ugh this is hideous

  • Me two days ago: Okay so Beauty and the Beast is my favorite animated movie and Belle is very special to me and I'm just really worried the live action is going to suck I'm not crazy about Emma's singing and also the dress is hideous and I mean ugh I'm just terrified I'll hate it

What I’ve got will make you feel more alive
I’ll be your favourite drug, I will get you high~

MarcoAce Week Day 3 ☆ Modern AU

First onto the AU. I noticed there’s a disappointingly lack of BAND AUS in this fandom. Okay, we’re fed up of school/college AUs. Mythical and fantastic AUs are awesome. BUT WHERE ARE THE BAND AUS–!

So, here I’m shamelessly using Fall Out Boy’s “Death Valley”, because I’m still in a FoB mood and I thought the lyrics went well with all of this.
So, Ace is in a rock band (rookies? Maybe they’re just starting as a cover band). Don’t ask me who are the other members, I couldn’t come up with a formation |’D. Somehow he meets Marco (maybe he’s a friend of a friend? What’s his profession? idk) and starts falling for him, and uses their songs as indirect ways to make his feelings noticeable. Of course it’s an AU, but it wouldn’t be complete without the drama and angst an accident causes (◡‿◡✿)

Now onto the technical aspects: not my favourite work, look at that hideous closeup, ugh, why am I even uploading this. It was supposed to be longer but I ran out of time. The kissing panel is okay, I guess. My writing sucks

Gina Shepard for @vorchagirl :)

I hope the wait wasn’t too long! You gave me such a beautiful description of her character that I really wanted to take the extra time to draw the flower border.

Hope you like it! Thanks for the request~

make me choose: ieatchocolateandpoopcuteness asked: ally brooke or lauren jauregui
“Communication is key. That is the everlasting saying that will never go out of style or date. It will always be applicable, no matter if you’re 13 or 93. If you want a lasting friendship/relationship, communication has to be a foundation. That’s it. Don’t let your big creative mind overthink things before you actually talk about them. That is so detrimental. It may be a little scary talking to that person about how you feel, but trust me, it will make things so much better. You may have even been completely wrong about what you thought something meant or was. So, put your brave suit on and start talking. Then go from there. But I promise you, once you talk about your feelings, you will feel so much better. And if that person is meant to be kept in your life, he or she will show you just that.”

i left the house today

on the one hand, i poked my head in at work to check my hours this weekend and got an extra shift which is more money so hooray

on the other hand, i felt super dysphoric and i ended up scratching at my arms bc they’re hairy and hideous and ugh

a mixed day, it seems

anonymous asked:

What would Doing the Boyfriend does my makeup/I do my boyfriends makeup Tag Video with Jackson, BamBam, and Mark Be like? (:

Oh god, this would be so fun.

Them doing your makeup:

Jackson— a disaster. He’s going to make you look like a clown! There would be lipstick on your teeth, eye shadow on your forehead and eyeliner on your nose. He would be using all of the wrong brushes for each of the products and he would use a foundation three times darker than your actual color. He’s not even trying; he’d be filling in your eyebrows super thick and drawing a unibrow on you. At the end he’d be laughing so hard that there’d be tears in his eyes, but then he’ll give you a peck on the lips, getting some of your lip stick on his lips. Then he’d say between laughs, “Don’t worry, babe. I still think you look good.”

Bambam would be so confused! There’s so many different brushes, so many different colors to choose from—what does he use? He’d be asking you questions throughout it all, holding up a foundation stick or an eyelash curler, “What is this?!” Bambam would be using eyebrow pencils as your eyeliner and a foundation stick as your lipstick. Then when it’s done he’ll look at you and cringe. “Ugh, you look hideous! Don’t ever let me do this again…”

Mark would do the best job out of all three, believe it or not. He wouldn’t know what he was doing, but he would actually make you look somewhat decent at the end! He’d stray away from using bold colors, (unlike Jackson) he’d use softer ones like light pink or light brown. He’d also keep the makeup down to a minimum, only using the basics like eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and possibly some lip gloss. You’d be surprised at how well the makeover turned out! Who knows, maybe if he agrees you’ll have your own personal stylist~


You doing their makeup: (if you actually manage to get them to do it)

Jackson would be joking around throughout the entire process. “Make me look pretty, okay? And choose a color that’ll bring out my eyes.” He’d be really picky too. “Don’t use that color! Use the darker one!” He’d be squirming around a lot, making it hard for you to concentrate/focus. And at the end he would be checking himself out approvingly. “Hmm, I think I look prettier than you now.”

Bambam would be pouting when you put the makeup on him because he wants to feel manly, not girly! “No! Don’t put that on my face!” he’d whine but would let you put it on him regardless. He’d tell you to go easy on him and only put a little makeup on his face. He’d be frowning the whole time, constantly asking when you’d finally be done. Tsk, he’d be so impatient. When you’re finally done he’d see himself and cringe. “…Is that really me?”

And as usual, Mark would be quiet like always. He would be the most calm, being a good boy and sitting still as you put lipstick on him or curl his lashes. He’d make a few comments here and there like, “How do I look?” or “That feels really weird…” When you’re done he’ll look at himself in the mirror and make a face. “Wow, you actually managed to make me look like a girl…” He’d let you take one picture of him but then he’d take it off right away.

What does she want with Alex, anyway? He dresses funny, he reads the Wall Street Journal. He’s not even cute! In a conventional way. I mean, he’s just like this nerd who sits and edits spreadsheets all the time. Ugh. And he’s a hideous dancer. Couldn’t take him anywhere.

Wait a second. What am I stressing about? This is Alex. Okay, okay, so he’s kind of a Baldwin. But what would he want with Harriet? She couldn’t make him happy. Alex needs someone with imagination. Someone to take care of him. Someone to laugh at his jokes! …In case he ever makes any.

…Oh, my god! I love Alex! I am majorly, totally, butt-crazy in love with Alex!

—  Emma Woodhouse, right about now