ugh this is a total mess


title: “Contagious” (Peter Parker Imagine)

characters: reader x peter parker, daughter x tony stark

word count:1,263

warnings: fluff&stuff, fatherly shit, swearing.

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Reasons to love Dragon Age Inquisition cast


- Tough and gorgeous

- Could kill you.

- *Disgusted noises*

- Tsundere

- Loves poetry

- Like seriously, its her kink most likely

- So cute when in love

- Is also the best mom you could ask for

- „Ugh.“

- Owned Iron Bull more than once

- Made him fall when she hit him with a stick.

- Don´t mess with her.

- She´s tougher than all your guy friends combined.

- „DEAL. WITH.  IT.“

- You totally watched her walk. Dont lie to yourself


- Is still awesome

- Still hot and cute tbh

- Best one liners

- Will probably write a story about you

- His crossbow is named Bianca.

- It´s important

- Like really important, the devs wont let you change his weapon just like that.


- Doesn´t know wth is going on here.

- But still helps and becomes the best bro

- By that I mean, AGAIN.

- And you won´t complain

- If you hate on him I will fight you.

- And so will the entire fandom


- Acts serious but actually funny af

- Introvert

- Secretly intrigued by parties

- Knows everything

- Basically elf expert

- Also magic and Fade expert

- Also love expert


- Just wants to sleep and dream.

- Can make you dream about anything you want

- Breaks your heart but you still love him inside

- Admit it, you romanced him more than once


- „Vhenan“


- This shouldnt even be a question

- Look at that face

- He makes moustaches hot

- Sassy

- Precious

- Girls love him despite the fact hes gay

- Compliments you even if you play as a girl

- Because hes a sweetie

- Just wants to be loved and accepted

- The best and he knows it.


- Loves his country and wants to make it better

- „Don´t worry, I´ll protect you“

- He got the booty

- Likes „watching you go“, so he can stare at your booty.


- Is elf but doesnt want to be all „elfy“

- „They got no breeches!“

- The crazy aunt.

- Makes no sense.

- Then makes more sense than everyone else

- Wants to save the world so she can play

- But you love her.

- Admit it

- Makes fun of Solas


- „Arrows“

- Just doesnt want to be judged.

- Trolls Solas

- And Vivienne

- Is ok with Dorian and not because they´re both gay

- Also pals with Blackwall, its cute ok

- Likes qunari women


- The cinnamon roll

- Also the sinnamon roll

- Could kill you

- But is so innocent.

- Wants to help everyone


- Just wants people to be happy

- Literally so precious

- Dont you dare take off his hat.


- Doesnt care if people forget him.

- „What matters is, I helped.“

- Blunt in the most innocent way possible.

- If you don´t love him then there truly is no hope for you

Iron Bull

- He picked his name.

- Biggest Qunari in the trilogy.

- Also the funniest.

- Casually talks about sex

- Has the best squad in the world and he knows it.

- Seriously he´s precious with them.

- Nervous around magic and demons.

- But just hit him with a stick. He´ll feel better.


- Gets owned by Cassandra.

- Flirts with Cassandra and she likes it.

- „Ride the bull?“

- Ends up with Dorian if you romance neither.

- And its kinda cute


- She´s beauty. She´s grace

- She´ll step on your face

- Let her

- Also knows everything

- Wants the Circle back because she knows mages are dangerous

- Is a mage herself btw

- Savage when roasting people

- Scary

- Like legit she scares Iron Bull

- Is the aunt we didn´t ask for, but the one we desperately need

- Admit it, you want her to give you fashion advice

- So pretty and elegant it´s not fair.


- What can he do? „Save the fucking world, if pressed“

- Says „fucking“ a lot.

- Cute beard


- Has a big heart

- But also tragic past

- Thinks he´s not worthy of love

- Or anything good

- Wants to make up for what he did.

- Actually cares about your cause

- Friends with Sera

- Trolls Solas about his …relationship with Spirits

- Hella funny, if you ask me.


- Still cute

- Even cuter

- Grew so much

- Be proud of him

- Always doing his best.

- Great leader, you can count on him

- But still nervous when in love

- Got owned by his sister in chess.

- But then won by practising for weeks with his brother.


- Cute fluffy coat

- Y´all probably wanna wear it.

- The glare he gives to the soldier when he and his love get interrupted.

- Like omg

- His romance is literally so sweet

- Just as he is

- Two words. „The desk“


- Greets you differently depending on your culture

- So thoughtful

- And sweet

- And cute

- But still great at what she does

- And the entire world knows it.

- Protect her.

- I love her design so much

- Cheers loudly with the soldiers, then covers her mouth shyly


- Such a dork

- Tells great stories

- Really fun, but tries to act all decent, its cute.


- Baby girl

- She grew up so much

- Could kill you

- No, seriously.

- Also really tough.

- Probably even more than Cassandra.

- Deserves everything good.

- P. R. O.T. E. C.T. Her

- In an alternate timeline, gives her life to save you.

- Probably mentally strongest girl in the game

- I just want to hug her


- Still giggles like a school girl when remembering her lover tho

- „S/He misses me!“

- Best sis you could ask for basically.

Beginners Luck

Title: Beginners Luck

Paring: Jared x Reader

Word Count: 973

Warnings: Jared’s a super huge fluffy teddy bear so none J

Request by @letsdisneythings said: Hi I was wondering if you could write something for me? I was wondering if you could write something where the reader is in her mid twenties, hasn’t dated before. And that the physical part of relationships makes her anxious? And Jared tells her he’s fine with going at whatever pace she’s comfortable with?

“Coming!!” grabbing your purse and quickly checking yourself in the mirror you took a breath and answer the door.

“Hi I-wow,” Jared freaking Padalecki is standing at your door. Your girlfriend had been right after all, you really wouldn’t mind who she set you up with! “Sorry, I just wasn’t expecting you.”

“Oh crap do I have the wrong night?!” Jared suddenly looks a little panicked.

“No, no! My friend, Emma, she just didn’t tell me who she was setting me up with and I literally just shut off my TV with your face frozen on my Netflix.” Your eyes went wide and you blushed hard, “but not in a creepy way! That’s just how it happened! And oh god, I’m so sorry!”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry!” Jared laughed, “You’re totally fine. I haven’t been on a date in ages so I’m super nervous too.”

Giving him a grateful smile you pulled the door shut. Well I haven’t dated ever, so this should go well.

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seventeen scenario- thigh riding.

Seungcheol- Definitely the type to grip at your hips and pull you forward as your rode his thigh. Would be just as much of a treat for him as it was for you; he’d be leaning back against the couch, biting his bottom lip as he watched you.

Jeonghan- Would probably tap your ass and tell you to ride faster. Would flex his thigh muscles and smirk at the expressions you made. It wouldn’t be the full package without him leaning forward and making out with you + a few hickies. Would completely egg you on, telling you to ride him faster.

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anonymous asked:

Could I possibly request some prompts between a kidnapper and a person kidnapped after the kidnapper confused them for someone else?

Hmm, maybe:

“Well, this is embarrassing.”

“Are you sure you’re not them? I feel like it would be a lot easier if you were them. For me, I mean, but maybe for you as well, because I don’t know what I’m supposed to do now.”

“They would move into the same town as their doppelgänger, just to mess with me. Ugh. They totally deserve this.”

“Wait, you’re not them, are you?”


“Oh, right, the gag.”

Daveed Diggs X Reader: Star-Girl

Word Count: 979

Request: *Anon* You want requests? How about the cutest thing in the world, aka a Daveed fic, where the reader is best friends with Oak and they introduce her to Daveed. Daveed doesn’t seem to like Y/N, but actually has a major crush on them and gets her number from oak. They start to talk and Daveed is a smol shy bab! @fightmeatweedhawken would appreciate this, tag her if you write it.

Pronouns: She/Her

Your phone chimes in your jacket pocket as you leave your apartment. You pull it out and see immediately that the text is from your friend Oak.

Oak: 8:12 am- Are you still meeting up with Daveed and I today?

You immediately respond to your friend.

You: 8:12 am- Of course! I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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MBTI Under Stress!

INTJ/INFJ: *buys expensive shit* I don’t like cheap stuff! I’m a man of QUALITY! Money is no object for me!!! *throws money at ppl face*

INFP/ISFP: *moves & reorganizes furniture* *cleans house* *orders people around* *put things in order* I am such an ORGANIZED PERSON, I have TOTAL CONTROL over PHYSICAL REALITY!!!

INTP/ISTP: *injects emotion* GOD! I need human interaction. I will literally accept every invitation to hangout with ppl. I’m FUN & INTERESTING right?! They’re gonna like me right? Right? RIGHT???

ISTJ/ISFJ: *maximum paranoid mode: ON* Idk why people doesn’t realize that earth is a totally dangerous place to live on. We could literally die every time we step out of the house. There are Tsunamis & Tornadoes & Volcanoes everywhere! Tbh, this might just be my last day on earth.

ENTP/ENFP: *turns into an introvert* Ugh, my life is such a mess! I should get my shit together. I should probably take care of my body too, I’ve been feeling unfit lately. Maybe I should try that weird diet and go to the gym.

Need. More. BOOKS. I WILL READ EVERYTHING and get to the bottom of this shit!!! I WILL SOLVE THIS!!!

I’ve done EVERYTHING in my power and you people are taking me for granted! You guys are just using me! I have feeling too, you know!? *cries* DON’T TOUCH ME!!!

ESTP/ESFP: If my prediction is correct, my future will be shit. I don’t see this shit coming and I’m not prepared. There are like 99 shits that could go wrong and there’s nothing I can do. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

anonymous asked:

Can you write a fic, or short story, or oneshot, or anything like that about a sick scenario? Like, Dennis being sick and Mac taking care of him? Or the other way around. Sick or anything with like vulnerability? (Also the way you describe sounds in your work is great I love it a lot so maybe stuff like that?) if you don't want to that's totally okay I understand. Thank you! xo

Thank you so much! This is one of my favorite asks I’ve gotten and I loved writing it! Set while Mac and Dennis are still living together, maybe around season 5. Enjoy some very sick Mac and very caring Dennis!

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Challenge (Miles Wood)

Prompt: Hi! Can you please write a Miles Wood imagine of he and y/n are always together and all his teammates start chirping him about and they tell him that he wouldn’t be able to last a whole day without her so he makes a bet with them so Miles goes with the guys while y/n is with the girls and they aren’t even allowed to mention each other’s names but they fail in the first 10 minutes lol thanks!

Miles Wood x Reader

Requested: yeah

Includes: one curse word

Originally posted by medievaldickweed

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some plot bullet points

-Hazel is the Witch of the West, cursed by her mother’s greed

-Frank is literally a babe (aka Glinda)

-Leo is obvs the mechanic who everyone thinks is a wizard???

-To be accepted as a “good wizard”  Leo must find “The Wicked Witch” and destroy her

-He finds her with the help of his pet robot dragon and then he’s like nah you’re a babe???

-So instead he tries to help her prove herself

-And they hear of Frank from some farmer and they’re like maybe he can help us

-So they go on a long and confusing journey like wtf Oz ugh why does your geography change so much I thought that river was supposed to be in the east???

-And then they find him and they’re like WOW YOURE SUCH A BABE????? PRECIOUS CINNAMON BUN TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD????? WILL YOU MARRY US????

-And so they go back and dude everyone knows Frank

-They’re like WTF what are you doing here? With them? The Evil Magician and the Wicked Witch???

-And he’s just like yeah I’m married to them stfu

-And Oz is basically so fucking prejudiced

-And they don’t believe that Hazel is cursed

-Except Annabeth, a General in the army

-Annabeth tells them that Reyna, once queen of Oz, may be able to break the spell, but she disappeared about 10-11 years ago

-Reynabeth I’m just saying

-So they go on a quest to find her and Annabeth sends Jason with them

-Jason is obvs like a lieutenant or SOMETHING

-And then they meet Percy at some point

-Percy is a wandering warrior obvs

-Like he left Oz’s army because they were so corrupt and shit and dude everyone thought he was dead

-Like wow Jason is so FUCKING pissed

-Basically they have a lot of UST

-And it’s really funny because in contrast Frazeleo is just like all comfortable and married????

-Just because they’re married and have always been pretty open w each other doesn’t mean they aren’t sexy tho

-They’re v sexy

-Frazeleo teases Jasercy a LOT


-and jasercy is just all NO BUT HONOR???? DIGNITY???? WE hATE EACH OTHER?????

-And frazeleo is just sooooooo done

-Like wow

-Anyways after a few adventures they find Reyna trapped by Calypso

-Ok so reynalypso where at first Reyna totally hated Calypso but then she figured out that the entire thing was super set up and that calypso was under a spell and like

-they’re not in love exactly

-if I had to describe their relationship I’d say they’re like a couple that has been in an arranged marriage for a really long time and is like super comfortable and trusting and just?????

-I couldn’t decide who set it up but then I was like OCTAVIAN





-O H M Y G O D PERFECT!!!!!!

-and so after Reyna and Calypso tell them what happened they go to confront Octavian and they meet Drew

-Drew is the gatekeeper and she’s secretly on basically an underground revolution, whatever

-she helps them infiltrate the city with annabeth

-she’s basically super badass

-they capture Octavian and force him into freeing Calypso and Reyna

-reynabeth reunion smooching ensues

-Drew and Calypso meet and they’re like woah whaaat how are they so perfect

-Drew totally takes care of Calypso and keeps her company while she recuperates

-they’re super cute in love and everyone teases them


-Piper randomly shows up

-Piper is Dorothy

-Piper is obviously Dorothy






Silent World (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Um, I have a request for a one-shot on your Draco book, if it’s ok.  Maybe a deaf reader and she only speaks sign language, so Draco learns  it to be able to talk to her, or she teaches him? - KaylaBignall

Warnings: Half-assed writing (sorry), Cheesiness (I’ve spent my holiday watching crappy rom-coms)

( This story is a lot like the last about the mute reader so excuse any reoccurring ideas in this one.)

(Author’s Note: I appreciate all the requests but I ’m starting to stress a bit. I will do all the requests I have gotten up until now but I wont take any more that come after this chapter until I’m done with the one’s I’ve got. Anyway I love writing these but I’ve just got way to many to write and I can’t write all the time anyway.)

(I just realised that I’m such a mess haha)

Draco’s Pov

She is sitting at the back of the library again, a textbook open in front of her, her eyes skimming the contents of the page. Sun is pouring in from the nearby window, highlighting once again, just how pretty she actually is.

I sigh quite loudly, questioning whether I should go talk to her but instantly realising I can’t, because her world is silent and my words can’t reach her, because (Y/N) (Y/L/N) was unlucky enough to lose her hearing to a curse, a curse that was fired by a deatheater, who even after, the dark lord’s retreat into hiding, continued to force his ideas onto society.

As all this courses through my mind, I fail to remember that I’m stood in the middle of the entrance to the library.

“Do you plan to stand there all day, Malfoy?”

“Shut up, Granger,” I snap back, grudgingly shuffling out of the girls way, but before she scurries away I remember. “Wait, Granger, you know sign, right?”

“What’s it to you?” She grunts and I sigh.

“Can you teach me?"I ask, avoiding eye contact  with her.

"Why do you want to learn sign language,"She scoffs, my eyes drift to (Y/N) again, and her eyes widen into a look of shock. ”No way! Not happening, Malfoy! (Y/N) is a dear friend, I’m not setting her up with the likes of… you. You’ll just hurt her, no way!“

"I won’t hurt her!,"I hiss loudly , making people turn and stare. "Listen, I like her,” I say in a whisper and she scoffs again.

“Have you even had a conversation with her?”

“ Why do you think I want to learn sign?” I snap and she rolls her eyes.


“Please, I promise never to hurt her, I just want to be able to talk to her,” I plead and she sighs.

“Did you just say please?” She asks in surprise “I’ve never heard you say that before,”

“Please?"I ask again and she scrunches her face up before sighing and nodding.

"Fine, but only if you’re not an arse to me and don’t lead (Y/N) on,”

“Thank you,”

“I’m going to have to get used to these manners,"She mumbles before beginning to walk away. "Meet me here after dinner, don’t be late, Malfoy,”

I can’t help but grin, knowing I am going to be able to speak to (Y/N).

As I start learning sign I slowly begin to talk to (Y/N). Just a simple “How are you?” or a comment on the weather or such during class. Along with lessons with Granger, I’ve picked up a few books on sign and my vocabulary is almost good enough to hold a conversation.

Today I am walking to potions with (Y/N), chatting happily.

“I can’t stand Snape sometimes,” I sign and she nods with a smirk.

“He can be very annoying,”She signs and I laugh.

“I heard that Umbridge is going to come in and check out his class today,” I sign, making a tiny mistake but she snorts.

“This will be fun,” She signs with a smirk before we walk into the classroom.

The lady in pink stands with Snape, holding herself with undeserving pride and a friendly mask that is beginning to fall to pieces as she waits for the class to calm down until her lips fall into a frown.

“Professor Umbridge will be joining the lesson today…"Snape says flatly, I turn to (Y/N) and give a smirk which she returns with a grin.

During the little exchange I notice something new, my heart beating faster than normal and realisation strikes me on why and for the first time, I feel a slight blush rise to my cheeks and I quickly whip my gaze away from (Y/N) who frowns at this.

I’ve realised I’m in love with (Y/N) and now I can’t have conversation with her without blushing a tomato-red colour when she smiles or laughs. It’s infuriating to be in such a state because of a girl that doesn’t like me back , it’s pathetic. It’s also pretty hard to sign when I’m a flustered mess.

As I take a seat next to Granger for another lesson, I sigh before resting my head on the table.

"Wow, what’s wrong with you?” Granger asks and I grunt.

“Nothing, I’m great,"I say sarcastically.

"Well someones in a tremendous mood,”

“Shut up,”

“Has this got something to do with the fact that you have fallen deeply in love with (Y/N) and now you are a total mess?"She smirks and for a second I think about denying it but I just nod.


“Well why are you moping and not telling her how you feel?”

“Because she doesn’t like me back, Granger, okay?” I snap and she roles her eyes

“Ugh, do all boys have to be so incredibly thick or are they all just blind. (Y/N) likes you too, idiot,” She sighs and I lift my head of the table suddenly.

“How do you know?”

“I have working eyes,”

“Are you sure?” I ask a little bit frantic to know.

“Yes, now (Y/N) should be leaving dinner about now so I suggest you make haste,” She smirks

I stand up quickly and begin to trot to the door but before leaving I turn round.

“Thanks, Granger, for all of this,”

“For goodness sake,Malfoy, go get her!"She snaps and I smirk before running out of the Library

I find (Y/N) walking along the corridors on her way to her dorm. I run towards her, grabbing her hand before coming to a halt, out of breath and panting.

"Draco, what’s wrong?” She signs with a concerned expression.

“Nothing, I just need to get something off my chest,” I sign, regaining my composure and standing up straight.

“What is it?”

I hesitate before I decide just to come out with it.

“I love you.”I sign and her eyes widen “I have for quite a while now.”

(Y/N) is completely still for a second and I start to panic.

“It’s fine if you don’t like me back, it’s fine,” I sign frantically but she comes closer.

She lifts a hand to my cheek before leaning in. When her lips touch mine it’s like nothing else matters except (Y/N) and I, kissing in the empty corridor. Even though (Y/N)’s world is silent her actions seem louder than words.  

(Author Note: Okay I read this back and felt like throwing up over cheesiness so  I apologise for that, this is pretty half assed but I have serious writers block plus my heating has broken so I’m a literal ice pole right now. Anyway my general opinion on this chapter is just"oops". Sorry )

Argument Resolved (SFW)

A/N: Mystic Messenger (Zen/MC) -  12. “We’ve been apart too long.” + Mystic Messenger (Jumin/MC) -  24. “I’m sorry, are we 12 now?” –both from the same anon, so rather than writing two separate stories I kinda made them….OT3?;) Luckylucky MC…. 

Summary: MC/reader gets home after a short business trip and is welcomed by these two lovely boyfriends! 

(this is my first time writing a OT3 in reader- style lolol this was fun!)

Word Count: 1960

Tinkle - rattle - jingle. Ugh you really needed to do something about this insane bunch of keys. You sighed as you struggled with the rattling silver mess. The luxury of your lifestyle was totally showing here. Not this one (Jumin’s penthouse), also not this one (your own)… 

After accidentally sticking the key of Rika’s apartment where it did not fit, and after gazing longingly at the key of Jumin’s vacation home, you finally found the one of Zen’s home and succeeded in entering the house. 

“I’m home,” you announced, dropping your bags and quickly fixing your hair nervously, never enough prepared to meet your perfect boyfriends. 

You’re back!” Zen sounded as desperate as you thought he would, and you spread your arms in preparation before the guy came rushing around the corner. He wrapped you in his arms, picked you up and twirled you around.

“Guys keep it – !” Jumin came rushing into the hallway after Zen, trying to calm him down and prevent him from having you two knock over some of Zen’s own property.  

“Darling, my angel. We’ve been apart too long.” Zen put you back down again and kissed your forehead. You giggled at his overly-acted lines, but still, you knew he was genuine as well and that’s what you really liked about him.

“Welcome home.” Jumin casually grabbed your hand, stole you from Zen and gave you a gentle, more calm but firm hug. And this was what you liked about Jumin.

“I’m home,” you said with a smile, inhaling the scent of Jumin’s aftershave. Zen did not agree though and wrestled himself in between you two like an attention craving puppy.

“Zen. I’m sorry, are we 12 now?” Jumin complained when Zen - after pressing himself in between your bodies - stood up straight so he formed a wall that separated you from Jumin. 

“No, I just missed our precious!” Zen whined, and he had managed to steal you back now and he resumed his cuddly hug that Jumin interrupted earlier. You giggled and allowed him to, but then heard the annoyed sigh coming from Jumin. 

“Missed? I’m sorry but you’ve been busy with work all week. With that silly role,” Jumin mocked. Zen now let go of you so he could turn around, and he crossed his arms and held his chin high.

“Yeah? What about you then? Did you even care our beloved and us were seven seas apart for a whole week?” Zen argued. You tried to pull his sleeve and correct Mr. Drama you were only in Japan for three days for work, but Zen and Jumin were totally into it now. 

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03 critics: ed and al are way too emotional and annoying in the first anime. at least they’re mature in bh

me, transforming into the actual saltmaster i am: okay so you prefer emotionless, walking tropes who never react realistically to traumatic situations nor change all that much as they age over two massively in depth characters who not only act their age, but undergo such intense character development so that they both end the series totally different than how they started that’s cool.

thetourguidebarbie  asked:

rival competitive chorus conductor au + "last year i made a bet with you that my students would beat yours in the rankings this year i didn't think you'd actually REMEMBER fuck you won" 😇

Okay, so sadly there is minimal smut here. I WAS TRYING TO KEEP IN MINI. I will do better with the others!

Good Old Fashioned Rivalry

Her phone buzzes on her coffee table and Caroline glares at it resentfully. She’s got a pretty good idea who’s texting her. She’d turned down Kat’s offer to go out and drown her post-loss sorrows and Bon’s out of town. Few of her other acquaintances would reach out this time on a Friday evening.

Ugh, couldn’t he have at least waited a day? Let her lick her wounds in peace? She’d been so sure her programme was a winner, had drilled the kids mercilessly for weeks. It had paid off and they’re performance had been nearly flawless, and so pleased with themselves. To lose by a measly tenth of a point had been heartbreaking and Caroline was already planning to bring ‘Cheer up, you’re awesome’ cupcakes on Monday and let them go wild at rehearsal, high on sugar and songs from Disney scores.

They deserved a break though apparently she didn’t merit one.

Why had she made that stupid bet? And why couldn’t the drinks they’d shared afterwards have worked their magic and made him forget it? If only they’d had a few more. Caroline certainly wished she could forget those minutes she’d spent on his lap in the back of that cab they’d shared. Remembering had proven to be a curse over the last few months.

She’d replayed it in her mind way too often. She told herself she wasn’t disappointed that things had ended prematurely that night, before things could get all that interesting or irrevocable. Klaus’ hands had lingered on her thighs, just brushing her panties instead of slipping underneath, a frustrating tease that had had her panting into his mouth. The driver had interrupted them, screeching to a stop and barking out a demand for payment. It was for the best, Caroline had told herself, as she’d straightened her skirt and scurried inside with a hasty goodnight tossed over her shoulder. She’d found herself watching his hands at competitions, instead of doing her job and paying attention to his choir, too often as it was. If they’d gone further? She’d never be able to keep her composure in his presence and it would be a disaster.

God, he’d be so smug if he knew.

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