ugh this is really sloppy sorry

“Those two share a bond that could never be broken.”

My Coma Secret Santa for Rikamaebara. Merry late Christmas/Happy New Years!

But…ugh. I’m sorry for this. It’s lame and sloppy. I’m uncreative and couldn’t think of anything better. Well, that, and the things I wanted to draw, I wasn’t experienced enough for. I can really only draw faces, but I had trouble drawing Shinji and Satoshi’s. Believe it or not, I actually never draw fanart. And when I do, it’s actual Pokemon, not Pokemon characters. So maybe that was it.

I know it pales in comparison to everyone else’s drawings. I don’t own a tablet so I can’t draw in Sai or anything, and I don’t own a scanner so I had to just take a picture of it. I didn’t even have my colored pencils on me. Ugh. Either way, I hope you like it.


Ugh sorry sorry sorry! These are embarrassing… When I get stressed out nowadays I scribble out percico in the middle of the night, hence the sloppiness and general awkwardness. But I also kind of like them, so I thought I might as well share with you guys! I ship percico so hard now it’s ridiculous, I don’t even know what to do! I guess the only remedy for an otp this strong is to keep drawing them, ha. So if you liked these you can expect about a billion more. Maybe they’ll be of higher quality…