter, it’s still their thoughts.
  • people who are passionate also grab his interest like, even if he’s got no idea what they’re talking about he’ll still listen and be like entirely enraptured because they’re just so ENTHUSIASTIC about it.
  • LOOK i know it sounds kind of generic but i see akira as someone who can really see the beauty in everyone so
  • say what you will


  • so i’ve said before that this kid cares about his public image
  • and that also kind of carries over into his “type”
  • (this is more talking about b4 spoilers occur, folks. he’d be a lot more genuine to his own feelings in an after-game scenario)
  • generally he dates people who are…conventionally attractive to japanese media?
  • fashion-forward, generally, pale, dark hair, etc
  • honestly if this boy follows his heart god knows where it will lead, but as long as he’s got a choice about it he’s probably going to pick someone who will look good with him on camera
  • he most readily goes for someone who is confident, who can handle the media backlash that happens whenever he’s rumored to be dating someone
  • but insecurities aren’t a turn-off, honestly, because he knows how that goes. intimately. way better than he should.
  • kindness goes a long way, also. he just can’t stand to be in the presence of someone who is hateful for longer than he absolutely has to
  • someone who has a life of their own, also, who can be busy and doesn’t need to cling to him constantly

I think one of the reasons that anti’s piss me off so much is (no it’s not the fact they always have blatantly wrong information or that they obviously have never seen a lot of the marvel movies) that they have no fucking manners!!!!!

What I mean by that is this: i genuinely do not give a shit about Steve Rogers (movies, cartoons, comics whatever) but here’s the thing that you absolute gremlins do that I dont!!! I don’t comment about how much I hate him or that I think he was an asshole in cacw on a positive post about Steve or rather any post that’s about him. I just mind my fucking business, ignore that shit and keep scrolling. I think to myself “hey this character is important to a lot other people so I of fucking course won’t say anything fucking ridiculous”
Now that isn’t to say i haven’t made my fair share of anti Steve posts but that’s my own goddamn post and if you wanna post about how much you hate Tony stark that’s great!! amazing !!! I don’t give a flying fuck!!! Everyone is allowed to dislike a character!!! But y'all take it too far when y'all literally comment on every fucking gif set of him (seriously every gifset!!) saying how much you disagree with him and think he’s a terrible person and that every person who likes him is terrible as well yada yada..
Guess what buddy???? You don’t have to state your goddamn opinion everywhere we get it and we don’t give a fuck!!!!!! (at least I don’t)
Basically what I’m saying is that you should make your own fucking posts and stop trying demonize people for liking a character that you don’t like

  • Jimin: Jungkook I'm leaving!
  • Jungkook: but me
  • Jimin: what.
  • Jungkook: I need attention.

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#jensen in nashville #chanelling his inner indiana jones #our harrison ford #i'm so down for that #sexy bastard #but damn jensen #DAMN #indiana jones feelings are strong here KAYTE! I am so down for this. That is my dream casting for the remake. It needs to happen!

Holy crap girl! YES, this is a mighty need! Now more than ever after I googled when I saw your ask, and I’m SO with you 100%! Where do we sign up to try and make this happen?? Sure Chris Pratt is a sexy mother.. but Jensen.. come on! Jensen! He’d be too god damn perfect, I mean Jones is just Dean adjacent right??…

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Is it too bold to say Supernaturals primed him for this…? Raiders for gods sake with the Nazi’s and the ark of covenant, old artifacts, being an archaeologist, the desert scene with hello! ghosts! (If anyone else is reading this, please watch these if you haven’t, they are all so SO good. Harrison Ford is a babe too so… you’re welcome!) 

OMFG, MIMI, and Professor Jones!! The closest thing we’d get to a real Professor Winchester! 

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Ok, and JENSEN’S THE EXACT AGE HARRISON FORD WAS WHEN HE DID THIS MOVIE. Right the second, yeah, but it’s not far off… and 2019 is seriously do-able! Right?

Aaannnnddd now I can’t stop thinking about this LOL Last one because damn this is getting long, and I could keep going

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WAIT, holy shit the whip!… ugh mother father… never forget those skills *this is too good* 

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Yah, NEED girl. Where do we start here?

  • mom: let me know what stresses you out so I can help you with it. even if I'm contributing to it, just let me know.
  • me: okay, well, sometimes you yell at me and it makes me upset, because you always blame me for it and I'm not allowed to disagree with you or else it's all my fault.
  • me: that's not what I'm saying.
  • mom: YES IT IS.
  • me: .....anyway

Okay, an update on the Thelma and Louise (‘Pia has two tumours named Thelma and Louise’) situation!

If you’re new to this situation, I have a thing called Hereditary PGL/PCC or PGL1 or the SDHD variant or gene fault. It is incurable. And it makes me grow tumours. It’s also known as the paraganglioma/pheochromocytoma thingie, which are very rare endocrine tumours that are rather horrid and never benign, even if they’re not metastatic. It’s also known as  'you have para what?’ and 'how do you pronounce that again?’ and 'geez, I’m a doctor and I still have never heard of it’ and 'is that cancer?’

I currently have two paragangliomas. Both on the right hand side of my neck. One is a carotid body paraganglioma that sits nicely between the internal and external carotid arteries (this is bad for the arteries, they couldn’t save them the last time I had a carotid body paraganglioma on the left hand side). The other is a glomus vagale tumour that is growing in the vagus body of the vagus nerve, and this one is large enough to be pushing my arteries apart, and is a little too close to the jugular and the tympanic membrane and skull case. A hungry glomus vagale will happily eat the skull and penetrate into the brain, but…so far that’s not happened to me. *crosses fingers*

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literally any angsty cheronica fuck me up i don't have many ideas but i need some cheronica.

-Veronica has never seen Cheryl look so broken. Her eyes are closed, one swollen, a violet bruise that gives way in places to greener colours, slanted down from just above her brow to her cheekbone. Her eyelids are delicate and thin, so so breakable. Split lip, chapped lips, pale pink and still. The same lips that bore her screams as she plunged into the icy depths of Sweetwater River. A thin cut on her neck, near her jawline, already cleaned and scabbed over, and if Veronica were to run her finger over it, she’d be able to feel a pulse only just out of time with the muted monitor to her left. Veronica should have been there sooner - she should have seen the warning signs.

-Veronica is Cheryl’s only visitor, but it isn’t for a lack of trying on the gang’s part. They lingered, masks of worry contorting their faces. She supposes it had something to do with her silence, her unresponsiveness that finally drove them all home. Doctors come in and out of Cheryl’s room everyday, each casting Veronica a pitiful smile before tinkering with some of the tubes sticking out of Cheryl. Each day she asks the same question, “will she be okay?” and each day she’s met with the same answer.

“We don’t know.”

-Veronica only ever leaves Cheryl’s side when she needs to go home and shower, but she never makes it past the front door before she breaks. When she was young, she had these moments of blind rage. Her mother used to call them tantrums; her father used to call then nuclear incidents. They were horrifying and spectacular in their violence and destruction, her Barbie Dream House is still in shattered pieces in a box in her parents attic. She’s on the floor, and then she’s not. She’s in the kitchen and there are broken plates on the floor and a few pieces are smeared with blood and she’s hurting, screaming, ripping herself apart from the inside out and nothing is okay. She’s in the bathroom and there are scissors in her hand and murder in her eyes and hair in the sink. There is hair in the sink. There are bloody handprints on the edges of that sink but there is hair in her sink and when she looks in the mirror she sees a haunted, deranged version of herself with hair chopped off to her chin on one side. Like a bad Halloween mask. Like a bad nightmare.

-Cheryl succumbs to her injuries and passes the next morning; there one minute and gone the next. She goes quietly, without a fight, and it’s so out of character for Cheryl that it makes Veronica’s stomach lurch. She only half-listens as the doctor explains the complications, her eyes trained on the gentle dip in the mattress where Cheryl had been laying. If she were to put her hand there, she’d still be able to feel the faint traces of warmth left behind.

-Veronica is the only one who shows up to Cheryl’s funeral. The rest of the gang couldn’t get the day off school, and Penelope doesn’t bother showing up at all; Veronica wonders if the woman fled Riverdale all together. Veronica stands alone, wearing one of the only black dresses she owns, watching as they lower Cheryl’s casket into the grave beside Jason’s. As Veronica stands solemnly, heels sinking into the mud, she wonders when her life became so tragic. She wonders if things would be different if she’d gotten Cheryl’s text earlier. She wonders if things would be better if she hadn’t come to Riverdale at all.

I feel so unwanted, all the time.
It’s like no matter what I do someone has someone better
I’m unimportant, unneeded, and annoying.
I’m so sorry for my existence , I know it would be better if I weren’t here
I just need to go through with it, then you’ll all be better, and other than the joy of my death, my name won’t make you remember a memory dear to you.
—  9:34pm

I am having a day

Work is crazy, we’re short staffed, no one knows what’s going on, doctors are being needy, patients are being needy, and I am trying not to lose it.

If you have any spare good vibes (or RFA dick pics), please send them my way!